Everyday Warm Matte Eyeshadow Tutorial!


  1. Mandisa Nhlapo

    Mandisa Nhlapo2 dias atrás

    Horrible music

  2. cute firefly

    cute firefly5 dias atrás

    I just have 2 eyeshadow palette one is shimmery and another is half mate and half shimmery and I have two brow powder one is brown and another is black. Both them I use for eyeshadow 😂😂😂😂

  3. khushi sharma

    khushi sharma14 dias atrás

    U r Amazing dear, i tried ur tutorial and its was beautiful look thankuuuuuuuu

  4. Lorayne Limon

    Lorayne Limon26 dias atrás

    Ur eylid looks crusty asf

  5. Miss Gen

    Miss GenMês atrás

    Love those eyes so stunning

  6. nagina Hussain

    nagina HussainMês atrás

    Congrats An on hitting 1 mill.. so happy for you, best eye make up channel for sure love your looks always x

  7. Pretty Ice-see

    Pretty Ice-see2 meses atrás

    I would’ve just used 3 colors......using same brush. Lol. Blends okay to me.

  8. Q u

    Q u2 meses atrás

    Could make video for your favorite brushes and eyeshadow please and Oriole for beginner how we can blend the eyeshadow

  9. Q u

    Q u2 meses atrás

    I love it it’s amazing I’m going to make school in LA close to graduate , but when I watch your BRreporter I feel like I’m barely know make up . Exercise my English

  10. Q u

    Q u2 meses atrás

    ابداع ماشاء الله

  11. Q u

    Q u2 meses atrás

    ممكن تحطين سب تايتلللل بالعربي sub title

  12. starrykian

    starrykian2 meses atrás

    Y’all complaining about all the different brushes when makeup is like painting and painting needs different brushes

  13. Stephanie Delp

    Stephanie Delp3 meses atrás

    Music is too loud

  14. Terry Malanda

    Terry Malanda3 meses atrás

    One brush job. Over complicated

  15. Sam Timmerman

    Sam Timmerman3 meses atrás

    Wait are you Dutch your accent sounds like it?

  16. Mari Paula

    Mari Paula3 meses atrás

    Simples e lindo 👏👏👏👏

  17. Moonlit Balcony

    Moonlit Balcony3 meses atrás

    What a beautiful eye look. I love it!

  18. Sanne Muller

    Sanne Muller4 meses atrás

    U dutch? U can hear it and im annoyed

  19. A

    A4 meses atrás

    all of you complain about how many brushes she used then get upset when your eyeshadow looks fucked cause you used one 🤔


    BHAGYASHRI JOSHI4 meses atrás

    Anyone else heard creepy voices at the end. Anyway superb look

  21. Anushka Artika

    Anushka Artika4 meses atrás


  22. Emma Li

    Emma Li4 meses atrás

    Those lashes are everything!

  23. Syed Wali Uddin

    Syed Wali Uddin4 meses atrás

    so nice

  24. Muskan Danish

    Muskan Danish4 meses atrás

    Not everyday just occasionally

  25. Komal Johal

    Komal Johal5 meses atrás

    Who's going to use so many brushes for just applying eye-shadow

  26. eoeo sseoeo

    eoeo sseoeo5 meses atrás

    Very simple and very elegant 😻👌

  27. Stormy G

    Stormy G5 meses atrás

    I love this look and it was so nice to watch a good short tutorial. Thank you, looks great.

  28. FelLenAngEl

    FelLenAngEl5 meses atrás

    When I put eyeshadow it looks like someone punched me in the eye😑😑😑

  29. TheJuicingBeauty

    TheJuicingBeauty6 meses atrás


  30. Farjana Farhan

    Farjana Farhan6 meses atrás

    Very helpful video for me!!☺😊

  31. dah jaafar

    dah jaafar6 meses atrás

    Love it ❤

  32. Potato Peace

    Potato Peace6 meses atrás

    Mine came out a little bit red using the pallet but I love it!!❤️

  33. Nerd Monstar

    Nerd Monstar7 meses atrás

    I'm 16 and the only stuff I put on my face is eyeliner (I got a new liquid one whic o loove) and the occasional concealer for my purple under eyes (when I'm not too lazy or when I have the time..) and I just got a eyeshadow thing which I'm excited to play with! This made it a bit easier!

  34. CHARR KR

    CHARR KR7 meses atrás

    love your channel !

  35. Shaiza Yasir

    Shaiza Yasir8 meses atrás

    What's a reason of using so many brushes

  36. Nasreen Shaikh

    Nasreen Shaikh8 meses atrás

    I like it very much.

  37. shani erez private e-mail address. shani erez.

    shani erez private e-mail address. shani erez.8 meses atrás

    1.eye brows too harsh and dark-unnatural look. 2.too much shadow-less is more. 3.lashes too long and fake looking. in conclusion: the title needs to be: "theatrical night makeup".

  38. Surekha Rokade

    Surekha Rokade8 meses atrás

    Omg what a makeup I LOVE IT

  39. bako baer

    bako baer8 meses atrás

    The brushes look all the same

  40. Kareny Mayela

    Kareny Mayela9 meses atrás

    I really love this look😭

  41. k Pop

    k Pop9 meses atrás


  42. Alex Frenesí

    Alex Frenesí9 meses atrás

    Woooow!!!!! 😍😍😱😱😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  43. Ononna Bhuiyan

    Ononna Bhuiyan9 meses atrás

    Plzz tell me ur lense color

  44. An Knook

    An Knook9 meses atrás

    I dont wear lenses

  45. Julia Wood

    Julia Wood9 meses atrás

    Oh let’s try with more than one brush

  46. skena #om jood

    skena #om jood10 meses atrás


  47. sierra janelle

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  48. Taneka TheGamer

    Taneka TheGamer10 meses atrás

    I’m new to your channel and I flipping love u already xx

  49. Fatima Haeder

    Fatima Haeder10 meses atrás

    Gffgjjun ghb huonghui nnnuiohb jg ggffgujhgf

  50. Khorri Jones

    Khorri Jones10 meses atrás

    If I did this I would look like I got punched in the face

  51. nhyia marie

    nhyia marie10 meses atrás

    To the people complaining about all of the different brushes, they all have different uses. The fluffier ones are for blending and the stiffer ones are for packing. She wouldn't have as much pigment on the lid itself if she went in with a fluffy brush. Think about it this way. You're not going to wear high heels to exercise and you're not going to wear flip flops to a business meeting. Sure they're all shoes but they have different uses. She's also not telling you that YOU have to use them. That's just how SHE does her makeup. If you don't like it, don't watch the video.

  52. Isabella Stockton

    Isabella Stockton10 meses atrás

    Will this look good without fake lashes

  53. Fayza

    Fayza11 meses atrás

    this look is flawless !

  54. emily

    emilyAnos atrás

    i have no eyelashes and i try so hard to be pretty so i watch videos like these so i can feel pretty again. i was diagnosed with trichtillomania, a hair pulling disorder and it sucks. i dont love myself at all and this made me feel pretty for once, so thank you:)

  55. It’s Tamyxx

    It’s Tamyxx21 dia atrás

    But just know that no matter what you’re still beautiful.. having no eyelashes/eyebrows isn’t something that determines whether you’re pretty or not , and you’re not alone ♥️

  56. It’s Tamyxx

    It’s Tamyxx21 dia atrás

    I know how you feel I’m struggling with the same thing as well and it sucks :( I get so stressed out so I pluck my eyebrows and eyelashes and then I’m left feeling insecure :/

  57. Eva Newburn

    Eva Newburn6 meses atrás

    emily you go girl !

  58. ashley Bulley

    ashley BulleyAnos atrás

    what's the name of your pallate?

  59. Jjj Jjj

    Jjj JjjAnos atrás

    This would’ve looked the same with using only 1 brush lmao

  60. -*YOUR GIRAFFE*-

    -*YOUR GIRAFFE*-20 dias atrás

    +BHAGYASHRI JOSHI _pinch it, obv._


    BHAGYASHRI JOSHI4 meses atrás

    How could she make a line with that fluffy brush under the eye 😌

  62. Becca Moore

    Becca Moore4 meses atrás

    Swingy I usually use one and I get tons of compliments too. . . It’s probably my eyeliner or lashes though. My lashes are abnormally long.

  63. Sheila DeBeary

    Sheila DeBeary5 meses atrás

    i think it just depends on your eye shape and the colors

  64. Komal Johal

    Komal Johal5 meses atrás

    Jjj Jjj I think you are right

  65. Peachy Trash

    Peachy TrashAnos atrás

    I feel like the brown eyeshadow looks ugly in darker skins like me.....

  66. sa Ibrahim

    sa IbrahimAnos atrás

    Look good. I love it 😍

  67. Zaid Bhat

    Zaid BhatAnos atrás


  68. TrueCrimeRIP

    TrueCrimeRIPAnos atrás

    Lol why are you holding the colors against the light?

  69. Shelbbbsss

    ShelbbbsssAnos atrás

    You made this look so easy

  70. Gwenn Dragun

    Gwenn DragunAnos atrás

    Jij bent zeker nederlander

  71. Kelsy Mccarty

    Kelsy MccartyAnos atrás

    Is being 20 to late to try to get into makeup? Lol

  72. Adrianna

    AdriannaAnos atrás

    Kelsy Mccarty no it’s never to late

  73. Vania Esquivel

    Vania EsquivelAnos atrás

    What’s your Instagram name ?

  74. sehunny booty

    sehunny bootyAnos atrás

    Very well explained ! Loved the look 😍

  75. Ioana Ivanciu

    Ioana IvanciuAnos atrás

    Gorgeous 😍😍

  76. bultaoreune

    bultaoreuneAnos atrás

    leuke video :)

  77. Frida

    FridaAnos atrás

    wow thank you for teaching me how to create a look that literally takes one eyeshadow, one fucking brush and 3 minutes to complete👌 ive learned so much😣

  78. Ariel Mizrachi

    Ariel MizrachiAnos atrás

    Am I the only one who keeps watching tutorials for pretty eyeshadows even tho I don't have enough eyeshadows to do any of the looks? Lol

  79. Sanchita Maharjan

    Sanchita Maharjan2 meses atrás

    I don't even own a single pallet of eye shadow 😢😢

  80. Komal Johal

    Komal Johal5 meses atrás

    Ariel Mizrachi same here .... Lol

  81. Tanjina Noumi

    Tanjina Noumi8 meses atrás

    I’m here with you haha

  82. Howard Bleakley

    Howard Bleakley10 meses atrás

    Ariel Mizrachi yeah imthere with you

  83. Caitlin Knoop

    Caitlin KnoopAnos atrás

    it played a shameless ad and i was happy

  84. Hannah w

    Hannah wAnos atrás

    I wish people would say like this brush is for packing this brush is for blending and so and so because I'm stuck at finding the right brush lol

  85. Jessica Abrajan

    Jessica AbrajanAnos atrás

    In LOVE w this look tho 👀 💗

  86. Sexymaya Green

    Sexymaya GreenAnos atrás

    Hi! Can you please make a tutorial about false lashes? Regular and individual, how to put them, take them off and clean them tx!☺

  87. Ali Raza

    Ali RazaAnos atrás

    Eye lash k baad eyeliner lgana chahye yaa need nae htii

  88. Rahima Hoque

    Rahima HoqueAnos atrás

    not too much talking and right at the point

  89. Jyoti Bhardwaj

    Jyoti BhardwajAnos atrás

    Seriously is that daily wear? Too many brushes, not my cup of tea 😁

  90. I Want This

    I Want ThisAnos atrás

    Do you like eyeshadow makeup? If you yes you will love this product -> goo.gl/ZWnHh5

  91. TheRivrPrncess

    TheRivrPrncessAnos atrás

    Very happy to see a tutorial that did not include lining the waterline which I never do.

  92. spa810 Winter Park

    spa810 Winter ParkAnos atrás

    Gorgeous eyeshadow tutorial!

  93. ShaRae Burr

    ShaRae BurrAnos atrás

    Warm and hot!!!

  94. makeupbyamberrx

    makeupbyamberrxAnos atrás

    So gorgeous defo gonna try this out💞

  95. Jannieka Weasley

    Jannieka WeasleyAnos atrás

    Ben jij nederlands!?😱❤👏

  96. An Knook

    An KnookAnos atrás

    Ja! ❤

  97. Erica Darrow

    Erica DarrowAnos atrás

    How often do you clean all of your brushes? You seem to have a lot of them, it's a more of a chore for me!

  98. saoirse brosnan

    saoirse brosnanAnos atrás

    Please give more of a choice of colours

  99. Md Rafiqul Islam

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  100. Lizzie Sophia

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  101. Chandra Angela

    Chandra AngelaAnos atrás

    Top makeup artists of my country use fingers and cotton bud for eye makeups. Well I am disappointed that. But using multiple brushes for that simple eyeshadow is way too much. Finally cotton buds are the best. :-D

  102. Yvonne Murphy

    Yvonne MurphyAnos atrás

    Excellent tutorial Thank you

  103. K T

    K TAnos atrás

    I only have one brush

  104. Yan n

    Yan nAnos atrás

    Any small BRreporterr that want to support each other? I just posted my first eyeshadow tutorial and I would really appreciate if y'all saw it :)

  105. m.u

    m.uAnos atrás

    You have A little dutch accent😝ik ben ook Nederlands

  106. An Knook

    An KnookAnos atrás

    Yesss, Ik ben ook Nederlands haha dus vandaar me accent ❤️

  107. milind makeover

    milind makeoverAnos atrás

    Wow wow wow wow rich

  108. Donneponnie

    DonneponnieAnos atrás

    Its so cool bc whenever I hear a Dutch BRreporterr that speaks English I can always tell! Haha your accent isn't even showing that much! Love from another dUchie

  109. mc dijkhuizen

    mc dijkhuizenAnos atrás

    Kind, soft and nice (just as your personality)

  110. Jessica Tellez

    Jessica TellezAnos atrás

    Too many brushes but it looks good 😊

  111. fariza fariza

    fariza farizaAnos atrás

    Are you french ? I love your vidéos

  112. gurprit kaur

    gurprit kaurAnos atrás

    loving all ur tutorials

  113. Fiona Flanagan

    Fiona FlanaganAnos atrás

    What palette ????

  114. Eva De Peva

    Eva De PevaAnos atrás

    Dit is echt prachtig! Ga hem morgen eens "namaken" 🙌🏽 Mooi! Abboneer meteen...

  115. Paige McMaster

    Paige McMasterAnos atrás

    So I tried this and I just look like a vampire.

  116. A Kadiri

    A KadiriAnos atrás

    Definition of perfection