Free Guy | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX


  1. Renato 87

    Renato 8711 horas atrás

    GTA 6 😄

  2. dos pés a cabeça

    dos pés a cabeça15 horas atrás

    title that film in brazil, it has to be NPC!

  3. ChefBoyThirdy

    ChefBoyThirdyDia atrás

    Gta 6 looking nice

  4. Robert 05

    Robert 05Dia atrás

    I'm here for Jacksepticeye

  5. RussRedCloud

    RussRedCloudDia atrás

    1:30 I can't help but think of The Pacific Standard Job lmao

  6. sub to Rokin Roco2000

    sub to Rokin Roco2000Dia atrás

    Is Google right cause it says jacksepticeye is in this

  7. Inonge Simushi

    Inonge SimushiDia atrás

    This looks exciting, I can't wait

  8. Karolina Nowak

    Karolina NowakDia atrás

    Ready player one for 2000+

  9. ExplosiveGacha

    ExplosiveGachaDia atrás

    Free Guy: *exists* GTA players: *ah I found it*

  10. Neku Sakuraba

    Neku Sakuraba2 dias atrás


  11. Neku Sakuraba

    Neku Sakuraba2 dias atrás

    I want this to be real but the Game is like sword art online.😎🎮

  12. Julian TheUnknown

    Julian TheUnknown2 dias atrás

    "Okay then, enjoy your lifetime supply of virginity." If I went around saying things like that sure, but Guy still has you know, the face of Ryan Reynolds.

  13. Spicy Noodles

    Spicy Noodles2 dias atrás

    GTA the movie

  14. Shellie Gentry

    Shellie Gentry2 dias atrás


  15. The BlackCat

    The BlackCat2 dias atrás

    0:41 Is it just me or did i just heard the old Minecraft Damage sound?

  16. The BlackCat

    The BlackCat2 dias atrás

    I still dont get the gist of things

  17. The BlackCat

    The BlackCat2 dias atrás

    Gta -in a nutshell- every day

  18. Random Stuff

    Random Stuff2 dias atrás

    The test isn’t that confusing The test:

  19. Izumi Natsukawa

    Izumi Natsukawa2 dias atrás

    Is this the combination of Wreck-it Ralph + Ready Player One + The Lego Movie + Fortnite + Grand Theft Auto + Postal series?

  20. Shadowfireninja

    Shadowfireninja3 dias atrás

    this said there would be jacksepticeye in there...

  21. jinneemagic302

    jinneemagic3023 dias atrás

    Just here to see Jodie Comer. Who cares about Ryan Reynolds he's got enough fans.

  22. stormtroopercd11

    stormtroopercd113 dias atrás

    No one: Free Guy Movie: GTA player fighting back

  23. jekapinah

    jekapinah3 dias atrás

    ryan reynolds and taika waititi.... count me in

  24. Андрей Седых

    Андрей Седых3 dias atrás

    I love the reference to the art with Deadpool on a bike with Harley Queen sitting face to face with him. Or maybe it was in a crossover-comics, I dont remember now really

  25. Gage 2k3

    Gage 2k33 dias atrás

    *Ryan Reynolds in the cast* Me: On my way

  26. thegamerguy

    thegamerguy4 dias atrás

    Where is jacksepticeye?

  27. Toxin of meeenes

    Toxin of meeenes4 dias atrás

    Where's the flying bikes and orbital cannons?

  28. Golden Light Pictures

    Golden Light Pictures4 dias atrás


  29. Austin Trench

    Austin Trench4 dias atrás

    I’m happy people are looking forward to this. It looks like a fun parody of gta and it’s clones like fortnite. I’m okay with that because it captures the insanity of a video game with the twist of a boring life of an NPC. It’s basically the matrix for the “lol” crowd and I love that. I love how Ryan’s just playing himself allowing his performance to feel genuinely normal and friendly.

  30. Spartan Alpha

    Spartan Alpha5 dias atrás

    Why not bring Felix in the Game too

  31. Lionbeast 5

    Lionbeast 55 dias atrás

    20th Century Fox firing shots at Disney in the beginning

  32. corey

    corey5 dias atrás

    A worse ready player 1

  33. SMG Gaming

    SMG Gaming5 dias atrás

    GUY - Second agent Smith

  34. SMG Gaming

    SMG Gaming5 dias atrás

    An updated FOOOXFT GTA San Andreas cheat in movie

  35. Hershe HPA

    Hershe HPA5 dias atrás

    Who’s here bcoz of Mariah Carey’s Fantasy as theme song? 😄

  36. Aubrey Graham

    Aubrey Graham5 dias atrás

    What city is this movie set in?


    PUG ARMY GAMING6 dias atrás

    Grand theft auto online with emotes mixed with payday 2 and the sims

  38. sonic423

    sonic4236 dias atrás

    Fact: Ryan Reynolds also do “guy” in the Croods movie. Which makes the second time he’ll do the same name in this movie. This name references also marks for the upcoming flim the croods 2. Which is also both of those movie is from 20th century fox movie.

  39. hopeman returns

    hopeman returns6 dias atrás

    Career has been changed after Deadpool movie

  40. Nicholas Malcolm

    Nicholas Malcolm6 dias atrás

    Ima rule breaker ima rattle cheeka cheeka snaker I like because taika is in it

  41. Sophie Smith14

    Sophie Smith146 dias atrás

    This looks so good!! Grand theft auto: the movie 😂

  42. luan trieu

    luan trieu6 dias atrás

    I call gta meets fortnite

  43. FREE Will Dummies!

    FREE Will Dummies!6 dias atrás

    Respawn plot armour lmao 😂

  44. Sparkz_Gaming

    Sparkz_Gaming6 dias atrás

    This just looks like a upped version of payday 2

  45. Michael Rogowski

    Michael Rogowski6 dias atrás

    His name should be Max Renn, the 1983 movie by David Cronenberg...Videodrome. A really excellent film.

  46. Hadrian Vial

    Hadrian Vial6 dias atrás


  47. Philipp Lyanguzov

    Philipp Lyanguzov7 dias atrás

    So this is live action LEGO movie set in florida

  48. kuribo1

    kuribo17 dias atrás

    Looks fun....

  49. Melissa McCafferty

    Melissa McCafferty7 dias atrás

    wreck ralph: the live-action film.

  50. N'J J W

    N'J J W7 dias atrás

    I want this version released of the song

  51. Sandor Szabo

    Sandor Szabo7 dias atrás

    Non-played?? ....We need character like Trevor....

  52. Toxic Dejesus

    Toxic Dejesus7 dias atrás

    Gta the movie

  53. The Pineappleprjct.

    The Pineappleprjct.7 dias atrás

    that ducati sf

  54. MFF Gamer

    MFF Gamer8 dias atrás

    All I want is to see LazarBeam.

  55. Alex From Florida

    Alex From Florida8 dias atrás

    Finally, I’ve been waiting for a film on my culture for a while

  56. Kylar Plays

    Kylar Plays8 dias atrás

    Really excited for this movie! It seems amazing.

  57. Sherlan Davis

    Sherlan Davis8 dias atrás

    This looks stupid af I dunno how y'all come up wid these ideas

  58. Fi Senpai

    Fi Senpai8 dias atrás

    the movie isnt even out yet and its already my favourite movie

  59. Vishal Samudrala

    Vishal Samudrala8 dias atrás

    It’s rated PG-13.

  60. Gaming Kuckó

    Gaming Kuckó8 dias atrás

    APB Reloaded/GTA:V, the movie.