Galaxy Buds review: everything but the basics


  1. The Verge

    The Verge6 meses atrás

    What wireless headphones are you using? What do you want to be using?

  2. IamHiyatiger

    IamHiyatiger3 dias atrás

    Powerbeats Pro. almost flawless.

  3. 魚 Tgfish

    魚 Tgfish22 dias atrás

    I have the galaxy buds, and I wanted the galaxy buds

  4. Giga Z

    Giga Z26 dias atrás

    Gear iconx2018

  5. poging panget

    poging panget27 dias atrás


  6. Hugo Paz

    Hugo Paz3 horas atrás

    This is a very poor review the galaxy buds are amazing. One of the best buds I have owned they did fix the Mic with software update.

  7. Abdulmajeed Altamimi

    Abdulmajeed AltamimiDia atrás

    I need help... So I have a note 9 and an iPad Pro, and decided that I should buy galaxy buds because I use the phone a lot more, even though I watch videos on my iPad, and the galaxy buds are amazing. But that’s not the point, the point is, that I have like an audio delay when I connect the galaxy buds to the iPad Pro and watch BRreporter. Can someone help me fix it

  8. Muerto

    MuertoDia atrás

    If you're looking at this review months later, most of these problems have been resolved through software updates via the Galaxy Wearable app. And if you use a Samsung phone you will never experience these issues. Do yourself a favor and just get them.

  9. aku dia

    aku dia2 dias atrás

    Seems this review is not true to life😆. I feel sorry for the reviewer has to do her job like this..hope she didnt get fired. Or maybe she get paid? The intro described it all

  10. Alex McCaffrey

    Alex McCaffrey3 dias atrás

    I think I've ever made one phone call using headphones. I'm always to self conscious I'm bellowing 😂.

  11. metv1221

    metv12217 dias atrás

    She is sponsored by you know, but we want say 😂. So she think the airpod sound better audio wise, call quality ok, but audio no, sorry.

  12. Victor Reges

    Victor Reges8 dias atrás

    Great Review! Thanks!

  13. Jonathan Brady

    Jonathan Brady14 dias atrás

    I dumped my Samsung icon x 2018 buds for all the same reasons she stated. Terrible sound quality even with the Samsung EQ settings, which in my opinion are also awful. I ended up buying a pair of KZ AS10s with a TRN Bluetooth adapter for them; perfect! Especially when combined with the Viper Audio Mod for Android.

  14. Sarah T

    Sarah T15 dias atrás

    I use my buds on a Note 8 and an iPad. I havent noticed any lag when watching youtube on the ipad, and switching the connection is easy!

  15. Beri Laybo

    Beri Laybo16 dias atrás

    Best review of the buds family I seen EVER!!! Well done. You helps me a lot on what to buy! Thank you

  16. Aaron Scott

    Aaron Scott18 dias atrás

    No. They have ONE job to do.

  17. Joey Ortiz

    Joey Ortiz21 dia atrás

    Buds are so much better after software updates. 4 months later!!

  18. Irizarry M

    Irizarry M24 dias atrás

    Totally get it, not feeling that chat part , it's most important for my conversation to be understood, I hate having to repeat my self. Awesome view of what Good about these earbuds, Thank you

  19. Technoid

    Technoid25 dias atrás

    Thing we learned about the verge, if it's not apple they hate it

  20. Nate DS

    Nate DS26 dias atrás

    "This review is about disapointment" Well that really sets the tone, doesnt it?

  21. Sandon Adamson

    Sandon Adamson27 dias atrás

    Why 25% dislikes? Sounds kinda high for a good opinion.

  22. Rajdeep Sarkar

    Rajdeep Sarkar28 dias atrás

    I will go for Jabra


    ALIAS WIZARD28 dias atrás

    What's the model no. ?

  24. Jojo Tovar

    Jojo Tovar28 dias atrás

    Keep up the good work I've been a fan since 2010 I wish I had some earphones but I can't cuz I can't afford them🎊🎉😭

  25. RPAYNE1990

    RPAYNE199029 dias atrás

    The galaxy buds are much much better since the latest update

  26. RPAYNE1990

    RPAYNE199027 dias atrás

    @ALIAS WIZARD there is only one model as far as I am aware


    ALIAS WIZARD28 dias atrás

    What model is she reviewing?

  28. Mike Culp

    Mike CulpMês atrás

    I have the buds and I have to say, for wearing them at work listening to podcasts and some music, they're really comfortable and practical. I like that they pause my music when I take them out. I assumed call quality would be bad, but I'm not planning on using them much for that

  29. Caitlyn Stepanov

    Caitlyn StepanovMês atrás

    The galaxy buds sounded better

  30. Jeffery Ikechukwu Nwabueze

    Jeffery Ikechukwu NwabuezeMês atrás

    Listening with the buds

  31. Danny Moonie

    Danny MoonieMês atrás

    This is literally the opposite of the official introduction

  32. Angélica

    AngélicaMês atrás

    This video was all over the place. I don't know man.

  33. Calwin Titus

    Calwin TitusMês atrás

    Jeez ! What they say about verge is true it seems

  34. byron346

    byron346Mês atrás

    Awesome idea using the audio recorder. Pretty useful for me! Now, I read there has been some software updates, telling your opinion a out those would be nice

  35. endless nameless

    endless namelessMês atrás

    I have an iPhone XR and I use the galaxy buds. I actually absolutely love these and the software is FAR superior to AirPods, not to mention that they actually stay in your ears. I’ve literally never had a problem with latency or dropping.

  36. Antonio Claudio Michael

    Antonio Claudio MichaelMês atrás

    I'm still rocking the Motorola rokr s9 s10 and s11 headsets for music I think the jabra sounded better when you were doing the talking demonstration better then both the air pods and galaxy buds

  37. Antonio Claudio Michael

    Antonio Claudio MichaelMês atrás

    I agree with all your opinions the ambient sound settings I cant tell that it even works

  38. victor fuentes

    victor fuentesMês atrás

    Try sincing the media sound it's a huge help trust me!

  39. Rampi Sarmiento

    Rampi SarmientoMês atrás

    This review is isn't fair. I had zero issues. And completely blow everything else. Out of the water. How can you be disappointed with these for $130. It's more than justified that price. Only thing I agree on is the swipe VS tap. Zero Bluetooth issue. Calls were clear. There's something wrong with your set up.



    Why can't I add music to my Galaxy buds? It's not even an option in the wearable app There are not settings in the app

  41. Lucas Oanta

    Lucas OantaMês atrás

    There's no internal storage like on the gear iconx 2018

  42. Abu Panja

    Abu PanjaMês atrás

    The opening of this review wants me to close the video immediately!

  43. Alexandre Lima

    Alexandre LimaMês atrás

    I still want to use the galaxy buds haha

  44. Toxic Word

    Toxic WordMês atrás

    I own a pair off galaxy buds and i can say the mic quality is not good. But the audio quality is very good in my opinion. I use it with my Galaxy note 8 and it sounds better than the AKG earphones i got in the box.

  45. John Krain

    John KrainMês atrás

    I can tell.. she hates because it's samsung, not apple.. just like how I hate apple because it's not samsung. :)

  46. Ashrith B

    Ashrith BMês atrás

    possibly the worst review I have ever seen on youtube

  47. Dan Thompson

    Dan ThompsonMês atrás

    Oh be nice ;P

  48. Rashad Hammond

    Rashad HammondMês atrás

    I have them and I like them a lot

  49. Ice Cold

    Ice ColdMês atrás

    Listening on galaxy buds

  50. Chip Tallent III

    Chip Tallent IIIMês atrás

    Have Dieter do an updated review!

  51. Dean Hayden

    Dean HaydenMês atrás

    I've been using the Galaxy buds for a while and I haven't experienced these issues the sound is great and the bluetooth connection is strong i will say the call quality isn't the best but it isn't the worst when on the phone I never get any complaints there comfy and light and easy to use when it comes to it these a perfect earbud out there for everybody just have to find the right one

  52. Justin Burgess

    Justin BurgessMês atrás

    I just got mine yest and I have the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and all I can say is these are amazing! I go almost 24/7 with headphones on and too not even realize their in your ears and you can forget about them is huge and you wouldnt think they would put out the sound quality compared to other similar types of headphones cause of how small they are but I was shocked and I have a pair of dre beats solo and couldnt believe how close to being of the same quality they were when you fig their around $150 cheaper! I highly recommend these even if your not using them on a samsung product they are still great and you cant really tell the difference.

  53. Roshawn Stothart

    Roshawn StothartMês atrás

    Idk what she's talking about, they are 🔥

  54. Immortal So Far

    Immortal So FarMês atrás

    Ok, someone help me out, that that a guy or gurl?

  55. Tadhg Brady

    Tadhg BradyMês atrás

    Are the galaxy buds water proof?

  56. WestCoast Michael

    WestCoast MichaelMês atrás

    Another puff piece for Apple. Hey, I like Apple and Samsung, they are both superb companiesand I float between the two as I get bored with their respective systems. But I tire of the Verge bashing all that is not Apple. And judging from the 1/3 down votes, I would seem to be not alone.

  57. edrian vincent marte

    edrian vincent marteMês atrás

    Im using galaxy buds while watching this awesome video ❤

  58. arshad khan

    arshad khanMês atrás

    6:36 You have called yourself, who you are "what's up-ing"?

  59. Yutae Gil

    Yutae GilMês atrás

    Jaybird all the way. No compromises.

  60. Brittany Rose

    Brittany RoseMês atrás

    My boyfriend got his free with his Note10+ and he loves them 🤷‍♀️

  61. vindicatorx

    vindicatorx9 horas atrás

    @Brittany Rose so?

  62. Brittany Rose

    Brittany Rose10 horas atrás

    @vindicatorx I'm in canada

  63. vindicatorx

    vindicatorx12 horas atrás

    Irrelevant, the offer was through Samsung for 150$ off Samsung products

  64. Brittany Rose

    Brittany Rose12 horas atrás

    @vindicatorx his was from best buy

  65. vindicatorx

    vindicatorx13 horas atrás

    @Bella N it was through Samsung

  66. Y. MN

    Y. MNMês atrás

    I don't know why all the hates, to me this is one of the best accurate reviews. Thanks for the great job.

  67. Amee Divine

    Amee DivineMês atrás

    I may be a little late coming into this discussion but here's my view. So far I've used the Airpods and as much as I love my iPhone, the airpods didn't really cut for me. I don't like the design of it to be honest, I guess my impulsiveness got in the way and so I bought it. I also did not like that it's not a bud. They always, always tend to slip or fall off my ear especially when I'm chewing or moving too much.. so instead, I bought tips and ear anchors thingy just to make sure they don't fall off but the hassle of removing them after each use is ridiculous. I love the fact that the buds come with interchangeable tips (kudos!) As for the sound quality, it's almost the same between Airpods and the Buds and honestly when she tested it on the video earlier, it was not that bad. But hey, in this day an age, people text way more than calling. Oh, I'm using these buds with my Oppo Reno Z because I hate Samsung phones. Sure, they are nice to look at and stuff but after prolonged use, the lag issue ALWAYS comes back.. no matter what Samsung model it is. I don't know why, but that happened. I'm gonna test this with my iPhone too because, why not. As long as I get to hear my music while I work, I'm good. I think if someone is looking for a more superior sound quality, wired earphones will give you that.

  68. avi shalom

    avi shalomMês atrás

    u ar very good rely

  69. Joseph Guy

    Joseph GuyMês atrás

    Better then air pods this man hates all things not apple

  70. ToeNailBreaker

    ToeNailBreakerMês atrás

    I was debating what to but with my $150 Samsung credit for preordering the Note10+ . Thanks to this video I went with the Gear Watch 46mm LTE, nough said.

  71. Lovish Middha

    Lovish MiddhaMês atrás

    Samsung phones can record calls, you don't need an external fancy recorder

  72. OwO warrior owo

    OwO warrior owoMês atrás

    I do have a problem with the video lag though, I'm using a huawei mate 20 pro, is there anyway I can fix that?

  73. NoImpulse_ Ctrl

    NoImpulse_ CtrlMês atrás

    Glad to see your hairstylist has a sense of humor!

  74. IceHot 900

    IceHot 900Mês atrás

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