Fortnite - Season 7 Trailer


  1. William Ortiz

    William Ortiz28 minutos atrás

    Any one seen kevin the cube as a present 🤣

  2. Steven/:

    Steven/:50 minutos atrás

    fix fortnite

  3. NotToxic

    NotToxic52 minutos atrás

    I felt so sorry for Craig ( codename elf ) he was happy and he saw that guy and his face 😂😂

  4. Michell Martinez

    Michell MartinezHora atrás


  5. defaultly boi

    defaultly boi2 horas atrás

    can you add burn out skin back in December 16th please

  6. A lonely boi who like dank memes. zzz

    A lonely boi who like dank memes. zzz3 horas atrás


  7. JaeQue IOS

    JaeQue IOS3 horas atrás

    Fortnite I think you should add a nostalgic option, like in the setting u should have a option that says: Nostalgic victory banner or (particle glow on weapons you haven’t picked up , you could label that as any way u wanted to) or add the original spectating banner in season 1 label that what u wanted as wellAnd I feel that u should add the option of falling as u originally did in season 1 when you were eliminated GUYS LIKE THIS TO HELP GET THIS NOTICED AND IF U AGREE!

  8. Yoshidex WGY

    Yoshidex WGY3 horas atrás

    Stop motion part:Awww cute! Animated part:Holy crap that's dark!

  9. Cole Henderson

    Cole Henderson3 horas atrás

    Is the season actually called “you better watch out?”

  10. twentyone_ taes

    twentyone_ taes3 horas atrás

    *i love forknife*

  11. Marxmen Cypher

    Marxmen Cypher4 horas atrás

    @Fortnite I have a og PS4 account with no epic account can I link that to another PS4 account with no epic account

  12. Marxmen Cypher

    Marxmen Cypher4 horas atrás

    Put the Satar_mhd stats and dances and every thing else in the Sahel_mhd

  13. Temp1Webber Kid

    Temp1Webber Kid4 horas atrás

    Mah new main skin CRACKSHOT

  14. Bullhelmet

    Bullhelmet4 horas atrás

    0:10 anyone saw the cube under the tree

  15. Raketa CZ

    Raketa CZ5 horas atrás

    Visitor rocket on christmas tree

  16. devonbaofriend channel ninja

    devonbaofriend channel ninja5 horas atrás

    Yay yum now is season 7 fort nite chirstmas

  17. Sam Parisian

    Sam Parisian5 horas atrás

    It’s the Ice Age all over again

  18. LuNa xGravity

    LuNa xGravity6 horas atrás

    Tbh I don’t like Fortnite but that opening stop motion animation is beautiful

  19. Huffmagicdragon

    Huffmagicdragon6 horas atrás

    This time last year fortnite was in its prime. It’s too bad they ruined it

  20. kullen watson

    kullen watson6 horas atrás

    haters will say it’s fake

  21. Messi DIOS

    Messi DIOS6 horas atrás

    Crackshot is coming back to fortnite item shop

  22. ac0x

    ac0x6 horas atrás

    The people on the plane were doing the eagle at 1:05

  23. Guifiser 2006

    Guifiser 20066 horas atrás

    OMG the Infinity Blade is in the trailer!!!!

  24. D L

    D L6 horas atrás

    People still play fortnite

  25. Storm Claw

    Storm Claw6 horas atrás

    I just adore this!! 😊

  26. UnNeptune

    UnNeptune6 horas atrás

    Everyone get cancer yet?

  27. Jonathan Rodríguez

    Jonathan Rodríguez7 horas atrás

    Quita los avionesssss

  28. Kristian Babic

    Kristian Babic7 horas atrás

    People:pls fortnite deleate the turet Fortnite: adds flying turet...

  29. LP_Gaming122 -

    LP_Gaming122 -7 horas atrás

    Leaked skin 1:00

  30. LP_Gaming122 -

    LP_Gaming122 -6 horas atrás


  31. UnNeptune

    UnNeptune6 horas atrás

    Thats not leaked if its in the trailer lol

  32. im only a human loveheart

    im only a human loveheart7 horas atrás

    I dont like fornite but only this trailer

  33. Devil C Wesker

    Devil C Wesker7 horas atrás

    Is that the infinity blade from the infinity blade series an iphone gamr

  34. Abdi Malik

    Abdi Malik7 horas atrás

    Welcome season 7 bro

  35. Saturn Strawberry

    Saturn Strawberry7 horas atrás

    If u reply to my comment once I get notified I will delete this comment XD

  36. Giselle Christensen

    Giselle Christensen7 horas atrás

    Dear Epic Games, all we really need for christmas is another Gears of War.

  37. TIG4R

    TIG4R7 horas atrás


  38. hassan karaki

    hassan karaki7 horas atrás

    It was the best trailer

  39. Niya Morris

    Niya Morris7 horas atrás

    Bring back team killing

  40. tanki

    tanki7 horas atrás

    2018=Fortnite 2019? Fortnite ded?

  41. Since

    Since8 horas atrás

    Die in a fire fortnite, PLEASE btw santa is not real lol

  42. Puddi Panda

    Puddi Panda8 horas atrás

    Merry Christmas! :)

  43. Ayan07

    Ayan078 horas atrás

    I swear, if they release the gingerbread man I’m going to uninstall. All these kids who think they’re cool because they’re going to have the same skin as Lazarbeam.

  44. UnionPacific4014 & 844

    UnionPacific4014 & 8448 horas atrás

    There is a Kevin present! I miss Kevin😞

  45. Crackshot300440 123

    Crackshot300440 1238 horas atrás

    That me

  46. Julius Grupp

    Julius Grupp8 horas atrás

    Hey Forinte bringt doch mal Feuerlöscher raus .

  47. AwesomeGamingParodys

    AwesomeGamingParodys8 horas atrás

    Yo I’m in the video!

  48. Daniel Cuz

    Daniel Cuz8 horas atrás

    i wish epic games take out the airplanes

  49. drew does everything

    drew does everything9 horas atrás

    Its like frosty and spongebob

  50. Daniel Cuz

    Daniel Cuz9 horas atrás

    i dont like this season

  51. rocky fontenot

    rocky fontenot9 horas atrás

    I love epic games

  52. Sam Haggard

    Sam Haggard9 horas atrás

    I love fortnight it's the best game in the world i can't what for season 7😍😍😍

  53. Paul Nelson

    Paul Nelson9 horas atrás

    Add the sword as a weapon

  54. alejandro marchelly

    alejandro marchelly10 horas atrás

    Santa Will not be happy with this

  55. Fart Snapple Pop

    Fart Snapple Pop10 horas atrás

    Rip old christmas skins

  56. Turquoisebloom2

    Turquoisebloom210 horas atrás

    0:59 I’m getting those skins.

  57. Company for Learning

    Company for Learning10 horas atrás

    Nice video

  58. Company for Learning

    Company for Learning10 horas atrás

    Love your channel

  59. Arrowless _Knee

    Arrowless _Knee10 horas atrás

    Why does Santa have the InfinityBlade

  60. Jared Fell

    Jared Fell10 horas atrás


  61. Ramiro Ortega

    Ramiro Ortega10 horas atrás


  62. I Ace

    I Ace11 horas atrás

    I'm not a fan

  63. Obey my Sauce

    Obey my Sauce11 horas atrás

    I Ace me either

  64. Troll Suckerdude

    Troll Suckerdude11 horas atrás

    can't wait for this game to die.

  65. Sergio Bernal

    Sergio Bernal11 horas atrás

    Cuando va salir fornite para x-box 360 like si epic games lo aga

  66. Obey my Sauce

    Obey my Sauce11 horas atrás

    Sergio Bernal good joke but no

  67. Joey J

    Joey J11 horas atrás

    Why do people like this game? Like seriously out of no where it just catches everyone’s attention? It makes no sense

  68. LittlexxMan05 Gaming

    LittlexxMan05 Gaming11 horas atrás

    0:55-1:01 When my mom comes into my room(snowmen are the chores btw) And gives me some chores

  69. Yoshidex WGY

    Yoshidex WGY3 horas atrás

    Me:Oh hey mom! Mom:(Raises a broom)YOU BETTER CLEAN YO ROOM OR I'LL TAKE OUT THE FLIP FLOP!!! Me: 1:01

  70. علي عسيري

    علي عسيري12 horas atrás

    Despite me hating Fortnite, the trailers can be really creative, the stop motion at the beginning is really nice.

  71. ShinyOshawott

    ShinyOshawott12 horas atrás

    Was he using the Infinity Blade? That’s a pretty obscure reference here in 2018

  72. miyuki gotou

    miyuki gotou12 horas atrás


  73. Nam eless

    Nam eless12 horas atrás

    They need to help the players to fix technical problems. I never played this game because I'm stuck on the loading screen.

  74. Trey Bolden

    Trey Bolden12 horas atrás


  75. Leveii Unleashed

    Leveii Unleashed12 horas atrás

    Sgt winter was holding the infinity blade, maybe a skin foreshadowing?

  76. BosnianKingHaris

    BosnianKingHaris12 horas atrás

    Hello fornite i used mu lifetime requests i dint know that i will never get them anymore can I have them back again fornite name HarisGradisic619

  77. MakeShiftGamez

    MakeShiftGamez12 horas atrás

    0:55 madness

  78. Kaiz The Monster

    Kaiz The Monster13 horas atrás


  79. GuelphRacing

    GuelphRacing13 horas atrás

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have an excellent day :)

  80. Hallmannen s

    Hallmannen s13 horas atrás

    Någon svensk isåfall gilla denna kommentar

  81. 9LivesLeft

    9LivesLeft13 horas atrás

    My favorite skin.. nutshot

  82. RabbitRaiderNick

    RabbitRaiderNick14 horas atrás

    Crack shot opened the door like FBI OPEN UP

  83. pubg boyy foster

    pubg boyy foster14 horas atrás

    Dead fortnight is dead

  84. Skruff

    Skruff14 horas atrás

    Why cant this just die

  85. عبدالله المشعلي

    عبدالله المشعلي14 horas atrás

    this good while season 7 tier for fortints .

  86. Wafflemelo N

    Wafflemelo N15 horas atrás

    Is fortnite coming to iPhone 6. If yes when’s the release date

  87. Jabobo Fweebs

    Jabobo Fweebs15 horas atrás

    Will crackshot be re released

  88. Laurentiu Paunescu

    Laurentiu Paunescu15 horas atrás

    And Twitch Baran

  89. ToxicCheese TM

    ToxicCheese TM15 horas atrás

    Serious Spongebob Christmas special vibes

  90. Laurentiu Paunescu

    Laurentiu Paunescu15 horas atrás

    And give me all hes guns

  91. Laurentiu Paunescu

    Laurentiu Paunescu15 horas atrás

    And Twitch Baran

  92. Laurentiu Paunescu

    Laurentiu Paunescu15 horas atrás

    Ban Mientosek D he scam me

  93. Cardboard Knight

    Cardboard Knight15 horas atrás

    Isn't this the announcement trailer and not the actual trailer?

  94. Gibus Mester winkyface

    Gibus Mester winkyface15 horas atrás

    This is the ultimate cringe

  95. I'm Hyper

    I'm Hyper15 horas atrás

    Only OG PLAYERS will remember the first fortnite battle royale christmas

  96. free fire gamer

    free fire gamer16 horas atrás

    Wow wow what ?

  97. Brock Rumlow

    Brock Rumlow16 horas atrás

    Lil Crackshot’s eyes at 0:43! 😭

  98. Федор Гусев

    Федор Гусев16 horas atrás

    I showed this trailer to my mother. She said:"Is this a movie trailer?". Epic Games, you are the best!

  99. VenOXHen - Music

    VenOXHen - Music16 horas atrás

    i hate fortnite


    DARK_ KNIGHT_YT17 horas atrás

    When it will be lanced on android ;(

  101. IBims1Mark

    IBims1Mark14 horas atrás


  102. Sorry, GhostlyTobes machine broke.

    Sorry, GhostlyTobes machine broke.17 horas atrás

    Am i the only one noticing that *crackshot litterally broke in there house, stole there things, and vandalised.*

  103. NTN Vlogs

    NTN Vlogs17 horas atrás

    BRreporterr Number 1 in Vietnamese

  104. Mickyzazza07

    Mickyzazza0718 horas atrás

    How do we'll obtain that sword?

  105. Wireproof Plays

    Wireproof Plays18 horas atrás

    We need port a potty

  106. The Blaze Channel

    The Blaze Channel18 horas atrás

    Airplanes ruined fortnite

  107. yokai

    yokai19 horas atrás

    If global warming is real, how do you explain this, huh? Checkmate, libtards

  108. Hamza Bekhit

    Hamza Bekhit19 horas atrás

    Er moet een niew foertuig komen