Fame is Lame


  1. Leixa

    LeixaMês atrás

    Adam has a nice butt.

  2. Andy Liu

    Andy Liu12 dias atrás


  3. lιl βєαи

    lιl βєαи21 dia atrás


  4. Pro hacker 6669

    Pro hacker 666923 dias atrás

    Ye like Markiplier

  5. Ash Playz

    Ash Playz28 dias atrás


  6. Alvedin Dizdarevic

    Alvedin DizdarevicMês atrás


  7. Ilir Joza

    Ilir JozaHora atrás

    SomethingelseYT: *has 2.69 subscribers* Me: nice

  8. russellshane f, duran

    russellshane f, duranHora atrás

    Wait so pelo needs you in story time animation i guess it is somewhereelse.

  9. kiera cashel

    kiera cashel2 horas atrás

    Do a full version of congratulations by post Malone

  10. Dnyandeo Shinde

    Dnyandeo Shinde4 horas atrás

    Yeah man you are right

  11. Sansford Pines

    Sansford Pines6 horas atrás

    I just heard your song and saw your art style and I immediately just- y e s, i am now a fan

  12. Just Imagine!

    Just Imagine!6 horas atrás

    if I met Adam I would ask him how his day was bc I feel his pain (with the tangent)

  13. Ian Hadley

    Ian Hadley11 horas atrás

    ADAM! You haven't posted a vid in 1 month!! W-what is wrong with you?😄

  14. TV-TomYT ————

    TV-TomYT ————12 horas atrás


  15. nasuto

    nasuto12 horas atrás

    Being famous YOURE IN HELL

  16. Nic Gellendin

    Nic Gellendin12 horas atrás

    PLEASE WHACH THIS VIDEO I MADE A SomethingelseYT Tribute brreporter.com/v/video-SZThFlfyGqw.html

  17. NPSgamer444

    NPSgamer44414 horas atrás

    5:02 r/suspiciouslyspecific

  18. Nic Gellendin

    Nic Gellendin12 horas atrás

    PLEASE WHACH THIS VIDEO I MADE A SomethingelseYT Tribute brreporter.com/v/video-SZThFlfyGqw.html

  19. Julian The Gamer Kid

    Julian The Gamer Kid14 horas atrás

    Hey I know that I am a BRreporter or and he is reading this I am going to say that I am probably one of your biggest fans and also go to Julian the gamer kid I like The video something hit the 🔔

  20. Nic Gellendin

    Nic Gellendin12 horas atrás

    PLEASE WHACH THIS VIDEO I MADE A SomethingelseYT Tribute brreporter.com/v/video-SZThFlfyGqw.html

  21. Ethaniod20 l

    Ethaniod20 l14 horas atrás

    Bla bla bla bla bla *takes picture*

  22. Mew 788

    Mew 78815 horas atrás

    Everyone we did it right know he had 2.69 million views

  23. Mira Kiraly-Weisz

    Mira Kiraly-Weisz15 horas atrás

    The thing is he made this one month ago and since he had not made a new one, I'm freaking out.

  24. La O

    La O15 horas atrás

    Geee dat is great animation and weird startin in dat vid

  25. Kirbster Yeet

    Kirbster Yeet15 horas atrás

    Me begs dad to get merch from your store

  26. Genalynn Bacarro

    Genalynn Bacarro16 horas atrás

    Me as the 2nd kid:ARE U SOMETHINGELSEYT!? My mom:...........huh? Who is this man?

  27. Gamer077510 Roblox

    Gamer077510 Roblox16 horas atrás

    Did anyone else come to the comment section just to se who that person he admired was?

  28. JayLeo Gamer

    JayLeo Gamer16 horas atrás

    Ok this might make sense!

  29. frost force

    frost force17 horas atrás


  30. GACHA Ztar

    GACHA Ztar17 horas atrás

    0:00 Why did my mind immediately go to Chris *Mr beast’s friend that Chris* saying “Y’all got any Beans?”

  31. EmilyIsTired

    EmilyIsTired17 horas atrás


  32. psychobilly81

    psychobilly8121 hora atrás


  33. John paul Bolasoc

    John paul BolasocDia atrás

    Where you from?

  34. Avacato Ginager

    Avacato GinagerDia atrás

    Maybe it’s markiplier

  35. Shadow Ricosky

    Shadow RicoskyDia atrás

    How are you Adam?

  36. Darealdownlibri

    DarealdownlibriDia atrás

    2.*69* mil subs

  37. Nicolae Betteridge

    Nicolae BetteridgeDia atrás

    i love your content. when im at school and i need to feel better, i pull up your song "im something else" and i feel so much better. keep doing what you do and be happy =)

  38. Yahoo

    YahooDia atrás

    Not trying to be political or anything but what the FUCK is OAKMEAL

  39. Threapist-NOT

    Threapist-NOTDia atrás

    I know how it feels..

  40. Universal Bulbasaur

    Universal BulbasaurDia atrás

    Was his name Markiplier he actually looks like u

  41. Universal Bulbasaur

    Universal BulbasaurDia atrás

    Adam I’ve never met anyone famous

  42. Someperson19

    Someperson19Dia atrás

    Nice 2.69 mil

  43. Stranger_than_most

    Stranger_than_mostDia atrás

    P-P-P...... potential job opportunities

  44. Sevando Aburto

    Sevando AburtoDia atrás

    No hate here ):D

  45. Thefrozendeath

    ThefrozendeathDia atrás

    2.69 subs “Insert lenny face here”

  46. Drago knight

    Drago knightDia atrás

    The reason why I want to be famous is to show people that someone like me can be someone like you

  47. GabiFrozen Girl

    GabiFrozen GirlDia atrás


  48. sunstrider sunburn

    sunstrider sunburnDia atrás

    Fuck you shit

  49. sunstrider sunburn

    sunstrider sunburnDia atrás

    Go go Daddy

  50. -MARS-

    -MARS-Dia atrás

    I got some merch and I am the happiest person ever rn!!!!! its so nice and came in great condition and packaging!!

  51. XxIm deadxX

    XxIm deadxXDia atrás

    Go crazy Jrkfjdjmnd Go stupid Ufjgruklnt

  52. XxIm deadxX

    XxIm deadxXDia atrás

    You sound like your 25

  53. Arabelle Poll

    Arabelle PollDia atrás

    My friend and I want you to where a dress in a video. She ever drew a picture, it was b00tiful -3- NOW WEAR A DRESS XD

  54. Michelle Armstrong

    Michelle ArmstrongDia atrás

    Did you hit the camera on purpose?

  55. Yosi Benitez

    Yosi BenitezDia atrás

    I love you and you cool

  56. gacha gacha

    gacha gachaDia atrás

    Do another musicvideo please your singing is so good

  57. juanitopro 113

    juanitopro 113Dia atrás

    2×1 los domingos :v

  58. omega wolfie

    omega wolfieDia atrás

    I wanna be famous not for money which is why I curse in video Which equal no money not just for fun and make people laugh and smile

  59. Bo i

    Bo iDia atrás

    It is markiplier

  60. Limonad

    LimonadDia atrás

    Why Im from Russia😞. Im understand what you say BUT NOT ALL! okay... Im say what wont and now Im going learn English. IM LEARN IT 5 YEARS

  61. Nadja Grosa

    Nadja GrosaDia atrás

    Adam has no friends but he is the best BRreporterr

  62. Katara Chesley

    Katara Chesley2 dias atrás

    I have no subscribers 😭☹️😰😨😓😱😫

  63. Homie Fazbear

    Homie Fazbear2 dias atrás

    2:25 *Le gasp* J A M E s

  64. Sk Aian

    Sk Aian2 dias atrás

    he is talking about markiplier

  65. TheGarbageDoors

    TheGarbageDoors2 dias atrás

    Adam is a good butt youtuber

  66. shaun Sons

    shaun Sons2 dias atrás

    *”Pleasure is mine, D A D D Y”*

  67. Tori The demon

    Tori The demon2 dias atrás


  68. Anas Amar

    Anas Amar2 dias atrás

    7:11 XD That is so embarrassing