Father Tackles Son's Wrestling Opponent | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah


  1. Comedy Central UK

    Comedy Central UK26 dias atrás

    🎊🎉First Spirit Airlines joke of 2020!!! 🎊🎉

  2. GorillaGuerilla

    GorillaGuerilla21 dia atrás

    Comedy Central UK Never too late!

  3. Obi Dark

    Obi Dark24 dias atrás

    Spirit Airlines: We ain't joking

  4. HRishav MishRa

    HRishav MishRa25 dias atrás

    Your Dad Joke is the plot of MODERN FAMILY. STOP STEALING JOKES

  5. Andethidial bubabibub

    Andethidial bubabibub25 dias atrás

    Spirit Airlines: Drink our water and die even before landing!

  6. InHumano XY

    InHumano XY25 dias atrás

    @Valerie Masumbuko it's the worst airline. And they probably have an advertisement deal haha.

  7. alex prince

    alex prince5 dias atrás

    A coffin ..really now :-)

  8. A M

    A M9 dias atrás

    Hillary is right. Bernie is an old fool who is incapable of compromising with others and working together - what significant legislation or actions has he accomplished while in office? Nothing. Also - may I remind you who won the popular vote?

  9. Tiger N_I_F_R Imeri

    Tiger N_I_F_R Imeri12 dias atrás


  10. Ross Marks

    Ross Marks16 dias atrás

    you could replace her pic with her kindergarden pic and the statement would be just as believable.

  11. Att

    Att17 dias atrás

    "And by the way; That's not South Africa, THAT'S South Africa." Golden reference

  12. Sakir Mohammad

    Sakir Mohammad17 dias atrás

    BTW that's not South Africa that's South Africa 😂

  13. R.Javier Yepes De V.

    R.Javier Yepes De V.18 dias atrás

    Spirit Airlines is cheap!!! Quito-Ecuador 2020

  14. lexas

    lexas20 dias atrás

    Hilary Clinton should stfu. Nobody likes her and that's why we have this manpig in the WH. She is preaching for the Democratic status quo that lost the last election.

  15. David Scott

    David Scott20 dias atrás

    Just another feminazi trying to rig the election so Warren gets in. Seriously the U.S is so far gone they should give up and go back to paying the Queens taxes and join the commonwealth and not the Soviet Union.#MakeAmericaGreatAgainAndJoinTheCommonwealth

  16. CornishCreamtea07

    CornishCreamtea0720 dias atrás

    I would love to see Trevor's mother tackle John Oliver, or better yet punch his smug face.

  17. chris ireland

    chris ireland21 dia atrás

    cant tag his dad in when hes paralyzed

  18. mahim daku

    mahim daku21 dia atrás

    how come trevor or CC does not get sued by spirit airlines.... its america for pete's sake

  19. mbczsfhkpiyrw

    mbczsfhkpiyrw22 dias atrás

    “Lock me up “ lock me up “🤣🤣🤣

  20. THE Wariyaa

    THE Wariyaa22 dias atrás

    No wonder she lost to trump. She has no honor. She and her old billy

  21. Sagess Aries

    Sagess Aries22 dias atrás

    She still hasn't learned her lesson, her hubris knows no bound.

  22. Rety Fuller

    Rety Fuller22 dias atrás

    How low crooked Hillary can go? She cheated Bernie in 2016, lost the election to the worst person in the world and now she wants Trump for an other term? WTH!

  23. crazedstargazer

    crazedstargazer22 dias atrás

    Hilary is trash. Enough said.

  24. Robert Muckle

    Robert Muckle22 dias atrás

    That wrestler deserved that tackle as he could have snapped his opponents neck the way he floored him!! Total dickass move!!!

  25. opeyemi uthman

    opeyemi uthman23 dias atrás

    Nobody likes him says a woman who lost to the worst candidate in recent memory.

  26. ahmed said

    ahmed said23 dias atrás

    Tbh the dad was justified... that lift was just so terrible !!

  27. Grey Mouser

    Grey Mouser23 dias atrás

    Hillary campaigning for Trump. Quality human.

  28. Miguel Estrada

    Miguel Estrada23 dias atrás

    The queen of war is simply projecting. Hillary not supporting Bernie, adds to the enthusiasm of my fellow progressives and enhances our chances of winning in November. #Bernie2020

  29. mushtaque ansari

    mushtaque ansari23 dias atrás

    Savage af

  30. Alvaro Valdovinos

    Alvaro Valdovinos23 dias atrás

    Go dad!!!!!

  31. Liirachu Joe Joe

    Liirachu Joe Joe23 dias atrás

    Not funny

  32. zizinnnn

    zizinnnn23 dias atrás

    that was a dick move, hilary

  33. Joseph Willis

    Joseph Willis23 dias atrás

    I really don't get her coming out of the cupboard JUST as we are going into the primaries, nor do I see any good ethic from her by simply saying to the interviewer that she likes so and so or has not picked someone yet, end of story. But no, she ends up trashing Bernie after her tirelessly stumped for her at over 35 events. No class - kinda makes me glad she didn't win, actually - she's proving to be more Trumpian by the day.

  34. Coffee Zombie

    Coffee Zombie24 dias atrás

    Grandpa here would just like to remind you all that flip phones had text messaging.

  35. DisMaFugger Here

    DisMaFugger Here24 dias atrás

    it's funny that Hilary thinks people must like _her_

  36. Samrat Thapliyal

    Samrat Thapliyal24 dias atrás


  37. Claudia Cornejo

    Claudia Cornejo24 dias atrás

    I'm thinking now that Trevor Noah had a really shitty experience flying with spirit airlines and he promised to get revenge 😂 He is doing well by far!!

  38. Anul M

    Anul M24 dias atrás

    Corrupt Hillary and her establishment cronies would rather have four more years of Trump than Bernie. They are as scared of Bernie winning the presidency. #ITrustBernie #ILikeBernie #Bernie2020

  39. ehito8

    ehito824 dias atrás

    But what is Trevor's beef with Spirit Airlines though? 😂😂😂 i don't know how this started?

  40. blachflohkrebs

    blachflohkrebs24 dias atrás

    This guy is not funny anymore.

  41. Mordicus IV'XX

    Mordicus IV'XX24 dias atrás

    Yeah non of the Elites and Corporations hacks want to work with Bernie... I wander why? 🤔 Power back to the people Bernie 2020


    BERLINETTA24 dias atrás

    hillary will make bernie win on march

  43. TheBakor

    TheBakor24 dias atrás


  44. Bhaskar Chattoraj

    Bhaskar Chattoraj24 dias atrás

    BTW that’s not South Africa, that’s South Africa - this is every bit last week tonight 🧐

  45. TheArthurkan

    TheArthurkan24 dias atrás

    Nobody likes Trump too! it’s just and act too! Sooo i guess he is presidential material?

  46. o o

    o o24 dias atrás

    Yes I can do it...This guy wanted to kill his son...

  47. TubeDisabuser

    TubeDisabuser24 dias atrás

    What does "Let's be honest ..." really mean?

  48. dojinho

    dojinho24 dias atrás

    For those who had any doubts, Clinton has just shown her true colours. She embodies the reason why so many american voters elected an outsider who made silly promises he never intended to keep. Her rant about Sanders is really like an endorsement, as I'm sure lots of people who were undecided will now seriously consider voting for Sanders.

  49. mccoobs

    mccoobs24 dias atrás

    John Oliver is as relevant as Piers Morgan - and even less humorous.

  50. Sahar SAYEB

    Sahar SAYEB24 dias atrás

    I love it when Trevor laughs at his own jokes 😂😂😂

  51. Tory Sama

    Tory Sama24 dias atrás

    I always the White House is a circus!!!!!!! 😂

  52. Socrates ExplainsEverything

    Socrates ExplainsEverything25 dias atrás

    Hillary coming out against Bernie is a genius move! 20-40% of the country hate her enough to vote for him just to spite her...

  53. Rinji jake

    Rinji jake25 dias atrás

    That back stab was cold

  54. DIDIER C

    DIDIER C25 dias atrás

    Can someone plz explain to me why Trevor likes making fun of spirit airlines

  55. schrodingers cat

    schrodingers cat25 dias atrás

    So none of the career politicians like Bernie? That is probably the best endorsement he has ever gotten.

  56. John Han

    John Han25 dias atrás


  57. Loneamaruq

    Loneamaruq25 dias atrás

    What if he used an illegal move on your daughter though?

  58. Loneamaruq

    Loneamaruq25 dias atrás

    Still funny?

  59. Kinder Holois

    Kinder Holois25 dias atrás

    Stfu! Hillary u sucks and you lost the race to orange turd.

  60. Rocky

    Rocky25 dias atrás

    Why does the father look like george conway

  61. Amin AJ

    Amin AJ25 dias atrás

    Why do you always roast spirit airlines

  62. PinkFluffyPandicorn Blub

    PinkFluffyPandicorn Blub25 dias atrás

    Trevor Noah actually kinda makes me want to fly with Spirit Airlines atleast once xD

  63. Khadar Said

    Khadar Said25 dias atrás

    Father of the year 😂

  64. AKEWSD

    AKEWSD25 dias atrás

    Hillary is an incompetent snob, her husband should have destroy China decades ago and leave them poor. She got cheated on because she was and still obnoxious.

  65. Stefan Fartmann

    Stefan Fartmann25 dias atrás

    That illegal move can kill or leave you disabled permenantly so the reaction is understandable....

  66. Andrew G.

    Andrew G.25 dias atrás

    That father is the epitome of bulldozer parenting