'Fiona Hill Is President Donald Trump's Worst Nightmare' | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Cindy Smith

    Cindy Smith18 horas atrás

    I would like to see doctor Hill and President Donald John Trump have a IQ test she would kick his a strong powerful women scare Donald John Trump he can't even compete with her she could sure carry his blank strap

  2. Yelena Smol

    Yelena Smol3 dias atrás


  3. dubya85

    dubya853 dias atrás

    Fiona who?

  4. Bigg99

    Bigg993 dias atrás

    In the end... not a witness.

  5. Jeffrey Turner

    Jeffrey Turner6 dias atrás

    True. Dr. Hill was, and is brilliant. Very sharp. Not to be played with.🤔

  6. Daniel A. Desfosses

    Daniel A. Desfosses6 dias atrás

    These Democratic Party Members who appear to tow the PARTY LINE at Ms NBC and CNN are not interested in "the national security of the United States", they don't even respect the office of President when it is held by their opposing party loyalty.

  7. rodney gangloff

    rodney gangloff11 dias atrás

    And #4 stooge Shemp in the whitehouse.

  8. rodney gangloff

    rodney gangloff11 dias atrás

    The amigos have a problem with the potus team name. It's the 3 stooges.

  9. vic rig

    vic rig12 dias atrás

    Thank You Dr. Fiona Hill !!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. vic rig

    vic rig12 dias atrás

    Fiona Hill is a so factual and very articulate no nonsense woman. Love to meet her. Wow just wow!

  11. Dylan McHarg

    Dylan McHarg13 dias atrás

    Whenever I see these titles I know I’ll find snowflakes in their safe place desperately needing validation from others. Try going to a comment section where you’ll find different points of view. You might learn something new🤔

  12. Jimmy The Greek

    Jimmy The Greek14 dias atrás

    Why isn't SHE the PRESIDENT ?

  13. Roy Bartley

    Roy Bartley15 dias atrás

    Fake News!!! Democrat hysteria. 🤯

  14. Jack Reacher

    Jack Reacher15 dias atrás

    Trump focuses on Joe Biden when it's Bernie Sanders who is going to be the next PRESIDENT..

  15. The Bisto Kid

    The Bisto Kid17 dias atrás

    Fiona Hill would make a mighty president!

  16. ThrowbackTheHomebo

    ThrowbackTheHomebo17 dias atrás

    Dr Hill for President

  17. Shawn Smith

    Shawn Smith17 dias atrás

    Our Founding Father's are rolling in their graves!!!

  18. D W

    D WDia atrás


  19. Stu Crossland

    Stu Crossland18 dias atrás

    To to Jimmy Dore's BRreporter channel,a dose of truth will do you good.

  20. deborah chinn

    deborah chinn18 dias atrás

    My favorite Super Hero, Dr. Fiona Hill!

  21. Hedy Epp

    Hedy Epp18 dias atrás


  22. Brooke

    Brooke18 dias atrás

    She’s saving our country from our own traitor of a president can we swap them out lmao

  23. Kimmylive 21

    Kimmylive 2118 dias atrás

    Trump tried to help America. Democrats needs to think for themselves. She even called trump great if you watch the whole thing. Just don't watch clips. She helped trump & it's clear Hillary Clinton was wrong. She saw & heard nothing to harm trump.

  24. Aristedes DuVal

    Aristedes DuVal18 dias atrás

    #FIONAHILL committed #PERJURY and should end up in #GITMO along with #Traitor #VINDEMAN.

  25. Dominic Roseland

    Dominic Roseland18 dias atrás


  26. Ed Catt

    Ed Catt18 dias atrás

    Goodbye democracy in America then. Surprised?

  27. Heba Madi

    Heba Madi18 dias atrás

    I like her personality 👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  28. jkirk1626

    jkirk162619 dias atrás

    She's a nightmare to the traitors who want to prohibit Americans from governing themselves. It's hard to be a lib. Your ideological and economic credibility crumbled with the Berlin Wall. If you're a Democrat, you're a domestic enemy of the Constitution and a traitor. This bimbo is so devoid of substance that she resorts to the dimwit's favorite gambit: if you disagree with me, then antisemtism.

  29. murraykat

    murraykat19 dias atrás

    Dr Fiona Hill is heads and tails a true platinum heroine in this sad saga

  30. Kevster 100

    Kevster 10019 dias atrás

    Go Trump Go ! here's to another 4 years

  31. 21 12

    21 1219 dias atrás

    Trump 2020 USA 🇺🇸 # 1

  32. Alexis Sepulveda

    Alexis Sepulveda19 dias atrás

    Woah her testimony has some serious strong weight to it. True public servant.

  33. Paula Morgan

    Paula Morgan19 dias atrás

    Trump. ..please pack up your crap and leave....it's over.

  34. A Queens World

    A Queens World19 dias atrás

    Someone get her a thuglife cigar and shades!!!

  35. Shadow Knight

    Shadow Knight19 dias atrás

    You've got it right - of course, Trump will call this "Fake News" and all his believers will believe him. You can't reach these people with intelligent discussion. Well put together.... This is incredible stuff.

  36. james brown

    james brown19 dias atrás

    Accuser: You're operating in the dark & did the following crimes. Guilty: Thats true...but catch me if you can!

  37. D W

    D W18 dias atrás

    Police Officer: I want to search your car Driver:....ok, get a warrant Police Officer: why would I need a warrant if you are innocent of any crime??? Why won't you just let me search your car? Driver: ...the f'n 4th amendment thats why!

  38. Richard Smart

    Richard Smart19 dias atrás

    Fiona Hill, for some reason, doesn't strike me as a overly "emotional" person. Just my opinion, and I could be wrong but, somehow, I don't think that I am.

  39. Dee Smith

    Dee Smith19 dias atrás

    Now for the TRUTH: brreporter.com/v/video-mtGSH8N7Shk.html

  40. Lints77

    Lints7719 dias atrás

    Republicans better do their jobs in the senate, the level of manipulation to push ones agenda at expense of the USA national interests is beyond bounds

  41. Kay Maria

    Kay Maria20 dias atrás

    Yes we are simply we are better than THAT. ADAM SCHIFF

  42. Donamtrx

    Donamtrx20 dias atrás

    Yea...they're ALL errand boys. Once again, it took a WOMAN to call it straight.

  43. Eva Adams

    Eva Adams20 dias atrás

    Shame she wasn’t born in the USA she would be an amazing POTUS!

  44. Hadassah Israel2

    Hadassah Israel220 dias atrás

    Will Herd, another snake. Well, four days later, and, I am making this comment. This past weekend, new documents came out that Mike Pompeo, and, Trump was trying to block. Go to, America oversight.org, to see the documents.

  45. Astrobrant2

    Astrobrant220 dias atrás

    "Will Hurd... who basically stood on the front porch of Donald Trump and said, 'this is my space now'...." I almost gagged when I heard Hurd's remarks in the hearing. WHAT THE F**K is happening to our government??? Michael, as much as it hurts, non-Trumpists need to hear your pessimism right now. Hopefully, it will make them even more aggressive in their defense of our country. Let's hope that this process will follow Nixon's, and those poll numbers will change drastically over the next few months. Pelosi needs to stop undermining this impeachment and let Nadler and Schiff throw the book at Trump. If their articles of impeachment only include this Ukraine scandal, I will be _convinced_ that Pelosi WANTS Trump to finish his term. She will have abrogated her duty, violated her oath, and become as despicable a "party-over-country" politician as the Republicans have become.

  46. Astrobrant2

    Astrobrant220 dias atrás

    If Fiona loses her job, she'll be a good choice for the next Lily Muenster or Morticia Addams. Sorry, I couldn't resist. In truth, she is a priceless asset to our State Department, a brilliant diplomat, and now a courageous American hero and champion of Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

  47. Charanjit Sidhu

    Charanjit Sidhu20 dias atrás


  48. Angelina Moody

    Angelina Moody20 dias atrás

    Why do we take that clown seriously? Isn’t there a way to stop him ? He keeps being allowed to act out! What’s the matter with America? .

  49. John Convey

    John Convey20 dias atrás

    I wish she would come abck to the UK - we need her brain desperately.

  50. Dan Fremont

    Dan Fremont20 dias atrás

    This is not what the Republicans want the US people to see.

  51. EricIrl

    EricIrl20 dias atrás

    Hill is mighty impressive. You don't mess with a lass from Durham.

  52. NothingMaster

    NothingMaster20 dias atrás

    What a courageous, patriotic, and intelligent lady. People like her are national treasures; guardians of our democracy.

  53. Brian White

    Brian White20 dias atrás

    Fox news has been very quiet

  54. David Denison

    David Denison20 dias atrás

    Crazy trump. Crazier followers. Vote 2020


    xZANZIBARZx20 dias atrás

    *Unelected Bureaucrats taking pot shots at a duly elected president*

  56. American Dog

    American Dog20 dias atrás

    As for rep Hurd he should not be given the respect that comes with being called a Democrat but rather is and has continually been by his acts a republican

  57. MaskedMarvyl

    MaskedMarvyl20 dias atrás

    "Americans are sliding off the idea of impeachment". If that is true, then Americans are morons, and we deserve to lose what our forefathers fought and died for. We don't deserve the benefits and protections we have that they left us.

  58. Carolyn Wilson

    Carolyn Wilson20 dias atrás

    Fiona Hill you are a beautiful nightmare to Trump but your a beautiful real live dream to common sense americans. Thank You For Your Patriotism. ..

  59. Boogie Woogie

    Boogie Woogie20 dias atrás


  60. Bill Morris

    Bill Morris20 dias atrás

    She wasn't on the call and wasn't even in the building. All of her testimony were opinions. How exactly is she his worst nightmare? What is even worse is the ignorance of people to buy into this whole charade. Many of you , for so long and so many times have cried Constitutional crisis. Yet holding a hearing, based mostly on hearsay, violating the rules of the Committee holding the hearings. violating the rights of the President. OK so if one of you were accused of murder and the Judge didn't let you call any witnesses, would you think that is fair? No vote for the hearings was held per the Constitution. so we are now at 3 and a half years of investigations of Trump. For everything from Collusion to Bribery, every sleezy news outlet with their investigative reporters trying to dig up evidence of Trumps guilt in something. Yet the best you have is a phone call, that the people that actually listened in, said there were no issues with it. Meanwhile....Adam Schiff makes up the text of the phone call Before that he maintained he had proof of collusion Then he actually tried to collude with Russians he thought were legit There isn't a crisis at the border, Trump is putting them in cages! Except they are cages Obama built. "housing them in concentration camps." Really? Deportations!!! Except the last administration deported more He is a anti-semite!! guess thats why he moved the Embassy to Jerusalem, is confronting Iran(who btw wants to wipe Israel off the map) and has Jewish children He lies!! Show me a President that hasn't. King Obama lied right to your faces, but thats cool. He is a womanizer. Please.... I know logic is hard sometimes, but put away your TDS for 5 mins. Get away from the anti Trump media, even Fox. Research a little on your own.

  61. Scooter Dover

    Scooter Dover20 dias atrás

    They say when the movie comes out Laurie Metcalf is going to play her.

  62. Zerstorer23

    Zerstorer2320 dias atrás

    This 11 minute video pretty much sums up everything about this thing. An undeniably shady businessman who lied and cheated his way to the presidency, a position he has no right to occupy and whose presence besmirches the name of this nation is caught doing something so obviously WRONG, but because he leads with the fear of his wrath, will forever be above the law. What’s the law if no one enforces it? It’s just words on paper. And that’s all the law will be to Trump, Giuliani, and the ruling class that hold the reins of America.