FULL FACE OF DUPES | Drugstore vs. Highend


  1. Ines

    Ines2 dias atrás

    Wow! I'm so impressed by this. Honestly, I cannot see the difference. If I hadn't watched the full video, I would've assumed she used the same expensive products on both sides of the face. But the cheaper eyeliner is more pigmented (and better in my opinion) than the high end one. I'm a fan of drugstore products. If a cheaper product does the same job, with pretty much the same results/quality at a FRACTION of the price - then why pay for the high-end brands?! I will never understand it! I guess some people just have a lot of spare cash that they like to throw away. Thanks for this, I will look into buying that Wet & Wild highlighter, its so pretty. :)

  2. Domante Klimanskyte

    Domante Klimanskyte3 dias atrás

    Love this look on you, so flawless ! I'll defo will have to recreate it myself!!! your videos always inspires to experiment with my make up ! LOVE you Tati xx

  3. Ashlee Yang

    Ashlee Yang3 dias atrás

    Where do u get that brush thing you used to apply your foundation?

  4. Jennifer Walter

    Jennifer Walter6 dias atrás

    Yes do it again please!

  5. Svetlana Villegas

    Svetlana Villegas8 dias atrás

    The wet&wild foundation looks great on skin and has great coverage but the smell is horrible, I can’t stand it other then that it’s great! Thank you for a great reciew🤗

  6. Alysha McKinney

    Alysha McKinney9 dias atrás

    we need another dupetorial!

  7. Wendy Muir

    Wendy Muir13 dias atrás

    fyi Coty Airspun makes an unscented version.

  8. Roxy Griffin

    Roxy Griffin13 dias atrás

    so prettyyy

  9. Aina Kunigelyte

    Aina Kunigelyte16 dias atrás

    this video really lacks the conclusion, what happened with the make up after several hours? did the drugstore stayed as well as high end? which products would you pick from drugstore which from high end? what is the point to do all this without any conclusion

  10. lapis lazaly

    lapis lazaly17 dias atrás

    From the off I liked the left side better (drugstore) and like as soon as Tati used the primer I was like, where's my Priceline 😂

  11. black rose

    black rose18 dias atrás

    You should do a full face of all your most expensive products

  12. drew friedli

    drew friedli18 dias atrás

    Loved this please do this again. Xo

  13. LysMyMiss

    LysMyMiss18 dias atrás

    I love your top!

  14. Melissa Rios

    Melissa Rios19 dias atrás

    YAAASSSSS!! Please do another one similar to this. I am a single mom on a budget but I LOVE MAKEUP! I would love to see another similar video. I can save when I need to and get something that's equally (if not better) product for cheaper! :-D

  15. Kylee Jean

    Kylee Jean20 dias atrás

    I feel like the bronzer was pretty different. Hour glass was way more pigmented

  16. cpmelendez

    cpmelendez22 dias atrás

    Tati, you do more of this. It’s been a while since the last dupetorial.

  17. tuna noodle

    tuna noodle24 dias atrás

    brow wiz and the highlighter is what made the expensive side look good

  18. Aiswarya Behera

    Aiswarya Behera24 dias atrás

    In close up u look like Angelina jolie

  19. Jessie Rose

    Jessie Rose26 dias atrás

    The day this was uploaded it was my birthday :p

  20. meg arbo

    meg arbo28 dias atrás

    Love that top/dress!

  21. Jennifer Ewing

    Jennifer Ewing29 dias atrás

    Beautiful look! I love your videos and would love to see more dupetorials!😊

  22. Suzana Rodrigues

    Suzana Rodrigues29 dias atrás

    That would be nice if you tried this again nowadays, but testing how does it behave during the day.

  23. Jax

    JaxMês atrás

    Excuse me...did u just say 100$ powder?😳

  24. Kasey Benton

    Kasey BentonMês atrás

    The spoolie is broke off of my Brow Wiz too!😒

  25. Mary Pily

    Mary PilyMês atrás

    WOW TATI this is amazinG love your work

  26. Van Leo

    Van LeoMês atrás

    Such a beautiful human

  27. Cyncere Penn

    Cyncere PennMês atrás

    What did she use to blend her foundation?

  28. Trace Maker

    Trace Maker21 dia atrás

    Cyncere Penn A clairosonic

  29. Tierra Tsethlikai

    Tierra TsethlikaiMês atrás

    Yes again for the feauture

  30. Richelle Marve

    Richelle MarveMês atrás

    I actually love the lip colors together. Its kinda editorial but I love the idea of similar shades one on top and one on bottom. It looks intentional and creative.

  31. Tricia MsSenseNSensibility

    Tricia MsSenseNSensibilityMês atrás

    Did one side hold up better or equally throughout the day?

  32. Kaydence Mullin

    Kaydence MullinMês atrás

    same!! i just bought the brow wiz last week and the spooly broke off 😑

  33. Ryleigh

    RyleighMês atrás

    You can thank the coty airspun powder for the iconic flashback mary.

  34. 2in1 Beaut

    2in1 BeautMês atrás

    Cody air spun cause flashback Mary lol sister James Charles

  35. Skye White

    Skye WhiteMês atrás

    I have an unpopular opinion because I usually prefer the high end products because in my experience they withstand the Day way better and even though you are essentially paying for the name of the brand or designer, there is something to be said about the quality of those products as well.

  36. Lama Drama

    Lama DramaMês atrás

    so after I watched this video, I went to my moms stash of high end makeup and saw the powder and try it on! and yes I almost got killed

  37. Cubushka 27

    Cubushka 27Mês atrás

    For me the milani setting spray didnt help make my makeup last i liked it better for my eyeshadow (foils, matalics,ect.) My skin is combination and it didn't hold my foundation I tried it with 5 different foundations I had.

  38. giorgi kravchenko

    giorgi kravchenkoMês atrás

    Natasha Denona definitely flopped in this video. Despite the eyebrow, I like the drugstore side more.

  39. Pauline Alcera

    Pauline AlceraMês atrás

    You're awesome!

  40. Hannah Chalk

    Hannah Chalk2 meses atrás

    I thought the left side was going to be the more expensive side.

  41. Denise Savage

    Denise Savage2 meses atrás

    What is "bake"?

  42. Pandora Vex

    Pandora Vex2 meses atrás

    Another dupetorial, please.

  43. Emily Davenport

    Emily Davenport2 meses atrás

    The only product I see any noticeable difference with is the bronzer. Besides that, get me to the drug store!

  44. TwoPlatesIsAce

    TwoPlatesIsAce2 meses atrás

    The first liquid catsuit i tried was tht peach one and it was patchy for me too and i hated them for a while but i tried another and I love the liquid catsuits now lol

  45. Elsa-Lee Treasure

    Elsa-Lee Treasure2 meses atrás

    This is son crazy!! You honestly couldn’t tell you used 2 different kinds of makeup let alone, high-end VS lower-end!!!

  46. Deewa Safa

    Deewa Safa2 meses atrás

    hey everyone I brought the coty airspun powder and I use the fit me concealer and la pro conceal but everytime I use the powder it breaks up the concealer or makes it look super cakey any advise ?

  47. Michelle R

    Michelle R2 meses atrás

    This video convinced me there's no need for me to drool over high-end really haha

  48. Barbara Webb

    Barbara Webb2 meses atrás

    I love the airspun powder! It last foreveerrrr, you do really get your money worth.

  49. Dnunez88

    Dnunez882 meses atrás

    Wowwww thanks once again I buy dupes all the time can’t offered high end 🙋🏻‍♀️

  50. Morgan Coghill

    Morgan Coghill3 meses atrás

    I'm not that good at makeup and can't even afford all that..


    DONNA ZHANG3 meses atrás

    I'm kinda wondering if you have a brush tutorial video. I would love to know your opinion on must haves/dupes for brushes (as well as other applicators including your clarisonic and beauty blenders), and full face, detailed applicator, every single step brush/applicator/blender/clarisonic step by step tutorial. How important do you feel an applicator is in the make up process?? (love your videos and your personality!!)

  52. Alvira khan

    Alvira khan3 meses atrás

    You're amazing ♥️

  53. Dalicia Molina

    Dalicia Molina3 meses atrás

    Gorgeous makeup!!!! thanks for this videos you gave me a lot of ideas!!! 💋

  54. Fiona Sudarmana

    Fiona Sudarmana3 meses atrás

    This kind of video is really fun!

  55. Kristina Hilton

    Kristina Hilton3 meses atrás

    Please do another side by side video. 💝

  56. Emma Claire

    Emma Claire3 meses atrás

    The age rewind just emphasizes the texture on my face

  57. Viraj Soni

    Viraj Soni3 meses atrás

    don't you all see how her high end side looks lifted, the skin looks more accepting of makeup on high end side! I think for face products high end brands prove to be much better. eyes and lips are definitely better at the drugstore.

  58. Elitka gadalka

    Elitka gadalka3 meses atrás


  59. Lacy Bardoner

    Lacy Bardoner3 meses atrás

    I absolutely love Tati!!! But she is talking about how amazing the Wet and Wild foundation is and how affordable it is BUT she is using a over one hundred dollar brush (the Clarisonic) to apply it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Snowboardchick

    Snowboardchick3 meses atrás

    Ugh! The most important part would have been the wear test for me! I'm so bummed! It's one thing to dupe the colors and stuff, but another for how good it wears! Can you update this as to how it wore?

  61. Daphnie Hanna

    Daphnie Hanna3 meses atrás

    Tony moly! This video was awesome! Loved it! Thanks tati ❤️

  62. nicola offert

    nicola offert3 meses atrás

    That's such a pretty top Tati, oh and great make up too ! 😘

  63. Brittney Ferguson

    Brittney Ferguson3 meses atrás

    TATI!!😮It is SPOT ON!😍I ❤️These Vids! Thank YOU for letting Me & the World🌎 Know WE can Achieve the SAME Results on a BUDGET!🤑Thank YOU👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  64. Nastia Golubeva

    Nastia Golubeva3 meses atrás

    Brain nod barn armed may flash remind evolution.

  65. fairday2

    fairday23 meses atrás

    I use the Coty powder. Nice and cheap, but so soft.

  66. Shantel Barnhill

    Shantel Barnhill3 meses atrás

    This was great!!

  67. Lexi Mays

    Lexi Mays3 meses atrás

    Where do you get the kody airaspun powder from 😊😊😜

  68. O.G. World

    O.G. World3 meses atrás

    They sell it at Walmart. That is where I bought mine anyways.

  69. Yanitza Rodriguez

    Yanitza Rodriguez3 meses atrás

    Does anyone know where she gets her mirror from?

  70. Diana Edris

    Diana Edris3 meses atrás

    Finally a mua that uses and likes affordable makeup!!!

  71. Harshita Singh

    Harshita Singh3 meses atrás

    The eyeliner from loreal is better

  72. sondus habib

    sondus habib4 meses atrás

    The lipsticks don’t match

  73. RaenieDai 123

    RaenieDai 1232 meses atrás


  74. Nana Castro

    Nana Castro4 meses atrás

    Gosh! I see why you don’t do winged-eyeliner🙈🙈🙈

  75. Elli Salminen

    Elli Salminen4 meses atrás

    Shortly distinction stair imagination instrument hat lecture guy free immediately interaction.

  76. Annie Laurin

    Annie Laurin4 meses atrás

    The drugstore side looks better!!!

  77. Laura Turner

    Laura Turner4 meses atrás

    I love dupe videos! Thanks Tati x

  78. BL Gorton

    BL Gorton4 meses atrás

    Omg girl, wear that top again. Yasss gorgeous

  79. Alissa

    Alissa4 meses atrás

    Real quick question when I do my. Make up I moistureize my face then prime my face with porefessoinal . Then do my foundation but my pores still look like indents on my face.if you have any suggestions please comment this please thank you. Love you Tati

  80. Kimber Geyman

    Kimber Geyman4 meses atrás


  81. SeeksTheTruth101

    SeeksTheTruth1014 meses atrás

    Tati, my son, Maverick, he's 8, said, "she's really pretty!"

  82. mac.27

    mac.274 meses atrás

    I think drug store products doesn't stay long...you didn't show that..

  83. Amy Underwood

    Amy Underwood4 meses atrás

    Loved this! Would like to see another

  84. MrsLoretta

    MrsLoretta4 meses atrás

    Loved your dupetorial!! Can't tell the difference..looks so pretty!!

  85. Dolly Gill

    Dolly Gill4 meses atrás

    yes plz do more such videos in future

  86. Latife Marshmello

    Latife Marshmello4 meses atrás

    The setting powder you used on the cheaper side is the FLASHBACK MARY invitation

  87. Mandi Taylor

    Mandi Taylor4 meses atrás

    You look great. Thank you for proving that drugstore makeup can be applied as beautiful as high end :)

  88. Jessica Arlene

    Jessica Arlene4 meses atrás

    Watching your videos here and there. Love all videos I have watched so far. Who would think half your face almost $900 worth of makeup. Both look gorgeous.

  89. Ana Chocolate

    Ana Chocolate4 meses atrás

    what about the duration of the make up?, is it different?

  90. v Rad

    v Rad4 meses atrás

    I love this video and I vote for doing more like this.

  91. Hilda Torrivio

    Hilda Torrivio4 meses atrás

    Love your videos!

  92. Cynch Perez

    Cynch Perez4 meses atrás

    Hi tati, im really loving all your videos, i used to believe you need high end products for your make up but you really changed my perspective!!! Thank you for making us realize we dont need to spend a ton to make us feel pretty😍

  93. oriana karam2

    oriana karam24 meses atrás


  94. Roseann Butler

    Roseann Butler4 meses atrás

    I Love the ending not much difference .. But I did notic and if you relook... when your putting on lipstick .. on the more expensive side... your foundation is creasing a little... So I would prefer the Wet N Wild over the Other!! Great Job tho :) !!!!

  95. Opal Goon

    Opal Goon4 meses atrás

    Those earrings are gorgeous😣

  96. kit magot

    kit magot4 meses atrás

    Daaamn, i know power of makeup and stuff, but here your facial features look really different Remind me of emily blunt

  97. Shauna XX

    Shauna XX5 meses atrás

    Watching this like yes I'm gonna get tons of ideas for dupes Me afterwards remembering I don't live in the US:DAMN IT IVE NEVER SEEM THESE BRANDS IN A SHOP IN MY LIFE!

  98. Peyton Elizabeth

    Peyton Elizabeth5 meses atrás

    Does the Cody arspun powder have flashback?

  99. Katherine

    Katherine5 meses atrás

    love this video!!!

  100. Kristen Bottinelli

    Kristen Bottinelli5 meses atrás

    I'm curious by the end of the day which wore better?

  101. Princess Paige

    Princess Paige5 meses atrás

    The biggest difference is bronzer

  102. tammy dwight

    tammy dwight5 meses atrás

    Polynesian Beauty

  103. Victoria Silvey

    Victoria Silvey5 meses atrás

    Wow I cant believe the Airspun is only 6 bucks! i must have it