1. Nolizwi M

    Nolizwi M4 dias atrás


  2. Dani 333

    Dani 3334 dias atrás

    What kind of self tanner is the best in your opinion?

  3. Jelissa Jaynes

    Jelissa Jaynes5 dias atrás

    Can you do a best drugstore starter kit?

  4. Lucinda Haasbroek

    Lucinda Haasbroek5 dias atrás

    Great video ! 🙏🏼

  5. Catherine Montalbano-Harris

    Catherine Montalbano-Harris8 dias atrás

    Omg I was literally typing my recommendation of this Physicians formula Ultimate Butter collection. This is my favorite beauty find of the month. I got mine on Amazon for $29.99. Btw I got my Tati beauty order of the Blendiful but I haven’t used it yet.

  6. Elsy

    Elsy8 dias atrás

    Damn I wanted her to try out the “glow” version of that Revlon foundation line.

  7. Rebecca Carraway

    Rebecca Carraway9 dias atrás

    Omg you have found your color!! That blue is ridiculously STUNNING on you!

  8. Lauren Leath

    Lauren Leath9 dias atrás

    I would like to see a video testing out the L’Oréal age perfect make up line !! I’ve not seen it in my local stores. So I’m curious. I only trust your feedback on products , always keeping it real !!!

  9. Aidan Takeuchi

    Aidan Takeuchi9 dias atrás

    the physicians formula lip tint and the foundation were stunninggg highlights of the video

  10. Tonya Sullivan

    Tonya Sullivan10 dias atrás

    I want to find the butter bronzer kit!!where can I find one??

  11. Ida Fox

    Ida Fox11 dias atrás

    Did you say what pallete that was? I kept rewinding it and didnt see you mention it

  12. JennNJuice 75

    JennNJuice 7512 dias atrás

    Beautiful Tati! ❤️ Just watched Nicol Concilio and Manny MUA do reviews on your new Blendiful makeup tool's! Can't wait to order them ASAP! Much love!❤️❤️💯💯

  13. Mykaela Abbott

    Mykaela Abbott12 dias atrás

    The spin the wheel thing was really comforting. Thanks Tati!!! :)

  14. Jackie Mahoney

    Jackie Mahoney14 dias atrás

    You just have the BEST reactions!😂 And Fyi it doesn't matter what products you use, you always make it look... Fantastic! Such an Artist! I thank you and your skin for all your trying, testing, and research! Xo

  15. Tabitha Wheatley

    Tabitha Wheatley15 dias atrás

    Tati I love you girl but dayum so much chit chat. I know I’m being bitchy but I want to find a channel that’s less (personal life) chit chat. I just wanna know about the make up. I value your thoughts on makeup but sometimes there’s a lot of mindless chit chat and I wish people (not just u) would get to the point quicker. Great videos regardless just my opinion.

  16. Leigh ann Witsken

    Leigh ann Witsken15 dias atrás

    When she said "just so you know what's what. The first thing that I though was well the eyeshadow that's blush and that's bronzer

  17. Megan Guerra

    Megan Guerra16 dias atrás

    A favorite brushes video would be so so great!!!!!

  18. Mrs Horne

    Mrs Horne17 dias atrás

    Your an idiot the end

  19. Debra Barycki

    Debra Barycki17 dias atrás

    That Candid Foundation and Powder are my holy grail! Also love the concealer as well! I ise the concealer sometimes as my foundation, it’s that good!!🥰

  20. Raisa Cherry

    Raisa Cherry18 dias atrás

    Nabela noor is from my country Bangladesh.I m soo proud of her launch 😍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 I m glad u tried her highlighter.

  21. James Nation

    James Nation18 dias atrás

    So so pretty

  22. Christina Myk

    Christina Myk19 dias atrás

    I just found out none of the websites that have the physicians formula collection don't ship to Ireland! I'm upset now

  23. Ellie of Drak'thul

    Ellie of Drak'thul19 dias atrás

    That ultimate butter collection is intense omg I love it

  24. Brittany Maynor

    Brittany Maynor20 dias atrás

    One of the things I love most about you Tati is you’re such a people’s person. You relate to such a broad audience. Like yeah you’re boujee lol but I feel like I could hang out with you and feel so at home. Mature, young, male, female, high end or on a budget and you put your all into research for ALL of your audience. I love you so much for that😭❤️

  25. Heather H

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  26. Anna Eriksson

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    Your amazing and I love your palette.🙌🏻✨ Hope your holiday has been good🥳🎅🏼 If i could Ask for more videos i would like; ”get ready with me” ”soft glam/nude” ”everyday rutin” ”Nothing new” And more tatibeauty looks😍🙌🏻

  27. babyb306

    babyb30621 dia atrás

    @tati how did the makeup/ products wear?

  28. Soraya Fan

    Soraya Fan21 dia atrás

    I love your heartful but professional videos❤️

  29. Hun33 B33

    Hun33 B3321 dia atrás

    That's so true about chubby cheeks. Mine are sooo full, kids in school used to call me chipmunk 😭. Now I'm 32, and people confuse me for being in high school or in my early 20s 😏.

  30. Jilian Bradshaw

    Jilian Bradshaw22 dias atrás

    I wanted to love that Revlon candid foundation, but 1. They don't make a shade light enough for me (I wore it anyways and just made it work) and 2. After wearing it for a month I found out it was causing TONS of clogged pores (it was the only new item in my routine). It does go on very nicely, but breaks apart throughout the day and doesn't stay on. I don't recommend if you have oily skin. Hopefully other people love it as much as tati does!! ❤

  31. Liana -

    Liana -23 dias atrás

    “Don’t spin the wheel again” I like that... it puts things in perspective

  32. melissa bam

    melissa bam24 dias atrás

    Tati-“ how do I make my face look fuller?” Me- * eating a burrito from taco bell* I got some more if you want...

  33. Susie G

    Susie G24 dias atrás

    Please post the items used like you used to. Having to screen shot the products are so annoying. Or at least make a list of all items on Amazon with a link in each video. Pretty please!

  34. PinkyChiChi

    PinkyChiChi25 dias atrás

    My secret to a fuller face? Ice cream!

  35. Sheila Sanchez

    Sheila Sanchez25 dias atrás

    When she talked about chubby cheeks I cried because that’s my biggest insecurity at the moment 😩 I literally was not in any of the Christmas pics this year because I had zero confidence so it made me feel a bit better to hear some positive affirmations about chubby cheeks

  36. Cheyenne Douglas

    Cheyenne Douglas25 dias atrás

    I really love the candid foundation too!!!!!

  37. Rebecca Kish

    Rebecca Kish26 dias atrás

    I love that you do your makeup the way you feel most beautiful. I know a lot of other influencers do crazy looks to try and do something different but i love that you just do you when you do your makeup. I love it

  38. Taylor Everydayy

    Taylor Everydayy27 dias atrás

    She’s in her late 30s?? She looks like late 20s!

  39. Resa

    Resa28 dias atrás

    What’s a Z pallet?

  40. Debbie George

    Debbie George28 dias atrás

    Before applying hair color I apply face cream along my hair line.

  41. Impossibly Kay

    Impossibly Kay28 dias atrás

    *pssssst, Tati* Candid has a glow version now - I just saw it at my Walgreens. The original is my favorite foundation second to the luminous Fiona Stiles, so I’m excited about the glow up.

  42. Lydia Acosta

    Lydia Acosta28 dias atrás

    After watching this I am for sure going to try this box kit, the bronze shaping stick and the gloss. Those were my favs! Thanks boo

  43. Charlene Allaire

    Charlene Allaire29 dias atrás

    Hey Tati, what shade did you use for the revolution pro concealor ? Thank you ❤️

  44. Vanessa

    VanessaMês atrás

    Is Physician's Formula back??? 😱 I've been freaking out because I can't find the BB powder. I'm so happy it's back!

  45. adrianna janean

    adrianna janeanMês atrás

    Wish you swatched the shadows, really curious about that purple metallic

  46. Jamie Bee

    Jamie BeeMês atrás

    Do you all do contour and conceal before or after foundation and why?

  47. Raul Chavez

    Raul ChavezMês atrás

    You always looks beautiful, you are a geat make up artist, I love all your looks, have a Happy new year. ..Mary

  48. hejira

    hejiraMês atrás

    I feel like Tati would be a great yoga instructor

  49. Lily Squire

    Lily Squire15 dias atrás

    hejira this was random but like same

  50. Ana Ruiz Diaz

    Ana Ruiz DiazMês atrás

    Love it!!!

  51. Drew Habi

    Drew HabiMês atrás

    Omg your voice is so relaxing sometimes when I can’t sleep I put on your videos lol so thank you

  52. frosty pablo

    frosty pabloMês atrás

    Drug store ? Heheh. You wipe it on your face now ? Inhale through the day. Shop till you drop dude !

  53. LaStefyelaCamy

    LaStefyelaCamyMês atrás

    Hi! What brush do you use for blush? Thanks

  54. K Mosh

    K MoshMês atrás

    Royal blue is stunning on you.

  55. Dıavərna Dıa

    Dıavərna DıaMês atrás

    Late thirties? I wouldve thought forties oof.

  56. SephoraRothschild

    SephoraRothschildMês atrás

    We're going to need to know the make/model of that turtleneck.

  57. Jenni K.

    Jenni K.Mês atrás

    I am truly annoyed that so many beauty gurus seems to NEVER put all the products that they use in the description anymore. I genuinely those that do so. Even if you don't go thru & find/post links, even just posting the product name & shade is incredibly helpful. I truly hope many gurus begin to get in back to this habit.

  58. Molly Schultz

    Molly SchultzMês atrás

    I hated that physicians formula bronzer stick :( broke me out and didn’t last at all

  59. Erika Traub

    Erika TraubMês atrás

    Tati - pollution free makeup means it's not a pollutant or toxic to the environment as the makeup gets into the air when you apply it / open the product... Or even when you dispose that makeup product. xo's!

  60. Ashlynn Nathalie

    Ashlynn NathalieMês atrás

    Tati should totally test out the JUNO Moonshine Primer, like and re-comment if you agree

  61. Kitty Rodriguez

    Kitty RodriguezMês atrás

    Your lashes looked so pretty 😍😍 totally noticed the difference! Such a pretty overall look.