1. James Charles

    James CharlesAnos atrás

    BEFORE I GET A MILLION COMMENTS ABOUT IT, YES I KNOW THE FOUNDATION DOESN'T MATCH! It looked really great in the beginning but obviously oxidized to be WAYYYY to dark by the end of the video. In front of all of my studio lights I couldn't tell but it's very obvious on camera. I love the foundation but will definitely be picking up a lighter shade!

  2. Cassi101

    Cassi101Dia atrás

    I realy like your vids because your so honest

  3. pugplayz xoxo

    pugplayz xoxoMês atrás

    James Charles we love a tanned sister 😂

  4. Bern Werlumz

    Bern WerlumzMês atrás

    I thought you looked weird

  5. jean ie

    jean ieMês atrás

    James Charles u could mix the lightest shade with the shade u already have

  6. Lisa Ortiz

    Lisa OrtizMês atrás

    i feel like the contour makes u look a lot darker than the foundation does but a lighter shade would obv be better but i luv the way it looks on you!!

  7. Bri Sitjes

    Bri Sitjes5 horas atrás

    “It’s about damn time a brand comes out with things for darker skin tones” yasss bih

  8. Bri Sitjes

    Bri Sitjes5 horas atrás

    Did he not use mascara or lashes? Oml

  9. Bri Sitjes

    Bri Sitjes5 horas atrás

    But omg I loved that eye look

  10. Bri Sitjes

    Bri Sitjes5 horas atrás

    Does he have contacts in?

  11. Bri Sitjes

    Bri Sitjes5 horas atrás

    He talks so fucking fast omg

  12. Doodle Bug

    Doodle Bug7 horas atrás

    That forehead contour tho

  13. Zoe Barratt

    Zoe Barratt7 horas atrás

    hold on, WHERE IS THE HIGHLIGHTER?!?!? im literaly crying on the inside. *not including the gold highlighter*

  14. Stefanny M'R

    Stefanny M'R12 horas atrás

    Perfecto 😻💕

  15. Vigga Berg

    Vigga Berg16 horas atrás

    The only thing i hate About Fenty beauty is i have dry skin but the foundation and concealer is very sry/Matt so my skin looks very cakey with it on sadly😕😕

  16. riri

    riri20 horas atrás


  17. LaineyLuvs

    LaineyLuvsDia atrás

    I love the trophy wife highlighter! It is so hard for me to find highlighters that I like since I have darker skin and sooo many highlighters are made for lighter skin 🙌

  18. Tyla Hammersley-Abela

    Tyla Hammersley-AbelaDia atrás

    17:20 HAHAHA same sister

  19. Cameran Guzman

    Cameran GuzmanDia atrás

    if you go when he is setting his face at around 16:11 and you can see behind but above his ear the shade "match" for the foundation OMG it is so bad

  20. liza Roberts

    liza RobertsDia atrás

    The highlight only looks bad on u becoz ur face is pink

  21. Doris Yontosh

    Doris YontoshDia atrás

    I love your videos p.t.s work it girl

  22. Montana and Shawna

    Montana and ShawnaDia atrás

    “Not biased” me: so it’s biassseeddddd

  23. It’s a ya boi Skinny nes

    It’s a ya boi Skinny nesDia atrás

    Loving the highlight in the hair shister James! This video was so amazing I love your look😍😍😍

  24. Amelie Collins

    Amelie CollinsDia atrás

    Is he wearing contacts or are his eyes usually that blur cause wow!

  25. I love it it is my fav great srk

    I love it it is my fav great srkDia atrás

    omg sister you look so pretty

  26. emma Young

    emma YoungDia atrás

    14:20 im sorry but he complains about it not being his skin colour, but the thing is it is gold like what can you expect, no one has a gold face so it isnt gonna match anyone but if you put that much on around your face, yeah its gonna look weird. Jesus james just give it a chance!!!!


    SNOOPY DOGGIES 123Dia atrás

    Hi sister scrolling through the comments!☺

  28. Skyler C

    Skyler CDia atrás

    I love how he calls colored girls “dark beauties” he is literally an angel love u sister 💜

  29. Avka's Youtube

    Avka's Youtube2 dias atrás

    Youre not centered

  30. Brittany

    Brittany2 dias atrás


  31. chloe cervi

    chloe cervi2 dias atrás

    Some of gall are sipping on some strong ass hater-ade

  32. Addison Casey

    Addison Casey2 dias atrás

    James I fricken love you so much ahhhhh 😍😍

  33. Claire Lyons

    Claire Lyons2 dias atrás

    Okay why do people get so mad about his darker foundation! I don’t see the problem!!!!!!! Honestly I feel like 11 year olds shaving is a bigger deal than darker foundation.

  34. Karen Fernandes

    Karen Fernandes2 dias atrás

    ur, the best. You went all the way back and got the right shade of foundation. Thanks a lot. You deserve to rise up in life.

  35. Jemimah Lulu

    Jemimah Lulu2 dias atrás

    Don't throw shade at rih rhi her products are better that ur in 2020

  36. Lana Anwar

    Lana Anwar2 dias atrás


  37. Brooke Evans harries

    Brooke Evans harries2 dias atrás

    It’s incredible that James spends his money on other shades so people of more ethnicities know what it’s like, although it might not make much difference for him financially it still shows he’s a good person at heart, how do people not like him??

  38. Brooke Evans harries

    Brooke Evans harries2 dias atrás

    I loved this look until the highlight :( as James said himself it was too dark for him and it was good just not for that look 👀

  39. Some random person named Jolee

    Some random person named Jolee2 dias atrás

    9:58 why does he look like a robot?

  40. Lalita preya

    Lalita preya2 dias atrás

    Omg James ur eyes look gorgeous!!!Btw u look stunning with all this makeup 💙💜💗💙💜💗

  41. Eva Loder

    Eva Loder2 dias atrás


  42. cute polish Girls

    cute polish Girls2 dias atrás

    I love it 💫❤️💓💕

  43. Molly Moko

    Molly Moko3 dias atrás

    Thankyou for the honest review James,. I wanna watch people who are honest so I don’t get ripped into buying wrong products. This was great x

  44. Nataly Almanza

    Nataly Almanza3 dias atrás

    Dude you literally used the majority of what I use on my my everyday routine😂💓

  45. Viola Carretero

    Viola Carretero3 dias atrás

    Why you gotta be so dramatic just cuz u didn’t get invited like honestly talk slower honestly people aren’t hating there stating facts

  46. Jessie TV

    Jessie TV3 dias atrás

    You copied @desiperkins on her thumbnail from her fenty review 🙄

  47. Keiley Lopez

    Keiley Lopez3 dias atrás

    Did anybody noticed how he dropped the contour I think that’s what it is😂😂😂

  48. Hafsah Begum

    Hafsah Begum3 dias atrás

    Every light skinned person lowkey jealous that trophy wife won’t work with their skin tone 🤪🤪

  49. Kaity Mcgarigle

    Kaity Mcgarigle3 dias atrás

    U need your own makeup line

  50. Soccer Life

    Soccer Life3 dias atrás


  51. Alyssa Fuller

    Alyssa Fuller3 dias atrás

    12:37 thank me later

  52. Emily Kalunga

    Emily Kalunga3 dias atrás

    7:28 We saw that James 😂

  53. Hathor Hall

    Hathor Hall3 dias atrás

    I have her full line too and it is so good me and my mom are obsessed

  54. Sarah Gomez

    Sarah Gomez3 dias atrás

    A sister needs a shade 160 or 180, not 260 lmaoooo

  55. lilbabybunbun7 playz

    lilbabybunbun7 playz4 dias atrás

    We all LOVE a sister who slays makeup everyday

  56. Helana Brock

    Helana Brock4 dias atrás

    2018 anyone? By the way,love u james sisters forever

  57. Alanna deSilva

    Alanna deSilva4 dias atrás

    The amount of dislikes is honestly bullshit. He gave an honest review and it was overall pretty positive. I love Rihanna and I think she did great with her makeup line, and obviously so did James, but ofc it was her first one and she’s gonna get a couple things wrong. Like literally calm down that’s just the truth there’s no need to get butthurt about it

  58. Cecilia Fontaine

    Cecilia Fontaine4 dias atrás

    Btw what happened to his eyes 👀 I mean that so cute but huh I looks so different

  59. Cecilia Fontaine

    Cecilia Fontaine4 dias atrás

    I just figured out this was posted on my birthday from last year

  60. giuli etta

    giuli etta4 dias atrás

    Beautiful makeup👍 perfect🤔❤️

  61. جونغ سون

    جونغ سون4 dias atrás

    نكرهك سم وشبيه زق

  62. Marie Boyle

    Marie Boyle4 dias atrás

    James, stop being so self conscious of what everyone thinks of you! Fuck the haters your amazing!

  63. bree loredo

    bree loredo5 dias atrás

    does anyone know the starbucks drink hes drinking??

  64. joecartoon1000

    joecartoon10005 dias atrás

    Is it just me or does the video seem really out of focus extending beyond the center point? ex: 1:57, his face and neck are focused in but his hand, wrists and the product seemed really blurred... anyone else seeing this?

  65. Kayla Guevara

    Kayla Guevara5 dias atrás

    Love the makeup James but... I don't think you blended you forehead contour right btw this is not a hate comment I LOVE your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ James Charles

  66. Saphire Williams-Keene

    Saphire Williams-Keene5 dias atrás

    is it me or am I the only one who loves watching these types of videos and still dunno how to apply make up😂😂

  67. Maryland Doesll

    Maryland Doesll5 dias atrás

    I'll shush my mouth if you ask me to but sister, this isn't your best look.

  68. Maryland Doesll

    Maryland Doesll5 dias atrás

    Nice job though

  69. execstasy

    execstasy5 dias atrás

    Its Orange sister.

  70. syddd

    syddd6 dias atrás

    okay this isn’t about the review it’s just about james, in my opinion, in most of his videos he’s really negative.... like “what else could go wrong today” “why does everything bad happen to me” blah blah blah. and don’t get me started on his twitter lol. and he tries so hard to be relatable like “i’ll nEvEr FinD loVe” “iM sO dePresSed” but he just looks like a negative person.

  71. Future president Hernandez

    Future president Hernandez6 dias atrás

    The look on your face in the thumbnail 💀

  72. Nina Shulzhenko

    Nina Shulzhenko6 dias atrás

    Hi james!!!! Ur honestly the best youtube everrrrrrrrrrr ily so much sister!!!!!

  73. Ines Rozzo

    Ines Rozzo6 dias atrás

    James you should make a review of Glossier

  74. Bubblyee

    Bubblyee6 dias atrás

    ok but james is the cutest person ever

  75. Bubblyee

    Bubblyee6 dias atrás

    omg what happened to quality\

  76. Flo's World

    Flo's World6 dias atrás

    He reviewed the contour at the end twice 😂😂😂 (no hate) I'm a supportive siStEr ❤️😂

  77. Alexandra Bauer

    Alexandra Bauer6 dias atrás

    Oh my god I love how you put so so SO much work in your videos

  78. arianna jewels

    arianna jewels6 dias atrás

    you forgot EYELINER AND LASHES

  79. crystal roberts

    crystal roberts6 dias atrás

    Hey james I just want to tell you are the best your makeup is amazing

  80. Jacqueline Ellis

    Jacqueline Ellis6 dias atrás

    I don’t know anything about makeup but the foundation looked so beautiful on your skin omg

  81. Piper Hamilton

    Piper Hamilton7 dias atrás

    omfg if u play this at speed .5 its HILLARIOUS idek why 🤣

  82. Piper Hamilton

    Piper Hamilton7 dias atrás

    Ok why do all these comments either say "omfg he talks to fast" or "he's salty" like no he was giving an honest review that's what you came to see like what did you expect? He doesn't have to love every single item. Also WHO CARES if he talks fast I personally understand why james talks fast I also do when I have a lot on my mind and hes not even hard to understand so just leave of you dont like him I stg if I see another comment saying this shit

  83. meghana soorej

    meghana soorej7 dias atrás

    This is bob, every like is how old he gets 👨‍🎓

  84. Cienna Santiago

    Cienna Santiago7 dias atrás

    You just saying that to get on Kylie's PR list smh 🙄

  85. ilovellamas

    ilovellamas7 dias atrás

    what if you mixed the highlighters

  86. Yo Ndjjdndjf

    Yo Ndjjdndjf7 dias atrás

    0.75x speed helps

  87. fatima zubair

    fatima zubair7 dias atrás

    dam someone tell me why james charles is soooooooooooooooo cute in everything

  88. Just Maryann

    Just Maryann7 dias atrás


  89. murali Krishnan

    murali Krishnan7 dias atrás

    September 2018?????anyone????

  90. Josephine Lovemore

    Josephine Lovemore8 dias atrás

    what colors did you use as a base for your eyes? i know u said it wasnt fenty but i need to know

  91. izzy. wizzy

    izzy. wizzy8 dias atrás

    Lipidy do daws

  92. Emma Cerak

    Emma Cerak8 dias atrás

    Trophy wife would be perfect for picture day

  93. Bayleigh Phillips

    Bayleigh Phillips8 dias atrás

    James should bring out his own makeup line I would totally buy it 💙💙💙

  94. Poppy Birch

    Poppy Birch8 dias atrás

    0.1% of comments - calling James salty 99% of comments- defending our sister 0.99% random🤣

  95. Krystyna Pietrzak

    Krystyna Pietrzak8 dias atrás

    Could you please do a review of some vegan makeup?

  96. Pinnapple. Serena

    Pinnapple. Serena9 dias atrás

    17:28 did you say match d***s ?

  97. Ella Reacts

    Ella Reacts9 dias atrás

    SHISTER JAMES!!!! EVERYBODY AT MA SCHOOL MADE YOU A TREND!!!! NOW WE SAY THINGS LIKE “Sister Spooked” or “Sister spilled the tea” also....we are drinking the same Starbucks!!! Love you sister!!!

  98. angelic-gi tapi

    angelic-gi tapi9 dias atrás

    Sister that’s not yellow it’s *ORANGE*

  99. Savannah Street

    Savannah Street9 dias atrás


  100. @Maggie Cronin

    @Maggie Cronin9 dias atrás

    the yellow looks good on you

  101. Hayli Mae

    Hayli Mae9 dias atrás

    Everyone looks somewhat like Rihanna with her makeup on .

  102. Blake Armstrong

    Blake Armstrong9 dias atrás

    I luv you so much james u make my day so much better when I'm down you are also so cool and I cant wait tell I meet you

  103. Blake Armstrong

    Blake Armstrong9 dias atrás

    can we use code james for a pinkidy drinkity

  104. Hazel LPS

    Hazel LPS9 dias atrás

    Fenty sorry I spelled that wrong

  105. Hazel LPS

    Hazel LPS9 dias atrás

    I just got fenti beauty foundation and my shade is 240

  106. Luca

    Luca9 dias atrás

    james looks so fricking tired in this :(