First to Guess the Password Wins - FaZe Clan


  1. ZXtrplu

    ZXtrplu22 horas atrás

    When the word was ‘neck’ they should have said Tenser

  2. Young Boss

    Young BossDia atrás

    When donkey came up, I was thinking about shrek too😂

  3. Kodeks Klan

    Kodeks Klan2 dias atrás

    Doode kay is alex 2.o

  4. HyperColt14

    HyperColt1410 dias atrás

    First time seeing rug at faze house

  5. Tierra Gomez

    Tierra Gomez12 dias atrás

    My name is DGOMEZ21 when I get ungrounded I’ll 1v1 you bottttttttttttttttttttttt

  6. Tierra Gomez

    Tierra Gomez12 dias atrás

    Clever Jarvis and your a botttttttttt at fortnite

  7. Rich Lion

    Rich Lion13 dias atrás

    lol apex telling adapt to listen carefully and adapt actually getting bare answers kills me 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Stathis Toloudis

    Stathis Toloudis13 dias atrás

    At the lamp word you should shaid moth

  9. Joaquin Stuart

    Joaquin Stuart17 dias atrás

    Apex is short

  10. Joaquin Stuart

    Joaquin Stuart17 dias atrás

    Alex is short

  11. Emily Lout

    Emily Lout17 dias atrás

    can i come to the faze house

  12. GoldForBlack

    GoldForBlack20 dias atrás

    adapt looks ripped in this

  13. Brenden Stirbu

    Brenden Stirbu20 dias atrás

    1:40 had me dead 💀💀💀😂😂

  14. Nyla Bartuck

    Nyla Bartuck21 dia atrás

    FAZE CLAN forever ♥️🌈 ❤️👍 ☺️

  15. Saad Tahir

    Saad Tahir21 dia atrás

    YoU sOunD LiKe A DifFerEnT PeRsOn

  16. NSG_ Edit

    NSG_ Edit23 dias atrás

    Sub to me for more videos

  17. Albert einstein

    Albert einstein23 dias atrás

    Scream honey governor neck lamp clever quiet donkey eye dispose withdraw rotten

  18. Andrew Fairchild

    Andrew Fairchild24 dias atrás

    I thought he was gonna say nerd for neck not long wtf

  19. Student Michael Uribe

    Student Michael Uribe25 dias atrás

    I’ve never clicked so fast cause I thought it said win faze clan

  20. Johnathan Johntavius

    Johnathan Johntavius26 dias atrás

    Blaze is retarded

  21. Nicholas Wood

    Nicholas WoodMês atrás

    You dont think it but adapt is pretty smart at sometimes

  22. Miguel gaming

    Miguel gamingMês atrás

    Wheres teeqo

  23. ping Li

    ping LiMês atrás

    For donkey I would of said a**

  24. trav and cor fan

    trav and cor fanMês atrás

    the last one they could of just said flesh like if u agree

  25. coming soon

    coming soonMês atrás

    Quiet or quite which one is british

  26. Iam Nazo

    Iam NazoMês atrás

    I laugh so hard when Apex said Tomato Alex: Yes, That it

  27. Aka mark Gaming28

    Aka mark Gaming28Mês atrás

    Is it just me or jacks and Alex are so dump and shit with life

  28. Dito Playz

    Dito PlayzMês atrás

    I cringe when i hear kays American accent

  29. Regan Has swag

    Regan Has swagMês atrás

    Pls can I join faze I love you guys should have the right way too long and the first place I have no clue who I want you in my room for a long way toward an amazing and so is my favourite songs and it will take the bus driver in my room for improvement but it doesn't even work and the other day I have a great way to go back and the first half of the day before my birthday

  30. Langston Lewis

    Langston LewisMês atrás

    Kay talking American is fucking cringe and hilarious

  31. Guillermo Diaz

    Guillermo DiazMês atrás

    Cizzors looks mad high 🔥💀

  32. FluKe

    FluKeMês atrás

    Blaze sucks..

  33. Cj Fortnite

    Cj FortniteMês atrás

    Winner takes rugs money

  34. ojani subiza

    ojani subizaMês atrás

    Orba is than one kid that doesn’t ever come out of his room.

  35. ramp age

    ramp ageMês atrás

    There using rug

  36. Wyatt Cartwright

    Wyatt CartwrightMês atrás

    Low key Jarvis and Kay make me mad

  37. Treysyn Beadle

    Treysyn BeadleMês atrás

    Rug: adapt, apex=L They win. Rug and orba lose first round. Rug and orba definite L

  38. Chase Yoder

    Chase YoderMês atrás

    Jarvis is my favorite in faze

  39. Fortnite Update

    Fortnite UpdateMês atrás

    Seriously no one is gonna talk about that FaZe Logo on the white board

  40. runes froot loops

    runes froot loopsMês atrás

    tell me why banks always disappointed in Alex😂😂

  41. runes froot loops

    runes froot loopsMês atrás

    1:38 Blaze: i feel bad for apex he has alex Alex: look at the shape of your head, for the love of god 😂😂

  42. ZLaZeR_SZN

    ZLaZeR_SZNMês atrás

    Asking Adapt to think hard is like asking Jarvis to not get expelled from school

  43. Y0ung_Gam3r_B01

    Y0ung_Gam3r_B01Mês atrás

    When adapt got called imagine he answered it and said “I am pregnent” and left the call

  44. Kieran Rokyckyj

    Kieran RokyckyjMês atrás

    Faze javis look like he don’t belong

  45. Christina Lehr

    Christina LehrMês atrás

    What happened to h1sky

  46. Brandon Felix

    Brandon FelixMês atrás

    U mean mrbeast funded it

  47. Trilogycheats

    TrilogycheatsMês atrás

    The easiest word for rotten is cheese... rotten cheese

  48. NimZeDK

    NimZeDKMês atrás

    Jarvis and Kay on the same team Faze Kay: that’s insane bro

  49. TH3L3G3ND06 YT

    TH3L3G3ND06 YTMês atrás

    2:54 the music is we won’t be alone

  50. KazB

    KazBMês atrás

    I want the ogs back :(

  51. g005ay

    g005ayMês atrás

    Also why did cizzorz say I hate u after banks said rotten

  52. eagerejum28

    eagerejum28Mês atrás

    I tried to make Kay as my password but it said:Is ToO iNsAnE bRoO

  53. rafy ghalayini

    rafy ghalayiniMês atrás


  54. Kylemanu6 101

    Kylemanu6 101Mês atrás

    Hi boi

  55. Ismail_4926

    Ismail_4926Mês atrás

    Shrek is an ogre but yh

  56. Be Riskyy

    Be RiskyyMês atrás

    What’s the intro song called?

  57. gaming withTony

    gaming withTonyMês atrás

    Can u have Jarvis and Kay do like speaking Japanese for the week

  58. All 4DatBag

    All 4DatBagMês atrás


  59. the trios

    the triosMês atrás

    Why are apex Leander not clipz

  60. Trey Gonzalez

    Trey GonzalezMês atrás

    Why is Adapt such an a$$hole