1. Nicole Madison

    Nicole Madison11 dias atrás

    How do you still look gorgeous 😶

  2. Savannah Riel

    Savannah RielMês atrás

    When C3PO gets a glow up , literally 😍

  3. tela long

    tela longMês atrás

    hi. just found your video today, monday, 18 march 2019...once i turned off the sound this was really fun to watch and you look beautiful at the finish.

  4. Kelsey Bruggeman

    Kelsey Bruggeman2 meses atrás

    Someone pls drink every time she says god😂😂❤️

  5. Adriana Samaha

    Adriana Samaha2 meses atrás

    0:00 go there

  6. Jessieann •DIY•

    Jessieann •DIY•2 meses atrás

    Anyone agree that she can make anything look good??

  7. Meadow Francis

    Meadow Francis3 meses atrás

    U still look like a whole snack like girl u look amazing

  8. Abby Magee

    Abby Magee3 meses atrás

    Hi Jaclyn

  9. kaydi mullin

    kaydi mullin3 meses atrás

    who else is from the drunk makeup tutorial

  10. aimen shahab

    aimen shahab3 meses atrás


  11. Choked On Insta-Ramen

    Choked On Insta-Ramen3 meses atrás

    After you put on your 'foundation' you look like me in the morning

  12. mijaro

    mijaro4 meses atrás

    she glowin

  13. MEOW NEWS!!!

    MEOW NEWS!!!4 meses atrás

    I live for the nude eyes and lips and love love those lashes with it

  14. Marcia 102

    Marcia 1024 meses atrás

    Looks like me after dance class , hella sweaty

  15. رهام انون

    رهام انون4 meses atrás


  16. Savannah Riel

    Savannah Riel4 meses atrás

    Prettiest C3PO I’ve ever seen ❤️

  17. Taylor Hackett

    Taylor Hackett4 meses atrás

    What color did you dye your hair? Its beautiful red. You look beautiful in every color tho :)

  18. Lesly Reyes

    Lesly Reyes4 meses atrás

    Why does this actually look good!??

  19. Lupita Lopez

    Lupita Lopez5 meses atrás

    😆 you still loook amazing

  20. Sofie colacicco

    Sofie colacicco5 meses atrás


  21. Brenna Nicole

    Brenna Nicole5 meses atrás

    2018 anyone hahah?

  22. Alyssa Everett

    Alyssa Everett5 meses atrás

    Full face of shadow now

  23. Alyssa Everett

    Alyssa Everett5 meses atrás

    She look like a trophy 🤣 🤣 🤣

  24. Charlotte Rose

    Charlotte Rose5 meses atrás

    Ok but why did hers look bomb as fuck anyway

  25. brittnibailey

    brittnibailey6 meses atrás

    why does this look so good tho HAHA

  26. Sukomal Gupta

    Sukomal Gupta7 meses atrás

    3.05 i mean😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that expression says something different...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. gloria sucks a toe

    gloria sucks a toe7 meses atrás

    She was so pretty here...

  28. Emily Mac

    Emily Mac7 meses atrás

    Shes being too loud wtf

  29. Jazlyn Thomas

    Jazlyn Thomas8 meses atrás

    She looks flawless regardless😩😩

  30. Leah Fide

    Leah Fide8 meses atrás

    wow only she could pull this off😪😍😍💜

  31. It’s Smilelin

    It’s Smilelin8 meses atrás

    Omg u are so beautiful

  32. Angelica Latea

    Angelica Latea8 meses atrás

    2018 😍

  33. Abi

    Abi8 meses atrás

    How did she still look amazing

  34. Kayla Couch

    Kayla Couch8 meses atrás

    Why does it look AMAZING though!???

  35. anna elizabeth

    anna elizabeth8 meses atrás

    i’m watching this in 2018. and you look SO happy. i miss this jaclyn.. we love you, stay strong.💓

  36. Jodi A.

    Jodi A.8 meses atrás

    Good Lord, is there anything this girl can’t pull off?! Ugh!!

  37. Pooch Aloo

    Pooch Aloo8 meses atrás

    What is that look actually good though

  38. Sumaikah And Huzaifa

    Sumaikah And Huzaifa8 meses atrás

    I loveeee you lashes ❤️❤️😍😍

  39. bakerspace

    bakerspace9 meses atrás

    Yes girl!! You look amazing!!

  40. Eva Strgar

    Eva Strgar9 meses atrás

    Have fun taking all the glitter of your face

  41. i'm pickle rick!!!!!

    i'm pickle rick!!!!!9 meses atrás

    Why dose she look like Annabelle what out the highlighter like a doll a hunted doll

  42. Munthaha Naz

    Munthaha Naz9 meses atrás

    She said using highlighter on full face whereas she used them only for base...😞

  43. Cora gilchrist

    Cora gilchrist9 meses atrás

    When she was adding more highlight I was like, does she really need it though 😂😂😂

  44. Amora Smith

    Amora Smith9 meses atrás

    2:43 is me every morning looking in the mirror

  45. moj b

    moj b9 meses atrás

    she kinda, a little bit, looked like catherine paiz in the thumbnail

  46. Sara

    Sara9 meses atrás

    Me : “I’m doing my makeup first” Friend : “don’t go to heavy handed Sara we are just going to the pool” Me : “ok” Also me ;

  47. Poppy Steph

    Poppy Steph9 meses atrás


  48. •Chloe B •

    •Chloe B •9 meses atrás

    you look normal at the end


    BOUJEE' BEAUTY9 meses atrás

    I think it looks awesome. You did a great job. Lol work it girl

  50. Froukje Gubbels

    Froukje Gubbels9 meses atrás

    In your intro i thaught you were normal, you're so beautiful

  51. Ava Estelle07

    Ava Estelle079 meses atrás

    3:08 is my life😂😂

  52. Sophia Griffin

    Sophia Griffin9 meses atrás

    You know that you could use a liquid matte highlight


    TAEHYUNG'S SERVANT9 meses atrás

    *The fact that there is no back ground music it feels so weird lol, It feels so empty Lol,Cause I am used with background music that Other youtubers have.*


    TAEHYUNG'S SERVANT9 meses atrás

    *She's so pretty.*

  55. Karsyn Reed

    Karsyn Reed10 meses atrás

    It’s sad that you look bomb af still!😍😍😍❤️❤️

  56. Ryanne Elizabeth

    Ryanne Elizabeth10 meses atrás

    At 2:42 she looked like one of the gold people from guardians of the galaxy 2... not hate just a thought that poped in my head.

  57. Allie Nolan

    Allie Nolan10 meses atrás

    Is it bad that I would probably wear this out

  58. Tia Turk

    Tia Turk10 meses atrás

    Who's watching this in 2018??

  59. EmmaLauren Xo

    EmmaLauren Xo10 meses atrás

    Is it me or does this actually look bomb asf😍

  60. Lindsey Farthing

    Lindsey Farthing10 meses atrás

    The wierd thing is this still looks like her normal looks. That’s how much highlight she wears

  61. Dunderwear

    Dunderwear10 meses atrás

    This doesn't even look bad!

  62. Sophie Kurtz

    Sophie Kurtz10 meses atrás

    At 4:58...........My life explained in half a second!

  63. min yoongi

    min yoongi10 meses atrás

    im quaking bc she can pull off any and everything off

  64. Dimplebabe

    Dimplebabe11 meses atrás

    Kilt Thattt!!!

  65. K_BEAUTY 06

    K_BEAUTY 0611 meses atrás

    I’m living for that eye look though

  66. Emily Hitchcock

    Emily Hitchcock11 meses atrás

    Why does she still look bom

  67. i love percabeth percy jackson and annabeth

    i love percabeth percy jackson and annabeth11 meses atrás

    LOVE THAT finished look tho Damn girl slayyyy you look bomb af😂😂😊😊😊😊❤❤❤😍😍😎😎😎❤❤❤

  68. Len D

    Len D11 meses atrás


  69. Jenna Temple

    Jenna Temple11 meses atrás

    I love how this looks normal for you😂

  70. iam trishelle

    iam trishelle11 meses atrás

    this issa look

  71. iam trishelle

    iam trishelle11 meses atrás

    wanna do this but dont wanna look like a light bulb...

  72. Alicia Hope Cooper

    Alicia Hope Cooper11 meses atrás


  73. Ava Maybelle

    Ava Maybelle11 meses atrás

    Face compared to her Neck so pale right

  74. Tawny Kowalski

    Tawny Kowalski11 meses atrás

    Hi Jaclyn! I love everything you do. You’re gorgeous and my favorite..💗😘

  75. • Olivia •

    • Olivia •11 meses atrás


  76. arman asrhaf

    arman asrhaf11 meses atrás

    slay all the way

  77. Grace Scott

    Grace ScottAnos atrás

    Why do I feel like if she filmed a favorites video or something in this look without saying anything I wouldn't think twice about her makeup cuz it looks so bomb

  78. Caoimhe Tansey

    Caoimhe TanseyAnos atrás

    'Make it work make it twerk' hahaha you go jacyln❤❤❤

  79. Jelly Pufferfish

    Jelly PufferfishAnos atrás

    is this even a challenge for her like BITCH U SLAYED

  80. ANNA Makeup

    ANNA MakeupAnos atrás

    loved this 💖

  81. Sophie King

    Sophie KingAnos atrás

    Matching the backround score 100/100

  82. Ava Maybelle

    Ava MaybelleAnos atrás

    Wow she is pale bare face

  83. Lilly Brauer

    Lilly BrauerAnos atrás


  84. Grace Mcphail

    Grace McphailAnos atrás

    ‘Make it work make it twerk’

  85. ari spag

    ari spagAnos atrás

    Ommmmggg your hilarious!

  86. Liz Walden

    Liz WaldenAnos atrás

    Who’s watching in 2018 thinking about how she was making her pallet right now

  87. Justice Aryan

    Justice AryanAnos atrás

    “OH DEAR GOD that’s not cute”😂

  88. taylor works

    taylor worksAnos atrás

    low key looked pretty good

  89. Farahnaz

    FarahnazAnos atrás

    This is how i look everyday

  90. Jorja James

    Jorja JamesAnos atrás

    how come beauty guru's who do these videos look better than people who have a full face with the right products?? aha lolll...

  91. Sofia Martinez

    Sofia MartinezAnos atrás

    tin man come through!!! (not meaning it in a bad way)

  92. It'sNataliaRose

    It'sNataliaRoseAnos atrás

    This is so pretty

  93. HoLo Harler

    HoLo HarlerAnos atrás

    she looks goooood haha 😍😍😂😂

  94. Samy F

    Samy FAnos atrás


  95. Coral lily RVlogs

    Coral lily RVlogsAnos atrás

    The contour acc looked like real contour not highlighter

  96. allyson welch

    allyson welchAnos atrás

    okay somebody pls tell me how jaclyn still looks flipping amazing😭😂❤️

  97. Tara Pinnick

    Tara PinnickAnos atrás

    Why don’t you look fucking awful instead you look absolutely fucking amazing?! You slay that girllll! Why have I only just found you, oh my god where have you been all my BRreporter life?😩 I don’t have any money but I NEED your palette so I’m going to get your palette somehow, some way❣️

  98. Andrea

    AndreaAnos atrás

    I loved this gurllllll

  99. Azrah Ayun

    Azrah AyunAnos atrás

    tbh it really looks good

  100. sar9i catfish

    sar9i catfishAnos atrás

    you look sooooo good!!