Facing My Fears (Finally!)


  1. Annie Kittrell

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  2. Katelyn Bishop

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    Annie Kittrell Same I saw this and I was like no way!!

  3. Aly J

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    Annie Kittrell meeee too

  4. Ava Massimino

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    Annie Kittrell SAMEEE

  5. ellie mysterious

    ellie mysteriousMês atrás

    I ride horses and live on a farm this was pure joy to watch

  6. teamdamien Myers

    teamdamien MyersMês atrás

    Oh dang I forgot about that dang now I'm happy

  7. liv and kyla

    liv and kylaDia atrás

    i really want to see you ride some more! you look really good for not riding for a long time! you should make more vids like this;)

  8. Billygoat93

    Billygoat932 dias atrás

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove horses

  9. Reagan Stapleton

    Reagan Stapleton3 dias atrás

    Actually so impressed with your seat and legs. Equitation is A+!!And really impressed that you got back on. Totally get back in it!!

  10. Spirit FTW

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  11. Caleb Valverde

    Caleb Valverde5 dias atrás

    I want to ride horses so bad, but im so nervous to try, this made me a bit leas nervous, but damn no helmet??

  12. Life of a Gski

    Life of a Gski6 dias atrás

    I seriously love how supportive dogman is! #relationshipgoals

  13. Aga W

    Aga W7 dias atrás

    I regret stopping to ride horses after 4 years of doing it. I hope I will get back to it one day when I can ;)

  14. taya floresz

    taya floresz7 dias atrás

    The energy that you give is beautiful 💕, this video made me so emotional 😂😭

  15. Jazmyne Aguirre

    Jazmyne Aguirre7 dias atrás

    you need to wear a helmet when you're English riding. when i was thrown i'm glad i wore a helmet or i would've died lmao BE SAFE!! ly

  16. K Allen

    K Allen7 dias atrás

    I used to ride when I was young and I used to do it with a friend. But, when my friend broke her ankle riding, she couldn't come and ride with me anymore and stopped riding altogether. I was 11 at the time. And, my 11-year-old self didn't want to ride alone or with people at the barn I didn't know well, so I stopped riding, despite the fact that my trainer was setting me up to start beginner jumping shows. Now I regret it so badly. I love horses; always have and still do! I wish I kept it up, but I never was able to when I was sent away to boarding school and then moved away for university for a bit. But, now I'm back in my hometown and my boyfriend is interested in riding and my best friend has been riding all her life, lives on a farm and owns horses, so I'm going to start riding again in the new year when finances even out. My boyfriend and I are looking for barns now. I can't wait! I've missed horses so much and I know I want to get back into the saddle and go again. I hope I have an amazing experience with starting again like you did, Bunny! I'm so happy you got to get back into your passion! I hope you enjoy whichever road you take. :) You looked great!

  17. GiGi Tv

    GiGi Tv7 dias atrás

    Love everything, but the girls “instructing”you could have done better. Keep taking normal lessons!! I’d watch that 😍

  18. Lakobeya Burke

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    Omg I love horses 🐎 like it literally was my nickname in 8th grade ❤️

  19. JonSingsBway

    JonSingsBway8 dias atrás

    I love this but wear a helmet Bunny!! Please it made me very nervous! Love you gurl don’t want to see you get hurt

  20. Laminitic Reaction88

    Laminitic Reaction888 dias atrás

    You should still ride. Greatest stress reliever. Ignore The helmet police comments. 🙄 your defiantly more comfortable in the English than western. Western takes a little bit from a English rider. Keep going with it

  21. Ellesyn Johnson

    Ellesyn Johnson8 dias atrás

    I came here from RaleighLink14 lol

  22. Emma Walker

    Emma Walker8 dias atrás

    Awww I love this. I started riding horses/showing when I was about 11. It was my life! I actually went back a few years ago and go a few times a month now.

  23. Katie Donnellan

    Katie Donnellan9 dias atrás

    Please take more lessons, it will only keep making you happy. It is the best :)

  24. Jacqueline Martin

    Jacqueline Martin9 dias atrás

    You looked so much more natural in the English saddle. I ride English and started taking lessons about 4 years ago.

  25. Nicole Watson

    Nicole Watson10 dias atrás

    Go for it girl!! You deserve it and it will be extremely beneficial to your mental health👍🐎😄

  26. Laren W

    Laren W10 dias atrás

    As a state rodeo queen that’s been following you for years, I’m so proud of you Bunny!! Much love!

  27. Peteiy Cat AKA Jordyn

    Peteiy Cat AKA Jordyn10 dias atrás

    I ride horses!

  28. Omar Martinez

    Omar Martinez11 dias atrás

    Love horses so much thanks you so much.

  29. Joybear 04

    Joybear 0411 dias atrás

    You look and did so much better English!! But you did good Western too!

  30. KC Olafsson

    KC Olafsson11 dias atrás

    I ride horses and they love mints too

  31. Posercorpsegirl

    Posercorpsegirl11 dias atrás

    I'm so happy for you, this is such a cute video😊 I didn't know you used to ride horses!

  32. 1964drc

    1964drc11 dias atrás

    Living the dream! Dog man is the sweetest. ❤

  33. WhyNotLou x

    WhyNotLou x14 dias atrás

    What you said about how it felt natural is literally my exact feelings when I first rode

  34. Katelyn Bishop

    Katelyn Bishop14 dias atrás

    I ride and I loved to see you ride you looked so good riding

  35. Hollie Anna

    Hollie Anna14 dias atrás

    too much talking

  36. Devon Keeley

    Devon Keeley15 dias atrás

    I couldn't agree more about the smell of horses! It's so nostalgic and comforting.

  37. mustangbabe700

    mustangbabe70015 dias atrás

    Keep it up! Its such a freeing experience! Glad to see you do something for your self and you looked like such a natural doing English!

  38. ThatSophie95xX

    ThatSophie95xX16 dias atrás

    Also - you have such a wonderful riding style!! Super soft seat even when you were first getting back into the rising trot, and you have such kind and sympathetic hands as well. You seem to tune into a horse's temperament really quickly, you're a truly horsey person - not just someone who knows how to ride but an actual horsewoman that understands the horses and their individualities. Lovely to watch!

  39. Ashley Motto

    Ashley Motto16 dias atrás

    I saw you on Shane Dawson's channel and I just love your personality and you seem like a amazing person!! I hope things are better for you and of course I had to subscribe to your channel.

  40. Janet Richard

    Janet Richard16 dias atrás

    why aren't you wearing a helmet? safety first!!!!

  41. JessC Reads

    JessC Reads16 dias atrás

    I can relate to your comment about how you used to be a brave kid, and trying to find that again. Same page!!!! Go You!!!!

  42. MayaPaya

    MayaPaya16 dias atrás

    Never done this but I really really regret not asking my mom to put me in gymnastics as a kid. :(

  43. 9687loveless

    9687loveless16 dias atrás

    Next do a trail ride it’s so freeing!! I ride English and go on trails all the time u don’t need to ride western for a trail ride ☺️👍🏻

  44. Billie Morris

    Billie Morris17 dias atrás

    The bits are disgusting I hate them so much😭

  45. PaintHorsePrada

    PaintHorsePrada9 dias atrás

    Do some research and you'll see how ignorant this comment is. Bits aren't disgusting. You hate them because you don't understand their purpose.

  46. sunnicali

    sunnicali17 dias atrás

    Do it.

  47. Autumn Terrill

    Autumn Terrill17 dias atrás

    I challenge grave3yardgirl to see who is a better rider

  48. Stacy Puppyfoot

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  49. Your Royal Majesty

    Your Royal Majesty17 dias atrás

    Proud of you Bunny!! You did great! This makes me want to face some of my own fears!! Thanks for this video!

  50. Dog Gone Hunting

    Dog Gone Hunting17 dias atrás

    alright shes moving too fast. cantering on the first day! man. she also needs to learn how to get a canter lead

  51. somebodywhosnotyou

    somebodywhosnotyou18 dias atrás

    I did dance and jazz for 8 years until I got into into like junior high/high school. I decided I wanted to be with my friends more than to go to my dance practices. Now I really regret it. I enjoyed dancing and I would be alot more flexible now if I had stuck with it. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  52. L Cozzi

    L Cozzi18 dias atrás

    When she said the lady who taught her how to ride was named Linn I was shocked...the lady who taught me how to ride is Linn

  53. allily george

    allily george18 dias atrás

    I can just feel the equestrians losing their minds right now

  54. Angel Kitsune

    Angel Kitsune18 dias atrás

    I'm so happy for you Much love 🤗❤

  55. Brooke’s Horsin around !

    Brooke’s Horsin around !20 dias atrás

    You need to not bounce when you trot and lope I been riding horses forever

  56. PaintHorsePrada

    PaintHorsePrada9 dias atrás

    Give her a damn break. She hasn't ridden in a decade. She looked great for being a re-rider.

  57. Bayside Burial

    Bayside Burial20 dias atrás

    You looked great! I took an 8 year break from riding and got back into it when my son was a year old and my second lesson ended up jumping 2'6" and it was like being home! Now I have a career as an equine massage therapist and it's always great to see someone get back at it like I did!

  58. Sille_og _ponyerne

    Sille_og _ponyerne20 dias atrás

    Remeber the helmet next time :))

  59. Kathy Luttery

    Kathy Luttery21 dia atrás

    Wow now I want to start back up in riding horses xD. I had to take a break for awhile because I got sick then I fell off my bike and got a deep bone bruse THENNNN I got very sick and missed a week and a half of school then now I'm taking the winter off and I really still want to ride again ever more now. xDD Wow you did really good compared to how I would've done. Lol.

  60. Chloe Thomas

    Chloe Thomas21 dia atrás

    You should totally start riding again but try and pick up the correct canter lead ( sorry for being that one ocd equestrian lol)

  61. Melissa Kennedy

    Melissa Kennedy21 dia atrás

    I rode and showed English Dressage for many years as well.

  62. Melissa Kennedy

    Melissa Kennedy21 dia atrás

    You looked much more natural in the English saddle. I would be the same way.

  63. Monica Martinez

    Monica Martinez21 dia atrás

    I live for how there is just a skeleton chillen in the back

  64. Chuck Chugumlung

    Chuck Chugumlung21 dia atrás

    Thanks Bunny for an inspiring video. Im thinking of making a career move and becoming a medical illustrator. You just inspired me to take a "leap" and see what comes of it. I hope to see you keep riding!

  65. Equestrian Sisters

    Equestrian Sisters21 dia atrás

    I thought you owned two horses? Or was that someone else?

  66. Ramona

    Ramona21 dia atrás

    You looked great on those beautiful horses. You should definitely go back with Dogman. Would love to see him ride as well. The horses loved you back. They are so sweet.

  67. Olivia DCruz

    Olivia DCruz22 dias atrás

    I have horses and when I run out my shampoo,I use Mane ‘n Tail

  68. Sabrina Cuadra

    Sabrina Cuadra22 dias atrás

    This is awesome to see! You looked like a pro.

  69. pumpkinmoon

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    I didnt know horses could eat peppermints! 🐴❤

  70. Lali Belle

    Lali Belle22 dias atrás

    HELMET hello are you crazy!

  71. InfiniteDeaths26 Gaming

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    RaleighLink reacted to this and you should watch it there’s some good pointers in it. Great vid btw

  72. Lainagh Anderson

    Lainagh Anderson22 dias atrás

    I wasn't ready to cry

  73. Soph

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  74. vesper selene

    vesper selene22 dias atrás

    You looked really good. Very impressive! By your seat and hands, it's easy to see you have some natural talent. I definitely think you should keep going! Riding really helps with my stress and anxiety. If you do continue though, I'd recommend picking up some basics - a helmet, breeches, and paddock boots. You can find them online at Smartpak, or you can try everything on at a local tack shop!

  75. vesper selene

    vesper selene22 dias atrás

    omg this makes me so happy

  76. Horse Crazy

    Horse Crazy22 dias atrás

    Your gonna get hurt if you fall off

  77. Horse Crazy

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  78. Horse Crazy

    Horse Crazy22 dias atrás

    I rides horses and it’s my life if I lost it I would never live

  79. Rylan Austin

    Rylan Austin22 dias atrás

    As a fellow equestrian, this is amazing. Most people find horses scary and HUGE. Really all they are are oversized dogs

  80. Alea Berry

    Alea Berry22 dias atrás

    Please do another video and I love you so please wear a helmet and non holey clothes but you were great saying from a ride myself

  81. Piper Wood

    Piper Wood22 dias atrás

    Ok, so.... WHY THE HELL DID THEY LET YOU CCAANNTTEERR??? And second WHY WEREN’T you wearing a helmet? Oof...

  82. PaintHorsePrada

    PaintHorsePrada9 dias atrás

    Because she is clearly skilled enough to be able to canter?

  83. Porcelain Hime

    Porcelain Hime22 dias atrás

    I love this so much ! I also regret giving up horseback riding and i miss it so so much ! i would love to go back to it! You should deff ride again! i could see the joy and happiness that it gave you.

  84. SunflowerSlime

    SunflowerSlime22 dias atrás

    I love riding horses!!!

  85. Emilee Nevaril

    Emilee Nevaril22 dias atrás

    I came from RaleighLink14 👍🏻👍🏻

  86. Danielle Meredith

    Danielle Meredith22 dias atrás

    THAT SEAT THOUGH!!!???😱 (Especially for not riding in a long while)

  87. Haley Misamore

    Haley Misamore22 dias atrás

    Please do this again! You looked very good for not riding for such a long time. As a equestrian I thank you for this, I hope you get back into it. :))♥️

  88. Madison Laing

    Madison Laing22 dias atrás

    What’s her fear

  89. Michelle Judkins

    Michelle Judkins22 dias atrás

    Bunny, I absolutely love your VLOG. However I must say this vlog made me realize something. You are always so energetic and open with everyone and just amazing. That being said, watching this vlog I saw just a little something different about you. That was just how full your heart was with joy and enthusiasm. You most definitely need to continue riding horses you were just glowing with happiness. You need this for your soul and God knows you have a beautiful soul already. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Dogman!!

  90. So Proud

    So Proud23 dias atrás


  91. Azia Dolanch

    Azia Dolanch23 dias atrás

    My mom buys this all the time 😂

  92. KRMequestrianx X

    KRMequestrianx X23 dias atrás

    You look so good up there!!

  93. Sarah Kuch

    Sarah Kuch23 dias atrás

    Oww! You facing your fears is the best thing ever.

  94. Lily Sukeforth

    Lily Sukeforth23 dias atrás

    for someone not riding in awhile, your eq is very very nice, I think you'd be a good English/ hunter jumper rider.

  95. Puppling S

    Puppling S23 dias atrás

    Anyone else notice the Skelton in the back of the car at 1:40?

  96. Bell the Cow

    Bell the Cow23 dias atrás

    And you ride better than me and I’ve had no brake xD

  97. Emilydjjamer

    Emilydjjamer23 dias atrás

    Plz keep riding horses💕😄

  98. Gamer Mommy

    Gamer Mommy23 dias atrás

    I don't think I have ever commented on any of your videos. I do however watch you regularly and this video has been very special to me. I used to ride horses when I was a kid/teen and stopped around the time I turned 18, English style (Western is rare to find in Europe). It's been nearly 15 years now and I would love to go back to it. I have been pondering about it for a while. Wondering if it's worth it, will I still enjoy it. Should I go back and refresh my skills, so I can teach my 2 daughters when they are older... You know the doubts yourself, I'm sure. Seeing your experience and the happiness the day after has given my inspiration and motivation to find a local stable and jump back to it when we get a bit of a better weather. Thanks a million for this!

  99. Alexie Newman

    Alexie Newman23 dias atrás

    YES GIRL JUMP BACK INTO IT!! I have been here watching your vids for YEARS and I can say it truly makes me happy to see you this happy about something again! Just make it for you and don’t even feel like you have to show us all the time. Of course we want to see it, but you deserve something outside of BRreporter to make you happy ☺️❤️

  100. Amy lee

    Amy lee24 dias atrás

    I can totally picture you and dogman Riding side by side off into the sunset together, please get back into this because it will do so many wonders for you!! I just Resubscribed this was so much fun to watch and I hope to see more.

  101. Kassie Nicole

    Kassie Nicole24 dias atrás

    and how does she know how to post so well and her seat in canter in really good. but if she hasn't rode for over 15 years, how could she have been able to have such good seats without riding?

  102. Kassie Nicole

    Kassie Nicole24 dias atrás

    why would you have a beginner canter when they don't have the seat for trotting? not trying to be mean... helmet too

  103. PaintHorsePrada

    PaintHorsePrada9 dias atrás

    She's not a beginner. She just hasn't ridden in a while. And she actually has a great seat for trotting/cantering.

  104. Kate Paradis

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  105. C REED

    C REED24 dias atrás

    horses are so incredible for the soul

  106. Pix

    Pix24 dias atrás

    I used to take riding lessons there and seeing this video brought back so many good memories with the horses there

  107. julia korhammer

    julia korhammer24 dias atrás

    put a helmet on if you fell badly it could be bad like really bad

  108. Kinuoxx

    Kinuoxx24 dias atrás

    okay so she used to ride, is "reconnecting," but didn't wear anything remotely appropriate or safe for riding..esp. if its the first time in years. I'm confused.

  109. Michelle Connor

    Michelle Connor24 dias atrás

    Wow LOVE that faux fur coat!!! X

  110. Michelle Connor

    Michelle Connor24 dias atrás

    Love the boots!! X