1. Carter Sharer

    Carter Sharer4 meses atrás

    This was so much fun to film, Like if we should do another video like this!!

  2. prettypretty 32

    prettypretty 3216 dias atrás

    yay i loved it

  3. Shasta Sommer

    Shasta Sommer3 meses atrás

    Carter Sharer yes yes please make another one

  4. Craig Howard

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  5. Armaan Meets

    Armaan Meets4 meses atrás

    I know carters the best

  6. Rekha Mahesh

    Rekha Mahesh4 meses atrás


  7. Mashood Mateen

    Mashood MateenHora atrás

    I like your cars😍

  8. Ruby Rose Paiso

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  9. Gilfedder Family

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  10. Billie Gothard

    Billie Gothard5 horas atrás

    #lizzy lets go

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    # cartet

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  16. Ahmed Saif

    Ahmed Saif13 horas atrás

    #carter sharer

  17. Joshua Ruano

    Joshua Ruano13 horas atrás

    Liz and carter cheated

  18. sam rar

    sam rar15 horas atrás

    Stove and ryan cheated thay bought stuff

  19. Gavin Mayhue

    Gavin Mayhue16 horas atrás


  20. daniel crawford

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  23. Mihir Modi

    Mihir Modi19 horas atrás

    Love you to much.

  24. lindsaydobbins85

    lindsaydobbins8519 horas atrás

    Were is stephen

  25. Elliot Tidwell

    Elliot Tidwell19 horas atrás


  26. Ashlyn Weidenbach

    Ashlyn Weidenbach21 hora atrás

    Hey carter

  27. Patrick O'Shannassy

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    # Lizzy

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  31. Annette McManamon

    Annette McManamonDia atrás

    #Ryan and stove

  32. Brena Rangel

    Brena RangelDia atrás

    It looked like lizzy won

  33. Soumith Reddy

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  34. Andrew Evans

    Andrew Evans2 dias atrás


  35. Gwendolyn Swoope

    Gwendolyn Swoope2 dias atrás


  36. Louis Smith

    Louis Smith2 dias atrás

    If we are countingthe whole project then Liz won but uf we count the person in the project then carter won

  37. Cube Cutfamily

    Cube Cutfamily2 dias atrás

    1:31 mad me laugh out loud

  38. Iyana Jiles

    Iyana Jiles2 dias atrás

    Phil the winner gets 10000

  39. Hunter Welsh

    Hunter Welsh2 dias atrás

    Carter is 🏍

  40. Aimee Blackburn

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  41. Ella Solloway

    Ella Solloway2 dias atrás

    It was lizzy

  42. Imtiaz Uddin

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  47. Tigran Radhika Gunadi

    Tigran Radhika Gunadi3 dias atrás

    Carter won🥳

  48. Tishal Singh

    Tishal Singh3 dias atrás

    #carter If you love liz and carter plese make this blue ↓

  49. Ty. Boogie

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  50. Javon Chai

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    JULIA SALERNO4 dias atrás


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  57. Lj1027 Jackson

    Lj1027 Jackson5 dias atrás

    Liz won

  58. Przemo Jaworski

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  59. I H Syed

    I H Syed5 dias atrás

    Sub and liked and thumb up to you cuz you best

  60. Kelli Blackmon

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    # Lizzy

  61. JC 11 None name 11

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  62. SyeD NaveD

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    Very bad stove and ryan but it was very funny if you agree hit the like button

  63. Fazy Faaz

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    IAMTHEBEST6 dias atrás

    16.01???? car chair scooter ????????

  65. Harmoney Gatson

    Harmoney Gatson6 dias atrás

    Lizzy won because her black car past the line first