fall bake with me - pumpkin muffins!!!!!


  1. films by phoebe

    films by phoebe4 meses atrás

    I’m really glad you promoted cage free eggs in this, also I love your sense of humor ahaha I can definitely relate to being poor at baking lmao

  2. culturue

    culturue7 meses atrás

    This butch really lights her candles sideways lol

  3. Oh Deir

    Oh Deir11 meses atrás

    i love baking videos and this one is sooo cutee

  4. Kenzie Gibson

    Kenzie GibsonAnos atrás

    Oh my gosh you’re so pretty!!!!

  5. Lanik Kadry

    Lanik KadryAnos atrás

    Do u mean left eye

  6. izzy vlogs

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  7. paige ingersoll

    paige ingersollAnos atrás

    your bake with me was just about as stressful as mine lmao but you are the most energetic and nicest youtuber ever!!

  8. Bella Jade

    Bella JadeAnos atrás

    you deserve a cooking show luca

  9. Lydia Brown

    Lydia BrownAnos atrás

    what do you want to be when you get older ?

  10. Amaya Oyarzun

    Amaya OyarzunAnos atrás

    The intro was so bomb!!

  11. Mariuskul Arefjord

    Mariuskul ArefjordAnos atrás

    Luca do you have a boyfriend?

  12. Rory Noble

    Rory NobleAnos atrás

    Anyone know the names of these songs?

  13. iamthesom

    iamthesomAnos atrás

    do a “whats on my playlist” video!!

  14. Emily [my life]

    Emily [my life]Anos atrás

    Nothing is different about cage free eggs they can be packed together as tightly as possible but they “are cage free”😂😂

  15. mylie kamdyn

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  16. rawr xD

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  17. rawr xD

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  18. StarBaby910

    StarBaby910Anos atrás

    do this every season pls!

  19. Lizzy Michael

    Lizzy MichaelAnos atrás

    Do a playlist video!

  20. Amy

    AmyAnos atrás

    Am I the only one who got a bit of anxiety when she didn’t use muffin cases; but can I just what an absolute queen 👸 puts a smile on my face every time I watch her videos xoxo

  21. Branden Bishop

    Branden BishopAnos atrás

    Add me on snap branden096 fly me to Florida so I can show you the most love and affection bc you are really cute

  22. janna a

    janna aAnos atrás

    what's that song in 9:54 ?

  23. Lilly Collins

    Lilly CollinsAnos atrás

    I'm having a luca marathon and re watching all your vids hehe

  24. Sofia

    SofiaAnos atrás

    your so adorable luca i fricken love you!

  25. Mickey Moo

    Mickey MooAnos atrás

    I would live for a a seasonly bake with me 🤤🤤

  26. molly martin

    molly martinAnos atrás

    yes. yes. yes.


    BLAIR BRAWLEYAnos atrás

    love this video!!!

  28. Julie Hedegaard

    Julie HedegaardAnos atrás

    Luca you are seriously one of the funniest people I know... You could literally do nothing for a whole video but talk, and I would enjoy it to the fullest🌻

  29. Anna Marie

    Anna MarieAnos atrás

    what’s the song @ 7:13

  30. Lina-Marie

    Lina-MarieAnos atrás

    could you do another playlist video??

  31. Lisa

    LisaAnos atrás

    I really appreciate you spreading awareness about the chickens. Everyone should do something about the horrible way we treat the animals living on this planet.

  32. emma jackson

    emma jacksonAnos atrás

    what is the mac miller song that she was dancing to ?

  33. Lauren Horton

    Lauren HortonAnos atrás

    playlist video

  34. HandeE

    HandeEAnos atrás

    Your name is so beautiful, i loveee ittt

  35. Brooke Scheuble

    Brooke ScheubleAnos atrás

    Song at 7:30?

  36. lovely floral

    lovely floralAnos atrás

    where is her necklace from

  37. Cristina Diaz

    Cristina DiazAnos atrás

    Pumpkin muffins are the bomb

  38. Rachel Adelaide

    Rachel AdelaideAnos atrás

    how am i older than you yet ur cooler than me is this the part where my life goes downhill because i’m not ready yet

  39. Lauren Carolyn

    Lauren CarolynAnos atrás

    The Olive Garden advertisement and your muffins made me sooo hungry

  40. Sam

    SamAnos atrás

    WHAT SONG AT 7:55

  41. sammy pyka

    sammy pykaAnos atrás

    aha thank you so much!

  42. Sam

    SamAnos atrás

    @sammy pyka Yes!! Katie Queen of Tennessee - it's my new forever favorite song since HAHA

  43. sammy pyka

    sammy pykaAnos atrás

    Sam B. did you find it

  44. Aiza Flores

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  45. HeyIts Kay

    HeyIts KayAnos atrás

    Song at 7:15???!!

  46. Megan Burns

    Megan BurnsAnos atrás

    the cutest 😊 also i just posted my second video it was a fall lookbook and i would so appreciate it if you guys checked it out u won’t regret it! sorry for the self promo it’s hard to grow on youtube now a days hah

  47. Natalia Andino

    Natalia AndinoAnos atrás

    does anyone know the songs that she played at the end

  48. Natalia Andino

    Natalia AndinoAnos atrás

    Dang! by Mac Miller ft. Anderson .Paak

  49. Maggie Hapgood

    Maggie HapgoodAnos atrás

    What's the name of the Mac Miller song?

  50. Maggie Hapgood

    Maggie HapgoodAnos atrás

    Does anyone know the name of the song at 7:13?

  51. lauren fillmore

    lauren fillmoreAnos atrás

    HAHAHA one time I bought cage free eggs and there was a dead baby chicken in there😅

  52. Jordan Elder

    Jordan ElderAnos atrás

    Savage mode on

  53. Jordan Elder

    Jordan ElderAnos atrás

    They’re shy. And their heads are in the game so.

  54. Anjalicia

    AnjaliciaAnos atrás

    Haha I love this video Luca! You should try doing it like asmr, it’s funny I just uploaded an amazing asmr video on my channel!

  55. Šävâñńáh Rįdér

    Šävâñńáh RįdérAnos atrás

    I need your playlist!!

  56. Brittany Baby

    Brittany BabyAnos atrás

    "theres literally nothing different about the eggs" honey yesssssssssss there is, free ranged chickens are not filled with hormones or chemicals, their eggs and meat are all natural and way way waay healthier for you. You can always tell the difference in the yolk colors.

  57. Regan Simmins

    Regan SimminsAnos atrás

    “is she the one who went to jail? i don’t blame her” 😂😂

  58. Guy Fie*rawr*i

    Guy Fie*rawr*iAnos atrás

    What is the song at 7:30

  59. Dominik Benz

    Dominik BenzAnos atrás

    amazing video looks awesome. Luca you are so beautiful sexy

  60. Hannah

    HannahAnos atrás

    What’s the songs she’s dancing to at like 7mins in??

  61. Regan Elizabeth

    Regan ElizabethAnos atrás

    Hannah Chinese New Year by SALES

  62. Daisy Miller

    Daisy MillerAnos atrás

    I need a playlist of all those songs😍😍

  63. Ziya Wessels

    Ziya WesselsAnos atrás

    i love your channel with all my heart

  64. glued2pc

    glued2pcAnos atrás

    Cooking With Luca is a seasonal joy!

  65. thiccvic

    thiccvicAnos atrás

    the intro looked like one of those tv shows idk

  66. Valpy

    ValpyAnos atrás

    Cracking eggs give me anxiety