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    Back in early 2019 hbo announced game of thrones prequel phase, House Of The Dragon, a Game of Thrones prequel is coming to HBO MAX The series is co-created by George RR Martin and Ryan Condal. Miguel Sapochnik will partner with Condal as showrunner and will direct the pilot and additional episodes. Condal will be writing the series. NOW joining the prequel production under George R.R. Martins guidance, using his book that’s now available, a brand new venture for hbo in the world of a game of thrones... TARGARYEN HISTORY!! ... The New 'Game of Thrones' prequel is closing in on a pilot order • Focuses on the Targaryens • George R.R. Martin & Ryan Condall writing • Will feature Aegon's Conquest 300 years before the show -Targaryen prequel will span all the way from Aegon’s Conquest to Dance of the Dragons - The Targaryen Civil War

  2. Noland Ryan

    Noland RyanMês atrás

    Dunk & Egg/Robert's Rebellion both have way better intrigue than this Targ encyclopedia.

  3. D3

    D3Mês atrás

    George said he wasn't writing until he finished winds of winter

  4. Bobby A

    Bobby A23 dias atrás

    I have high hopes for this, but I still think a legit spin-off series featuring a couple of known characters would have been better. (Similar to how Frazier spun-off from Cheers.) Perhaps this series can do that too as well because I heard that Melisandra is old enough to have lived during this prequel series.

  5. Hsk ToiletScrub

    Hsk ToiletScrub24 dias atrás

    Robert's Rebellion or nothing

  6. FourtyTwo 042

    FourtyTwo 04226 dias atrás

    Fool me once....

  7. Jeremy Prinzen

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    My take on "How it should've ended": Clearly this whole mess was the result of the gradual loss of Targaryen power, right? First, the dragons died out by the end of Aegon III the Dragonbane's reign (possibly with the help of the maesters of the Citadel), and about two hundred years later Aegon V the Unlikely had lost the respect of the nobles by protecting the smallfolk, and finally, the dynasty was partially unstable due to the possibility of madness in the gene pool. So if this whole mess was the result of the loss of prestige and power for the Targaryens, obviously - in my opinion - the restoration of the Targaryen dynasty would've put an end to this mess because A): both Daenarys and Jon/Aegon have legitimate claims; B): they have dragons; and C): most of Westeros wants stability after like 5 years of war, and probably remember most of the Targaryens fondly

  8. LOPS666Orange

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    Targeryans their story is only interesting if/when they had no dragons. They had all died out....GOT spent to much $$$ on see one dracarys you seen them all... Dialogue....GREAT STORY TELLING & great DIALOGUE is what made season 1-6 so great....season 7 was still good but they speed up the story from 1x first four season to 2x in season 5/6 to 20x in season 7 with all the teleporting across the map through one episode. Dany and all her dragons should’ve died at the battle of Winterfell...

  9. Lila S

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    Buhh i won't see this shit you totally ruined GOT in Season 8. Why should I see the story of house Targaryen if you destroyed the same house in S.8. First remake the final season of GOT under George Martin guidance then we can talk of prequels Very disappointed fans here

  10. MadOrange644

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    Just don't show us anything related to WW and the show will be ok. Season 8 killed their whole plot line beyond repair.

  11. Cardo Clarke

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    How can I get a role in the show?

  12. Strategist Wang

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    Why would anybody want to see a prequel story when GOT failed. Think about it... you start watching a new story and in the back of your head there's a little voice that says this will al lead in to nothing eventually.

  13. candace pritchett

    candace pritchettMês atrás

    Yeah.. I wanted to be pumped for this.. but House Targaryen was destroyed in GOT season 8. What they did to Daenerys was unforgivable and insured that the House died off. This is just capitalizing on what's left of that dumpster fire.

  14. candace pritchett

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    @Francis Bouchard I understand that.. it's knowing that the House essentially dies off is depressing.. I've already read Fire and Blood and the histories of Westeros. I know what happens.. I guess it could be cool visually but the storyline will always conclude with.. "Dany kinda forgot about the Iron Fleet." And "She's muh Queen."

  15. AreYAH Zedek

    AreYAH Zedek14 dias atrás

    John snow carries the house...

  16. Francis Bouchard

    Francis Bouchard28 dias atrás

    .... but its a prequel tho...

  17. JPK Clutch

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    So it’s only going to be until the Dance of Dragons. Was hoping to see it be until The Blackfeet Rebellion with Daeron II and Bloodraven vs Daemon and Aegor Bittersteel.

  18. x xXTrapWolfXx x

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    Look at how they massacred my girl lol

  19. Bea Beangca Donor

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    Something to live agaaaaain

  20. Joshua Alt

    Joshua AltMês atrás

    Don’t care

  21. Elle H

    Elle HMês atrás

    I still haven’t forgiven you.

  22. Sean Blu Digital

    Sean Blu DigitalMês atrás

    When you realized there's nothing new here

  23. Sondre Eriksen

    Sondre EriksenMês atrás

    I want Conleth Hill to read a history book to me, dressed as Varys.

  24. ವಿಷ್ಣು ಕೋಟ

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    When is this airing tho?

  25. Krystian Run

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    I waited how many years of game of thrones to find out of about the white walkers, how many? Then they basically ruin the last 3 seasons of the show but rushing it and negating all the night king story. Then they say, don’t worry the night king story will be in the prequel show about the long night and the building of the wall and bran the builder. Even tho they ruined the last show I thought to myself , maybe they’ll get this right ? Hbo must have said, nah boys this show will have no penis or incest and we know that’s what sells in the USA so let’s drop this idea and do the show about the targarians, that way we can show so much penis and incests and dragons that no one will pay attention to the actual dialogue or storyline.

  26. RE H

    RE HMês atrás

    Well, that's a snooze fest.

  27. Abiola Adedeji

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    If you don't know what you're talking about maybe

  28. Rene Cuevas

    Rene CuevasMês atrás

    When you realize Varys is the one narrating the video 😂😂🔥

  29. ZEUS Productions

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    I thought kingslanding got its name from Tommen's Landing

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  31. Ash

    AshMês atrás

    Is this series gonna be animated???

  32. Game Of Thrones

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  33. Jayde Dinnoo

    Jayde DinnooMês atrás

    Bring on the sweet intrigue!

  34. Akshit Taneja

    Akshit TanejaMês atrás

    Every story has a beginning and an end . You shit at the end , do you really think we need beginning ?

  35. Akshit Taneja

    Akshit TanejaMês atrás

    Fiction is life .... Can't get over it

  36. RE H

    RE HMês atrás

    Ugh, another b(_)tt-hurt uber fan. Get over it.

  37. Aahan S

    Aahan SMês atrás

    HINDI Dubbed Please 🙏🏻

  38. Daniel Eugieger

    Daniel EugiegerMês atrás

    winter is coming MF!

  39. Daniel Eugieger

    Daniel EugiegerMês atrás

    yes yes yes ,so excited!

  40. Bradley Dore

    Bradley DoreMês atrás

    The targaryen are the true rulers of westeros

  41. flor de luna

    flor de lunaMês atrás

    I'm looking forward to watching it 🔥❤🔥

  42. ricky nova

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    hbo you bring me back again

  43. Shadow_Next

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    Will Ramin Djawadi produce the soundtrack of the series?

  44. Manu Gulati

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    Love me some lord Varys

  45. Troy B.

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    I really hope they don't short cut the reign of King Jaehaerys. His reign is literally one of the most important throughout the whole book.

  46. Angel of Sarcasm

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    They better have dragons every episode.

  47. gustavo lopez

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    To be honest, i don't care about the series anymore, just want to comment so if they read the know it!!

  48. Daniel Eugieger

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    If you don't care go comment on some shit u do care.

  49. katty charisma

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    This is what we deserve after what they did to our mother of dragons

  50. Kw S

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    Por favor,Voltan com Game Of thrones :'l

  51. dtrix10kc

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    Varys I hear you!

  52. Tess d'Urberville

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    I would be interested to know about Mr. Condall's previous writing experience? Did he write any episodes for Game of Thrones?

  53. Moiz khan

    Moiz khanMês atrás

    Waiting for Perquals 😭♥️♥️♥️♥️

  54. Pratik Chandurkar

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    I think this will blow

  55. Mr. Lightning Hands

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    Just please don’t ever bring back D&D. GOT must return to greatness.

  56. Smyth Professional Advanced Screen Productions

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    Mr. Lightning Hands Make GoT great Again!

  57. Maliivica Doncevic

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    This show is doomed after seasson 8 fiasco...

  58. RE H

    RE HMês atrás

    Season 8 was awesome. Perfect ending.

  59. Daniel Eugieger

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    Saison 7 was good imo ,saison 8 could have been executed better,but for this only one word .....HYPE 🔥

  61. SAGE XX

    SAGE XXMês atrás

    I just hope this will include Rhaegar and his secret Love and Marriage with Lyanna Stark and that tragedy that came from that, that arc was so dope to me.

  62. The 100

    The 100Mês atrás

    @colton mallory my bad, I see what you meant

  63. The 100

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    @colton mallory after*

  64. colton mallory

    colton malloryMês atrás

    Its dated way before those events

  65. Morgan Rideout

    Morgan RideoutMês atrás

    Just curious

  66. Morgan Rideout

    Morgan RideoutMês atrás

    Because rhagar was Jon's father and now his life was screwed up because he was raised by need stark

  67. Game Of Thrones

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    Morgan Rideout you know you can edit and combine your comments as they could be flagged as spam and I won’t be able to reply

  68. Morgan Rideout

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    I wonder if it talks about Jon more because Danny was never the last Targaryen

  69. lovely kumar

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    What about origin of white walker...?

  70. Bruce Lester

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    Who? That guy who gets killed out of nowhere by a little girl?

  71. Hamza Ali

    Hamza AliMês atrás

    Firstly fix the last season of Game Of Thrones. Change the friggin stupid ending.

  72. Jack M

    Jack MMês atrás

    They don't need to. If they're smart, the spinoff shows will be seperate, more accurate portrayals of the books. Then maybe when George is done with the main series, they'll retell the story from a game of thrones to a dream of spring, with references and nods to the previous spinoffs that HBO would've done over the next few years. Unless those also do badly, then there'll probably be minimal cross references between any of the show series. Which is the best way to do things if any of them don't work. If each show draws from the books instead of eachother, we might have drastically different versions of westeros, which I think would be pretty interesting, but it would be confusing, so hopefully they steer the ship away from D&D and more towards GRRM, when in doubt.

  73. Daniel Eugieger

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  74. Nafisah Zakari

    Nafisah ZakariMês atrás

    When exactly are they releasing the first season?

  75. Vishwajeet Waghmare

    Vishwajeet WaghmareMês atrás

    Varys you are good speaker 👏

  76. Tejas Vyas

    Tejas VyasMês atrás

    Will Balerion be in the show?

  77. Madeline Sartori

    Madeline Sartori29 dias atrás

    Surely they can't do a show about Aegon's Conquest *without* Balerion. They also can't do the Conquest without Visenya and Rhaenys, and you can't do those ladies without Vhagar and Meraxes. What makes the Targaryens different than the other houses in the first place? One of the Conquest's most memorable events was the Field of Fire, and you damn well can't do *that* without the dragons. If they even bloody try to go dragonless, or downsize them in any way, they shouldn't do the show.

  78. ShRaVaN 2k00

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    Am I the only LANNISTER here????

  79. Priya Choudhary

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    Varys voice sounds so soothing that I miss him..he was one of the best men of the council.

  80. Atinesh

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    F*** this crap, after GOT season finale

  81. muhammed sheffinms

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    Hype is real

  82. GhostDeathmark

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    House Targaryen forever❤️