Everything Wrong With Batman Forever In 18 Minutes Or Less


  1. CinemaSins

    CinemaSins6 meses atrás

    Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

  2. Abram Sullivan

    Abram Sullivan3 meses atrás

    Is there a reason why y'all guys been responding y'all videos?

  3. dabinggamer 7783

    dabinggamer 77833 meses atrás

    The reason Nathan Molette his boss fall off the side of the cliff is to make it look like an accident like he tried to save him and the helmet just let go

  4. jamesmun

    jamesmun5 meses atrás

    Do Memento

  5. Spooner

    Spooner5 meses atrás

    For this video to be accurate it would need to be 2 hours and 2 minutes long.

  6. Aaron

    Aaron23 horas atrás

    I will say...The holey rusted metal part was a fucking hilarious way to call back to a stupid thing that Robin use to do.

  7. White.Eye.Gaming

    White.Eye.GamingDia atrás

    Women That’s racist...

  8. ThunderElk

    ThunderElkDia atrás

    Jim Carey really gave it his all. You gotta give him that

  9. Emperor Vader - Battlefront 2 Clips

    Emperor Vader - Battlefront 2 ClipsDia atrás

    I give you one sin for saying General Ackbar

  10. Angelia Salah

    Angelia Salah4 dias atrás

    Did anyone else notice that Jim Carrey typed exactly the same way in "Bruce Almighty"? I can't think of any other movie where he types, but does he always type like that in movies? And is that how he types in real life or how he THINKS people type in real life?

  11. Patrick Nagle

    Patrick Nagle5 dias atrás

    This is the worst movie I've ever seen 100 times.

  12. Very Rancid

    Very Rancid5 dias atrás

    when this movie came out i was only a kid..and i still found it dumb as shit!

  13. Ace Nunez

    Ace Nunez6 dias atrás

    4:29 The paper is no way covering half of his face in this shot, so two-face should be no-face

  14. Penny Graham

    Penny Graham7 dias atrás

    i paused and then played and then suddenly i skiped 2 words

  15. Raeyne Jaymeson

    Raeyne Jaymeson7 dias atrás

    After watching Joker, I don't feel bad for Bruce losing his father. He was a dick

  16. Buddhi Dev

    Buddhi Dev10 dias atrás

    EVERYTHING was wrong

  17. Frenzied Heart

    Frenzied Heart12 dias atrás

    I have to admit this movie is hilarious

  18. Joseph Banet

    Joseph Banet13 dias atrás

    It’s Admiral Ackbar not General Ackbar. Lol

  19. Rowdy cowboy Randy Miller

    Rowdy cowboy Randy Miller13 dias atrás

    When he says that's racist, no no no that's not racist that is sexest. Just saying.

  20. LaZyGiRl3,000

    LaZyGiRl3,00014 dias atrás

    Not even gonna mention that when Bruce was telling Dick that he's quitting being Batman that he says "I've spent my whole life fighting for strangers I've never met". Great video though!!!

  21. RedPanda07

    RedPanda0715 dias atrás

    Why did Batman & Robin Come after Batman Forever Forever sounds like an ending to a franchise.

  22. Ree Kid

    Ree Kid17 dias atrás

    2 seconds over 18 minutes

  23. Sapphire Belli

    Sapphire Belli17 dias atrás

    "OH NO!" Cinemasins: "Oh no." Knuckles in Sonic Adventure DX: "ohno!"

  24. Was Kammer

    Was Kammer19 dias atrás

    No sin for the tv channel GNN? 😄😄😄

  25. Samuel Carbajal

    Samuel Carbajal19 dias atrás

    I don't wanna sound like a nerd but its admiral ackbar not general 1:21

  26. CazzSDMF

    CazzSDMF17 dias atrás

    Who gives a fuck

  27. Dennis636223

    Dennis63622321 dia atrás

    You ever watch a movie where the victim you hope doesn't make it!!!! 😂😂😂😂 that is hilarious.

  28. Will Coleman

    Will Coleman21 dia atrás

    Finally someone admits Lost Boys is severely Overrated

  29. alex alvarez

    alex alvarez22 dias atrás

    Lol i love how youre giving advice on how to be more effective with two faces traps 😝

  30. Miya Takamura

    Miya Takamura22 dias atrás

    4:13 SURF'S UP BIG KAHUNA!!!!!!!!!!

  31. AlekWheeler

    AlekWheeler22 dias atrás

    Tommy Lee Jones is a great actor, which makes this performance not only twice as awful to watch, I’d dare say this is the worst supervillian performance in any superhero movie ever.

  32. Joe McKenzie

    Joe McKenzie22 dias atrás

    Love this movie

  33. Fizzy Liquid

    Fizzy Liquid23 dias atrás

    I never understood that in this movie it shows twoface killing batmans parents while Bruce was a child even tho he was an adult and was there when Harvey dent turned into twoface

  34. Paul Honey

    Paul Honey23 dias atrás

    Riddler Ventura, mask detective 😂

  35. Brandon Clowers

    Brandon Clowers24 dias atrás

    11:44 loo

  36. Brandon Clowers

    Brandon Clowers24 dias atrás


  37. John Conte

    John Conte24 dias atrás

    “My dreams are coming to me when I’m awake now.” Those are called memories Bruce lmao

  38. James Jackson

    James Jackson25 dias atrás

    Somewhere in Gotham there's a Batmobile still hanging on the side of a building.

  39. Cunning Smile

    Cunning Smile25 dias atrás

    5:48 Agreed

  40. Twakeplays

    Twakeplays28 dias atrás


  41. Emmanuel Felix

    Emmanuel Felix29 dias atrás

    Dat "Bat Ass" was the highlight of the Schumacher movies for me tbh😎😂

  42. Richard Siddaway

    Richard SiddawayMês atrás

    You say the statue of liberty is like your face after watching 12minutes of this film. So, are you freely admitting you regularly take exploding choppers to your Chevy Chase Jeremy? As for ever wanted a victim to die in a movie. Yes. Those entitled little shits in the Jurassic films. Man I hate those spoilt feckers!

  43. Kaylee Lambert

    Kaylee LambertMês atrás

    15:08 😂😂

  44. L&R II

    L&R IIMês atrás

    You forgot how Alfred keeps his tray right side up to stop spilling it when he gets knocked out.

  45. Gamer4Derp

    Gamer4DerpMês atrás

    12:57 because they know Bruce is super rich, therefore has the full size candy bars

  46. El General

    El GeneralMês atrás

    @11:05 batman missed him completely lol

  47. animefan25

    animefan25Mês atrás

    Since I don’t believe it’s a bad film, I will ignore these so called sins.

  48. Joann Kennedy

    Joann KennedyMês atrás

    Batman forever was a goldmine for Jim Carrey wackiness and humor.

  49. xXDarkAssasin Xx

    xXDarkAssasin XxMês atrás


  50. Matty C.

    Matty C.Mês atrás

    Dick has a hard-on for revenge.... unintentional pun? 🤣

  51. Domo Jones

    Domo JonesMês atrás

    Batman Forever is dope, there I said it

  52. Chantel Fritz

    Chantel FritzMês atrás

    Fuck Already Bruce

  53. Tentons O'fun

    Tentons O'funMês atrás

    General Ackbar?

  54. CazzSDMF

    CazzSDMF17 dias atrás

    Piss off

  55. Alex Treay

    Alex TreayMês atrás

    Stop being such a pessimist

  56. Ashton Nelson

    Ashton NelsonMês atrás

    i just got woken up at 4 in the morning because my dog found a wolf spider on my bed and was trying to eat it

  57. Esperanza Lastarria

    Esperanza LastarriaMês atrás

    This was without a doubt the WORST Batman movie out of many shitty Batman movies.

  58. Occult Knowledge

    Occult KnowledgeMês atrás

    Hey iceman maverick won’t approve 😂😂😂

  59. Devin Connors

    Devin ConnorsMês atrás

    - holy rusted metal batman..... - huh???

  60. Space Ace

    Space AceMês atrás

    Originally Batman was supposed to see Chase on the rooftop after the circus (and he gets ambushed by Two-Face on the way home) and the line was supposed to be "last night at the circus I noticed something about Two-Face", instead of "last night at the bank I noticed something about Two-Face" and if they had kept it like that it would have make a whole lot more sense.

  61. Carl Clarke

    Carl ClarkeMês atrás

    Always thought Gotham was based on Chicago, and Metropolis was based on New York.

  62. Travis7patriot

    Travis7patriotMês atrás

    You forgot one he took of in his batmobile and came grappling in

  63. Tautriadelta

    TautriadeltaMês atrás

    I remember one executive at the time saying they didn't use Billy Dee Williams because they didn't think he was a good enough actor. Then Tommy Lee Jones decides to dance around making a friggin' fool of himself in every scene. Still, Nicole Kidman's and Drew Barrymore's jugs should be good for knocking a few sins off....

  64. Brazen Bull

    Brazen BullMês atrás

    I remember they were playin them U2 and Rose songs like a mufugga..

  65. Hassan Ahmed

    Hassan AhmedMês atrás

    Every time you say Nygma I think about Ligma and what an awful disease it is and all the people affected it by it around the world.

  66. Peter Sorensen Guitar

    Peter Sorensen GuitarMês atrás

    I got Nygma. Nygma Balls.