Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted - Part 12


  1. Dullxavier276

    Dullxavier27616 horas atrás

    Anyone else used to be scared of fnaf but after watching 12 episodes of marks vr series there just immune No just me :(

  2. shelby anderson

    shelby anderson2 dias atrás

    Nobody: Mark: *W I N D* *G O D. F R I C K. D A M M I T. NO.* *AHHHHHH YOU LITTLE SH*T*

  3. gold luna

    gold luna2 dias atrás

    And now there are withered anamatronics lol

  4. TridentGamer 078

    TridentGamer 0783 dias atrás

    You should make a song like SomethingElseyt and the others did, I would love to see how it would turn out...

  5. Sonik Diaz

    Sonik Diaz4 dias atrás

    Do the Wither episode!

  6. Kayla Sartor

    Kayla Sartor6 dias atrás

    Oops I’m watching this at 10:10 pm

  7. Pokefan 462

    Pokefan 4627 dias atrás

    It seems that the winder is not winding properly... LeT's fIX tHaT WitH a CoNTroLLeD sHocK.

  8. Shaunmizer

    Shaunmizer7 dias atrás

    mark your morty impression was spot on

  9. may wants to die

    may wants to die7 dias atrás

    WIND oh my G O D


    NEFERPITOU My Lo Pe8 dias atrás


  11. fluffy boi

    fluffy boi10 dias atrás

    I'm concerned about marks mentality

  12. Fred Bear

    Fred Bear11 dias atrás

    Mark spams button sprintrap ima go to ny pizza

  13. Shilo Greenwood

    Shilo Greenwood12 dias atrás


  14. camelspider43 Redrock43

    camelspider43 Redrock4312 dias atrás

    Mark:Im gonna make you watch as I kill evorryone Me: He tuning into itachi. what’s next crows?


    WOT DOMINATION13 dias atrás

    6:43 wolves when they see the moon

  16. Voied Opole

    Voied Opole13 dias atrás

    Ok little tip if you really don’t like the jump scare then put on subtitles and it will give you a jump scare warning but then the jump scare happens like 1 to 2 seconds after so be quick. :3

  17. Allison Scallan

    Allison Scallan13 dias atrás

    Nobody not a soul Mark:Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind

  18. Ivxy 234

    Ivxy 23413 dias atrás


  19. Daisuke A.K.A This Is A Name

    Daisuke A.K.A This Is A Name14 dias atrás

    When He's playing his hands must've been so sweaty!

  20. fnaf -

    fnaf -14 dias atrás


  21. Glitchmaster 527

    Glitchmaster 52714 dias atrás

    When you said “I have the flickiest wrist in the West,” that confoodled me. I, having the fastest fingers in the East, challenge you to a clicker game!

  22. Anonyymi

    Anonyymi14 dias atrás

    5.31 😂😂

  23. C_Tube_Dude

    C_Tube_Dude15 dias atrás

    Went through the comment section and haven’t seen anyone mentioning this part. 5:31

  24. Nelochibi chan

    Nelochibi chan17 dias atrás

    5:33 omae wa shinderu Nani!

  25. Ronin- Mun

    Ronin- Mun17 dias atrás

    Bartender: “What would you like to drink sir?” Mark: “Ugh.. Wind please” Bartender: “Um... excuse me? Did you mean wine?” Mark: *”NO, WIND!”*

  26. Cat Noir’s Cataclysm

    Cat Noir’s Cataclysm17 dias atrás

    “Waaaiiit a minute! How did you how did yoooooooooooooou?!?!?!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. Plasma Snow 2nd account

    Plasma Snow 2nd account18 dias atrás

    Mangle is now the anti foxy

  28. Eevee _umbreon123

    Eevee _umbreon12318 dias atrás

    Mark: *bullies plushies* Me: .... Mark: Man, I got a problem. Weird rabbit glitchy thing: yup. You do **jumpscares**

  29. Despacito Spider

    Despacito Spider19 dias atrás

    Markiplier won fnaf 2 with full panic.

  30. Amaraa Was Here

    Amaraa Was Here19 dias atrás

    Mangle: almost the hardest animatronic ever Flash button: why do i hear boss music

  31. funny Caesar salad

    funny Caesar salad19 dias atrás

    Damn, there are more flashing lights and eye straining colors then there should be.

  32. Ronaldo Vila Nova

    Ronaldo Vila Nova20 dias atrás

    11:30 the true enemy.

  33. reza Nouri

    reza Nouri20 dias atrás

    6:36 XDDD

  34. Kiyah Mitchell

    Kiyah Mitchell20 dias atrás

    seeing them crawl is weird

  35. Kirsten. Gacha twins online

    Kirsten. Gacha twins online22 dias atrás

    Please stop abusing the stuffed animals

  36. cody bear

    cody bear23 dias atrás

    I spent like 6 minutes reading all these comments🤣

  37. Mason Epstein

    Mason Epstein23 dias atrás

    Why is nobody talking about how he said. The Nani meme. Lol. THAT MADE ME LAUGH

  38. Ran

    Ran23 dias atrás

    Chica : *Oh Thank You* Mark : *No ItS nOt A fAvOr!!* who else got trevor vibes from that

  39. MarCveN437 nkewf

    MarCveN437 nkewf24 dias atrás

    Mark: *WIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  40. The Backyard Ozzie

    The Backyard Ozzie24 dias atrás

    Sir you're wanted Lord helmet:Knok! Did you see anything! Commander:No sir I did not see you playing with you're dolls again sir Lord helmet: Good

  41. Jeremy Doyle

    Jeremy Doyle24 dias atrás

    2:40 Mark: now this is called oh f*** I don't know what to do about that!

  42. Scubster

    Scubster24 dias atrás

    Mark: wins at first try at night 5 in fnaf 2 Fnaf 2 animatronic: am i a joke to you?

  43. Johnathan Bahna

    Johnathan Bahna26 dias atrás

    I really didn’t like mark grunting and asking springtrap if he’s close...

  44. ROBLOX Veteran

    ROBLOX Veteran26 dias atrás

    Mark: IM THE BEST Mark two min- hours ago: *WIND*

  45. Baka Baka

    Baka Baka27 dias atrás


  46. King Deagle

    King Deagle28 dias atrás

    Helpy vs Mark (Anime version) Mark: Omae wa mou shindheirou NANIII?

  47. Celeste Justice

    Celeste Justice27 dias atrás

    Thank you i was looking for comments about this i couldn't find any and i wa s like is this comment section anti-weeb

  48. Toxic-slite

    Toxic-slite28 dias atrás

    PEWDIEPIE HIT 100 MILLION!!!!!!!!!

  49. sticky F1ame628

    sticky F1ame62828 dias atrás

    This is how many times he said wind ⬇️

  50. Chase Taylor

    Chase Taylor28 dias atrás

    It's candy

  51. Domininator

    Domininator28 dias atrás

    Mark: spams one button while getting jump scared by 3 animatronics at the same time "I'M DOOOOMED!!!! DOOOOOOMED DOOM DOOM DOOMED!!!!"

  52. Starzy the Gaming Artist

    Starzy the Gaming Artist28 dias atrás

    Mark: *plays w/ dolls* Glitch: *Visible concern*

  53. Reeta Jacks

    Reeta Jacks29 dias atrás

    Hey Mark springtrap couldn't take anymore of your one button spamming😂😂

  54. Kacy Sayaka777

    Kacy Sayaka77729 dias atrás

    Game: audio error Mark: *kEEP SPAMMING THE BUTTON AND IT WILL WORK*

  55. Dman32397

    Dman3239729 dias atrás

    1:40 Mark: Oh, you're approaching me? Toy Freddy: I can't jumpscare you without getting closer...

  56. Sebastian Brazier

    Sebastian BrazierMês atrás


  57. Nodnal M&M

    Nodnal M&MMês atrás

    That’s how many times he said oh 👇🏼

  58. i can't think of a name

    i can't think of a nameMês atrás

    This is how many times Markiplier said Fiddle-Dee-Dee,Fiddle-Dee-Doo ⬇⬇

  59. Autisticturtlequeen

    AutisticturtlequeenMês atrás

    I saw Glitchtrap and I just remembered his voice 😂😂😂 "I got OODLES and OODLES of candy! With pizza of course" -Glitchtrap 2019

  60. SGF51

    SGF51Mês atrás

    Mark: spams buttons Springtrap: wait that's illegal

  61. tracey lee

    tracey leeMês atrás

    0:46 you wouldn’t do that to me would you So back at fnaf 2 I do not remember what exactly what to do