Film Theory: Did Detective Pikachu Prove Pokemon's Greatest Fan Theory?


  1. Down to the Core Productions

    Down to the Core Productions6 horas atrás

    Did you also notice that Pikachu sings the original Pokemon Theme Song? Dialectic Music in a movie? But why? Unless the Anime is an actual TV show based off of Red's Adventure which in term means that my old private theory was true

  2. David Meyer

    David Meyer6 horas atrás

    1:33 - Are you showing color graphics on a classic GameBoy? Come on, you're better than that.

  3. Aya Alturas

    Aya Alturas13 horas atrás

    sonic movie creators: hey, lets copy nintendo! nintendo: mewtwo, use hyper beam.

  4. Asdruval Perez

    Asdruval Perez15 horas atrás

    Um no, the details it got wrong is the face. ditto has the ability to transform into the thing perfectly when a ditto tries to turn into something it does not know it gets the shape right but the face is wrong. The genetic testing he was doing wasn't necessarily related to mewtwo, or you would have to say that the Greninja the torterra are also related to mewtwo. It sounds like writers just talking but nothing was actually shown to prove or hint at any point you try to make.

  5. minecraft man701

    minecraft man70116 horas atrás

    Pretty sure that the second people heard the Howard Clifford was the "savior" or something because he basically brought pokemon into the real world, people knew he was gonna be the villain. I sure did.

  6. Zeke mans

    Zeke mans17 horas atrás

    The little disappointed "ah" at 0:27 killed me😂

  7. Matthew the pole

    Matthew the pole20 horas atrás

    This isn't just a film theory it's a pokemon theory

  8. xArmaDeath

    xArmaDeath20 horas atrás

    The fuck. You literally get ditto when yoh fail to clone mewtwo in some pokemon games. This aint even a theory or myth

  9. xArmaDeath

    xArmaDeath20 horas atrás

    Detective pikachu was shit. Prove me wrong.

  10. Navin Borkar

    Navin Borkar23 horas atrás

    Well if your theory is true then that would mean that ash is actually immortal being

  11. mussolini

    mussoliniDia atrás

    so i just wanted to say that i dont think ditto doesn't need to see something to turn into it. atleast not in the anime and here is why. In Ditto's Mysterious Mansion one of the duplica episodes she has her ditto turn into a cannon to finish off team rocket. the cannon team rocket used and the one ditto transformed into are completely different so ditto must have transformed into it from memory right?

  12. L30n G

    L30n GDia atrás

    Doesnt Sun and Moon have a group of dittos that can copy humans?

  13. Andres Perez

    Andres PerezDia atrás

    why cant it copy the brain of a smart pokemon and find a way to keep that brain

  14. Annabelle MacTavish

    Annabelle MacTavishDia atrás

    I saw it last night to

  15. Valacar

    ValacarDia atrás

    Yeah, I remember in one of the Minecraft mod packs for pokemon. You could build the machines to make mew2, which had a certain percentage to be successful. An unsuccessful attempt made, you guessed it. Ditto.

  16. Jake Swanson

    Jake SwansonDia atrás

    that "uh" at 0:28 was brilliant

  17. Maxwell Green

    Maxwell GreenDia atrás

    I’m pretty sure in a game somewhere dittos description is like “the failed copy of mew” or something

  18. Proto Merlin

    Proto MerlinDia atrás

    I mean to add to the ditto thing. Everything that the ditto in DP changes to are things in the movie, the arena Charizard, the Machamp from early in the movie, the Cubone from the first while. And Mewtwo being a psychic could read and replay memories. Maybe the Ditto did something similar and copied it from the memories of those present?

  19. Zaddy

    ZaddyDia atrás

    when ted and lucy went to the place where they kept mewtwo kind reminded me of the area 51 raid lol just let that sink in

  20. Neo Incognito

    Neo IncognitoDia atrás

    The original Mortal Kombat movie wasnt bad.....def very watchable.

  21. God’s Honest Truther

    God’s Honest TrutherDia atrás

    New Sub. Love this Sh#% !!! 🙌🏻🤝💕👍🏼

  22. Carlos Go-niji Loera Orozco

    Carlos Go-niji Loera OrozcoDia atrás

    Error, the first silent hill movie was a great movie and came before this one

  23. Katie D

    Katie D2 dias atrás

    So I'm not sure how close in proximity the side games of the Pokémon franchise are to the canon, but they can also support this theory to a degree as well!! In the most recent Pokémon Ranger game, Guardian Signs, at the end of the main story, (SPOILERS), you have the defeat this team with 4 members. The leader of these 4 is in control of this giant floating fortress, and the Pokémon he fights you with guessed it, Mewtwo. Before you fight him, you have to defeat the 3 other members in different areas. Each of these areas reflects the person you'll be fighting as you have to solve puzzles to reach them. Except one. In the left corridor, the person you'll be fighting is an elderly woman who can disguise herself as anybody, but her area doesn't reflect this at all. It's just gray and dull like the rest of the fortress. Leading up to your fight with her, she disguises herself as you and has a Pichu partner, just like you. As soon as you finish this last puzzle of convincing your human partner that you are the real you, she reveals herself and her Pichu partner is revealed to be a Ditto. You then have to fight this Ditto that can transform into 3 Pokémon that you captured at some point or another throughout the game. Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. None of these Pokémon are present, so this Ditto fits the "super Ditto" description perfectly. But leading back to this woman's area before the fight, you fall through a sort of trap door and fall on the outside of the fortress, miles high in the sky mind you, to a ledge on a lower segment of the woman's area. Upon reentering the fortress, you come across none other than the test tube with the red fluid and Mewtwo floating inside asleep!!!! I didn't think of it much playing the game as a kid but now their choice of placement and feeding into this theory is very much there! It just seemed like a strange place to have Mewtwo, the foreshadowing of the final boss, off in a side area that was not relevant to the final boss at all, where you fight one of this tiny Ditto as it's own boss. But now this whole theory pretty much ties up those loose ends for that game!! Ditto and Mewtwo have an extremely evident connection, even in the not so popular games. Just thought I'd point that out!

  24. Onik

    Onik2 dias atrás

    Hey what if pikachu is ashes father just like the the detective pikachu movie

  25. DarkKingHadesVCBRavyn

    DarkKingHadesVCBRavyn2 dias atrás

    can we talk about one think though, tim murdered ditto with the very gas used to make people become their pokemon, and that gas was made from mewtwo, also the eyes were wrong, I know that is typical of a ditto, but that is the thing wrong with it, there are so many things too be said about his because of all of the tests going on, it may be just as you say or not, but we always knew that they are connected they just made it more canon than it already was, also he was making his own dittos, his son hinted at it saying, it was one of OUR experiments

  26. Braulio Rodriguez

    Braulio Rodriguez2 dias atrás

    When I saw the movie there was a tornado

  27. Ivan Demyanov

    Ivan Demyanov2 dias atrás

    Are we forgetting that the experiments were to actually make stronger versions of certain Pokémon, like the giant Torterra etc.

  28. insyncgr

    insyncgr2 dias atrás


  29. Michael Hawkins

    Michael Hawkins2 dias atrás

    LUDICOLO!!!! lmao

  30. BattleAxeAlex

    BattleAxeAlex3 dias atrás

    and in yellow you could get all the starters in one run

  31. Darryl Franklin

    Darryl Franklin3 dias atrás

    Tron was good

  32. Charmboy

    Charmboy3 dias atrás

    Deadpool 3 should have a scene where he had to give his ID and pulls out a pikachu card instead

  33. xMatthew25x

    xMatthew25x3 dias atrás

    Matpat its actually 151 Pokémon and only red and blue versions in the US

  34. Kor Saiyajinkami

    Kor Saiyajinkami3 dias atrás

    Well technically this doesn't prove that the villain's Ditto was created from the genetic experiments done on Mewtwo. Remember that they did genetic experiments on other Pokemon in that lab. Maybe he just wanted to make a special Ditto like how they made giant Torterra, so he modified a Ditto to become his Super Ditto. It's also possible that Dittos were the first or one of the first Pokemon to be experimented upon since they had that shapeshifting ability and maybe the creator of Ryme city just wanted to see if he could learn from that to create a cure for his condition.


    HEHEHE I AM A SUPAHSTAR SKETCH [ace736]3 dias atrás

    If they're extending ditto memory then this just supports the theory mewtwo is a ditto brainwashed with the data from the mew sighting


    HEHEHE I AM A SUPAHSTAR SKETCH [ace736]3 dias atrás

    Why assume some convoluted by-product becomes ditto 'because genetics' The fact we see a ditto with an artificially extended memory seems to suggest it's more the other way round. A clone is a genetic copy. Ditto makes genetic copies from its (notably poor, ditto are kinda dumb) memory. The Pokemon mansion has data from a mew sighting and a bunch of dittos. Train a (possibly enhanced) ditto with the limited genetic data you have from mew, possibly fill in the gaps with (Giovanni's) human dna. wipe the memory that it was ever anything else. Bada bing bada badguy, there's a mewtwo. Seems to tie it together far more neatly. As for ditto's origins? If anything I'd look at the other purple amorphous blob Pokemon in the mansion rather than the stats unless arceus and silvally are mew3&4 respectively

  37. Seth Leonard

    Seth Leonard3 dias atrás

    But Matpat, you said the pokedex lies on a Game Theory video

  38. jevan king

    jevan king3 dias atrás

    Don’t they say in the film that the ditto has been effected by the purple compound ? That could be why it’s powered up also

  39. Samantha Weber

    Samantha Weber3 dias atrás

    In Pokémon go I need to try and catch a ditto. Ugh. And I keep running out of pokeballs so it is not like I can catch all of the Pokémon I see that ditto can be hiding as.

  40. apallo god

    apallo god3 dias atrás

    what about war craft?

  41. JefftheXenomorph/portalmaniac

    JefftheXenomorph/portalmaniac4 dias atrás

    2:16 Matpat: “Pokemon revolution.” Me: “VALVe/HALF-LIFE revolution.”

  42. Gavin Swart

    Gavin Swart4 dias atrás

    You should leave clues in each new episode slowly building to a climactic reveal.

  43. Crabmain

    Crabmain4 dias atrás

    Don't mind the fact that ditto transforms into humans, humans are simply pokemon in the pokeuniverse.

  44. The Gaming Ninja

    The Gaming Ninja4 dias atrás

    The more fames that come out the more research the professors do and will change the data

  45. Nikole B

    Nikole B4 dias atrás

    In the episode where Ditto was first seen in the anime, it turns into a cannon without a cannon actually being present.

  46. The Gaming Ninja

    The Gaming Ninja4 dias atrás

    They purposely waited 20 years to make this movie

  47. Haru Takami

    Haru Takami5 dias atrás

    something that I didn't see you cover is that Ditto and Mew are also the *ONLY* pokemon, in eight generations, that can learn the move Transform in any capacity. 20 years and they're the only two pokemon that get that move, outside of a lucky metronome at least.

  48. Just A Person

    Just A Person5 dias atrás

    I was really hoping that giovanni would be in that film :(

  49. Craig Randall

    Craig Randall5 dias atrás

    No comments on the end of the movie where they hit Ditto with the R drug but instead of him being enraged and going apeshit he just sorta fizzles out and is blobby? What happened when Mewtwo was introduced to the rage theory? He didn't get enraged, he was terrified, even yelling at Tim to RUN!

  50. Leland Berman-Wright

    Leland Berman-Wright2 dias atrás

    the R serum was literally made from mewtwo's DNA

  51. FINAL ERROR 555

    FINAL ERROR 5555 dias atrás

    The ditto wasn't flawless because the face

  52. Gooney Tunez

    Gooney Tunez5 dias atrás

    Question: why can’t mewtwo learn transform though? 🤔

  53. Leland Berman-Wright

    Leland Berman-Wright2 dias atrás

    its part human

  54. Orlando Olivero

    Orlando Olivero5 dias atrás

    Wasn't this even said in one of the movies?

  55. Dave Allgaier Official

    Dave Allgaier Official5 dias atrás

    I’m just so mindblown! Who knew that Matpat would actually include clips from Jeremy Jahns, Chris Stuckmann, and The Cosmonaut Variety Hour together!

  56. Game Freck93

    Game Freck936 dias atrás

    But it still got the eyes wrong. My god the eyes 😱

  57. Alfath Zandi

    Alfath Zandi7 dias atrás

    13:13 lol that's accurate

  58. weasle Fire3473

    weasle Fire34737 dias atrás

    i thought that ditto (all ditto) could transform at will into any pokemon but cannot do it perfectly from its memory so there are slight differences in its transformation, but if the pokemon is in its direct line of sight it can then transform into that pokemon perfectly. People however, i have never seen a Ditto transform into a person then again i haven't played all of the games so i could be wrong. If this is true or even if it is not it could mean one of three things either the Genetic experiment on the ditto allows it to transform into people, it was simply a power boost for the ditto, or it increased its transformation capabilities as Matpat has said as i do not the normal capabilities of a normal ditto! I'm curious what you guys think.

  59. weasle Fire3473

    weasle Fire34737 dias atrás

    the messages do not say that ditto cannot transform relying on memory it just says it gets details wrong.

  60. Franco Yeban

    Franco Yeban7 dias atrás

    That movie is very stupid

  61. Kaiden Nickell Gaming121

    Kaiden Nickell Gaming1217 dias atrás

    I watched detective Pikachu today. I have a question? Does detective Pikachu take place before the games when starters are nowhere to be found?

  62. Tony Carrico

    Tony Carrico7 dias atrás

    Ditto always was a failed clone of mew...

  63. Jack Black

    Jack Black7 dias atrás

    It’s cool that, in usum, there are ditto that transform into humans

  64. None Yabizness

    None Yabizness7 dias atrás

    If it is to rely on it's memory, it gets details wrong Me HMM ('_')

  65. Лимонный Пидор

    Лимонный Пидор8 dias atrás

    That raises the question of why do we see Dittos in every single Pokemon region?

  66. Jeffinator 06

    Jeffinator 068 dias atrás

    Doesn't ditto mean "same"?

  67. Hasper Kark

    Hasper Kark8 dias atrás

    I think ditto was made to copy and become mew but now that there free there only purpose is to copy mew that is why he follows mewtwo and was made in the same place

  68. falcon gaming

    falcon gaming8 dias atrás

    I thought we were talking about new and mewtwo but we talked about ditt

  69. TheDiamondGoblin

    TheDiamondGoblin8 dias atrás

    I thought this was canon, I have always thought that Ditto failed clone attempts.

  70. sonya griffy

    sonya griffy8 dias atrás

    I know this is totaly unrelated, but I was re watching pokemon, and in s1 ep2 jessie says Giselle is awful cute, i looked it up and jessie from team rocket is 25, and gissele is apparently between 10-12.... •◇°

  71. realtahu033

    realtahu0338 dias atrás

    and this reminds me to re watch the whole pokemon anime series

  72. Gregory Prokey

    Gregory Prokey8 dias atrás

    Ayyyy you included my favorite film critic cosmonaut ❤️ him and moviebob are great

  73. master nate

    master nate9 dias atrás

    hmmmm maby not a super ditto could just be a ditto that he's been forcing to do that I mean we've seen trainers teach there Pokemon things that normally would be impossible I mean he'll meowth thought his own damn self to talk it's not impossible that this dude just has an ordinary ditto with an impressive transformation skill or maby it juts has photographic memory so it won't get any details wrong I mean yea the theory on the table is if it's a failed mew experiment witch yes of course that wasn't ever a question I mean it was but it was rhetorical but my counter point is that his ditto isn't really anything special it's just a very good pawn maby even a promoted pawn but not the best pawn it's probly a pawn turned rook by way of abuse and harsh conditioning but hey that's just a theory a counter-theory

  74. master nate

    master nate9 dias atrás

    well to be fair mewtwo isn't a "perfect" clone cause that would just be a mew

  75. master nate

    master nate9 dias atrás

    not really different my nigga you can have all 3 starter Pokemon with one character one play through you don't even need to trade it is exactly how every bonus game should have been like ruby and sapphire ok but then emerald they shoulda gave you like a gulpin and later find the mudkip torchic and treeko gold and silver were aight but in crystal instead of chasing suicune around all game the should gave a growlith and then later find totidile cyndaquil and chikorita like the fuck man Pokemon yellow was gem a true diamond in the rough like I dig the idea of a third legendary like palkia and dialga then boom third is giritina but the fuck it's not like it's exclusive to platinum you can get it in the other 2 games so why not just change up the whole system instead I mean you still have the time and space gods it's not like they removed them so the games kinda lacking but if they dropped platinum and you start with like a mankey and you can still get adorable lil piplup and the space time gods plus antimatter dude the game would have been leagues better and that goes for all the Pokemon games that are bonus series but not yellow like cmon game freak step you game up get yo shit together

  76. Abram Moon

    Abram Moon10 dias atrás

    wow i feel so bad. you asked for 10 mil subs. and i was like HAH!! your well over 10 mil..."looks at subs." :O 7.7.................... ;( it cant be.

  77. Ethanstheman 4

    Ethanstheman 410 dias atrás

    In pixelmon, you can also catch a mew and use a clone machine to get a mewtwo, and a ditto

  78. Pasha Hax

    Pasha Hax10 dias atrás

    Wait so you guys didnt like assasins creed movie or resident evil?

  79. Amber Dermody

    Amber Dermody10 dias atrás

    It means he gave Ditto the power to transform into anything like a human

  80. Ethan Choi

    Ethan Choi10 dias atrás

    I figured out this theory when I was 7-8

  81. BaconLover1800

    BaconLover180010 dias atrás

    Herd it a bunch of times.

  82. DarthBil1

    DarthBil111 dias atrás

    *Tries to make Mewtwo, the most powerful Pokemon! *Instead makes Ditto, the Pokemon world's universal breeding whore. Actually, that is probably better from a conservationist perspective.

  83. Ms. Cyber Wolf

    Ms. Cyber Wolf11 dias atrás

    I watched it twice in one week