1. T A Y A

    T A Y A20 dias atrás

    Papa rug is on C R A C K 🤣

  2. 808REBEL USO

    808REBEL USO21 dia atrás

    No joke he lookin like seth curry

  3. Mutet Sadang

    Mutet Sadang22 dias atrás

    9:05 lowkey looks like Blake Griffin

  4. Aidan Moscatello

    Aidan Moscatello23 dias atrás

    Greg an animal

  5. baby ness

    baby ness23 dias atrás


  6. Jimmy.

    Jimmy.24 dias atrás

    Nice Brandon keep on winning

  7. Rosa Hernandez

    Rosa Hernandez25 dias atrás

    Follow me on my Channel @ rosa Hernandez ♊️♊️ support!!

  8. Joe Talbot

    Joe Talbot25 dias atrás

    Congrats on the win Brandon!!! To you and your team!!!

  9. Raizen

    Raizen26 dias atrás

    Is just me or everytime brandon uses a FaZe RUG title he gets less views

  10. Andrew Ceja

    Andrew Ceja28 dias atrás

    All that time at the gym pays off!!!🏀🏀

  11. Mauricio Lugo

    Mauricio Lugo28 dias atrás

    Congrats on going to the championship

  12. Andre Tuffs

    Andre Tuffs28 dias atrás


  13. cool_girl945 1

    cool_girl945 128 dias atrás

    Brawadis should eat papas a la diapla They’re so spicy

  14. Elias Ramirez

    Elias RamirezMês atrás

    Lol we got ad. Let’s go Lakers

  15. Galaxy and Star

    Galaxy and StarMês atrás

    I love you

  16. Galaxy and Star

    Galaxy and StarMês atrás


  17. GB Songs

    GB SongsMês atrás

    Soon Brandon will be a NBA champion

  18. Paapaajohns

    PaapaajohnsMês atrás

    Can someone tell me the song that he has at the end

  19. Abel Reyes

    Abel ReyesMês atrás

    Did u used to live in phoenix?

  20. LeonW w

    LeonW wMês atrás

    SQUAD ⛹️‍♂️⛹️‍♂️⛹️‍♂️🏀

  21. Jay 1official

    Jay 1officialMês atrás

    Well done brawadis keep it up you can win this championship

  22. Kristeen M.B

    Kristeen M.BMês atrás

    Are your videos still demonetised? Coz I haven’t seen any ads.

  23. Kristeen M.B

    Kristeen M.BMês atrás

    Are your videos still demonetised? Coz I haven’t seen any ads.

  24. Your a muffin Top

    Your a muffin TopMês atrás

    Anthony prays on small children 😂

  25. Zach3602

    Zach3602Mês atrás

    Greg is a beast

  26. Danye 2k

    Danye 2kMês atrás

    So I'm so confused about this league it's like every 2 weeks a new season and in 2 weeks its playoffs and one playoff game then championship and all u win is a t shirt in this league Brandon should play in a different league more comp and get more awards win u win a championship instead of a t shirt and a longer season that's jus my opinion do ya agree

  27. Dulce Roman

    Dulce RomanMês atrás


  28. 24 Hour Tattoo & Piercing

    24 Hour Tattoo & PiercingMês atrás

    Come on brandon you can do it

  29. Sebastian Carrete

    Sebastian CarreteMês atrás

    Greg is a beastt

  30. John Navarro

    John NavarroMês atrás

    because wanted to make sure it wasn't you make it up

  31. Norma Rivas

    Norma RivasMês atrás

    Brawadis ur the best 😍❤

  32. Grant Rummel

    Grant RummelMês atrás

    Just call him your brother bro 😭

  33. MeloCertified

    MeloCertifiedMês atrás

    16:37 when you thought you were cool hanging around your older brothers group of friends 😂😂

  34. TST-epicpanda 531

    TST-epicpanda 531Mês atrás

    I’m a big fan of you bravado’s but man devin booker trash Lebron all the way tell rug that shadow said faze up

  35. riot

    riotMês atrás

    greg was putting in work today

  36. MinajShades

    MinajShadesMês atrás

    Spam this up I wanna ride you 🤷🏽‍♀️😂nvm I want a prank

  37. lil Deno

    lil DenoMês atrás

    Bro stop talking about the warrios I well make my nigga jump u in Oakland

  38. Evil Frieze

    Evil FriezeMês atrás

    No way faze rug actually comment it on my video 🙏

  39. Music Edits

    Music EditsMês atrás

    Boring hame

  40. Kate Portugal

    Kate PortugalMês atrás

    Just watching this right now and im more hyped with brandon's game than warrior's and raptors. Lmfao ahhahaa

  41. Smooth Chanel

    Smooth ChanelMês atrás

    I know you might not see this but i’m one of your biggest fans been here since day one but you pushed me to make a channel and pushed me to be a better basketball player

  42. Kyle Palmer

    Kyle PalmerMês atrás

    Yo good shit bro

  43. Klaudia Vargas

    Klaudia VargasMês atrás

    What application do you use for editing your videos on your laptop?

  44. Justin Amaya

    Justin AmayaMês atrás

    Love you brandon

  45. Kyle Palmer

    Kyle PalmerMês atrás

    Y didn’t 9 take the shot at 4:50

  46. yeaaa m

    yeaaa mMês atrás

    Tbh this got nun to do wit this vid but I feel like Brandon and Jackie should get together again fr they a cute ass couple

  47. Eileen Cuellar

    Eileen CuellarMês atrás

    I just want to meet u so much and even if you guys lose just dont give up love u brawadis

  48. Jesus Taboada

    Jesus TaboadaMês atrás

    Lets go b lets go b!! Faze rugs face😂

  49. Vanessa Hernandez

    Vanessa HernandezMês atrás

    Id love for one of your next videos to be a makeover 😍 your very handsome in your basketball clothes but it would be awesome to see you in some nice formal Wear ☺️

  50. Choyce Beazley

    Choyce BeazleyMês atrás

    Your cool as brandon