Film Theory: Don't Look Away Don'ẗ̶̖́ Loo̶̹͑͜k Aẃ̸̗ạ̵̕ỹ̵͙ Look̵̪͊̈ Away (Local 58)


  1. xFusion v2

    xFusion v2Hora atrás

    Anybody else here at late night/early morning? Really scary but don't worry come to the replies I'll keep u safe

  2. Aperture Science, Inc.

    Aperture Science, Inc.2 horas atrás

    *don't look away* *don't look away* Me: **looks away** FUCK!

  3. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader2 horas atrás

    There are NO aliens but there is a God which is the Lord Jesus Christ. I do not BELIEVE in any aliens but I believe in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  4. H0i_iM_ tEmMiE

    H0i_iM_ tEmMiE3 horas atrás

    *has a flashback to a post I saw about how 'The moon is killing people, wake up America!' *


    UWU BRENDON UWU4 horas atrás

    *MatPat are you going to the Area 51 raid??*

  6. mikaylah, stop

    mikaylah, stop5 horas atrás

    *〚a〛〚r〛〚e〛〚a〛 〚5〛〚1〛 〚t〛〚i〛〚n〛〚g〛〚s〛*

  7. Kule1Toxic

    Kule1Toxic8 horas atrás

    when i was watching the channel i kinda had that eory feeling that i was being watched but that feeling quickly faded away

  8. Yuri theweirdo

    Yuri theweirdo8 horas atrás

    Dude thats creepy because were im from channel 58 is cartoon network and adult swim and matpat was talking about news 58 cartoon

  9. Sparticycolas - TehSpartaLeRemixer

    Sparticycolas - TehSpartaLeRemixer9 horas atrás

    Local58 reminds me of another series I’ve read about with a similar concept. If you’ve ever heard of “Channel7” it’s kind of a longer series than what Local58 had shown. Perhaps Channel7 and Local58 could have a _chronological_ continuity that could show a relative plotline.

  10. Amira Huwio

    Amira Huwio9 horas atrás

    This was a month before area 51 *Coincidence, i think not*

  11. Tybo 22

    Tybo 229 horas atrás

    You didn’t look at their Patreon matpat

  12. sablelioness

    sablelioness10 horas atrás

    *tosses in her two cents* Much as I do get chills thinking about this series, and it's well put-together... I just don't buy that the "Contingency" video would have been made by Americans and simply rebroadcast. Here's the thing: the American mindset has always been about the ideal of freedom, and how they are willing to do whatever it takes to preserve it. It's something we gloat about and wave around like a twirling baton... It's part of what makes the "stereotypical American" so annoying. ^^; It would be more likely that a broadcast of this nature would instruct people where to find shelter and that now is the time for regular Americans to take up arms to defend themselves. Even if they are massively outnumbered, the possibility of even a handful of people surviving to carry on American ideals is still worth fighting for. That said - maybe the aliens took such a broadcast and rewrote it, after studying our other broadcasts for the last several years? After all, do you see any photographed humans in this announcement? Lack of human features to recognize and empathize with? The drawings are rather crude too. Also, rather curious that they went through the effort of making a cartoon at all. Yeah, it adds to the creep factor, but what do aliens understand about human children? Maybe that they like cartoons, but then why have a skeleton creature as the main character - instead of an animal, like they would have observed in other broadcasts? I dunno... Like I said, this is definitely a well done and creepy series, but I always had my doubts about that "Contingency" film being something actually made by the in-universe American government. *shrug*

  13. FirecrackerTNT

    FirecrackerTNT10 horas atrás

    You did one of Local 58?! I love Local 58 I can't believe I missed this! Welp, I'm watching it now

  14. -i hase a pancacke-

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    Omg its 12 am plz help

  15. Sofiya Shipman

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  16. song wolf

    song wolf11 horas atrás

    Right as the moon came into view at the beginning I heard knocking

  17. Jason Camardelle

    Jason Camardelle11 horas atrás

    If the Aliens are Coming.. *We will actually help Area 51 defeat them.*

  18. xshift1568

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    step 1: turn of your headlights step 2: ACTUALLY DO IT step 3: ur a genius

  19. Blueberry Pie

    Blueberry Pie12 horas atrás

    How about no

  20. CraftedGames

    CraftedGames13 horas atrás

    Mat should do more creepy BRreporter channel theories

  21. Aleesa Jordan

    Aleesa Jordan15 horas atrás

    the car one freaked me the hell out not gonna lie

  22. Chrix And Gallade

    Chrix And Gallade15 horas atrás

    And now shes puking in the bathroom

  23. Chrix And Gallade

    Chrix And Gallade16 horas atrás

    My mom doesnt look the same and My brother and me

  24. Chrix And Gallade

    Chrix And Gallade16 horas atrás

    Or Maybe the Moon wants revenge on Earth for not being apart of the Earth anymore and the Moon is a Living organisme Or Maybe Those on the Moon Got overtaken by aliens

  25. Mariellle magic Thomas

    Mariellle magic Thomas16 horas atrás

    Local58... Area 58 .....🤔👽

  26. Mariellle magic Thomas

    Mariellle magic Thomas16 horas atrás

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahha yes im dumb

  27. Chrix And Gallade

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  28. Aidan Joseph

    Aidan Joseph18 horas atrás

    and remember the 3 f's. front lawn, face up, feet together.

  29. TheRandomSoldierGuy

    TheRandomSoldierGuy20 horas atrás

    If you want to go really in depth with local 58, then watch nexpos video

  30. Guitarded

    Guitarded23 horas atrás

    seems a bit on the nose for me. i don't get the comment section. lol

  31. Khánh An Đinh

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    When your friend watch prank local 58 Your friend: OH SHIT END OF THE WORLD *start jump and hold pant* Me: wot?

  32. Jennifer D

    Jennifer DDia atrás

    omg this is scary i love it !!!!

  33. Nixgen JacoBallZ

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    It's the aliens sending us a message to get in area 51👽🛸

  34. Coffew Bean

    Coffew BeanDia atrás

    I am starting to think matt is a sadist who enjoys scaring the crap outta fans.. TwT

  35. Sebastian Gonzalez

    Sebastian GonzalezDia atrás

    Go to fastest route go to 456 pause at 457 quarter speed

  36. DarynLuna

    DarynLunaDia atrás

    hey matpat, this series is made by the same person who makes Broodhollow. and hte cartoon skeleton is in that too

  37. Rōsu gacha

    Rōsu gachaDia atrás

    I’m so glad I’m British :)

  38. Ms.Queue

    Ms.QueueDia atrás

    Maybe the aliens are pissed because of all the garbage (oh, sorry: *lunar debris*) we left on the moon.

  39. Fully_Powered_ Awesome_Guy

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    Moon’s haunted

  40. Dashiell Roll

    Dashiell RollDia atrás

    I’m to scared to watch it

  41. Pptat0 Animations

    Pptat0 AnimationsDia atrás

    You forgot to talk about candle cove oof

  42. Madeline Peyton

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  43. Kate Stardream

    Kate StardreamDia atrás

    MatPat: *talks about the weather sirens* Me: DON'T PLAY THE SOUND, I SWEAR IF Y- MatPat: *plays the sound* Me: AAAAAAAA

  44. matas juskevicius

    matas juskeviciusDia atrás

    Also during the fastest route broadcast one. When the driver crashes, the GPS says "you have reached your destination" like something has approached the car. (Do they have trackers?)(also how was the dash cam footage recovered?)

  45. The T.U.M girl rocks Anya

    The T.U.M girl rocks AnyaDia atrás

    So I was think before I went ta bed dis was after I watched gravity falls and had watched all ya videos on it, and, something caught my mind, something was confussling meh, wut was Bill ciphers relationship wid his dimension? Dere aren’t many clues but da axolotl statement of “watched his own dimension burn ,misses home and can’t return “ and da “blames da arson for da fire” and da scene of “we’ll meet again don’t know where don’t know when o I know we’ll meet again some sunny day” he says to ford after dat , “u think those chains r tight , imagine wut is like in da second dimension , flat minds wid flat dreams I iliberated Ma dimension Stanford and I’m here to do it to urs” dat got meh wondering, “u think those chains are tight” and imagine wut is like in da second dimension “ and illberated my dimension ,even tho it says watched his own dimension burn , misses home but can’t return, so , MAY U PLS DO A VIDEO ON IT PLS? THANK U SO MUCH!

  46. Scarlett Eev

    Scarlett EevDia atrás

    Man I remember finding local 58 ages ago and now I find this. Thank you matpat.

  47. Nhan Le

    Nhan LeDia atrás

    Man fuck this series

  48. Leah Foertsch

    Leah FoertschDia atrás

    Marble Hornets wasn't that scary, it was really interesting

  49. Silent Serpent

    Silent SerpentDia atrás

    Figured it out. The aliens have the Mangekyō Sharingan and are casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi

  50. Cosmic Carma

    Cosmic CarmaDia atrás

    7:08 is where I quit. I’ve just got a stomach feeling that I don’t like and I’m scared to go

  51. Chalgeryo

    Chalgeryo2 dias atrás

    10:15 "Stop Communism" -Philippines