Film Theory: Thanos Was WRONG... He CAN'T Snap! (Avengers Infinity War)


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    I HAVE ALL THE INFINITY STONES!!! *sticks middle finger to the sky* SCREW YOU DAD I TOLD YOU I COULD DO IT

  2. RiotControled PB

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    He could have just used the reality stone😶🤭

  3. Zeen Zones

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    1:14 lol wut...

  4. Dead Pool

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    He put in thanos from Fortnite

  5. GDCilia

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    I wore a glove and my snap was slightly dampened.

  6. K4

    K413 horas atrás

    I think the snap was to show off how strong thanos is by only 1 movement. I mean, dabs take to long to do

  7. John Bean

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    Your better than audio

  8. kitty corn

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    Who thought he ran out of ideas anyone???

  9. Fabia Attia

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    Not to be wired but i snap with my little finger.... cos I'm wired.... but how would the air cone work???

  10. LucasTheGreen

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    *I learnt to snap watching this video*

  11. Sonic Forces

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    Dr.strange is also my favorite super hero

  12. Marie Khar Hubilla

    Marie Khar HubillaDia atrás

    I have A Theory For Thanos Snap While Thanos Said If He Snap hes Fingers It Will Delete The Universe But It Didnt I Have 2 Theories Theory 1 While Mat Explains Thanos Cant Snap It Gave Me Clues While Thanos Snap His Fingers He Thought It Will Delete The Universe But It Didnt Because The Gauntlet Is Hard To Snap If Hes Stronger It Will Delete The Universe . Theory 2 Maybe Dr Strange Curse The Stone So 50 percent Of Them Will Survive Like Black Widow Said In The EndGame 50 Percent Of All Living Creatures Thats All

  13. Toybonnie2715

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    Only mattpat can make a video about SNAPPING

  14. Liz Green

    Liz GreenDia atrás

    This makes me realise that if you take the term "life" technically, Thanos would also be killing a lot of resources (eg. cows and plants) as life is classified as a living breathing creature.

  15. Crazy kid Gameing51

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    Awwwww snapppppp!

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    Oh just finished the video lol

  17. Gabriella Stein

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    But can’t he like use his reality Stone tho?

  18. Fake Name

    Fake NameDia atrás

    In the movie you don't actually hear a "snap". You hear metal clinking.

  19. Abdel McCrea

    Abdel McCreaDia atrás

    Very late, but here's this: Thanos used the reality stone to create the snapping sound. Commented before he uh... mentioned it in the video.. heh

  20. Evie McQuerrey

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    I can't snap

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    I wonder wht happend in the bloopers when thanos snapped

  22. Marvel Super Nerd 0408

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    Did ya know Thanos is a mutated human and titanese? alien.

  23. Santiago Eichelmann

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    Looks like james from theodd1out

  24. Some One

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    Ok matpat but he could just make the snap sound with the power infinity stone. Its not that hard.

  25. Sasha :D

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    "thanos can't snap" and neither can yandere chan sad :(

  26. Cyrox k.

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    My brain.

  27. DWH Gaming

    DWH GamingDia atrás

    did you ever think it wasn't a real snap and just the motion of one "WHICH you can do in a gauntlet" and the noise is actually a sound made by the stones?

  28. Animals are Awesome

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    the thanos bite your infinity goblet

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    Reality stone

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    Lol dude in the anime nobunaga a girl general chest plate bouce hahahahahaha -_- Well dude it's not real that's why physics don't apply XD Real life and movies are different Aswell as real life and anime

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    Rip Stan lee

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    Nerd alert

  34. Fross Fairy

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    I just found out I can not snap my fingers the traditional way from the middle finger to the forefinger. I can only snap my fingers from the ringfinger to my middlefinger, on both my hands. To think when you're just watching a fun theory video that you can learn things about yourself. I always assumed that everybody did it the way I did until I saw these images from the middlefinger to the forefinger.

  35. crowman gaming

    crowman gaming2 dias atrás

    Matpat what if he used the realty stone to snap while he had the gauntlet on?

  36. 2027 James Staggs

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    I can't snap I trie but it dosent work

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    I guess my snap is wierd

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    This video taught me how to snap my fingers

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    I can't snap. i hav prablemss. pls hlep

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    But MatPat... There's no air in space...

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    I can’t snap

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    For some reason I can't snap my finger T_T wai!?!

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    So am I the only one here that could only snap with only the index finger?

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    Mat pat: we’re not all Picasso here *stan lee comes on the screen*

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  46. Potato Animation

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    I CANT SNAP! seriously that should teach it in 1st grade. In in grade 7 and I can’t snap D:

  47. jmall gang

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    Im pretty sure he just magiced him a snap sound. Im sure that well within the range of his current power

  48. claire iltis

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    does everyone snap with their middle finger? or am i just weird for snapping with my ring finger?

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    Every time I watch him I can’t stop laughing

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    I actually snap with my index finger, not with my middle one, anyone else does it too?

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    That’s a lot of science for snapping your fingers

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    that moment you touch your hand with your finger and it makes one of those shock sounds

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    I ALSO cant snap... not because i am wearing a glove or anything... i just dont know how to... DONT JUDGE!!!

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    I can’t snap with my middle finger touching my index finger like how he showed in the video. I touch my index finger and thumb and run my middle finger over top. If I do it the other way, it hurts. And either way, I can’t snap loudly cause I can’t press as hard as a lot of people (like how he was saying).

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    Strange is my face at to!

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    He has the reality stone soooooo

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    So, here I was, all set to argue with you over the begining of the video and the loudness of snapping in different hand positions as my snaps are equal netween normal and fingers splayed...until I looked closer at my "normal" and realized I apparently never learned how to snap properly as my hand position is thumb and middle finger togerher, index finger hovering near the first knuckle of my middle finger, ring finger near the base of my thumb...and my pinky randomly up in the air like it just don't care, ruining the "cone" and thus making it barely any louder then if I lift my ring finger as well.

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    Can't snap without thumb flesh part thing

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    Chaos in Denim I cannot copy. Don't like it but I appreciate the background noise.

  61. GhostRaven Table-tower Worldbuilding

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    Did you learn to snap your fingers or smack those gums first? Guns aren't allowed because I'm assuming you are here as an equal.

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    I can’t snap.

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    1:21 put on captions XD

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    he could just make so he could snap

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    Does anyone else snap with their ring fingers instead of their middle fingers, or is that just me?

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  68. ElementalGaming - Gaming and IRL videos

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    It's not actually the snap, it is the power of the infinity stones together and can be activated other ways.

  69. up stylish

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    3:22 that's a dc reference bro. The master of theory gets mixed up with 2 movie universes, yet the only one who notices is a &$÷!ing 9 year old

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    I can't snap :( edit: OmY I tHInK I juSt HeAred a SnaP!!! edit : nv I just broke my finger :(


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    3:11 do you even science bro


    GAMINGCITY BROS YT7 dias atrás


  73. Thomas Andrews

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    This is all correct if we forget that we are talking about a gauntlet that CONTROLS ALL OF REALITY, SPACE, TIME, SOULS, MINDS, and POWER!

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  75. Pug Person

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    Well technically he has the reality stone so he can make his snap anything he wants like the video said

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    What music was used?

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    Where is the Purge episode?!

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    I still don't know who to snap my fingers

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    Snap talk. Nerd!!!!!!

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    How else snaps with their pointer finger???? 😊😂🤣

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    10:32 Hey! I recognize that kaboom!


    DEMIxGODxSHADOW8 dias atrás

    A snap or a wave of the hand is the best way of showing how simple it was to erase half the universe, and when you bend reality you can snap your fingers when you don't even have fingers.

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    Rip Stan Lee

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    Its jacksfilms lol

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    #IamGroot I think no one dies in infity wars because there will be gardeans of the galaxy 3

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    *Thanos holds up the middle finger* Thanos: f#ck you half of the universe is going die

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    Matpat created The reality and time stone

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    He has the power stone, he has all the force in the universe

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    Rip Stanley

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    Hi random person scrolling through the comments. Have a great day!

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    The reason is magic

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    But Stan Lee died RIP Stan Lee he was the best comic book writer

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    And this has been snapping with matpat see you in next episode.

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    I play trumpet and can’t snap and I am older than 8

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    Oh snaaapppppp! 👌🏼

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    I mean...Like........Antman could have helped and stopped thanos from snapping. Turning big than grab the gauntlet earlier before you got all the stones. Than break the gauntlet.

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    Rip Stan lee