Fortnite X Avengers: Endgame Trailer


  1. Alu Mam

    Alu MamHora atrás

    I mean that without xbox live gold

  2. ツMattis

    ツMattisHora atrás

    Revert 50 hp and mats

  3. DarkFiendX

    DarkFiendXHora atrás

    Let the ENDGAME begin

  4. ツMattis

    ツMattisHora atrás

    Revert 50 hp and mats

  5. The Hh

    The HhHora atrás


  6. ツMattis

    ツMattisHora atrás

    Revert 50 hp and mats

  7. ツMattis

    ツMattisHora atrás

    Revert 50 hp and mats

  8. Carter James Golden

    Carter James GoldenHora atrás

    Space Face Two people are in the video but not visible: Ant-Man is inside Thanos’ butt and Draz is standing so still that he’s invisible to the naked eye

  9. ツMattis

    ツMattisHora atrás

    Revert 50 hp and mats

  10. Definitely Just a GrandDedede

    Definitely Just a GrandDededeHora atrás

    Marvel didn't really learn their lesson about what to put their character in, huh?

  11. Sunny_perf YT

    Sunny_perf YTHora atrás

    :( I can’t update IOS!! And I wanna play this!

  12. utkur murodov

    utkur murodovHora atrás

    бля это че

  13. Prince Ortha

    Prince OrthaHora atrás

    Small youtubers unite🙏 Amma subscribe and like to everyone channel if you do the same for me I swear it's liget 🙏🤗💯❤️


    SPARKLE DOGEHora atrás

    Thanos put on some weight sense the last time he retired...

  15. Bye This is Tyler

    Bye This is TylerHora atrás

    Should of aimed for the head

  16. ツMattis

    ツMattisHora atrás

    Revert 50 hp and mats

  17. Epic Chipmunk

    Epic ChipmunkHora atrás

    wow I thought the bear was holding the bow that was already in the game

  18. Sky4blue SKT

    Sky4blue SKTHora atrás

    Where is the skin of iron man.....

  19. AceSlxpz -

    AceSlxpz -Hora atrás

    I swear to god I will subscribe to AceSlxpz - account

  20. Yin_Alex

    Yin_AlexHora atrás

    The updates still not out for IOS :c

  21. TheOne Preston

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  22. Ismael Hernandez

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  23. SoaR Leviathan

    SoaR LeviathanHora atrás

    When a 27 Second video is number one on trending

  24. Adolfo Gutierrez

    Adolfo GutierrezHora atrás

    Hold up lemme download Fortnite again

  25. Hannes Waterson

    Hannes WatersonHora atrás

    Lovin it

  26. Pewdiepie 399 CHAIR

    Pewdiepie 399 CHAIRHora atrás

    Fortnite needs to stop ruining endgame

  27. Sans Lord

    Sans LordHora atrás

    Add avengers and thanks to creative

  28. Alexander Murack-Miller

    Alexander Murack-MillerHora atrás

    Fortnite pleases just die already

  29. Anton Erbe

    Anton ErbeHora atrás

    #1 in den deutschen Trends 😍

  30. joleena jibu

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  31. Naim swift

    Naim swiftHora atrás

    Taylor is coming to kill THANOS

  32. Purrdah

    PurrdahHora atrás

    Body shot with a tac: Enemy: “You should have gone for the head”

  33. LeoSomeRandomBoi

    LeoSomeRandomBoiHora atrás

    Epic games can you add those endgame stuff to creative so we can have fun with them all time please?

  34. Dr. Dunsparce

    Dr. DunsparceHora atrás

    Now that’s an epic gamer moment

  35. Mr. Tattoo ASMR

    Mr. Tattoo ASMRHora atrás

    And I just became a fan of Fortnite!

  36. Temper says Hi

    Temper says HiHora atrás

    Hope Stanley makes a cameo

  37. Kev Beck22

    Kev Beck22Hora atrás

    Dunk contest update for iOS

  38. meldrox

    meldroxHora atrás

    Normally I don't like Fortnite but this is pretty cool 👍🏻

  39. The Gera

    The GeraHora atrás

    Is problem

  40. Lol Jordan

    Lol JordanHora atrás

    My update for mobile ain’t working

  41. Julio Jr.

    Julio Jr.Hora atrás


  42. The Gera

    The GeraHora atrás

    In mobile no

  43. Meada

    MeadaHora atrás

    Game is meant for 10 year olds

  44. Dani Jansen

    Dani JansenHora atrás


  45. lusor Sebastian

    lusor SebastianHora atrás

    I hate fortnite

  46. lusor Sebastian

    lusor SebastianHora atrás

    Fortnite is Bad

  47. thebesclash 228

    thebesclash 228Hora atrás

    Les fr vos été la

  48. Black panther wakanda

    Black panther wakandaHora atrás

    Echt scheisse

  49. SUBARU

    SUBARUHora atrás

    Dat prity litty

  50. Kevin Montalvo

    Kevin MontalvoHora atrás

    I’ll stick to Mortal Kombat 11

  51. Emerson Seymour

    Emerson SeymourHora atrás

    1. I hate wen ppl abbreviate wrds 2. I hate when ppl misspel words 3. I hate when people use emojis 😡🤬 4. I hates when people's adds S's tos words that dont needs them 5. I hate when people use filters on their profile pic 6. I hate when people make lists 7. I hate when people like there own comments 8. I hate when people edit there comment 9. I hate when people repeat themselves 9. I hate when people repeat themselves 10. I hate when people make lists that contradict themselves

  52. Gaming Forever

    Gaming ForeverHora atrás

    Fortnite will return to the MCU after Endgame

  53. Adam Ellis

    Adam EllisHora atrás

    Iron Man dies

  54. Ksnow 42

    Ksnow 42Hora atrás

    No. This is so sad. We’re doing another failed event to try to tarnish the mcu’s great reputations. This is sad. And fumb

  55. Jonathan Villar Gonzales

    Jonathan Villar GonzalesHora atrás

    Bacause I cant not enter?

  56. SplashGaming

    SplashGamingHora atrás


  57. Wittypert

    WittypertHora atrás

    Fortnite should be in avengers the movie

  58. Ksnow 42

    Ksnow 42Hora atrás

    Wittypert no. Why ruin stab lees work.

  59. chillinwalk 21

    chillinwalk 21Hora atrás




    Why isn’t this update available yet on Mobile?

  61. Ksnow 42

    Ksnow 42Hora atrás

    GAMING WITH THE HYPERS because nobody wants it

  62. Alu Mam

    Alu MamHora atrás

    please make fortnite free for the xbox

  63. Ksnow 42

    Ksnow 42Hora atrás

    Alu Mam lmao it is. It’s so bad the o ly way ppl will play it is to make it free😂😂😂

  64. Mathieu Valbuena

    Mathieu ValbuenaHora atrás

    Hier soir j'ai sucer un ours


    CROÛTON HACKERHora atrás

    Qui est français

  66. Ksnow 42

    Ksnow 42Hora atrás

    CROÛTON HACKER pas moi

  67. BlackCastleYT

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  68. Gilbert Sandoval Jr

    Gilbert Sandoval JrHora atrás

    This just leaves a bad taste in my mouth

  69. Jarif wwe

    Jarif wweHora atrás

    It will be not fortnite , it will be the fortengers

  70. Ksnow 42

    Ksnow 42Hora atrás

    Jarif wwe no it will be failnite because the game is a failure. It’s like living failures from blood borne: it tried to be one of the great ones but failed.

  71. ExXTreMe_ YT

    ExXTreMe_ YTHora atrás


  72. Ryan CK

    Ryan CKHora atrás

    Propaganda 10/10

  73. InsertJokeHere 7

    InsertJokeHere 7Hora atrás

    Plz have Ant-Man so I can climb in people's anus

  74. Do not look at my profile picture

    Do not look at my profile pictureHora atrás

    Do not read my name

  75. Mp Ricky

    Mp RickyHora atrás


  76. Thug Life

    Thug LifeHora atrás

    The end is near !!!

  77. SibstLP

    SibstLPHora atrás


  78. lightning

    lightningHora atrás

    Natasha and Tony die in endgame, hulk uses the gauntlet, captain marvel ruins the movie and saves everyone with he op powers

  79. skeeti

    skeetiHora atrás




    0:11 You don’t deserve that shield

  81. Ksnow 42

    Ksnow 42Hora atrás

    ELEPHANT POWER PRODUCTIONS🐘 none of the fortnite ppl do

  82. Papa Memes

    Papa MemesHora atrás


  83. Christian Hernandez

    Christian HernandezHora atrás

    Ok I’m coming back to fortnight right now!

  84. Ksnow 42

    Ksnow 42Hora atrás

    Christian Hernandez to delete it right? This is just sad

  85. Brilliant

    BrilliantHora atrás

    who else noticed the little Fortnite cameo in end game?

  86. Ksnow 42

    Ksnow 42Hora atrás

    Mad eye studios there’s no *cameo* for fortnite in endgame

  87. Mad eye studios

    Mad eye studiosHora atrás

    +Ksnow 42 Dude what are u on about?

  88. Ksnow 42

    Ksnow 42Hora atrás

    Brilliant the one that isn’t there?

  89. Black backpack Bandit

    Black backpack BanditHora atrás

    Let’s all dislike this vid lol

  90. Ksnow 42

    Ksnow 42Hora atrás

    Black backpack Bandit good idea. While we’re at it lets delete the game and boycott epic

  91. Emran Ismail

    Emran IsmailHora atrás

    this disrespect put on thor

  92. Ksnow 42

    Ksnow 42Hora atrás

    Emran Ismail ikr. None of the fortnite characters or players deserve to be able to have Thor’s powers. Or any gods powers

  93. xIAZAZEL PS4

    xIAZAZEL PS4Hora atrás

    I am fab

  94. Keller GmbH

    Keller GmbHHora atrás

    Some one died,

  95. LarsTM

    LarsTMHora atrás

    Black Widow and Iron Man died

  96. Javier Ojeda

    Javier OjedaHora atrás


  97. Eliel Creado

    Eliel CreadoHora atrás

    Fix your laggy servers..... Smh.

  98. Caveman Spongebob

    Caveman SpongebobHora atrás

    Finally it’s back! I never got to play as thanos

  99. Chef_jeff_gaming 2006

    Chef_jeff_gaming 2006Hora atrás

    captain brite, thorstick, cuddle-eye and iron raptor

  100. Roy Magana

    Roy MaganaHora atrás

    Declare National Holiday and ceremonies in memory of Tony Stark 🙏🙏🙏🙏 R.I.P I Am IRON MAN 😢

  101. Munky Metal

    Munky MetalHora atrás

    Update for mobile I been waiting since 5 am n it’s 1 pm now I have had to watch everyone play it

  102. Skeletonslasher Again

    Skeletonslasher AgainHora atrás

    Thanoid: the memeinator

  103. Glormbus Flormbus

    Glormbus FlormbusHora atrás

    Yo where the dang update?

  104. Narc SteZx

    Narc SteZxHora atrás

    Wesh la team des français on est la

  105. Ad SJB

    Ad SJBHora atrás

    Only a million views. 60% of them from being on the trending tab. Fortnite has truly died and I am so glad. Marvel should have invested somewhere else. :P

  106. Xyriak

    XyriakHora atrás

    If you're glad that Fortnite died, then why do you have a PFP that's based on Fortnite.

  107. Some Nigga

    Some NiggaHora atrás

    It didn’t lol when the video was 1 minute old it had 300k views so fortnite is alive

  108. GalaxyCatXD 20003

    GalaxyCatXD 20003Hora atrás

    Tony stark die A BIG SPOILER

  109. Narutoget episode

    Narutoget episodeHora atrás

    ceeday where are u right now we are waiting for the new video broooooooooo

  110. Tia Hindi

    Tia HindiHora atrás

    Why didn’t the update on iOS work yet

  111. Samuel Vazquez huerta

    Samuel Vazquez huertaHora atrás

    Dis Game IS sht

  112. Jiren chillin in the comment section

    Jiren chillin in the comment sectionHora atrás

    "It's not about how much we've fired. It's about how much ammo we have left"

  113. Stephen Marriott

    Stephen MarriottHora atrás

    Does Iron Man die in this too?

  114. Feel the Heat

    Feel the HeatHora atrás

    Rumor has it you can see cena if you look closely enough.