Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)


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    Yes Matt now it's feathery (for therepods at least) and more info JP got soooooo many things scientifically inaccurate for example the craptors claw should not be facing backward but palms facing echother like they're picking up a box as their wrists could not rotate that direction without breaking so either they did not do their research or all the raptors in the park are double jointed, another would be red vs spino sizes a rex lengthened total around 39 feet max whilst a spino is theorized to get up to 64 feet long ya rexy would not have lasted that long against the spino, more fun a spino would have walked on all fours for most of the time, a velociraptor is about the size of a large dog not a man, so these are more like deinonychus but even so their still too large unless it is a utahraptor in which case it is too small..... raptor where not that smart and even if they are talking about troodons they still were not that smart....... I just realized how long my comment is wools;) #matpratt

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    sub to pewdiepie

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    Except the "raptors" shown in the movies aren't actually raptors. Their an entirely different species that's Bigger than classic raptors called Utah raptor" literally because they were found in the North American state of Utah. Not very far from the Montana site. So they'd more than likely be pretty comfortable in that same type of climate.

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    Who else is here from the Dinosaur Fossil Cake video on Nerdy Nummies?

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    I’m very experienced in animal husbandry and I always thought they treated the dinos horribly.

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    There was actually some forests during the creatous period in Mongolia where the velociraptors were found

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    I love how he blames Spielberg for the title of the film and park itself, when the first film was based on a novel written by Michael Crichton of the same name. So really, it is Crichton's fault. Okay pointless rant over, loved the video Mat!

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    How the fuck do you hate passengers!

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    I think cretaceus world is more fitting then jurrasic world 1: i think jurrasic world is more 'scary' then cretaceus world,wait... 2: OK STOP IT WITH THE LIST m8 we want comments to be funny ... uhhhh... im not funny :/ like if you agree

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    Nope, the I-rex was scratching the walls so that the humans think that she climbed out, but she can camouflage

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    i thought the irregular clicking pattern was supposed to communicate a specific action/command. Like a simplified version of morris code. That's why it was irregular.

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    What if they just put extra food on the ship?

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    For the habitat of the whatever can easily be solved as they might have changed the DNA thingy so they can Liv in diff habitats

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    Hey Matt if I emailed you my resume would you accept it ?

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    I have a theory if the indoraptor was a prototype then how does he know how to do the same things as raptors even knowing that there is no raptor dna in the indoraptor

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    PrattPat is the perfect name.

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    More like Mesozoic world there is all time periods from Mesozoic

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    I loved the tiny house that i stayed texas

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    No! #MatPratt *I also have a crush Chris Pratt (0///\\\0)*

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    Mesozoic world

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    Hey Film Theory! Are Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead from the same universe?

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    12:51 what games is that? ?????

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    Not really billions of years ago

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    2:11 suprise!

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    It's the indominus....oh...

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    7:39 that’s not a deep tank

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    this released on my bday! #prattpat


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    #chrispratt is the fucking man of 2018 2019 2020 2021 it wont end

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    Dude why are you in love with Chris Pratt are you gay or what

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    I hate Chris Pratt he was very rude to swoozie and tried to get his date

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    I played the story of movie on Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs when I was a little kid. Watching my dinosaurs escape from holes I made in the walls so they could go eat tourists. Also... 9:34 The Skinner box. I’m glad my first year psych classes were useful for something...

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    my fav charecter in the movie is blue lol

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    #Pratpat ❤️❤️

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    1:09 #PRATTPAT

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    It mahusive enclosure for trex

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    Well matpat the raptors have changed genes like blue she has moniter lizard dna so they add the dna of creatures from tropical jungles so they can adapt to the tropical enviroment

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    #PrattPat #PrattPat indeed.

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    Jurassic World Theory Uses the Indoraptor in the Thumbnail Nit pickers are triggered

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    Save BRreporter from article 13

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    I don't know why you even bothered to "research" jurassic park 2 and 3 since those never had an actual working park they were just nature preserves.

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    Cretaceous World sounds like the crap offbrand Jurassic World that some kid’s 70 year old grandma would get them tickets for.

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    how matpat feels about chris pratt is how i feel about the dinosaurs in the park lol

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    actually, jurassic park was a novel, so don't be mad at speilberg, be mad at michael chritan

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    Actually Mesozoic world

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    I've been giving thought to why they would have ended up making the choices that they did when building Jurassic World. What I came up with is that the park was made by an overly enthusiastic showman, rather than an animal or theme park expert. The animals are in small cramped enclosures because they wanted to keep the exibits close enough together that it would be easy walking distance to pretty much any animal you would want to see. The hamster ball things are probably the most efficient way of showing off the dinos by being able to fence in a large area (making the dinosaurs happy) and letting the park customers drive around in them. But, as we see in the movie, that would only be usable with herbivores because the carnivores would just try to rip into it like a toddler eating some Halloween candy. (funny how you never see the herbivores starting the chaos in any of these movies) But the real show-stoppers at the park are the Carnivores. The meat-eaters would still need a lot of space, but then there would be no guarantee that anyone would be able to see them in an encloser that large. And, as stated in the movie, the park is very expensive to go to (as well as maintain and operate) and many people have become less fascinated by dinosaurs over the years. I doubt someone is going to pay tens of thousands of dollars to MAYBE see a T-Rex, so they are kept in smaller cages to make sure they are easy to display. Both the original creator of the park, John Hammond, as well as his successor are people with more money than they know what to do with, trying to create a world of wonder and enchantment, thereby favoring entertainment over safety and humane treatment of animals. They more resemble the MCs at those old-timey circuses, more than willing to trout out an abused elephant to watch a kid smile in wander, only to shove it back into a cage barely larger than itself after the show is over. The park was always doomed to fail because everything they did revolved around the idea that Jurassic Park / Jurassic World is more of an elaborate show than a theme park or a zoo. If an Animal Conservationist were to leading person behind the park, everything would have just worked out fine.

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    i like to that they have jurassic park/world because dinos are jurassic cool

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    Actually Jurassic World doesnt have 30 square miles on the island because the top part of the island is blocked off cuz thats where the old park is located

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    prattpat oh my god mat

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    Most of the time because I watch these videos for entertainment I don't make comments but to figure out how big the habitat should be for an animal shouldn't you use a ratio of volume of animal to habitat area instead of animal square footage? Just a question.

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    Courtney Miller from smosh is the biggest Chris Pratt fan in the world.

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    i love chriss pratt

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    Matpat love your vids but you made mistakes 1st:in fallen kingdom we do see the t-rex kingdom over viewed 2nd the indominus rex pen was a temp pen they were going to movie it we know this from old Jurassic world website 3rd fair point on the mosasaurs pen 4th with the raptor they used tree frog DNA making them adapt to the climate 5th don't make hybrids 6th if you gonna make hybrids do a herbivore first 7th clicking thing is also a good point 8th on the living space most of the dinosaurs are good like the gryosphere of the gallimimus valley 9th and last be careful who you go hire and check your system

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    Jurrasic Park is the name of the Park Jurassic World is the name of the movie Just ask Mo Vlogs to ClickBait for Owen lol. P.S. I meant no insult

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    My name is Owen

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    Why do people constantly think that Infinity war ended badly and that Star Lord is the cause of it. When it was Dr. Strange's plan for all of that to happen.

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    Billions of years ago?! FAIL

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    I'm the jurrasic world game they take space, population and the Dino's sociality

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    Im just call it Jurassic world

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    Did anyone notice that the mosasaurus tank isn’t that deep

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    We can see the bottom

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    You know how to stop Dinosaur outbreaks? Just don't build dino sized doors for them to escape... Genius

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    I don't think my insurance will cover dino attacks.......

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    technically the Indominus Rex (I-Rex) was born in captivity (i think) so it would've have found its habitat quite normal right?

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    he said dinosaurs lived billions of years ago 8:20 uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    You can also definitely see the full size off the T. Rex kingdom

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    Also how do you know the territory needs of an extinct animal? Because size doesn't mater

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    The entire theme of this franchise is that you can't control nature so whatever you made up. It would have still go wrong cuz life cannot be contain life breaks free life... Finds a way

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    7:02 my favourite line ever spoken by matpat

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    What about Dilophosaurus, Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Compsognathus, Stegosaurus, and Dimorphodon! They're all from the Jurrasic! P.S. Parasauolophus is in that movie and from the Cretaceous.