Game Jam Hollywood Trailer - All New Games Coming Soon


  1. JJ Said

    JJ Said17 dias atrás

    I need help, I got the 30 battle stars for the mobile issue but no vbucks :( also I was tier 100 when I got the 30 battle stars, so I literally got nothing 😢

  2. Alex Alessandro

    Alex Alessandro17 dias atrás

    Epic games regalenme una pc a ustedes les sobra el dinero

  3. josue mamani

    josue mamani19 dias atrás

    quiero mi recompensas

  4. FLO

    FLO21 dia atrás


  5. Rogelio Mata

    Rogelio Mata21 dia atrás


  6. xynnぁ

    xynnぁ21 dia atrás


  7. EXES TV

    EXES TV21 dia atrás


  8. dinosaurio kawai 777

    dinosaurio kawai 77721 dia atrás


  9. XxDannynu42xX

    XxDannynu42xX22 dias atrás

    Me encanta

  10. Adam

    Adam22 dias atrás

    I'm only here for the reward.

  11. Skyzo

    Skyzo22 dias atrás


  12. Regbyk

    Regbyk22 dias atrás


  13. Dra9on power02

    Dra9on power0222 dias atrás


  14. tjd

    tjd22 dias atrás


  15. just youtuber

    just youtuber22 dias atrás


  16. Qsa Slender

    Qsa Slender22 dias atrás

    The best game

  17. wojciech Herman

    wojciech Herman22 dias atrás

    Love you canal

  18. !ntoxicated

    !ntoxicated22 dias atrás

    i linked my account and watched and i didnt get anything

  19. Tobami

    Tobami22 dias atrás

    I didn’t get the spray...

  20. Zrock 316

    Zrock 31622 dias atrás

    It isn't working for me 😭

  21. wallah

    wallah22 dias atrás

    mita vittu

  22. Fastoi Fight

    Fastoi Fight23 dias atrás

    ridiculous game. It cannot be considered competitive for any reason. Now with the battle royals we have fallen to an even lower degradation. Fortnite BR is too casual a game ... look on the internet for real serious fps pro gamers, like for example Fatality and Stermy ... Ex pro Quake player

  23. Flamsinger

    Flamsinger23 dias atrás

    Yo !!

  24. KyleyGamer

    KyleyGamer23 dias atrás

    Does it work if you watch in mobile for the rewards? Please answer as soon as possible

  25. Dunn Shaffer

    Dunn Shaffer23 dias atrás

    code yeet

  26. Dunn Shaffer

    Dunn Shaffer23 dias atrás


  27. Entity 303

    Entity 30323 dias atrás


  28. Sergio Castro

    Sergio Castro23 dias atrás

    Im just here for the rewards

  29. YurBoyRakZzz

    YurBoyRakZzz23 dias atrás

    Cba u guys explain me how to do this? Like do I have to be in s creative match while playing or???

  30. Stealthy

    Stealthy23 dias atrás

    So what time is Game Jam going live? The time in EST.

  31. Yurish

    Yurish23 dias atrás

    Starts in 1 h from now

  32. czokletek

    czokletek23 dias atrás


  33. 1000 iscritti senza video

    1000 iscritti senza video23 dias atrás

    How long does it last?

  34. Alexa Lopez

    Alexa Lopez23 dias atrás


  35. Sebastian Marecki

    Sebastian Marecki23 dias atrás

    When will it be and about which

  36. Sebastian Marecki

    Sebastian Marecki23 dias atrás

    Kiedy to będzie i o której

  37. young SQT LABEL MaCIUS

    young SQT LABEL MaCIUS23 dias atrás

    To będzie dzisiaj o 18 30

  38. SensaiGaia1

    SensaiGaia123 dias atrás

    Could someone tell me what time 12.30pm ET is in BST?

  39. SensaiGaia1

    SensaiGaia123 dias atrás

    @BlxssMyL2 I'm only asking because I get confused?

  40. GlassyRain0

    GlassyRain023 dias atrás

    @BlxssMyL2 lol

  41. BlxssMyL2

    BlxssMyL223 dias atrás


  42. Ron Spain

    Ron Spain23 dias atrás

    Epic Games promotes discrimination based on sexual orientation. Also, I never play this Fortnite garbage.

  43. Xyciu

    Xyciu23 dias atrás

    Please elaborate

  44. GlassyRain0

    GlassyRain023 dias atrás


  45. Mega Sylveon

    Mega Sylveon23 dias atrás

    Me: Is that the set? The Game Jam set? Epic Games: Most of the set. Me: Oohh relief.

  46. Ainak Basu

    Ainak Basu23 dias atrás

    Hey do I have to watch livestream

  47. TST SnapShot

    TST SnapShot23 dias atrás

    When Does It End?

  48. Carlos Ochoa

    Carlos Ochoa23 dias atrás

    I like fornite

  49. Teresa Landeros

    Teresa Landeros23 dias atrás


  50. Teresa Landeros

    Teresa Landeros23 dias atrás


  51. T h e b o y o f t h e n i g h t

    T h e b o y o f t h e n i g h t23 dias atrás


  52. Zair Vega

    Zair Vega24 dias atrás


  53. Francesco Acsenti

    Francesco Acsenti24 dias atrás


  54. Jumpzz

    Jumpzz24 dias atrás



    GABRIEL AVILA24 dias atrás

    I am hear for free stuff!!! D:

  56. Gu Smith

    Gu Smith24 dias atrás

    I'm diggin it :)

  57. Cloutnibba12

    Cloutnibba1224 dias atrás

    So i gotta watch this 20 mins each day?

  58. MYC_MateusMax 248

    MYC_MateusMax 24824 dias atrás

    Happy birthday

  59. Jeremy Maya

    Jeremy Maya24 dias atrás


  60. Geo Playz

    Geo Playz24 dias atrás

    Bruh do i have to watch the full livestream because i ain't if its over an hour and a half

  61. Maximo Uriel Tafolla

    Maximo Uriel Tafolla24 dias atrás


  62. Conor Rossiter

    Conor Rossiter24 dias atrás

    Are both the livestreams on this page ? Game jam and wc finals

  63. Conor Rossiter

    Conor Rossiter24 dias atrás

    Are both the livestreams on this page ? Game jam and wc finals

  64. Jam

    Jam24 dias atrás


  65. FIOX YT

    FIOX YT24 dias atrás


  66. Cashin

    Cashin24 dias atrás

    Use code: "Cashin" In the Fortnite Item Shop!

  67. catparticular gaming

    catparticular gaming24 dias atrás

    I'm here for free rewards.

  68. IvanCitou

    IvanCitou24 dias atrás

    douu de pana

  69. David Senoner

    David Senoner24 dias atrás


  70. Ettore Spampinato

    Ettore Spampinato25 dias atrás


  71. Bueno Christofer90

    Bueno Christofer9025 dias atrás


  72. lpmi0 _

    lpmi0 _25 dias atrás


  73. SaleGosse775 AYL

    SaleGosse775 AYL25 dias atrás


  74. The Joke

    The Joke25 dias atrás

    can't wait

  75. SilverAle

    SilverAle25 dias atrás

    i dont even play this i just catch up because its trending

  76. Star Monica

    Star Monica25 dias atrás

    Очень классное видео! Давайте дружить!? Буду ждать в гости! От меня лайк и подписка!

  77. Gabo Churo

    Gabo Churo25 dias atrás

    IM HERE FOR MY BOY DOM LETS GO and the free rewards...

  78. Austin Clay

    Austin Clay23 dias atrás

    Gabo Churo lolilil

  79. Clash Royale Knight

    Clash Royale Knight25 dias atrás

    My Epic Name is in Ps4 , omg_Gott

  80. GlassyRain0

    GlassyRain023 dias atrás

    who cares

  81. Alexy Herrmann

    Alexy Herrmann25 dias atrás


  82. Synchro

    Synchro25 dias atrás

    Do you get the reward from watching this exact video?

  83. Matrix

    Matrix24 dias atrás

    Synchro nope you have to watch the stream

  84. Black Panther

    Black Panther25 dias atrás

    my epic name in fortnite for free rewards is: Matolale07

  85. GlassyRain0

    GlassyRain023 dias atrás


  86. Vatox

    Vatox25 dias atrás

    Who Is Waiting For The Free Rewards Stream?

  87. fe4r_ toxic

    fe4r_ toxic22 dias atrás

    @Cirton-Z what's your epic mine is FE4RTOXIC

  88. fe4r_ toxic

    fe4r_ toxic22 dias atrás

    @Cirton-Z i guess

  89. Cirton-Z

    Cirton-Z22 dias atrás

    @fe4r_ toxic so now its dead

  90. fe4r_ toxic

    fe4r_ toxic22 dias atrás

    @Cirton-Z you had to watch it when it was premiering

  91. Cirton-Z

    Cirton-Z22 dias atrás

    @fe4r_ toxic but i have to see 20 min of the live or not ?

  92. Hussain Yameen

    Hussain Yameen25 dias atrás


  93. Cutie Br

    Cutie Br25 dias atrás

    My BRreporter channel is Cutie Br and my epic name is ikillyouxDjk

  94. GlassyRain0

    GlassyRain023 dias atrás

    who cares

  95. Flexi boy

    Flexi boy25 dias atrás

    I really like fortnite💜

  96. Zachary Borden

    Zachary Borden25 dias atrás

    Seems pretty epic!

  97. Sanjil Shrestha

    Sanjil Shrestha25 dias atrás

    dont use same name Game Jam as it is already used in game deveploment

  98. JTK alke

    JTK alke25 dias atrás

    Can i have my reward?