FaceTune Battle ft. Nikita Dragun


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    7:44 *that scream though*

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    Love u too


    PEWDIEPIE L PIE2 horas atrás

    My ears 0:00

  5. Hue Tran

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    nikita lowkey shading james😹😹

  6. Athazgora Phoebia

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    7:44 when you see your food Edit: and is sister Nikita ok?

  7. wayne zoll

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    Are you aboy

  8. Abigail Turner

    Abigail Turner5 horas atrás

    james won lol

  9. xpress

    xpress7 horas atrás

    now that i see this again, nikita and james basically guessed the future lmao

  10. Tinydetectivemilkshake

    Tinydetectivemilkshake8 horas atrás

    What is 5 o clock ? I know it's related to chin but what is it ?

  11. Stella’s Vlog Channel

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    Is anyone here after the incident?!

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    Hey sisters

  14. Draw Mics

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    How old is James Charles? I wonder who's older.

  15. Abubakar Abdulai

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    James is 19. But hes turning 20 this sunday

  16. Ariels4life DIY's

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    Omg how is Nikita just starting and James is finishing lol

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    Damn nikkita💘

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    Hi shit bag

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    So many people haven't deleted there hate comments its a pleasure to read

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    What’s this app called that they use


    VIDA LOL XDDia atrás

    I love you James

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    0.01 I m a 10 year old boy not a girl...

  24. Smol_ Potato

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    Nikita: I CANT DO ANYTHING IN 5 MINUTES!! James: **looses literally 4 million subscribers in a week or even less**

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    You should factune your personality next

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    I love the video🥰

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    da muss ich ja ander durch zihen!

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    Name of the App?

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    Marie Keding face tune. Xx

  32. penis vagin en caca

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    KOFFI SEMON2 dias atrás

    Je comprend rien à ce qu'ils disent. Aimé si comprend rien aussi😅

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    +Poop Poop lol while y'all unsubbing to James peep my channel 😎

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    maxDassassin well that’s not very nice 😳🤣🤣💀

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    maxDassassin homaphobe

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    Keep doing your thing don’t let nobody bring u down

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    Shes pretending to like you when no one wants to be with you in your videos

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    Sak my cok

  42. Maya Minardo

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    She said” I’m going to let you have a moment “ lmao

  43. FinnQ eSports

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    James charles kissed you Like to undo

  44. Xx-_slayer_-x

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    Are you a male female or transe.

  45. Bella Kiss

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    you are just a pretentious jerk

  46. Army uwu

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    Bella Kiss thanks for the view

  47. amoussab

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    nikita must be a dragon cuz this is fire sister!!!!

  48. Александра Шевчук

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    Мне интересно есть тут русские, как я)))?

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    Who's here after they're beef or drama 👇


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    A see the comments of a week and so ago of bitches talking about Tati's video, bye sister. She deleted it now😂😂

  54. Cythmc

    Cythmc3 dias atrás

    i feel like James Lowery does this when he dosent feel like doing makeup 😂

  55. Mobina Mohammadi

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  56. Carina x.x

    Carina x.x3 dias atrás

    @Jamescharles Hey sister I love and support you 100% ! Is there anyway you can make a video giving advice on matching makeup with outfits? Different eyeshadow colors and styles with different outfitit. I would also SUPER appreciate a video showing different makeup starter kits(or something you would make) with everything needed to make a complete face look for the cheapest(brushes and just everything someone would need). There could also be other starter kits with better quality items. Thank you! Please help a sister out haha. Hoping you'll read this because I'm clueless when it comes to makeup but I still love your videos.

  57. Lisa M

    Lisa M3 dias atrás

    Love this video. Sooo funny

  58. Alyssa Kennedyy

    Alyssa Kennedyy3 dias atrás

    Idk who this girl is but all I know is I DONT like her attitude 🤷🏼‍♀️ she seems shady asf, like the kinda friend who’s gonna talk behind your back...

  59. Sheriff XIII

    Sheriff XIII3 dias atrás

    “But we don’t hide our faces on BRreporter” You Wear a pound of makeup😂

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    I miss his happiness

  61. vidstareds

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    Hi Sister

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    The cuts killed me 😂😂

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    She is so beautiful!!

  64. innominato -

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    NIKITA IS A SLAYNG QUEEN OMG I'M SHAKING SHE A QUEEN OMG❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👸👸❤️❤️😂😂👑👑👑👑👑❤️❤️👸👸❤️❤️

  65. VonnieMukbangStorytime

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    You won Charles. In more ways than one. 🥰

  66. Johanna Keskya

    Johanna Keskya3 dias atrás

    James just no like pour friend

  67. SxvageKidXx

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    that if i scream if i hear noises in my house 7:40

  68. Carrie Perkins

    Carrie Perkins3 dias atrás

    Plastic people with irritating voices

  69. Sanaya Dey

    Sanaya Dey3 dias atrás

    People who are commenting negative things here about James...i wish they knew the actual truth...or had watched his latest video before it was even posted!

  70. Amateur0artist

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    Congrats on 14 mil, been here since 16 xx

  71. MiyahLush

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    21 minutes of Nikita Dragun *ROASTING* James Charles.

  72. Adrianna banana

    Adrianna banana3 dias atrás

    “If u have a butt as flat as james face toon it”

  73. Itzmelyxx :3

    Itzmelyxx :33 dias atrás

    James:Imma make you less of a hoe People at Coachella:Excuse me?

  74. Ethan Hart

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    This makes me want to vomit

  75. Jemma Ciacia

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    sister shook xxx

  76. Marithza Martin

    Marithza Martin3 dias atrás

    hey James Charles I love your videos and your makeup tutorials I love your mega pileup I'm too young to get it by name is not actually Maritza it's ANNALEE I'm going to ask my mom for your makeup palette item shows up always be your sister

  77. Lynee Anna Salvatore

    Lynee Anna Salvatore4 dias atrás

    I unsuscribe to Nikita i just cant anymore n Gabriel soon.. They give me flotsam n jetsam vibes ( the little mermaid twin eels)

  78. aileen rojo

    aileen rojo4 dias atrás

    is anyone not gonna talk about nikittas roast to james

  79. Meryam Lazaartjuhh

    Meryam Lazaartjuhh4 dias atrás

    I went to the comments to see all the comments about Nikita and James but all i see is comments about james’s career

  80. Witch Mom

    Witch Mom4 dias atrás

    I do not like Nakita. I think she is a horrible friend to James. You can totally see it in this video😡

  81. Becky Jones

    Becky Jones4 dias atrás

    Sister Nikita acts like my aunt

  82. Katie Bergdahl

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  83. Katie Bergdahl

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    I’m sad for all boys

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    James has Called you sister Press to undo 👇

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    What the fuck am i watching

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    Hello! Here since 16 mil 😂😂 now 14...

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    Friendship Goals

  88. W3DA _YT

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    7:44 headphone users

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    Thank you

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    where is my sister squad at? (aka james supporters)

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    Plz follow me on Tik tok I drew you

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    more like Danielle Cohn has left the chat

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    honey youtube does not have any mirrors

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    L I T E R A L L Y

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    Welcome back sister!!! We loved your newest video

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    Back up to 14 mil and it will keep going back up, love you sister ❤️❤️

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    bye s i s t e r z oof

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    Love you sister

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    7:44 Nikita: screams Me: is that a dinosaur! WTFFFFF

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    That guy looks like a mannequin

  105. Pbritt 9148

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    James Charles is a mixed gender

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    It’s it weird I love watching them together I’ve seen this like 10 times!

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