EVERGLOW (에버글로우) - Adios MV


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  5. Kim Tae Rin

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    _No se a ustedes, pero a mi me hace recordar a Blackpink. Igual me gusta👍_

  6. JeOn BerLa

    JeOn BerLa35 minutos atrás

    *Adios = kill this Love* 🌚🍷

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  8. wilson dacup

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    while I'm listening'i felt like it sounds like "kill this love" by BLK.pink😅😅 & I am thinking right now if I am the only one🙄😏🤣

  9. honeymoon sparkles

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    for the new fans/forever’s: e:u: 0:52 sihyeon: 0:27 mia: 0:19 onda: 1:27 aisha: 0:35 yiren: 0:45 please correct me if i'm wrong, thank you and please support everglow and stream adios. ♡

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    Sem defeitos

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    Comment comment

  12. Maria Eduarda

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    Comment a lot

  13. Fastgamer0910

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    I changed my youtube name to my old youtube name :) (just for my friends here to know) for now, i might revive my channel in oct 2019 after my exams thanks to inspiration from @rosé park!! :)

  14. Nhald Dawal

    Nhald DawalHora atrás

    Everglow is kinda similar too other's like kill this love lisa's rap....(Im not hating im a new fan)

  15. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer0910Hora atrás

    Its ok if its similar right? Welcome to our fandom!!! I appreciate u. But tbh until now i cant be able to spot it ahaha

  16. Juan Andrey

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    57M yaas, let's go ti 58M!

  17. Mélora ROUGÉ

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    C'est moi ou j'entends goodbye avorios elle prononce mal le français elles disent pas good bye au revoir adios. Mais super clip;)

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    Ok i better get back to studying bye, i think i contributed at least 200 comments, what bout u guys? XD

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    I wonder if the members of everglow actually check their comments xD and wheter they know about what havoc is happening in their comment section xD

  20. Chicken Crachead

    Chicken CracheadHora atrás

    Kill this love vibes I’m getting those to much

  21. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer0910Hora atrás

    Its the same concept = girl crush , but when i saw the mv i didnt get those vibes until the comment section told me about it but i still didnt feel it XD

  22. Yose García

    Yose GarcíaHora atrás

    Si esta buena la canción la verdad

  23. Fastgamer0910

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    If u love everglow, check out my friends first yt video! brreporter.com/v/video-3l-rWI-m3VQ.html SHOW HER SUM SUPPORT YAHHH

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    @rosé park welcommm, thats all i can do to help out my friends

  25. rosé park

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    Omg omg thankyou sooooo much Why god didn't give me more friends like you Even my school best friend is not supportive like you Thanks

  26. Mini Góes

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    Come to Brazil, EVERGLOW 🇧🇷

  27. K-pop Tepki

    K-pop TepkiHora atrás

    I'm albotros?? So similiar

  28. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer0910Hora atrás

    Similar but not same ;) but tbh, i really cant find the similarity lol

  29. Aya Ali

    Aya AliHora atrás

    حبيتهم جدا Loved you from Egypt

  30. mauricio betancourth

    mauricio betancourth2 horas atrás

    dise frefire

  31. rosé park

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    My new friends of everglow fandom😁 Lumarblox Amani bayaty Petale awjan Meryll fria

  32. rosé park

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    So this is my language - आप सब मेरे जिंदगी के सबसे अच्छे दोस्त हो। Translating to english - you all are my life's best friends

  33. rosé park

    rosé parkHora atrás

    @Fastgamer0910 hmmmm.. 😊 And thank for telling

  34. rosé park

    rosé parkHora atrás

    I am from 'INDIA' And you guys

  35. rosé park

    rosé parkHora atrás

    @Fastgamer0910 hahaha I do everything so fast lol We all friends are from others countries Where you from

  36. aya eid

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  37. Name -

    Name -2 horas atrás

    The pre-chorus is really a turn-off

  38. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer09102 horas atrás

    Yea and then it turn so high up xD

  39. Shennieh - Tzu

    Shennieh - Tzu2 horas atrás

    Aisha se parece a Jihyo ;-;

  40. Name -

    Name -2 horas atrás

    Also Stræm Bon Bon Chocolat.

  41. Fastgamer0910

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  42. 고영탄

    고영탄2 horas atrás

    얘네도 걸크노선을 탔군.. 조회수는 많이 나오겠네..

  43. Pandu khauzan

    Pandu khauzan2 horas atrás

    Plagiat blackpink, perhatikan lagi

  44. Pandu khauzan

    Pandu khauzanHora atrás

    @pétale awjan i dont know what you say, but... Are you like bp?

  45. pétale awjan

    pétale awjanHora atrás

    @Fastgamer0910 most of them only read from stupid articles or watching those dumb "eg plagiarism bp" videos and believe everything from it without doing proper research

  46. Pandu khauzan

    Pandu khauzanHora atrás

    @pétale awjan part intro and part rap

  47. Amnoth sokeng

    Amnoth sokeng2 horas atrás

    Everglow my fan

  48. Alexandra Erick

    Alexandra Erick2 horas atrás

    why does sihyoen reminds me of doyoung?

  49. amany 09

    amany 092 horas atrás

    it feels so BP

  50. X Z

    X Z2 horas atrás

    57M already I'm obsessed with y'all

  51. Federica de los Santos

    Federica de los Santos2 horas atrás

    I really like the part when E:U sing "... BANG BANG" "... HANG MAN.." and after appears Aisha with "AA to the NANA to the NONO" I'm in love whit this part

  52. Leigh Gonzales

    Leigh Gonzales2 horas atrás

    Use me as a mark that you've watched one of their debut songs before they become famous

  53. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer09102 horas atrás

    Ok my break is over, cya in few hours bye

  54. Fastgamer0910

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    And 1.2M likes

  55. Fastgamer0910

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    And obv 60M views

  56. Fastgamer0910

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    Cant wait for 110k comments

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    let's Go 60M before a month

  58. Maria Eduarda

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    57M yyyyeeeeeeeesssssss

  59. Milerda Boja

    Milerda Boja2 horas atrás

    They has copied blackpink why dont they make their own music video(without ofending anyone)

  60. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan2 horas atrás

    @Fastgamer0910 "without offending anyone" but blindly accusing eg for copying >_<

  61. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer09102 horas atrás

    @Milerda Boja im just thankful that u put (without offending anyone) lol xD, at least u are not one of those worst ones, we all dont see what see tho, it just has the same concept, which is girl crush, dances can be similar here and there as there is nothing much u can do with ur body and the only similar dance move i see is a gun lol


    NEST DIRECT072 horas atrás

    @Milerda Boja the dance is actually better than ktl


    NEST DIRECT072 horas atrás

    hey what are you saying??! huh

  64. Madela

    Madela3 horas atrás

    *OKAY FOR THOSE PEOPLE OR ONE OF THE PEOPLE* who always says "Oh this sounds like ktl" "Oooh sounds like lisa's part* *ooh sounds ktl plagiarism!* blah blah blah! . Okay honey just so you know! Blackpink is not the ONLY ONE who uses EDM track or beats to their songs okay? There are many girl groups here uses some EDM type of club sounds because some people love it like it's a type of club song or a march song or whatever you call it. And it's a GIRL CRUSH CONCEPT! If you don't know what it is *SEARCH IT DARLING OKAY?* don't just comment here like you know or you're the one who created this masterpiece. AND ALL OF YOU GUYS MUST KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PLAGIARISM AND SIMILARITY OKAY? . I think some of you need to do some research more gosh! smh. I pity you all because some rookie groups growing and you all bringing it down by saying " oh they copy these copy that" 🙄. I hate today's generation for new rookie groups just because some groups were not popular they're bringing it down and nowadays popularity is a must. Not appreciating the song or the hardwork of a rookie group. Not like the 2nd Gen. When there is a new rookie they're supporting it fully. Not bringing it down, so much childish fans today. So disappointed 😑.

  65. E : U

    E : U3 horas atrás

    Bonbon chocolat's debut : nanananananananananananananana Adios'end : nanananananananananananananana


    ILYSM AMNIE3 horas atrás


  67. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan3 horas atrás

    Guys, if you happen to find word like "copass/copas", it's the same meaning as copy. So yeah, they're insulting eg

  68. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan2 horas atrás

    @Fastgamer0910 yes, it's indonesian word

  69. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer09102 horas atrás

    Lol what language is it Edit: oh it is indonesian

  70. Hermanto Jm

    Hermanto Jm3 horas atrás

    Ciee Yang Udah Ketauan Copass Malu Ahh Ama Yang Di Sebelah 🤭🤣

  71. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan3 horas atrás

    Really? Copying from what? Come back again with proofs

  72. Alfidabasauli Sirait

    Alfidabasauli Sirait3 horas atrás

    Someone tell me, i think same part with lisa in Kill This Love. Plagiat 👎🏻

  73. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer0910Hora atrás

    @Jennie Chanel XDDDD SAME

  74. Jennie Chanel

    Jennie ChanelHora atrás

    I lost my count how many blonk here

  75. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer09102 horas atrás

    That just someone telling u okay, the internet is full of rumors, hear it for urself

  76. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan3 horas atrás

    It's *little similarity* and similar doesn't mean plagiarism. Try again

  77. V and Baekhyun for life I

    V and Baekhyun for life I3 horas atrás

    My fav Mia and Eu

  78. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer09102 horas atrás


  79. Sejenak Ku Termenung

    Sejenak Ku Termenung3 horas atrás

    Bon bon cholate yes it's similar to ddu ddu ddu . No offense Adios same like KTL ? LOL LOL LOL LOL 🖕

  80. pétale awjan

    pétale awjanHora atrás

    @Fastgamer0910 HAHAHAHAHA you made my day. Study well! I'll handle the mess here

  81. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer09102 horas atrás

    @pétale awjan thanks !!! :D OK BACK TO STUDYING XD

  82. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan2 horas atrás

    @Fastgamer0910 btw, good luck for your exams. Fighting!

  83. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan2 horas atrás

    @Fastgamer0910 lol. That's so me 😂😂😂

  84. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer09102 horas atrás

    If u say like that, every song in the world is similar to bp. I didnt know bp was the first ever people to make a song lol

  85. Khánh Băng

    Khánh Băng4 horas atrás

    MIA " CHẾ ĐẸP"❤

  86. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer09104 horas atrás

    To all the haters (especially blonks) out there, no one is gonna like u sending hate on other artists, we as one kpop family should support of each others success and stop sending hate here and there. No matter if u think its slightly similar, or u just dont like edm songs, its ur opinion and u can openly say ur opinion but dont start swearing and sending hate just bcuz u personally dont like it or its similar. Im a blink and ive seen a lot of *ahem* people around, so sorry on behalf of those people.

  87. Amani Bayaty

    Amani Bayaty4 horas atrás


  88. rosé park

    rosé park4 horas atrás


  89. Amani Bayaty

    Amani Bayaty4 horas atrás

    Lol yaayy XD

  90. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer09104 horas atrás

    Yayyy :D

  91. rosé park

    rosé park4 horas atrás

    To all blinks I mean to all blonks you better to get - lost ! And yes thanking you for view and comment ! This is nothing sounds like ktl as a blink I know! But you all are so annoying !

  92. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer09104 horas atrás

    @Amani Bayaty its yiren* xD

  93. Amani Bayaty

    Amani Bayaty4 horas atrás

    Yes I'm a blink too and I love everglow and I'm an forever now and I'll always support my QueeNs EU, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha and Yerin

  94. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer09104 horas atrás

    Yea its just the same concept that is girl crush :D

  95. Xiao Yan 哥哥 O

    Xiao Yan 哥哥 O4 horas atrás

    Suka sekali lagu satu ini

  96. Caitlin Mcdaid

    Caitlin Mcdaid4 horas atrás

    Reminds me of blackpink and other kpop girl groups dances and outfits

  97. Fastgamer0910

    Fastgamer09104 horas atrás

    Oh ok so this reminds u of every kpop girl group? Yeah they r girls

  98. pétale awjan

    pétale awjan4 horas atrás