Eyeshadow Do's and Don'ts


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    Omg unbelievable. I have been doing Eye shadow don’t and I have always wondered why it stood out so much. 😂😂😂😂

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    She FINALLY stops trying to be funny and gets into it at 1:17 y’all r welcome

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    anyone know the concealer she shows?

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    Every. Damn. Time. I try to make my lower eyelid/lashwhatever, I look like dead.

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    Ur dont look my everyday eyeshadow look

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    Lip stick/ lip liner do's and don'ts??

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    You're getting like a photography flashback on your nose, sometimes above your eyes, and sometimes under your nose. You might want to bounce your lighting off something white. Pretty eyeshadow job.

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    This was really helpful, thanks a lot!

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    Sadly my mom has a budget with makeup so an eyeshadow primer is a no :(

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    Just use concealer as a primer. I also have a small youtube channel if you would like to check that out

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    Back when Laura’s video actually had great advice.

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    Just subscribed. I love your attitude! Girlfriend... girlfriend... snapping fingers. Lol. Btw... loving the tutorial! Keep'em coming. I have cheap makeup... can't afford the expensive stuff. So I have L'oreal's (wicked) eyeshadow. It's purple and gold tone colors. Please help me do a tutorial with these colors. I am 44. And I love the colors especially for brown eyes. I want a smokey look and a more relaxed daytime look also. Please help. Thank you in advance. Your new fan.😃💄♥️👍🤗

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    hella gross but who else needed some help?

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    Omg! Thank you for making this! I've been having SOOOO much trouble with this it's unreal. 🤣

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    Oh heaven help me! I'm an older bachelor with a six old grand niece. She has a "social function" tonight. How hard is this eye-painting thing anyways. I bought a little paintbrush and a LA Colors eyeball thing - an eye shadow palette. I'm going for it; I'm fearless.

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    First time watching your videos, thank you so much for this video it really helped me and ur beautiful😍

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    1:22 You're welcome :)

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    Please can someone help me? I have bought my first eyeshadow palette ever. I have no eye brushes at all. I have googled what kind of brushes I need for eye makeup but all websites answer different. I feel so confused. What kind of brushes do I need for eye makeup? (I do not use eyeliner) I'm so grateful for all help I can get. (sorry for my english)

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    Nina Ekdahl flat brush, blending brushes

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    laura you are a big dont

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    Even tho i see tutorials I will always do the Donts🤣 am a noob :///

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    Love you girlfriend! Do you have a fall look (how to) tutorial? Maybe something with glitter?

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    Oh wow, you're a doll! You remind me so much of my daughter and of myself when we're being silly and having fun. Kudos to you on your makeup skills but especially for your confidence to just be who you are- whether God made you shy, outgoing, or somewhere in between, just be you! xo

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    Foundation do and donts

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