Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)


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    JURASSIC PARK 3 WAS GOOD GOD DAMMM!!!!! Or actually I'm probably the only one BUT STILL ...I liked the Spino. #SPINO4LYFE (edit) I know life is spelt life not lyfe

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    and there also wastefull

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    the spinosaurus is a fish Eater not land eater, is jaw are for gripping not tearring. are they modified

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    we better get osha down here

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    ok mattpat jurassic park 3 was a good movie it had spino

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    he was fine in Passengers

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    6:01 Chris Pratt will never be average to me too, only when he’s with Bryce Dallas Howard

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    I just downloaded the game

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    So do they make the dinosaurs female for breeding purposes or is it because males would be more aggressive or something

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    😻 just met Pat just met pat

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    Actually one fix Don make indo rex

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    mongolia yes my home country finally menshioned

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    9:20 Never Overlook A Little Engine

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    The Lego Jurrassic world has the whole map good luck

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    it is not Steven Spielberg's fault. Micheal Chriton made the original book and he developed the story libne for the movie.

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    Metric plz...

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    Owen Grady is my favorite character to in Jurassic World 🎸🏍📿🔫💤☠🎸🎸

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    I don't think they would get a chance at creating Jurassic World. The first time you build a park and people get eaten, it's pretty much game over. You would be sued into oblivion. There's kind of a one strike and you're out rule on that sort of thing.

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    6:59 I kind of disagree with that part. The Indonimus-Rex actually scratched up the doors to send Owen and the other guy into the enclosure. So indonimus set up a trap since Indonimus-Rex was made up of many dinosaurs and animals today. like a frog,cuttlefish Or T-rex Velociraptor etc. It wasn't that the dinosaur went crazy it was just a trap for Owen

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    Hold on tyrannosaurus wa double as long as 5 meters going up to 12 metres

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    good luck keeping an Argentinosaurs.

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    Matpat.... we do see the whole enclosure.... look at the concept art of main street and you can see the tyrannosaur paddock. It is biggest building on the left of the innovation center

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    i saw teh movie

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    Dinos r still alive

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    JP3 sucked.

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    Maybe it wasn't that because they didn't take them from the wild they weren't wild animals they were created and in the I rex were they say how they created i rex so if u were take a t rex for example u can have a normal t rex but in the move the trex has more teeth and are bigger so they are adding to the DNA of the dinosaurs so don't u think they can take out stuff from the DNA. Here u go that's my theory. Andremember it's just a theory a film theory thanks for reading. And if Mattpat is reading this I just want to say I love you're vids.

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    Actually Mattpat, Velociraptor antirrhopus Is the same thing as Deinonychus antirrhopus aka Deinonychus aka the raptors used in the Jurassic series whose fossils are found all over North America mainly in or at least near the same locations as T Rex fossils so they got the climate right for the raptors as well.

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    The Velociraptor in Jurassic Park is Velociraptor antirrhopus, aka Deinonychus, which was found in the US, not Mongoliensis.

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    did you just say... Protecc and Attacc... with only one C?

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    They did not mack it whider cause thay did not whant to die stupid

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    I'd wager Mat pat can easily run a zoo tycoon Jurassic park. Without mods and cheats, of course.

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    Cretaceous world... but then what about apatosaurus, brachiosaurus, dilophosaurus and allosaurus?

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    Lost Kingdom was just like lost of armed mercs go to a defunct dino island. Mercs capture serveral species of dino for a rich megalomaniac. Megalomaniac takes them back to the mainland to further his money making scheme. Dinos get loose and wreek havoc..megalomaniac gets killed by them......

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    Hey that was thanos fault and passengers was okay

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    Is it safe! Well if a bunch of dinosaurs escape well then NO

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    One flaw in the t rex's measurements. Yes, while they are correct, the height and length need to be reversed. It's 40ft long, not 40ft tall. Jurassic Park's dinosaurs aren't "retrosaurs" you know. Other than that, good video.

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    The jurrasic world builders should have made a cage then check it and if its bad, complete inand then you can release it! P.S i was talking about the i rex

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    Cretaceous World does sound pretty catchy

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    “Everything the light touches, is your kingdom” “But what about the dark place there?” (I don’t know exactly what he said okay?) “You must not go there, that’s where the drug dealers are”

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    Welcome To Cretaceous World

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    Maaaaaatt... you're yelling at the wrong person. You should be yelling at the author of the book. And be nice to John Williams. He's better at what he does than you are at what you do.

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    at 10:55 the audio was so bad!

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    All the dinosaurs are female besides the bull trex in lost world and indoraptor

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    It's not ila nublar IT'S ISLA NUBLAR

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    Wait why does trex and indom have doors to go into the cage and huge door??

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    Indomius is female not male.

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    How do you so,be a problem like a raptor lol we had to watch that in choir

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    What I really don't understand is that when they make a new hybrid it always has to die like I really wish the indoraptor could at least lived (sorry for the spoiler Dx) the I.rex dies then another one dies like MAKE A HYBRID THAT WILL LIVE ON TO ANOTHER MOVIE Well that's just my opoinon

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    1. Spielberg didn't name it Jurassic Park. Michael Crichton did. 2. Dinosaurs were not alive billions of years ago. 3. The characters in Lost were not dead the entire time.

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    If I owned Jurrasic Park And My dinosaurs are revolting, I would 1. Evacuate the Island 2. Ask the president to nuke the island 3. Dinosaurs get killed by nuke Pretty much what I would do

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