1. James Charles

    James CharlesAnos atrás

    BEFORE I GET A MILLION COMMENTS ABOUT IT, YES I KNOW THE FOUNDATION DOESN'T MATCH! It looked really great in the beginning but obviously oxidized to be WAYYYY to dark by the end of the video. In front of all of my studio lights I couldn't tell but it's very obvious on camera. I love the foundation but will definitely be picking up a lighter shade!

  2. Goushia Bari

    Goushia Bari2 meses atrás

    Yeah totally... BTW, LOVE YA SISTER JAMES

  3. Raspberry Girl

    Raspberry Girl4 meses atrás


  4. Vic Si

    Vic Si5 meses atrás

    You went on a cruise to them islands, huh? Got that Spanish tan by the end of the video hahah

  5. Tati

    Tati5 meses atrás


  6. mj kim

    mj kim5 meses atrás

    "oxidized" lmao

  7. Johnny Nunya

    Johnny NunyaDia atrás

    Probably didn't want you gaying up her launch party.

  8. THE LOsERs cLUB

    THE LOsERs cLUBDia atrás


  9. Alicia Quintana

    Alicia Quintana2 dias atrás

    Why so much hate am I right

  10. Dakota Norwood

    Dakota Norwood3 dias atrás

    Just mad he didn't get invited to the party

  11. Hayley Hodgson

    Hayley Hodgson5 dias atrás

    That would be cool James if U had a make up brand

  12. I Talk Apex Legends

    I Talk Apex Legends5 dias atrás

    Tart shape tape: 🤚🏻🤚🏼 Fenty beauty: 🤚🏻🤚🏼🤚🏽🤚🏾🤚🏿🤚🏽🤚🏾🤚🏼🤚🏻🤚🤚🏻🤚🏽🤚🏾🤚🤚🏼🤚🏿🤚🤚🏽🤚🏼🤚🏻🤚🏿🤚🏾🤚🏿🤚🏽🤚🏿🤚🏻🤚🏼🤚🤚🤚🏻🤚🏽🤚🏿🤚🤚🏽🤚🏿 😂

  13. Brooke Moya

    Brooke Moya5 dias atrás

    I love the Fenty foundation!! But I don't use as much as James....10-15 pumps. I only use 2-3 pumps, max!

  14. Lydia Richardson

    Lydia Richardson6 dias atrás

    James should defo make a lip line called “lip-a-dee-doo-dars” 😜

  15. Maya X

    Maya X6 dias atrás

    Largest amount of butthurt everrrrr You can see how his opinion changes when he is on the pr or at the launch party

  16. Natalie Landry

    Natalie Landry10 dias atrás

    Most brands : ✋🏻✋✋🏼✋✋🏼✋🏽 Fenty: ✋🏻✋🏼✋✋✋🏼✋🏽✋🏽✋🏾✋🏾✋🏿✋🏿

  17. Veronica William

    Veronica William11 dias atrás

    James Charles has more sisters than anyone in this world😂😂😂

  18. xxXaria95

    xxXaria9512 dias atrás

    his new pastel collection merch came out while i was at school.when i got home i checked his website and all his new merch was sold out except for the orange creamsicle color.

  19. Bubu Lina

    Bubu Lina12 dias atrás

    Im obsessed with those blue eyes!!! Xoxo

  20. indus

    indus12 dias atrás

    the trophy wife highlight was made 👏🏾for 👏🏾darker👏🏾people👏🏾!! if its too golden use a different shade! this whole product line was mainly for poc !!! and before any white people go off on me that fenty needs to “incLude mOre wHite shaDes” bro just look at other makeup brands

  21. Aurora Legg

    Aurora Legg15 dias atrás

    Your hair looks really pretty in this one! :) Love u James!

  22. ALV wey:v

    ALV wey:v13 dias atrás


  23. dkm dancer

    dkm dancer15 dias atrás

    ✋🏻✋🏼✋🏽✋🏾✋🏿 vs ✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏽✋🏽✋🏽✋🏽✋🏾✋🏾✋🏾✋🏾✋🏿✋🏿✋🏿✋🏿 Love ya fenty beauty!

  24. Freya Blight

    Freya Blight15 dias atrás

    You are an absolutely stunning person!!

  25. Charli Bdc

    Charli Bdc15 dias atrás

    I think James forgot to blend his foundation down his neck 😬😑

  26. Kyee Young

    Kyee Young17 dias atrás

    great review!

  27. Geniah A

    Geniah A17 dias atrás

    Who goes out 2 hours just to buy a foundation?

  28. Jessica Huynh

    Jessica Huynh19 dias atrás

    Is this the video that caused James to not want to do reviews anymore lol

  29. Kerris’ Olivia’

    Kerris’ Olivia’20 dias atrás

    u smell like candy floss


    ТОП ПОДБОР20 dias atrás

    wtf with this guy?

  31. Sabrina Guzman

    Sabrina Guzman22 dias atrás

    Anyon watching in 2019? Just me?

  32. Toni Ariana

    Toni Ariana22 dias atrás

    James, you should have went back in with the fenty sponge with foundation on it to soften the forehead contour. It makes me feel like you didn't try to make the contour sticks work.

  33. Hope Jones

    Hope Jones23 dias atrás

    its really sad how people ask him to do a review on certain products but then hate on him for giving his own opinion and still being nice about it??? it makes no sense whatsoever...and also idk why everyones so pressed at him when he's TRYING to include dark people to help them see what it looks like and know the retail price so you don't waste money on it when u find out it doesn't fit you??? like fr he's trying to include everyone and be nice about everything.

  34. Patrice G. Villalobos

    Patrice G. Villalobos24 dias atrás

    whats the name of the song on the video? (James i freaking love you

  35. Tatinaification

    Tatinaification24 dias atrás

    ME AT WENDY’S Cashier: That will be 22.39 Me: Umm can I use code James for 10% off? Love you sister James❤️

  36. Lucka Tabačeková

    Lucka Tabačeková25 dias atrás

    Every other brand 🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏿 Fenty 🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏿🖐🏿🖐🏿🖐🏿🖐🏿🖐🏿🖐🏿🖐🏿

  37. Caitlin I brien

    Caitlin I brien26 dias atrás

    Try to do a video without editing hahaa would be hilarious

  38. A la Anika

    A la Anika27 dias atrás

    JAMES!!! I have the Matchstix Starstruck Highlighter! i think it's really pretty on my skintone and matches me. i luv u so much!!

  39. Randy Stepp

    Randy Stepp27 dias atrás

    Love you

  40. Marlita Siregar

    Marlita Siregar28 dias atrás

    Kebanyakan ngebacot si banci ini

  41. Jack Lalor

    Jack Lalor28 dias atrás

    Omg the old intro I remember that my heartttt!! 💓

  42. Amari Sneed

    Amari Sneed28 dias atrás

    They shinning bright like some diamonds

  43. Monica Faloola Geller

    Monica Faloola Geller24 dias atrás


  44. CrowN MissY

    CrowN MissY28 dias atrás

    Thanks sister James for making this video I have really oily skin and needs a really good matte foundation

  45. Bluu Spencer

    Bluu Spencer28 dias atrás

    God blessed u, I love . Ur work, when! I get. My record deal, I will hired u. God blessed,u. On ur success

  46. Isabella Bedard

    Isabella Bedard29 dias atrás

    James is telling us NOT to comment about his foundation, but even before it oxidized it was tan. Like my friend Maya has super tan skin and that shade, 260, matches her, not James. James has bright red white skin not tan skin. In conclusion this comment is leading to the point that James needs to go 3 shades lighter, and go a shade lighter than his ACTUAL shade, so that it oxidizes to the right shade. That isn’t, well, orange. Fix ur orange fruity face plz.

  47. Jeey F

    Jeey F29 dias atrás

    You were so mad cause you weren’t invited to the party that’s why you been shady lol bitch please fenty is fenty you can’t even compare just saying

  48. Vanessa Jordan

    Vanessa Jordan29 dias atrás

    I thought it was Fendi instead of fenty!

  49. fuhkk

    fuhkkMês atrás

    God damn sister Jerlene 😍

  50. Sugar&spice

    Sugar&spiceMês atrás


  51. Zoe’s Random Videos

    Zoe’s Random VideosMês atrás

    Other makeup brands: ✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏿 Fenty: *can’t relate intensifies*

  52. Danielle Arceo

    Danielle ArceoMês atrás

    This is so late but im reading comments saying he was upset he didn't get invited. I honestly think he's more upset because he had to get up at 6AM!😂

  53. xxThat Girlxx

    xxThat GirlxxMês atrás

    Sister... Orange is NOT your colour! And 2019 anybody?

  54. boring ass high schooler

    boring ass high schoolerMês atrás

    xxxThatGirlxx x someone needs to tell james that orange isn’t the new white

  55. Achamy Allissa

    Achamy AllissaMês atrás


  56. Jayla the baller Murphy

    Jayla the baller MurphyMês atrás

    Do toofaced vs tarte

  57. Susan Rodriguez

    Susan RodriguezMês atrás

    Trophy wife can be used on shoulder and neck I love mine I'm a medium tone Hispanic

  58. Delilah Moretz

    Delilah MoretzMês atrás

    Makeup 💄 bomb im jelly 🥺

  59. Ashleigh Britten B

    Ashleigh Britten BMês atrás

    Ohh ohhh ohhh oh ay ay ay oooohh oh oh oh oh

  60. Cerys Evans

    Cerys EvansMês atrás

    Sister be glowing natural today😍❤️

  61. S O L A N A !

    S O L A N A !Mês atrás

    sis as orange as his shirt

  62. Sarah Rhodes

    Sarah RhodesMês atrás

    James how would you describe your self.? *james-lips smack lol:p

  63. Nina Coffey

    Nina CoffeyMês atrás

    I ❤ you sister James! Your videos are so frickin funny and useful! I recently discovered that the sticks need to be warmed up by rubbing them on the back of your hand before using them on your face. I love Fenty foundation and the pro filter concealer.

  64. Claire

    ClaireMês atrás

    guys turn the speed to 0.5 its hilarious

  65. Sarah Christman

    Sarah ChristmanMês atrás

    17:21 when you pause for the motorcycle being extra-- that is a mood

  66. Mrvn

    MrvnMês atrás

    Calm down

  67. Cynthia Coc

    Cynthia CocMês atrás

    I love love James. watching all your videos.

  68. Cristina Rubalcaba

    Cristina RubalcabaMês atrás

    James Charles is amazing!!! I love his channel, it inspired me to create my own! I would love for you guys to come check out my first BRreporter video that I uploaded today and leave some feedback or you can click the like and subscribe button, it’ll mean a lot, thanks! 😊😊💖

  69. Tiara Davis

    Tiara DavisMês atrás

    It definitely did match as first and then got darker .. that's weird

  70. ally does videos

    ally does videosMês atrás

    james: "i got shade 260" me a colour of person: i have shade 240...

  71. Melifluous Colors

    Melifluous ColorsMês atrás

    2019 anyone?

  72. Jayda Cassanova

    Jayda CassanovaMês atrás


  73. gracie jø

    gracie jøMês atrás

    James looks really good in orange

  74. Grace Alice

    Grace AliceMês atrás

    Open your eyes more hunny 😌

  75. Ilovecats 88

    Ilovecats 88Mês atrás

    Didn't he used to have face freckles?!??

  76. creepypasta .theories

    creepypasta .theoriesMês atrás

    Let’s be real, fenty makeup is actually garbage

  77. Awa Cherif

    Awa CherifMês atrás

    U mad doggie

  78. Averi Nicole Bartfart

    Averi Nicole BartfartMês atrás

    I just found out a couple days ago that her name is pronounced Ri-anna with the short a sound instead of we all pronounce it with the "aw" sound. I know. Shook.

  79. Demi Brown

    Demi BrownMês atrás

    *James acts like we don’t see the contour stick falling out of box*

  80. Patrice Fears

    Patrice FearsMês atrás

    I didn’t like the sponge either

  81. Loved by Rebecca

    Loved by RebeccaMês atrás

    I liked it on you ❤️ your beautiful 🌻

  82. Campbell Kelley

    Campbell KelleyMês atrás

    Seriously considering buying the foundation.☺️ Thank you for reviewing it. We love you Sister James!

  83. Alex Foster

    Alex FosterMês atrás

    James looks so pretty here

  84. garbage frijol

    garbage frijolMês atrás

    pasty sister really tried trophy wife 🥺😥

  85. christian gurlz

    christian gurlzMês atrás


  86. CresentMoon08

    CresentMoon08Mês atrás

    17:09 and 17:21 *Lol* that’s all that needs to be said..........

  87. lil depression

    lil depressionMês atrás

    Fenty also made a shade for albino people. LIKE WHAT? Shade range is such a problem for brands and she fixed that.

  88. EquestrianHayleigh2148

    EquestrianHayleigh2148Mês atrás

    The foundation actually was a perfect match even after it oxidized. I think it was the match sticks that make your shade look orange.

  89. Sonia Garciarebollo

    Sonia GarciarebolloMês atrás

    260!!!! I'm 220 and I'm a tan mexican

  90. Granny's Daughter Roblox

    Granny's Daughter RobloxMês atrás

    FlashBack Mary Has Left The Chat

  91. lemon gloss

    lemon glossMês atrás

    I love James but this review is just wrong.. He gets all the wrong shades. He can open the container with his finger now his nail (I have nails and some fenty products so I’m pretty sure I’d know..) I think James was trying to shade Rihanna just because he didn’t get invited to the launch party. :/ I mean he loves KKW but not a lot of good reviews. And the you have the fenty line with a lot of good review.

  92. lily zou

    lily zouMês atrás

    Glazed Donut😅😂 sorry

  93. Melinda Shirron

    Melinda ShirronMês atrás

    That line of contour looks like the freeway

  94. Qurah Hall

    Qurah HallMês atrás

    It’s because Rihanna isn’t white so the make up goes on different pants you still look stunning

  95. Lina Gromyak

    Lina GromyakMês atrás

    I can see the foundation getting more and more orange with every second that passes...

  96. Bella Peralta

    Bella PeraltaMês atrás

    I use the fenty foundation, and I only need to use about one pump to get full coverage. I do use a regular beauty blender tho

  97. Nitika Webb

    Nitika WebbMês atrás


  98. lowkheee isfree

    lowkheee isfreeMês atrás

    'prohdoctsss' 😂

  99. AJ 304

    AJ 3042 meses atrás

    This is Cindy, she ages by likes she gets, how old will she be? 👧🏼

  100. Ivy Carola

    Ivy Carola2 meses atrás

    Sister just salty he wasn’t invited to the launch...

  101. Alyssa Wetzel

    Alyssa Wetzel2 meses atrás

    Love that you give honest reviews with pros and cons! Even if you weren’t the biggest fan you’d usually find a small positive... thank you!

  102. Tia Angioy

    Tia Angioy2 meses atrás

    Was I the only one who realised James had contacts in half way😂

  103. Brooklyn Tweedy

    Brooklyn Tweedy2 meses atrás

    11:39 wtf😱😱😱

  104. Brooklyn Tweedy

    Brooklyn Tweedy2 meses atrás

    The sticks are supposed to be warmed up before use😂😂❤️

  105. Mattie Elizabeth

    Mattie Elizabeth2 meses atrás

    Other brands:✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏼✋🏽 Fenty beauty:✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏽✋🏽✋🏽✋🏽✋🏾✋🏾✋🏾✋🏾✋🏿✋🏿✋🏿✋🏿 like yass Queen it's amazing

  106. Seanna Shah

    Seanna Shah3 dias atrás

    Riley Morgan look at the previous comment

  107. Slippery Cucumber

    Slippery Cucumber11 dias atrás


  108. sparkling water tastes like static

    sparkling water tastes like static14 dias atrás

    Riley Morgan It’s fine man, we all have our moments. Kudos to you for realising your mistake and apologising! Hope you’re doing better at school tho

  109. Riley Morgan

    Riley Morgan24 dias atrás

    Mattie Elizabeth I’m so sorry. I am just realizing what a jerk I was to you 😭

  110. Tejaswani Bhardwaj

    Tejaswani Bhardwaj2 meses atrás

    Ken doll at 9:58

  111. Mel Fryer

    Mel Fryer2 meses atrás

    I love that foundation but I found I needed heaps too.

  112. raniarayyan

    raniarayyan2 meses atrás

    Wth is wrong with his eye color