Film Theory: Thanos Was WRONG... He CAN'T Snap! (Avengers Infinity War)


  1. Calvin F.

    Calvin F.Hora atrás

    Am I the only one around here that snaps with their index finger?

  2. Bruh Gold

    Bruh Gold16 horas atrás


  3. Bruh Gold

    Bruh Gold16 horas atrás

    Oh okay


    MR MUSELK IS AWESOME18 horas atrás

    He can change how metal like uru work

  5. łomy Joe

    łomy Joe21 hora atrás

    4:20 before this, I didnt know how to snap, thank u, nobody told me what the other finers had to do

  6. hummingbirdcity

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  7. Greenback Boogie

    Greenback BoogieDia atrás

    Next on film theory: the flash can't run. This channel just keeps dumber and dumber

  8. Apoxiosis

    ApoxiosisDia atrás

    i think this one is kinda self explanatory. magic rocks in magic glove do magic stuff and makes a sound like magic.

  9. Hannah Baldwin

    Hannah BaldwinDia atrás

    You know, I think the next Infinity War movie will have someone using the time stone to reverse everything. Dr. Strange saw the future, right? Didn't he go with the one option that would stop Thanos? Maybe when he told Tony that this was the only way, that's what he meant. Personally, I'm not worried: everyone is coming right back.

  10. steponkus čeponas

    steponkus čeponasDia atrás

    Thanos was a god at that point, why physics should count for him?

  11. Ben Ndoole

    Ben NdooleDia atrás

    The thanos dab

  12. Ben Ndoole

    Ben NdooleDia atrás

    I meant dab

  13. Garrett Gates

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  14. Estarile

    EstarileDia atrás

    Or, Thanos has the reality stone, and just made the snap work. Edit: and I just got to 10:30~ as I posted.

  15. Nichlas 3orglum

    Nichlas 3orglumDia atrás

    But the snap is not what makes half of the universe go away its just a gesture

  16. Here’s some gacha

    Here’s some gacha2 dias atrás

    Am I the only one who can’t snap?

  17. G&K Brand

    G&K Brand2 dias atrás

    Pause at 0:48 he's not even wearing the dress.

  18. Ruth Estrada

    Ruth Estrada2 dias atrás

    You just taught me how to snap

  19. Wilson21212 .wilson21212

    Wilson21212 .wilson212122 dias atrás

    Maybe he made the snap with his other hand for effect.. hmm

  20. Nah La Land

    Nah La Land2 dias atrás

    Does anyone else snap with their ring finger? No? Ok....

  21. Daniel Clover

    Daniel Clover2 dias atrás

    your videos are absolutely ridicilous...thanos did snaped...

  22. ReportGaming

    ReportGaming2 dias atrás

    ffs now u have me snaping

  23. Graham Oldfield

    Graham Oldfield2 dias atrás

    true fact - my fingers are too fricking smooth for me to snap my fingers its like a normal person trying to snap their fingers with gloves on - it doesn't happen

  24. The Gaming Chris Matthew

    The Gaming Chris Matthew2 dias atrás

    pause at 0:52 you see the game theory logo

  25. Box

    Box2 dias atrás

    The Thanos jazz hands

  26. David Gaskill

    David Gaskill2 dias atrás

    Simple explanation, he used the reality stone so the audience could hear the snap sound

  27. c c

    c c2 dias atrás

    thanos has the reality stone

  28. Tony K-rashmandulu ,king of the lemurs

    Tony K-rashmandulu ,king of the lemurs2 dias atrás

    The persian snap that my dad does makes the sound of a MOAB, its crazy. I can do it but not nearly as well

  29. Maya Petersen

    Maya Petersen3 dias atrás

    Wow, wow, wow!!! Matt! Focus on ONE super hero universe! Batman is DC (3:21)

  30. Random Fandom

    Random Fandom3 dias atrás

    I would have preferred the snap to sound like *WAA*

  31. I have put 1000 1s for you all so please subscribe

    I have put 1000 1s for you all so please subscribe3 dias atrás

    Holyshit he's right I can't snap with my fingers are like that

  32. Alex V V

    Alex V V3 dias atrás

    I cant snap.

  33. Titanium Steel

    Titanium Steel3 dias atrás

    Thanos does a snap *Theorizes the snap and do science on it* Extra : I hope I will be theorized for this one :( 👌 (can't find a snap emoji)

  34. Mr. Doge

    Mr. Doge3 dias atrás

    Major problem I cant snap

  35. Private Dead

    Private Dead3 dias atrás

    but it's not the snap that kills everybody he could just as easily closed his fist and kills 50% he just clicks his fingers for style

  36. Angel Hernandez Vega

    Angel Hernandez Vega3 dias atrás

    I tried snapping with my index finger instead of middle finger and instead of snapping, my index finger cracked

  37. Isaac Luzu

    Isaac Luzu3 dias atrás

    Have you seen heard that the Russo brothers said that Thanos was this giantic INDISTRUCTABLE titan

  38. Its Mups MultiUser Player Sahil Channel

    Its Mups MultiUser Player Sahil Channel4 dias atrás

    Copper has a high coefficient of friction

  39. Alex Benavidez

    Alex Benavidez4 dias atrás

    Today I learnt that I don't snap my fingers correctly....I always snap with my thumb and third finger for some reason. I dont' know why, it's how I learnt to do it and I've never been able to snap loudly. It feels weird to do it with my thumb and forefinger

  40. Mr. Cat

    Mr. Cat4 dias atrás

    The reason it made the snap noise is because the stones

  41. TheGachaingDylan #1230

    TheGachaingDylan #12304 dias atrás

    *_The thanos dance_*

  42. Herry Herryansyah

    Herry Herryansyah4 dias atrás

    Hey. Thanks for teaching me stuff bro BTW I'm a notification squad bro

  43. Jacque Wheatley

    Jacque Wheatley4 dias atrás

    My favorite superhero is spider man My favorite anti villain is venom

  44. Lalo Gonzalez

    Lalo Gonzalez4 dias atrás

    Thanos changed the universe with the stone so that he can snap

  45. BoltGoesPro

    BoltGoesPro4 dias atrás

    He can control the glove with his mind dumbass

  46. Chingun Ariunbold

    Chingun Ariunbold4 dias atrás

    My fingers are tired now

  47. oof Pineaple

    oof Pineaple4 dias atrás

    the title of the video just makes me feel like” he cant snap huh who thought this was a good idea?”

  48. michael boggs

    michael boggs4 dias atrás

    What happens if you were human skin

  49. Kendra Calhoon

    Kendra Calhoon4 dias atrás

    I bet doctor Strange's plan was to give him the infinity stone because it's part of the 1 future that it all goes well

  50. Pingu

    Pingu5 dias atrás

    i learn more science here than school

  51. thE HAM

    thE HAM5 dias atrás

    6:37 boi boi boi

  52. Danilos 2305

    Danilos 23055 dias atrás

    Thanos: *snaps whit the demoman ka pooom sound* Heavy: medic.... i dont feel so good

  53. Mr. Anonymous

    Mr. Anonymous5 dias atrás

    Thor actually doesn’t regain his sight, he actually complains that it doesn’t work.

  54. BOGG flamingo

    BOGG flamingo5 dias atrás

    Two words. Reality Stone.

  55. Tacosaurus Rex

    Tacosaurus Rex5 dias atrás

    I can barely snap and I’m 14

  56. MnM 59

    MnM 595 dias atrás


  57. Maygirl348

    Maygirl3485 dias atrás

    I don’t know how to snap though

  58. ICEDream

    ICEDream5 dias atrás

    Doctor Strange is my favorite also

  59. Aiden Smithline

    Aiden Smithline5 dias atrás

    Me: is Mary poppins cool? Starlord: yes, definitely Me: I'm Mary poppins y'all: while floating down on a umbrella 10:50

  60. A hot mess •_•

    A hot mess •_•5 dias atrás

    An I the only one that snaps with their ring finger?

  61. Seth Smith

    Seth Smith5 dias atrás

    He was using the reality stone so that it was possible to snap for him

  62. Quiksilver 1207

    Quiksilver 12075 dias atrás

    I have no idea if marvel comics is posted this yet or not but you my good sir are an idiot because the way the infinity gauntlet works is you control the universe if you have all the stones and hear all the stones so whatever he thought of he could do like wipe out half the universe for example in all he had to think of was the action he wanted to organize it with and do that action which she chose to be a snap

  63. Eliasdogegamer

    Eliasdogegamer5 dias atrás

    I think I like the thanos middle finger saulute best

  64. shooyfirsdude

    shooyfirsdude6 dias atrás

    if he had no reallity stone than he wouldn't have made the sound

  65. shooyfirsdude

    shooyfirsdude6 dias atrás

    so he can snap

  66. shooyfirsdude

    shooyfirsdude6 dias atrás

    but he can make reallity what ever the hell he wants

  67. Kyaire keMya

    Kyaire keMya6 dias atrás

    I just learn a thing or 2 about snapping

  68. Andy the gamer

    Andy the gamer6 dias atrás

    Who noticed when you snap your hand shakes *slightly* ?

  69. FireBg Hero

    FireBg Hero6 dias atrás

    AND KABOOM said the demoglove

  70. FireBg Hero

    FireBg Hero6 dias atrás

    7:52 metal molecules are insane

  71. Greeninator09

    Greeninator096 dias atrás

    My little nine year old fingers hurt after this snapping

  72. Jackson McCagh

    Jackson McCagh6 dias atrás

    Your questioning that!!!! He Controls reality!!! I think he can snap with a glove on if he Controls reality,space,time,soul,mind,and power!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Nikola Nedeljkovic6 dias atrás

    if metal hete's metal it makes a suond

  74. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Nikola Nedeljkovic6 dias atrás

    he can snap

  75. gerry obadiah

    gerry obadiah6 dias atrás

    I have a toy Gauntlet an i can't snap so yep this is right (Good job MatPat) =D

  76. End my Suffering

    End my Suffering6 dias atrás

    I snap with my index finger and it sounds as strong as someone else's snap even if i don't do a cone shape bruh.

  77. Joselito Morales

    Joselito Morales6 dias atrás

    I kinda think why would you debunk something about a snap in a SCI-FI movie. Whats the essence

  78. Juan Ma 78

    Juan Ma 786 dias atrás

    Why TF is this the first thing you want to theorize on from infinity war? It's so ridiculous I love it

  79. Landon Jenkins

    Landon Jenkins6 dias atrás

    That was my idea when I saw infinity war

  80. Pate Miller

    Pate Miller6 dias atrás

    How did he find that he needed to just snap I mean who told him that a magical scroll?

  81. Elijah Osburn

    Elijah Osburn6 dias atrás

    This is ark music

  82. Yasuo Yasuo

    Yasuo Yasuo6 dias atrás

    But he can just make it so reality allows this with the reality stone.......

  83. BMG50CAL

    BMG50CAL6 dias atrás

    You got us good film theory 7:19

  84. Careless Films

    Careless Films6 dias atrás

    If he likes what could have happen watch how Avengers Infinity War have ended Channels name How it Sould have ended

  85. ProSuperspy 21

    ProSuperspy 216 dias atrás

    3:22 More like to the Thanos car

  86. supergamerpro 777

    supergamerpro 7776 dias atrás

    um if u read the comics he can u magic

  87. Pedo du 69

    Pedo du 696 dias atrás

    I can't snap

  88. Spook

    Spook6 dias atrás

    Dr Strange is your favourite Marvel superhero? Did you watch Dr Strange?

  89. tube Minecrafter

    tube Minecrafter6 dias atrás

    DC 1900s transition in a marvel theory

  90. timangar

    timangar6 dias atrás

    I get it, snapping with a glove is impossible. But reality can be whatever he want's it to be.

  91. FoxyThe Fox

    FoxyThe Fox6 dias atrás

    *Marvel needs to watch this.... cough cough..*

  92. Gideon Slothower

    Gideon Slothower7 dias atrás

    10:30 If he made it sound like WAH then he woul dhave wiped out all the universe because

  93. Gideon Slothower

    Gideon Slothower7 dias atrás

    IT WAH

  94. German Husky Yeet

    German Husky Yeet7 dias atrás


  95. Laurin Meta

    Laurin Meta7 dias atrás

    this is the stupidest video i have ever seen and i dont know what i excpected

  96. Sammy Lorenzo

    Sammy Lorenzo7 dias atrás

    No argument but the snap is a metaphorical thing it was said that in quote: if thanos gets all the infinity stones he can destroys half the universe with the SNAP of a finger end Quote

  97. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah7 dias atrás

    3:14 what.. is he using a DC reference..... That's iligal

  98. Can0fMints

    Can0fMints7 dias atrás

    2:26 that moment when thanos realized the infinity gauntlet behaves like a game of Russian roulette

  99. ErihgioqE

    ErihgioqE7 dias atrás

    Was Thanos left-handed, and he put the Gauntlet on his dominant hand, or he was right-handed, and put the Gauntlet on his left hand so it wouldn't get in the way?

  100. djginger // gamerboy

    djginger // gamerboy7 dias atrás

    Come on matpat, its not osmosis because osmosis is the natural movement of water from high to low concentration. Key word WATER. Sure there is water in your ear, but its the sound waves that are being moved. And the way we hear isnt even diffusion becUse sound waves dont diffuse, they vibrate the fluid in ohr ear drums and our ears read the vibrations in the eardrum and our auditory system deciphers them and relays it to the brain. After a science vid like this i cant believe you said auch an incorrect fact. Btdubbz still love ur vids tho :)

  101. The1st Doge

    The1st Doge7 dias atrás

    the Thanos shaggy

  102. RaPidG

    RaPidG7 dias atrás

    How can Thanos snap with an iron glove??