Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)


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    I don't ship it... 😓😓😓😓

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    no it should be called dinosour world

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    3:46 sorry mat pat t rex was not taller than it was long HA YOU MESSES UP

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    Matpat putting science in every movie and game since 2012

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    8:19 - Billions?

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    3:50 it was 40 ft long and 18 ft tall

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    I watched this in 4dx

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    I have an idea. There's a John deer cap in the truck they get on to get on the ship.Clare even wears it so maybe the guy who hunts the raptor (and let's the indorapter out)works for John deer

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    That’s just a Theory A GAY THEORY

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    guy i can't remember what the game at the end of the vid is called can someone let me know what its called

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    You are lesbian

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    its ezla not isla but its spelled like isla

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    Good job everyone

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    honestly why do I go to school when I could watch this?? and he is so right Chris Pratt is so hot 😂

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    Well i just lost all respect for you and your opinions...both jurrasic worlds were fucking garbage and passengers was a great movie

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    1:11 hey Matthew, you have it all wrong. I'm pretty sure I take the cake for being Chris Pratt's MCM. NO I WAS JUST KIDDING I LIKE CHRIS PRATT BUT IM NOT A FANGIRL LIKE MATPAT

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    So...there's a show called Primeval. It's about time portals and a group of people that are trying to figure them out while containing whatever time displaced creatures (or occasionally people) come through it. Mammoths, knights, dinosaurs, giant leeches, creepy bat/gorrilla things. It's a super fun show and i think most people who like Jurassic Park would enjoy it. I WANT A THEORY ON WHERE THE PREDATORS COME FROM! NOBODY has done a theory on this and there NEEDS to be one!

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    How to save Jurassic Park : Genetically Modify Carnivore Dinosaurs To Be Herbivore Dinosaurs

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    Who ever thinks that matpat did this for fangirling him is CRAZY

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    3:51 okay matpat I love you.... but you got the height and width mixed up. SOOO WRONG. It didn’t affect the calculation, but it’s soo wrong.

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    This video shouldn’t be 12 min long it’s an easy answer just kill they humans so Dino can have the world back.what happens if Dino’s get drunk

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    He protecc He attacc Most importantly he turn you into a snacc

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    I actually don’t know why people hate so badly JP 3. I know that the velociraptors were super intelligent and all but it was a great movie, especially for showing not only the Spinossaurus but the Ceratossaurus too

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    What movie was at 9:10?

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    Mat, You need to make a movie.

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    Also raptors are tiny like a otter size

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    1:56 in the book Ian Malcolm makes the point that even in zoos the animals escape sometimes, and also that chaos theory means that the park was doomed for failure anyway

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    If I met one celebrity, it would be Chris Pratt

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    #prattpat4lyf ? Nahh he's mine >:(

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    wait the mosa tank dont even look that deep... if anything i feel like it may not be deep enough for it

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    well the pepole who made jurass world made it were the dinos broke out it wohld not be fun or good if no dino brke out

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    Now I know why the indominus rex wanted to escape

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    Velociraptor is a genetic hybrid

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    Chris Pratt is my favorite actor and would really like to meet him

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    I love jp 3

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    And a far cry Montana I got the it

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    And you can also not build a dinosaur sized dinosaur door

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    You should have a cut at cinema sins

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    If it was scientifically accurate there would be 6 foot tall turkey running around to chase another dinosaur

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    One thing though matpatt... these were genetically modified dinosaurs. They aren't a 100% dinosaurs. They had modern genetics into them in order to help them deal with modern day bio things that wouldve been harmful to them without the modifications. Using that information it could mean that the animal would be comfortable with smaller enclosures that the 100% dinosaurs would be needing in a minimum statistics. I'm not saying you should put a t rex in a small sized house sized enclosure but they might've been able to deal with smaller enclosures. Although some might need a larger enclosure some might not. As Dr. Henry wu said,"we put catfish DNA to help it cope with its temperatures" ik it's not a completely accurate quote but I'm not watching the movie again for this comment. Then again it's just a theory... a losers theory. I literally got like 12 friends ;-; and im depressed.

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    0:59 😂😂😂

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    🦕 🦖

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    When they arrived in the helicopter the gate was open so why was no one freaking out and the hole park was in lockdown?

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    The biggest mistake was growing a GMO weapon it wasn't a real dinosaur it was actually made to use as a weapon with military applications. Funny how they couldn't control it and it killed everyone almost like it was genetically built to kill everyone. Good job guys no really I mean it good job!

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    HEY I ALSO LIKED JP3 because it got a Spinosaurus but that's offensive to ME!

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    1.Its because its just a hybrid so technically the employees don't know how big cage is for the I rex

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    Also arm your guards better

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    But Matpat, the velociraptors in Jurassic park/world are actually based off of the larger Deinonychus which lived in western North America about 100 million years ago in the early Cretaceous period, the main reason they called them velociraptors is because Alan grant in the novel used that name for all raptor members and it’s like comparing to the name Jurassic, Cretaceous is more accurate but Jurassic sounds cooler.

  63. oosgar ragsoo

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    8:44 all though the raptors in Jurassic Park are called "veloci raptors" they most likely are utah raptors considering the size. So the tropical environment would be just fine.

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    Wait isn’t he married? 1:32

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    New York apartment

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    When the intro plays tho 🔥🤪🤪#prattpat

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    Jesus Christ you really like patts

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    weird flex but ok

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    Please do an ark video now that the final chapter has come out

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    Really you didn't know about Thomas that's an who is won in the final only new dinosaurs died in that has red eyes glad to Malvern like a red body like a locket and a bluddle darkest Brown that's all and buy like you the last name is brown by the way

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    It would be safe if mr dna guy didn’t turn down the power making it easy for the Dino’s too escape


    CRIPTICAL14 dias atrás


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    I heart pretty prat I give him a nugget

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    your voice is soothing af

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    lol yas snac

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    8:20 you mean millions right?

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    What if the first Dino was from the Jurassic and also the ship should be matpratt and what’s wrong with Jurassic park 3?

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    Jk just wanna see a spino

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    Everything is wrong with jp3

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    Uh does everyone forget the Jurassic Park was passed on a book called Jurassic Park: A Novel

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    i rex is a girl the t rex too

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    Hey Matt my dude Jurassic Park 3 is arguably the best movie in the series are we gonna have a problem If you wanna talk shit about one of them, talk shit about 2 because it's easily the most out-of-place title in the series, or about Jurassic World for just not being as good in the first place. What the fuck, man?

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    Good actor 😆

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    Chris pratt trump support er😝😝😝😝😝😝

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    correction the velociraptor in Jurassic park/ world are utahraptors. velociraptor's were knee high and feathered

  93. Snow Fox

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    Correction to your correction: all raptors were probably feathered to some extent, and the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park series are canonically confirmed to NOT be real dinosaurs. They all actually ARE "genetically engineered theme-park monsters" as Alan Grant himself says, and this is confirmed in Jurassic World as well as on the website for the series. For instance, the reason the spinosaurus beats the t-rex in that famous fight from Jurassic Park 3 is because it's not a spinosaurus, or at least not a normal one; it's heavily genetically modified to the point that it trumps even the biggest, baddest dinosaur from the first two movies (much like a similar antagonistic dinosaur in Jurassic World); and yes, this is the canon explanation they've given for why the spinosaurus won. So, this relates to the raptors because it means their appearance doesn't matter at all since they aren't real raptors. That's the canon explanation for why none of the dinosaurs have feathers (it was a retcon but a pretty good one if you ask me). In fact, in canon, they INTENTIONALLY make the dinosaurs look like that because this "classic" aesthetic is more appealing to the masses. That said, the fact that all of the dinosaurs throughout the franchise aren't real dinosaurs means that any rules could be applied to any of them. The raptors could function like velociraptors, utahraptors, or neither (that is, in theory).

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    Did he say billions of years ago at 8:22 instead of million

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    when you sad human and really like jurassic park 3

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    #pratpat #mcm owen the best

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    0:10 stop having a go out Spielberg it wasn’t his fault he called it Jurrasic Park instead of Dino Park. It was Michael Chrichton (the author of the Jurassic Park book which came before the film) who decided to call it Jurassic Park

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    You mean sister the i rex is the t rex's genetcally modified sister

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    Each amount of clicks is for a different raptor.

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    End of the Jurassic world franchise Jurassic world Extinction coming out in 2021 I said

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    Actually Michael Chriton made the name

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    8:20 billions?! lol made a mistake here mat

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    Also he put a brachio in it lol it should be in the jurassic

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    Have you not seen dead meats killcount of the jurrasics? There is tops like 75 deaths

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    Mat looks like James from theodd1isout

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    I watched this before going to school so I skipped the ads and the intro so I wouldn't be late