1. Dama Q

    Dama QDia atrás

    It looks great! These products pass girl, lol! You did good🤗

  2. debbie gurney

    debbie gurneyDia atrás


  3. Martha Good

    Martha Good2 dias atrás

    U did really good

  4. Marisol Rivera

    Marisol Rivera2 dias atrás

    You should try makeup from Burlington Coat Factory

  5. Jaelyn Blakely

    Jaelyn Blakely2 dias atrás

    Add me on Instagram: makeupbarbii_

  6. Grace Noel

    Grace Noel3 dias atrás

    i use the foundation as concealer and it is bombbbbb

  7. Roxanna Gadjieva

    Roxanna Gadjieva4 dias atrás

    I love you eyebrows darker. You look more dramatic and it suits you.

  8. Adrienne Barnett

    Adrienne Barnett8 dias atrás

    go o family dollar next.

  9. Brittany Nicholson

    Brittany Nicholson8 dias atrás

    I got a smaller version of that Foundation at dollar tree for $1!

  10. Bibb Kikk

    Bibb Kikk9 dias atrás

    @15:50 creepy af. Looks like someone doing g Halloween makeup to look eyeless

  11. Carley Bryan

    Carley Bryan9 dias atrás

    She’s a bullshit liar everyone knows what dollar general is I swear to god this girl is so fucking full of herself

  12. Bonnie Robinson

    Bonnie Robinson10 dias atrás

    Not as nice as the other. Two much cheek and lip. You're so likeable and fun to watch really just delightful.

  13. Lindsey Palmer

    Lindsey Palmer11 dias atrás

    could wet down the brush to help the cheap eye shadows work better

  14. Lindsey Palmer

    Lindsey Palmer11 dias atrás

    I wonder how many subs u need to get free pr makeup thatd be my dream getting free makeup lol

  15. Lindsey Palmer

    Lindsey Palmer11 dias atrás

    she has so much makeup in background

  16. Jessica Hernandez

    Jessica Hernandez11 dias atrás

    Asome live it

  17. MomElizabeth1 P

    MomElizabeth1 P11 dias atrás

    Ok so I am the store Mgr at my local family dollar and I would recommend you try your local family dollar most of the family dollar just had a huge redo of our makeup sections and we have so many choices now of different makeup. Now we’re like dollar general and not everything is a dollar. So please give family dollar a try I know we’re sooo much better thank family Dollar

  18. Autumn Golden

    Autumn Golden11 dias atrás

    I cant believe you've never been to a dollar general!! Where did you shop growing up? You must be from the city there are like 7 in my area I live in a very small town though I have to drive an hour to a mall lol. I love this video! Just shows You dont have to spend a lot of money to look beautiful 💋 #SouthernRaised

  19. vicky stevenson

    vicky stevenson11 dias atrás

    Why so much concealer ?...I like the eye shadows 💖👍natural...(I will buy)...finish look ...GREAT 💖👍

  20. Lauren Surette

    Lauren Surette13 dias atrás

    I'm assuming they didn't sell any primer or setting sprays? She didn't even mention it

  21. Kelly Strack

    Kelly Strack13 dias atrás

    yes they didn't have it at the dollar general i went to

  22. Lauren Surette

    Lauren Surette13 dias atrás

    You are too cute!! ❤❤

  23. Kelly Strack

    Kelly Strack13 dias atrás

    thank you! xo

  24. Sarah Vacca

    Sarah Vacca14 dias atrás

    I have very defined lines under my eyes and all the concealers and foundations I've used just enhance them, any suggestions on a good one to use?

  25. Angies Est

    Angies Est14 dias atrás

    In California Dollar Tree is our store. In California Dollar General is way out East!

  26. Coco N.

    Coco N.15 dias atrás

    I have to admit...I don't have the slightest patience for applying makeup but I'm so intrigued with your videos. Second video I've watched from the DT makeup vid.

  27. Kelly Strack

    Kelly Strack13 dias atrás

    aw thank you!!

  28. Jess’s World

    Jess’s World15 dias atrás

    Holy shit she looks like savanna from sav and cole with the makeup on 😱😱😱😱

  29. Samantha's life 123

    Samantha's life 12315 dias atrás

    you could cut the tip on that liner to make it shorter for more control

  30. mek mek

    mek mek16 dias atrás

    She gotta be lying.. Where she from..lol that's my fave store

  31. Theresa Calloway

    Theresa Calloway16 dias atrás

    I'm from Gulfport Mississippi and yes there is like 3 so far on the same road just like 3 miles to 4 mile difference than a family dollar.. lol

  32. Jada Burke

    Jada Burke16 dias atrás

    LMAOO i was astonished when you said you never heard of dollar general

  33. mc007

    mc00716 dias atrás

    Cool video, how do you take the false lashes off? Always have a hard time with it not pulling off real lashes when removing.

  34. Emily Franz

    Emily Franz17 dias atrás

    I love these discount makeup videos! So interesting + fun to watch 💙💙💙

  35. thestars .night

    thestars .night17 dias atrás

    The wet and wild blush brush LOL

  36. Ariana slays679

    Ariana slays67918 dias atrás

    I Hurd the truly matte is AMAZING

  37. abigail Parchems Tiger fam

    abigail Parchems Tiger fam18 dias atrás

    That foundation is yellow

  38. Missy Rogers

    Missy Rogers18 dias atrás

    Oh my goodness, do ppl really spend $20 on a beauty blender?! I see they're even $15.99 at Walmart 😲

  39. Leopard Songstress

    Leopard Songstress19 dias atrás

    Older people have used concealer as a way to cover more blemishes that are red rather than the new way to chalk it up under the eyes so that could be the green issue. But for those issues we can buy coloured concealer pallets for that very reason but like you say it’s just cheap makeup anyway, on camera it looks very light and soft so that’s good.

  40. Harmony Joanna

    Harmony Joanna19 dias atrás

    I actually love the eyebrows

  41. Gerzine gerzy

    Gerzine gerzy19 dias atrás

    You look like a disco queen, put on some sequins and your ready for a 70’s party🤩

  42. A'niyah Young

    A'niyah Young20 dias atrás

    This actually really cute

  43. Tonio Talanca

    Tonio Talanca20 dias atrás

    Dollar store foundation and shades look much better “for nude tones “ and you spent much less time applying them . But the contour and highlights on this vid really sculpted the face down big time.

  44. Devin Weese

    Devin Weese22 dias atrás

    You should do a video of a half and half face. One side of expensive products. One side cheap

  45. Tawny Bunny

    Tawny Bunny22 dias atrás

    Oh honey! This look is SO much better than the Dollar Tree one! You are young and beautiful, I would LOVE to see you do a more natural look!!

  46. Faith Abbigail

    Faith Abbigail24 dias atrás

    You're fr hating on the concealer for no reason🙄 you used to much. That's your problem. I have the exact same one from DG and it works amazing

  47. BunnyCare 101

    BunnyCare 10124 dias atrás

    You’ve never heard of a dollar general!!! Litterally dollar general is taking over my state😂😂

  48. sandra whistler

    sandra whistler24 dias atrás

    There is another great store called FIVE BELOW....everything in there is $5 or less but half of the store is nothing but makeup and anything that has to do with makeup..you all gottra try this store....its mind blowing and they have tons of everything else......

  49. Shelby Fones

    Shelby Fones25 dias atrás

    me watching this video “oh i have that” “oh i just bought that” “oh i need that” 🤣

  50. Bethany Lynne

    Bethany Lynne25 dias atrás

    Why didn’t you try an actual brush with the bronzer?

  51. Morgan Hubbert

    Morgan Hubbert25 dias atrás

    if you get the brush wet it works better


    AMANDA ELIASCH26 dias atrás

    I am 58 and you are great. I love your make up.

  53. klh 99

    klh 9926 dias atrás

    i love that la colors liquid eyeliner! i've been using it forver!

  54. Janet Duncan

    Janet Duncan27 dias atrás

    You are just that great with make up... Do you also do makeup for friends, family, professionally? I'd like to see what you do on others.. different age range. Thanks..

  55. Natalie Bell

    Natalie Bell27 dias atrás

    I use the concealer all the time, with that foundation.. it takes very little product and I feel the reason you were having trouble blending it out was because you used to much. I use it with the same foundation you used also.

  56. Brenna Martinez

    Brenna Martinez27 dias atrás

    I love this look on u

  57. Brianna Arteaga

    Brianna Arteaga27 dias atrás

    No eyeshadow primer? Even just using concealer would have helped

  58. renee lopez

    renee lopez28 dias atrás

    I think these types of videos are good. Let’s say you forgot your makeup bag at home and you don’t want to spend all your vacation money on new stuff. Now we know how these products apply. Thanks for the video

  59. Jax

    Jax28 dias atrás

    My dollar general and family dollar actually have alot of good drugstore brands now..they sell maybelline products and l'oreal and shit. They even have the lash sensational mascara at both stores

  60. Jax

    Jax28 dias atrás

    Who has never heard of dollar general 🤨 did u grow up rich or in a different country or something

  61. Kylee Espinosa

    Kylee Espinosa29 dias atrás

    Omfg shes never heard of dollar general i live in toledo ohio and theres literally 3 in toledo iono but shes nuts

  62. Kylee Espinosa

    Kylee Espinosa29 dias atrás

    I hate some blondes yes i said "some" because they just overdo EVERYTHING

  63. Hayle Layman

    Hayle Layman29 dias atrás

    This makes me feel poor because I get a lot of makeup from Dollar general

  64. Hayle Layman

    Hayle Layman29 dias atrás

    Bro....... dollar general.....how.....do you not know......it's not a dollar store.........it's like a small version of Walmart..........

  65. yelorsirhc

    yelorsirhc29 dias atrás

    How tf did I end up here

  66. Wanda Box

    Wanda BoxMês atrás

    we got one here in berry alabama

  67. Heidi Welsh

    Heidi WelshMês atrás

    how do you change your profile picture I have it changed on google but it did not change here

  68. Kara and jaycie fun Channel

    Kara and jaycie fun ChannelMês atrás

    Please do a no mirror makeup challenge

  69. Jodi Long

    Jodi LongMês atrás

    I think when you see youtubers talk about how bad a product looks in application, but it looks wonderful on them to us, that shows that they are using filters and or extreme lighting. It's so funny to see youtubers use makeup and say it's so bad but it looks flawless. They say, "if you could see this in real life" , well that's what I was hoping for in the first place.

  70. Tiffani peterson

    Tiffani petersonMês atrás

    Just found your channel was looking for eye makeup tutorial from Dodge no makeup and I found one left your video you now have a new subscriber. Just a tip for your videos I'm not trying to say you have to do this but it would make your videos more enjoyable even though this video was very nice you should start putting background music in your videos so when you're doing something you can speed it up if you want to I'm not saying you have to do this and another thing is I was really surprised that you haven't ever heard of Dollar General I have for that I know of that are in my state where I live that I can drive to and they're very close and they have a lot of good stuff too

  71. Anonymous

    AnonymousMês atrás

    Looks good! I don't like to wear makeup, I don wear foundation but I do alittle eyebrow and thin liner and sometimes on occasion, eyeshadow. The eyeshadow you held up is the one I have in a more golden pigment. love it! I always get compliments. And for $1! Lol

  72. Liz Rivera

    Liz RiveraMês atrás

    This is kind of sad funny but...no one ever showed me how to do makeup .Now I'm 47 and I'm watching videos trying to learn .thanks😄

  73. Gamer Boy

    Gamer BoyMês atrás

    You said la girl on the lip glus

  74. Gamer Boy

    Gamer BoyMês atrás

    I have the blush

  75. Barrie xu

    Barrie xuMês atrás

    love you watching you in Shanghai really want to be you plz reply

  76. Keilah Gore

    Keilah GoreMês atrás

    Girllll how have you never heard of dollar general? 😂 i worked there for years. There’s one in literally every small town in Oklahoma

  77. Nathan Dunlap

    Nathan DunlapMês atrás

    I meet some really nice people at family dollar store these are the kind of people i.love to share a future with

  78. Adriana Alexis

    Adriana AlexisMês atrás

    I wish she’d point her head more up towards the camera 🤦🏼‍♀️

  79. Marsha the Marshan

    Marsha the MarshanMês atrás

    girl, u need way better editing... like I don't need to sit here for a whole minute while you blend your concealer, especially without like any background music or anything, like wtf

  80. Lil Meche

    Lil MecheMês atrás

    Wow your eyes are really pretty

  81. Just_Jo

    Just_JoMês atrás

    Your brows look good!

  82. Jocelynn Corcoran

    Jocelynn CorcoranMês atrás

    With the eye shadow you have to be patient with it. I had a night club pallet from there and as long as I was patient and kinda picky about what shades I used it really wasn't bad at all.

  83. Jessalyn Hendrix

    Jessalyn HendrixMês atrás

    How is it crazy to drive 45 mins 😕😐

  84. psycho directioner

    psycho directionerMês atrás

    i have one of the day to night palettes but in a different shade range. the one I have is super good and the shimmer are really pigmented. i think it was just the shades you chose

  85. GodisGood777

    GodisGood777Mês atrás

    This is my first time of hearing Dollar General too, makes sense as the closest one is an hour away, and theres only 4 in my state.

  86. Audrey Weinlader

    Audrey WeinladerMês atrás

    the concealer does almost have a green undertone...

  87. Audrey Weinlader

    Audrey WeinladerMês atrás

    video starts 2:15

  88. Rosie Rivera

    Rosie RiveraMês atrás

    The L.A colors lipstick is amazing I use that one all the time

  89. Danielle Jones

    Danielle JonesMês atrás

    Cheaper bronzer is best applied in direct sunlight. Some of the hues of the makeup get lost in artificial light, its weird.

  90. Arawyn Goode

    Arawyn GoodeMês atrás

    You are so pretty with or without and lipstick 💄

  91. Haya Khelik

    Haya KhelikMês atrás

    You should go to Family Dollar

  92. Brooklyn hall

    Brooklyn hallMês atrás

    I love LA Colors matte lip stick! I have had there lip gloss in the past and it’s not bad at all it’s a little sticky though

  93. Caitlin Whisenhunt

    Caitlin WhisenhuntMês atrás

    I live in a small town and we have a Dollar General and every surrounding town has one also. I’m surprised you’ve never heard of it! You must not be from the south 😂

  94. Kelly Strack

    Kelly StrackMês atrás

    hahah no im from new jersey!

  95. GothicaBeauty.

    GothicaBeauty.Mês atrás

    Hunni not everybody can afford e.l.f or wet & wild brush prices so we make the brushes work.

  96. Lexi Covers

    Lexi CoversMês atrás

    i just learned what a dollar general was like 2 months ago. kansas fam




  98. Jodi Neeley

    Jodi NeeleyMês atrás

    These lashes were much better looking than the dollar tree one.

  99. Lacey Humphrey

    Lacey HumphreyMês atrás

    AND those highlighters are GREAT!!

  100. Lacey Humphrey

    Lacey HumphreyMês atrás

    I love DG because they have the catsuit liquid lipstick that is my favorite! My go to color is rebel rose in that brand!

  101. missnatalieOK

    missnatalieOKMês atrás

    Adorable look!!💛

  102. th3 Qu33n B

    th3 Qu33n BMês atrás

    Im sorry.. I ain't sorry... I just cant..1. she talks waay too fast and too dang much!!! girl speed this up and let us see the finished look. 2. the whole video ur complaining about the products before using it, you swear its going to be the worst thing in ur life, "oh but its actually pretty good I mean not perfect but for a dollar its ok" (let me deny/but profess/but deny my love for this dollar product) then compare it to MAC srsly ?? 3. Dollar general dollar tree 99 cent store I know there's a family dollar in at least every state! or some form of dollar store! Don't act like "you ain't know" on ur way to ulta or MAC or Sephora wherever, you didn't pass up a dollar store!! that beyond bouggiiee "im too good for dollar marts" gtf outta here! 4. I cant stop laughing at these faces she's making probably the only reason why I lasted 9 min. into the video. find my self skipping forward every 2 min cause she talks so much. Ive always heard the rich stay bored. these vids just give here something to do during the day. this girl has probably $2000+ worth of make sitting right behind her!! but cant give credit when due to off brand!! bye Felicia...next.

  103. Samantha Benko

    Samantha BenkoMês atrás

    i can't support someone's vids who never even heard of a damn dollar general girl you dont know the struggle go sit on your gold toilet

  104. Kayla Hageli

    Kayla HageliMês atrás

    They don't have them everywhere. Had them in Illinois. Moved to San Diego and none. Dollar Tree or Family Dollar only.

  105. xoxo forever

    xoxo foreverMês atrás

    U should stick to dark it brings more life to you verses the natural look . It doesn’t have a lot of pigment because the darker colors are made for ya eyes !! You can’t stay blend and boring forever girl . Get with the trend !!