1. مصطفى محمد عزت

    مصطفى محمد عزت5 horas atrás

    احب نفسك اولا احلى حاجه انها عربي


    PRINCESS LAYY5 horas atrás

    0:34 😭awwww cj😭😭😍❤️❤️

  3. Hailey Escobar

    Hailey Escobar7 horas atrás

    They bottle be chasin them lmaoooo

  4. jayjay

    jayjay10 horas atrás

    put it on slow motion 21:59

  5. Beautiful Hands

    Beautiful Hands20 horas atrás


  6. Comedy and entertainment Uk

    Comedy and entertainment UkDia atrás

    Sub for entertainment

  7. Comedy and entertainment Uk

    Comedy and entertainment UkDia atrás

    Sub for entertainment

  8. Bryant Quezada

    Bryant QuezadaDia atrás


  9. Ashley Gordon

    Ashley GordonDia atrás

    Took some time but Queen finally grew on Clarence . She can be herself now . I love it . ❣️

  10. Shakii Morgan

    Shakii MorganDia atrás

    CJ don't got no front teeth😂😂❤

  11. Zek vids

    Zek vidsDia atrás

    Fart jokes got me weak

  12. Sis ur Shook

    Sis ur ShookDia atrás

    23:05 “yuh” tell me why I was cracking up

  13. Kiriã D.Ç.T

    Kiriã D.Ç.TDia atrás

    CJ Curls thoooooo OTAYYYYYY

  14. Kiriã D.Ç.T

    Kiriã D.Ç.TDia atrás

    "Are You Cooking Today??" "When We Get Back Home" *Clare Drops Queen lollllllll

  15. Mauriah Prince

    Mauriah PrinceDia atrás

    rog sunscrin

  16. Gui Vhu

    Gui VhuDia atrás


  17. UnKnoWn-iDropped

    UnKnoWn-iDroppedDia atrás

    They lowkey had a mukbang

  18. Harlem

    HarlemDia atrás

    She’s cringey asf

  19. Mr Vibes

    Mr VibesDia atrás

    The song at 2:46 is my families jam

  20. Anasia Laterri

    Anasia Laterri2 dias atrás

    get some black thread and tie it round legends ankle or wrist. it’ll stop him from having it

  21. NuUrbanJade

    NuUrbanJade2 dias atrás

    When Cj throws his hair >>>> he got a luxurious mane lmao

  22. Komei k

    Komei k2 dias atrás

    It’s your boy CJ 😍 awww

  23. hbk hiickey

    hbk hiickey2 dias atrás

    Clarence getting fat 🤯

  24. Guerdy Ferjus

    Guerdy Ferjus2 dias atrás

    I go there

  25. Tiana S

    Tiana S2 dias atrás

    11:15 Clarence had me dead when Legend was like “wah”. He looked like he saw a ghost 😂😂😂

  26. Lela Jones

    Lela Jones2 dias atrás

    Hey cj

  27. Sindel Cedeno

    Sindel Cedeno2 dias atrás



    VONNIE'S HOUSE3 dias atrás

    Idk if ppl say it in the Bronx but Brooklyn ppl do be like no cap or like u cappin'

  29. MY_Life As Kassidy Its Annoying

    MY_Life As Kassidy Its Annoying3 dias atrás

    Queen is goffy😜😜

  30. Paid Ron

    Paid Ron3 dias atrás

    I was just at the restaurant you were at @ Oklahoma

  31. ciara griffiths

    ciara griffiths3 dias atrás

    Is it me? R cj looking more like queen😂❤️❗️

  32. ciara griffiths

    ciara griffiths3 dias atrás

    One ad is enough🙄🤦🏾‍♀️im trying to watch something here💀❗️

  33. Oh that's Jay

    Oh that's Jay3 dias atrás

    Ayoooo the high as fuck ,,😂😂 GOALSSSS

  34. Freshcoast Family

    Freshcoast Family4 dias atrás

  35. Dream Doll Bihh

    Dream Doll Bihh4 dias atrás

    Awww its your boy cj 😍😍 but yeah I see why Chris missing her 😂😂😂 Clarence fine asf & she doing better 😂😂💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  36. Big Dank

    Big Dank4 dias atrás

    Family goals 😻

  37. Butterfly

    Butterfly4 dias atrás

    Clarence: Ight ima head out

  38. trvpdee

    trvpdee4 dias atrás

    Did Clare tell that doctor he have 3-4 bowel movements a day???

  39. leslie calderon

    leslie calderon4 dias atrás

    look at my gums guys, i wash my gu- 😂😂

  40. Rylee Reynolds

    Rylee Reynolds5 dias atrás

    When they were talking while eating cereal I dying at some of the shit they was saying..

  41. nicki Parker

    nicki Parker5 dias atrás

    Pick me up at 😩🥞🥓

  42. K G

    K G5 dias atrás

    Cj really needed a tutor for the alphabet??

  43. Destiny Pasterin

    Destiny Pasterin5 dias atrás

    Queen don't get mad at me and peeps don't put me on blast but I thought Queen was Saudi Arabic

  44. Mi Mi

    Mi Mi22 horas atrás

    Her dad is arabic her mom is white and black

  45. kellisa burrell

    kellisa burrell5 dias atrás

    You know ur relationship good when you start having dumb conversations like this bruh😂😂 12:05

  46. yee yee y'all

    yee yee y'all5 dias atrás

    maneee them being high as hell eatin cereal after puttin the kids to bed is a wholeeeee vibe!!

  47. Kamaiyah Andrews

    Kamaiyah Andrews5 dias atrás

    Get Legend a little baby floatie he can swim on

  48. Cassidy Parker

    Cassidy Parker5 dias atrás

    I swear cj could b Clare real child they look just alike Edit:the face they made when legend woke up

  49. An’niyah NikoleTV

    An’niyah NikoleTV6 dias atrás

    I love y’all!😩😍😍😍❤️ y’all family goals fr🤷🏽‍♀️

  50. Z&Z Mafia

    Z&Z Mafia6 dias atrás

    “It just slid out my panties”😂😂

  51. Z&Z Mafia

    Z&Z Mafia6 dias atrás

    “They bottle be chasing them down the street”😂😂

  52. Z&Z Mafia

    Z&Z Mafia6 dias atrás

    Yooo when they when to the doctors Queen had said, “this hump on my neck” I died😂😂

  53. Z&Z Mafia

    Z&Z Mafia6 dias atrás

    Beautiful family omg❤️

  54. Angel Angelica Houser

    Angel Angelica Houser6 dias atrás

    I think he’s warming up to cj

  55. jacqlynn napier

    jacqlynn napier6 dias atrás

    i love chicken alfredo thats my favorite food for dinner

  56. Andres Rodriguez

    Andres Rodriguez6 dias atrás

    Y’all spoiling those kids

  57. Bre'shae J

    Bre'shae J6 dias atrás

    Hey mook 😘😘😘😘😘

  58. Bre'shae J

    Bre'shae J6 dias atrás

    Queen be having me deaddddd!!!!! I love y’all 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  59. John Murphy

    John Murphy6 dias atrás

    Im one of your fans

  60. John Murphy

    John Murphy6 dias atrás

    Are you mari to him

  61. keyla04

    keyla046 dias atrás

    I love that they are so comfortable with each other 😂😭💗🤩