1. Deestroying

    DeestroyingMês atrás

    Should we make this weekly? What should we do next video? Best idea gets a follow back on IG 👀

  2. Mr Smith-Jones

    Mr Smith-Jones21 hora atrás

    Who thinks Deestroying should make longer videos like if you do

  3. Coreon Spencer

    Coreon Spencer10 dias atrás


  4. Forever.young_m Yt

    Forever.young_m Yt25 dias atrás

    Flag football with dockery Troy beans and everybody else

  5. Collin Ashcraft

    Collin AshcraftMês atrás

    Honestly you should do a kicking king of the hill. But you should make a trip to Arkansas for some 1 on 1s. But aye ily bro keep on working😤

  6. Xavior Hinton

    Xavior HintonMês atrás

    Come to East Ridge Glen ridge

  7. Chico Tims

    Chico TimsDia atrás

    “Lamar Jackson be like”

  8. GmcChampion X

    GmcChampion X2 dias atrás

    Destroying is goatee corner back

  9. Jordan Ray

    Jordan Ray5 dias atrás

    I think king Troy is a bitch


    PLZ DONT EAT ME10 dias atrás

    I went to follow u on ticktok and I was already following u

  11. Kay A

    Kay A11 dias atrás

    You are the best

  12. Michael Smeraldo

    Michael Smeraldo14 dias atrás

    hes out of bounce half the time but only acknowledges when ur out of bounce hes a fuckin idiot

  13. Michael Smeraldo

    Michael Smeraldo14 dias atrás

    we need another dockery video i hate that guy

  14. Blerim Rexhepi

    Blerim Rexhepi14 dias atrás

    Plz do more

  15. Banana Monster

    Banana Monster16 dias atrás

    The guy in all white dresses how I dressed in third grade

  16. Legendary Shadow2346

    Legendary Shadow234617 dias atrás

    10:16 - 10:23 got me dead bro🤣🤣🤣 “I don’t know what the heck he talkin bout” 🤣🤣🤣

  17. King Rush

    King Rush21 dia atrás

    King back aye know the vibes from the tiddel I thought he was lying

  18. Clayton Spencer

    Clayton Spencer27 dias atrás

    You should make a football team

  19. 10xGaming L

    10xGaming L27 dias atrás

    Oh my god Troy got his ankles took the first route that route to deadly

  20. dar 1507

    dar 1507Mês atrás

    He is the only youtuber I know that puts in his mistakes

  21. Jeff Clark

    Jeff ClarkMês atrás

    Bro come to Vegas let’s do 1 on 1’s I’ll get you for sure 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  22. Elijah Hendrix

    Elijah HendrixMês atrás

    The tall guy in the orange look like the guy from get out

  23. Latin Expressed

    Latin ExpressedMês atrás

    9:03 to 9:08 watch it one step without possesion

  24. Michael Hall

    Michael HallMês atrás

    You cant stop me once if you on D....#challenge

  25. XwavyX

    XwavyXMês atrás

    Dang it’s winter in Ohio and these negros just causally playing football. 😩

  26. germaine barton

    germaine bartonMês atrás

    Winner pick out a pair of cleats that they losers have to pay for

  27. Justin Navarrete

    Justin NavarreteMês atrás

    You needa cut boyyy

  28. CJ G

    CJ GMês atrás


  29. Zero Apologies

    Zero ApologiesMês atrás

    Why the qb wearing 2 gloves tho😂😂

  30. Zero Apologies

    Zero ApologiesMês atrás

    Feels like nothing has changed , good to see the squad together

  31. Jack_THE _Pack

    Jack_THE _PackMês atrás

    That boy in all white lookin like a un used tampon. Smh

  32. younggamer x

    younggamer xMês atrás

    U should get drafted

  33. Tranell hollis Joker

    Tranell hollis JokerMês atrás

    Slide to the palm beach county all star game at Jupiter high school it’s gonna be great talent dec 14th at 5:45

  34. perpetual mensah

    perpetual mensahMês atrás

    you troy back ohh shit day one nigga

  35. Hugo A

    Hugo AMês atrás

    do more of these video's there so gooddddddd

  36. Natalya Wheeler

    Natalya WheelerMês atrás

    Dude lookin like lil nas x over here

  37. Steaks from Jake's Farm

    Steaks from Jake's FarmMês atrás

    Bro.... Your boy Mr. King is punting for my STL BattleHawks!!!! 😯😯😯 Get you some tickets I'll meet you at the Dome my dude!!!

  38. Amoney Reed

    Amoney ReedMês atrás

    I saw ab story on snap chat

  39. Frankzy

    FrankzyMês atrás


  40. Michael Derbyshire

    Michael DerbyshireMês atrás

    reply if you wanna 1v1 a national rugby player

  41. Vett Newton

    Vett NewtonMês atrás

    Is me or dude in red look like teddy Bridgewater

  42. Ya boi jack And roast battle

    Ya boi jack And roast battleMês atrás

    I mean he was on the royal Caribbean

  43. Ya boi jack And roast battle

    Ya boi jack And roast battleMês atrás

    I saw beans on the cruise he went on the mariner of the seas

  44. Zach Spina

    Zach SpinaMês atrás

    I live in Brownsburg

  45. YoJay

    YoJayMês atrás


  46. Mook

    MookMês atrás

    Browns better than the dolphins 😂😐

  47. Jaylynn Thomas

    Jaylynn ThomasMês atrás

    Love watching this dude but anybody notice how he breathing in his face

  48. Devil PvP

    Devil PvPMês atrás

    still surprised you haven't been signed by an nfl team

  49. Bfn

    BfnMês atrás

    Who else low key mad bout the smug in his camera??

  50. YoloDot

    YoloDotMês atrás

    Hursey 😭

  51. Fornite Pack of punch is my favorite streamer

    Fornite Pack of punch is my favorite streamerMês atrás

    You should go for QB for the eagles

  52. Fornite Pack of punch is my favorite streamer

    Fornite Pack of punch is my favorite streamerMês atrás

    Not the cowboys or patriots


    NJ. VILLXINMês atrás


  54. Javonnte Hursey

    Javonnte HurseyMês atrás

    NJ. VILLXIN yessirrrrr

  55. Juju Paez

    Juju PaezMês atrás

    Thank u I asked for a month

  56. Ken McLaughlin

    Ken McLaughlinMês atrás

    Why did javante run like he was in slow motion bruh

  57. Javonnte Hursey

    Javonnte HurseyMês atrás

    Ken McLaughlin I set people up by not running full speed! I read the DB

  58. Vanessa Andrew

    Vanessa AndrewMês atrás

    i was on a cruzs

  59. X Crane

    X CraneMês atrás

    *Rip ankles*

  60. ITZ Fayte

    ITZ FayteMês atrás

    The whole squad!!!

  61. Kaleb  Figueroa

    Kaleb FigueroaMês atrás

    best vids on youtube

  62. Cjswag 7

    Cjswag 7Mês atrás

    Dude can play multiple positions professionally

  63. Juan Robles

    Juan RoblesMês atrás

    play soccer again but with a fan

  64. lilpapel69

    lilpapel69Mês atrás


  65. lil_uzi_boy 19

    lil_uzi_boy 19Mês atrás

    Yes make it weekly

  66. Pb Meatball

    Pb MeatballMês atrás

    Cowboy: I don’t even play DB Me: Deestroying plays kicker bruh

  67. Russell Truxton

    Russell TruxtonMês atrás

    Umm u Literally Mossed these kids lol