Every Console In One Box - The Origin Big O


  1. Jon Anderson

    Jon AndersonHora atrás

    it costs 17,000 THATS ABOUT AS MUCH AS A CAR FOR A PC?!??!??!?

  2. Shizune Hakamichi

    Shizune Hakamichi3 horas atrás

    oh, and all 4 companies (Microsoft sued twice, don't ask) say this is illegal.

  3. Jake Panek

    Jake Panek4 horas atrás

    How much did this cost?

  4. B Didzena

    B Didzena8 horas atrás

    17 grand that's alot but that's one impressive peace of gear that's the metaphorical unicorn of the gaming world but xbox one ps4 will be obsolete in about a year or two still very impressive wonder when they will build the next 1 for the next generation playstation and xbox

  5. Ever Cano

    Ever Cano10 horas atrás

    Or just connect the three consoles in your tv and change hdmi input.............

  6. Dhanush U

    Dhanush U10 horas atrás

    Now I am sure that we live in the future.😍 Actually I am not able to accept the concept😰

  7. Vilmer Sandqvist

    Vilmer Sandqvist14 horas atrás

    Nintendo playstation one

  8. Metabee21

    Metabee2120 horas atrás

    Dream Machine Confirm money in wallet not confirm : (

  9. Pedro Queiroz

    Pedro Queiroz22 horas atrás

    _ESSE PC ESTÁ A VENDA??????????_

  10. Randy Chan

    Randy Chan23 horas atrás

    Can all the units in there be turned on one at a time without turning on the PC? If so that would be marvelous!

  11. Jason

    JasonDia atrás


  12. Brayan Nagarajah

    Brayan NagarajahDia atrás

    How Much is it quanto costa?

  13. OmniVolis

    OmniVolisDia atrás

    I wondering what the electric would look like

  14. LegoGas

    LegoGasDia atrás

    go to their website, scroll down a little and there is unbox therapy

  15. Hugo Quiroga

    Hugo QuirogaDia atrás


  16. JBC Studios

    JBC StudiosDia atrás


  17. Emaan Arora

    Emaan AroraDia atrás

    *He Called Me Poor For Straight 10 Minutes*

  18. clay

    clayDia atrás

    This is incredible 😳

  19. Black Panther

    Black PantherDia atrás

    Dude, I bought a PS4 and I am gonna play Forza.

  20. CGZ Galaxy

    CGZ GalaxyDia atrás

    *Switch dock proceeds to shred the switch* *Xbox proceeds to get flooded* *Ps proceed to have a electrical fire, taking the Pc down with it.* Origin : “So what that we spent 300 dollars on it 🤑”

  21. Peter Smedley

    Peter SmedleyDia atrás

    Does it have nintendo gamecube?! Ha! Outsmarted lmao

  22. Alain Camarena

    Alain CamarenaDia atrás

    DAAAAAMNNN, now we’re talking

  23. T.V babu raji

    T.V babu rajiDia atrás

    how much does it cost

  24. DarthOliptius

    DarthOliptiusDia atrás

    How do I buy it? I went to the website but there is no buy link.

  25. 10,000 subscribers without a single video

    10,000 subscribers without a single videoDia atrás

    That looks expensive as Hell.

  26. Anime Channel

    Anime ChannelDia atrás

    Thanos : they called him a madman

  27. Dwaipayan Datta Roy

    Dwaipayan Datta RoyDia atrás

    That is some feel intelligentsia machine to own , even professors would want to have one

  28. Dwaipayan Datta Roy

    Dwaipayan Datta RoyDia atrás

    This is for all

  29. BRYTE Kru

    BRYTE KruDia atrás

    Btw I own my own company and am doing just fine financially so I really just want to be around this awesome world of unboxing lol.

  30. BRYTE Kru

    BRYTE KruDia atrás

    What does it take to come work for you man?

  31. Abhishek Thakker

    Abhishek ThakkerDia atrás

    Hey!! Lew would you please gift me Big O on my birthday?? Please please

  32. redfrederick85

    redfrederick85Dia atrás

    I sense legal trouble for them if they try to sell it officially.

  33. Arofi Fitra

    Arofi FitraDia atrás

    200+ fps average in game :)

  34. MajorLeagueChris

    MajorLeagueChrisDia atrás

    *If you could visit unbox therapy and take home one thing...*

  35. I wanna Fuck Ivanka

    I wanna Fuck Ivanka2 dias atrás

    Every gamers dream system!

  36. CForCraza

    CForCraza2 dias atrás

    Watching this video made me realize I have no console or pc 😢

  37. 300•Λ•ĞÁŇĞ

    300•Λ•ĞÁŇĞ2 dias atrás

    Did you buy it? Yes What did it cost you? EVERYTHING

  38. RickSwave AR

    RickSwave AR2 dias atrás

    Do all the Consoles run at the same time? Can you individually turn them off? Can you insert CD?

  39. evander scott

    evander scott2 dias atrás

    How much was it

  40. web1187

    web11872 dias atrás

    so how much is it..?

  41. Jayson Arman

    Jayson Arman2 dias atrás

    What happened to Pac man 🤯

  42. Photon Gaming

    Photon Gaming3 dias atrás


  43. Eric Walters

    Eric Walters3 dias atrás

    Put pants on your a grown man


    RVCHID SKKR3 dias atrás

    You can play god of war ??

  45. Huey Freeman

    Huey Freeman3 dias atrás

    They're kind of late with next gen consoles officially being talked about.

  46. chirag mohanty

    chirag mohanty3 dias atrás

    I can't afford this even after selling my kidneys 🙂 (edit - OMG I can't believe that's too many likes ❤️) 👍 5k 👎5 💬500

  47. Clouty

    Clouty3 dias atrás

    Just take away ps4 so its not gay

  48. Felix Suazo Jr

    Felix Suazo Jr3 dias atrás

    But it's not even for sale. How fair is that... C'mon that's like the biggest tease ever.... I want it...

  49. Oscar Mendez

    Oscar Mendez3 dias atrás

    Wack we have those here in Mexico

  50. TREZzTBread

    TREZzTBreadDia atrás

    its called imagination

  51. Your Father

    Your Father3 dias atrás

    I wish I was rich

  52. Peter Lee

    Peter Lee3 dias atrás

    Do they even sell this unit?

  53. Mark Rivera

    Mark Rivera3 dias atrás

    I don’t even have internet to play it but it’s what ever. I’m using McDonald’s WiFi at the moment

  54. Mark Rivera

    Mark Rivera3 dias atrás

    Can I please have the Big O? I figured I’d ask I don’t even own a game system. I’m really poor please don’t laugh.

  55. cviera2010

    cviera20103 dias atrás

    Soon, this will be outdated if Sony and Microsoft release new consoles next year

  56. iaan powell255

    iaan powell2553 dias atrás

    So convince me why I should buy this because I already have all three of them

  57. Blazing Hari

    Blazing HariDia atrás

    @Lemonラムネ that is pc right?

  58. Lemonラムネ

    Lemonラムネ2 dias atrás

    Beacuse you dont have the fourth one

  59. satendra singh

    satendra singh3 dias atrás

    Give all this to me.

  60. Ryoma Echizen

    Ryoma Echizen3 dias atrás

    Now i can play spider man ps4 on pc.

  61. EliteGaming 05

    EliteGaming 053 dias atrás

    I wish I could Get a ps4 or the bigO

  62. J R

    J R3 dias atrás

    One leak and that 12,000 rig is destroyed.

  63. Bosssen_DK

    Bosssen_DK3 dias atrás

    How do i get the "Big O" of those and what the price??

  64. Lil One

    Lil One3 dias atrás

    This man livin in 3040

  65. Ťrüəcøïň98

    Ťrüəcøïň983 dias atrás

    Welcome to this weeks episode of I can't afford that

  66. Maria Olivares

    Maria Olivares3 dias atrás

    No elite X one controller that's disappointing

  67. gerardo navarro

    gerardo navarro2 dias atrás

    Sure it is

  68. mnfhemi1

    mnfhemi13 dias atrás

    I don't even want to know what you did to whoever in order to get that I'm sure it would probably be a Pay-Per-View event

  69. The Abraxas

    The Abraxas4 dias atrás

    I've always been jealous of people who have a pc but a person who has this?! YOU ARE GOING TO GET ROBBED TONIGH- I mean congradulations buddy😁👿😈

  70. Hassan Sameer

    Hassan Sameer4 dias atrás

    What the he'll is this thing

  71. michael thomas

    michael thomas4 dias atrás

    i want one how much will one of these be please does any one know

  72. Conner Hamby

    Conner Hamby4 dias atrás

    Welcome to Flex incorporated how may I help you today?

  73. Blaq_0_Blaq

    Blaq_0_Blaq4 dias atrás

    Lmao..time to sell both my kidneys

  74. Yankii

    Yankii4 dias atrás

    Seriously if i got this, i will never see the sun again.

  75. Lucixir

    Lucixir4 dias atrás

    Impractical and a waste of money. No consumer would ever pay this type of price, which they don't mention anywhere, for something as proprietary as this. They show a video review of it and talk it up without showing any of the limitations or irritations of the system. No one would ever have a need for this and it would be much more cost effective to buy or put together each that you needed and use of whatever display you choose. Give me access to whatever I wanted to use or a blank check and I'd make this thing look like a kids toy in comparison. 25+ years in server administration building and designing server infrastructure at the world's largest corporations - I'd give them a run for their money. Props to their design, although it's not my style or idea of cool, I'm sure it is for many people and they did a great job with that part.

  76. Edgy_kid

    Edgy_kid4 dias atrás

    the link t the website isn't letting me buy it, where would I do that then

  77. Karim Warsame

    Karim Warsame4 dias atrás

    The bigger the O the bigger the hole in your wallet or the hoes

  78. Jay Gee

    Jay Gee4 dias atrás

    This is an extremely cool concept but it's literally cheaper to buy an expensive gaming PC an Xbox and a PS4 and duct tape them together 🤣

  79. Jay Gee

    Jay Gee2 dias atrás

    @TSM JeffyFan yea

  80. TSM JeffyFan

    TSM JeffyFan2 dias atrás

    Nah, really?

  81. Pauldanne Lachica

    Pauldanne Lachica4 dias atrás

    Big ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Wow

  82. TendTheEpicGamer

    TendTheEpicGamer4 dias atrás

    Welp, guess this will be the only way to play spider man PS4 on pc lmao

  83. Nathan Ceballos

    Nathan Ceballos5 dias atrás

    How much is it?


    THE MANGA MAN5 dias atrás

    Hey Austin i want to know how good my pc is it cost 1000$ dollars. Was it worth and could I have gotten better for a 1000$.my mouse is crap and it literally says best gaming mouse.its been bugging me ever since I bought it please respond soon if you have the time.bye

  85. Dj Renegat

    Dj Renegat5 dias atrás


  86. Mohammed

    Mohammed5 dias atrás

    give me it