Everything Wrong With The Lion King (2019) In The Circle Of Minutes


  1. Nonbinary Royalty

    Nonbinary Royalty40 minutos atrás

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  2. derek carmack

    derek carmackHora atrás

    If mufasa was "always with him" why did he wait till sing a was a fully grown adult before comunnicating with him? Dont you think he would have tried to spare his son the guilt of thinking his fathers death was his fault?

  3. Nightingale 4315

    Nightingale 43153 horas atrás

    Scars real name is taka which means trash so I think he would prefer the name scar

  4. Red Lightning62

    Red Lightning6213 horas atrás

    Am I seriously the only person who actually liked this movie and the Live Action of Aladin!? Now I love CinemaSins and what they do, you guys always have sins on some of my favorite Movies, so I'm not angry at you guys. I'm really just mad and confused on why literally everyone else hated this movie. In my opinion both the Live Action and original are equally good. And I would just like to know exactly why people hated the 2019 Lion King and Aladin, so much?

  5. Rosemary Fire

    Rosemary Fire14 horas atrás

    ‘Our little secret’ . . . . . Mmmmm Damn it My memories My F--- stepdad... I DONT LIKE THIS SENTENCE BECAUSE OF HI- *ehem* excuse Me I got off track there

  6. Rosemary Fire

    Rosemary Fire14 horas atrás

    AsLaN?! Aww I wish

  7. Anthony Scott

    Anthony Scott15 horas atrás

    i think scars birth name ment ether dirt or trash

  8. DragonLovingGirl6

    DragonLovingGirl6Dia atrás

    Maybe someone already said it, but oh well. Scar's birthname was Taka, which means 'trash' in Swahili. Scar chose to be called Scar after getting his, well, scar, as a rebellion against his parents.

  9. red nax ela

    red nax elaDia atrás

    I could't believe it when he made a premier league football reference

  10. Furious_Zing

    Furious_ZingDia atrás

    Long. Live. The sins.

  11. Keenan Finley

    Keenan FinleyDia atrás

    I died when he said "Aslan!?"

  12. bioplay

    bioplayDia atrás

    OMFG 20:07 The fucking Monty Python reference was beautiful. Killed me 😂😂😂

  13. 3D Printing Professor

    3D Printing ProfessorDia atrás

    Every sin that wasn't complaining about the CGI was a recycled sin for the original movie. Could make an entirety new sins video for the original movie and wouldn't need to record any new audio, and it would be a brilliant commentary on this remake.

  14. Justin Kashtock

    Justin Kashtock2 dias atrás

    Disney set up us the bomb.

  15. Baughclan Family

    Baughclan Family2 dias atrás

    Cars name before he got the scar meant trash.

  16. ynwa

    ynwa2 dias atrás

    17:34 random liverpool fc mention 🤣😅👍⁉️

  17. Sully The Monster

    Sully The Monster2 dias atrás

    And the voice acting was awfull. No emotion in it. Mufasa’s death wasn’t as sad as it should’ve been. And the music wasn’t as emotional as it should be, Mufasa’s death again, sad music turns spooky while simba is still crying and alone with dad.

  18. TheLegendary_Almond Shaq

    TheLegendary_Almond Shaq2 dias atrás

    Petition for cinema sins to write a movie

  19. Sarah Bishkin

    Sarah Bishkin2 dias atrás

    Please please please do “Freaky Friday” 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  20. Aze

    Aze2 dias atrás

    Should have added 50 sins for the butchering of one of the best Disney Gillian songs

  21. Hunter O' Tails

    Hunter O' Tails2 dias atrás

    Watching this movie, I would've been way more impressed if they filmed trained animals for the shots and used CGI to move their faces for emotion and speaking. Also, they should've used the original's dialogue tracks and just updated the graphics instead of paying new actors to be the characters.

  22. Forest Roamer

    Forest Roamer2 dias atrás

    Did they actually quote The Dark Crystal in the end. I'm dying of laughter.

  23. Edin Selimović

    Edin Selimović2 dias atrás

    Lets face it- all you mfers hate on this movie because of nostalgia and memory of the original. This movie is quite good.

  24. NLRP Nickit Police

    NLRP Nickit Police3 dias atrás

    *Mufasa appears* "ASLAN?!" nice.

  25. Aoibhe Scully

    Aoibhe Scully3 dias atrás

    I hated the lion king 2019 long live the 1994 king

  26. Dr Albert

    Dr Albert3 dias atrás

    17:04 Lions have much more sensitive hearing than humans so that explains on how Sarabi heard Scar from that distance.

  27. Eruzaato

    Eruzaato3 dias atrás

    IT WAS MADE? oh wait- he covered it. HI CINEMA! Ahem Scar was named Taka originally, and he was hurt one day - ya know I'm just gonna recommend Cinema sins watches Supercarlinbrothers and Wotso. ( Mainly because I want a crossover. PLEASE CROSSOVER WITH THEM BOTH.)

  28. Peddle Star

    Peddle Star4 dias atrás

    I wonted to monkey dude to drop simba an then all the animals below would fight to catch simba

  29. Andy Cox

    Andy Cox4 dias atrás

    Was anyone else forced to watch this movie?

  30. Mystical Isa

    Mystical Isa4 dias atrás

    Another sin is how they don't have good expressions or body language.. Also what's it with the 'Everyone: Me:' meme. Gosh it's so overused at this point..

  31. Braceface Bandit

    Braceface Bandit4 dias atrás

    Be prepared SUCKED🤦‍♂️😷🤮

  32. SupahFly

    SupahFly4 dias atrás

    where did these lions learn what happens with their bodies when they die? i mean, they themselves eat prey when its dead, so wouldnt it be more logical to say that theyre gonna be eaten by another predator?

  33. Amethyst the Shiny Vaporeon

    Amethyst the Shiny Vaporeon4 dias atrás

    The whole "how Scar got his name" thing is actually touched on in The Lion Guard! He was attacked by a cobra (gave him the physical scar) and instead of Mufasa sending him to get help for the venom, which messed up his moral judgement, Mufasa gave him the nickname Scar trying to be funny. They never addressed his birth name though.

  34. Gergő Piroska

    Gergő Piroska5 dias atrás

    Only great thing about this movie is the visuals Other than that it's a worse version of the original

  35. Guy Williams

    Guy Williams5 dias atrás

    Old James Earl Jones sounds weird

  36. Spiros Argiriou

    Spiros Argiriou5 dias atrás

    How can you not include the fact that there were almost 5 trillion wildebeests in that stampede and they waited until they killed him to stop?

  37. master review

    master review5 dias atrás

    Mufasa is the greatest sith lord ever!!!

  38. Sansub2323 Pandey

    Sansub2323 Pandey5 dias atrás

    Scar is named taca originally

  39. Bill Hammon

    Bill Hammon5 dias atrás

    I hated this movie with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. But as a die-hard Liverpool fan, the joke about Watford somehow made it all okay. #YNWA

  40. Privacy's Important

    Privacy's Important5 dias atrás

    Beyonce? I feel like these movies should high actual voice actors instead of wasting their budget on star power.

  41. Stan Henderson

    Stan Henderson5 dias atrás

    This movie looks cool CGI wise, the movie seems dumb af and lame adaption of the original cartoon.

  42. ricker recyclebin

    ricker recyclebin5 dias atrás

    Could someone help me figure out why they didn't take the voice acting from the original and just paste it into this instead of hiring new people?

  43. Bridget Boylan

    Bridget Boylan5 dias atrás

    They named him an African name that meant trash he then tried to kill his brother when they were younger he got hit in the eye by a horn and then was called scar

  44. Wolfie Gamble

    Wolfie Gamble6 dias atrás

    Scar’s name was one he picked for himself- as the name his father gave him, Taka, meant trash in Swahili

  45. Nio Loves

    Nio Loves6 dias atrás

    Yes, that is y they call him scar. It was a nickname. Y doesn't get mad every time idk.

  46. Bowser Dragon

    Bowser Dragon6 dias atrás

    So if they basically remade the original Lion King...why not save money on voiceovers and just reuse the original dialogue and overlay it on Live Action

  47. The Mad Titan

    The Mad Titan6 dias atrás

    I’d give it 100 sins for existing. 1 is simply not enough.

  48. Anonymous Annie

    Anonymous Annie6 dias atrás

    Hyper realistic visuals does not equal good

  49. Xyzuii

    Xyzuii6 dias atrás

    The original was more emotional

  50. Herpetology Lover

    Herpetology Lover6 dias atrás

    I miss meerkat manor.

  51. Infinitecdc

    Infinitecdc6 dias atrás

    The " Nelson" song got me XD.

  52. Mikael Targaryen

    Mikael Targaryen6 dias atrás

    John Legend should've been Simba. At least feel the love would be better.

  53. Yvonne Rogers

    Yvonne Rogers6 dias atrás

    Awesome! Thanks! 🙏 😎

  54. Kitty Kitty

    Kitty Kitty6 dias atrás

    Scars real name is Taka. Meaning trash. Mufasa was the favorite child, One day His fath gave him that scar on his eye. Afterwards that was his nickname.

  55. CS

    CS6 dias atrás

    I miss Ed and Banzai in this movie, the other 2 hyenas didn't like me as much as they did YnY

  56. Jesse McCoy

    Jesse McCoy6 dias atrás

    Baby Pumbaa was a boar. A FRICKING BOAR!

  57. ButtersTheBoss

    ButtersTheBoss6 dias atrás

    Add a sin for him saying there body’s come the grass why?Cause mufasa in the sky

  58. Clash

    Clash6 dias atrás

    Just so we're clear, Chiwetel Ejiofor is a better voice actor casting for Scar than Jeremy Irons, shithead. WTF is your dumb ass talking about? How the fuck is that a sin?

  59. Jesse McCoy

    Jesse McCoy6 dias atrás


  60. Gregg Tompos

    Gregg Tompos7 dias atrás

    so while growing up apart nala a lioness never went into heat & mated with another lion?

  61. Shady Mist

    Shady Mist7 dias atrás

    WOW, during "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" takes place during the day not night. Everyone points this out but not you not giving it a sin there.