Game Theory: Super Mario's BIGGEST Secret.....Literally


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    Oh well, it doesn’t matter if I am not a playable character in smash, as long as I am the healthiest in the mushroom kingdom because of my sport habits! WAH HA HA HA!

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    Waluigi you're pretty neat

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    Yeah "Sports Habits"

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    If waluigi was a playable character in Smash, he'd be my favorite

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    Daddy is that you

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    Are you seriously doing this for the meme?

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    wait what about peach?

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    So what you are saying is that the best waifu is a lil thicc and good and that the other best waifu is almost as thicc and need to look after herself more


    SAFARAGUS7 minutos atrás

    wait how do you edit doors on fortnite those darn edits always get the best of me

  18. President C4

    President C48 minutos atrás

    Screw Waluigi fans.

  19. Atem Andrew

    Atem Andrew8 minutos atrás

    Ignoring potential muscle mass, wouldn't it stand to reason that if the numbers are rounded for the babies, the numbers would also potentially be rounded for the other characters?

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    waluigi number 1? mor like waluigi number one on trending

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    Lazarbeam outro rap music wat?????

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    Haven’t watched in a while... HE HAS A BABY?!???!?!!!!?!???!??!???

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    So much dominance being enforced within this video.

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    #1 trending!!!

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    Mon August 20 3:35am #1trending nice job mat pat

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    THERE IS MORE THEN JUST BLENDER!! PLEASE!! I KNOW I NEVER DO THIS BUT AAAAAA!! WHAT ABOUT CD4, 3DS MAX?! Sorry, needed that of my chest.. Go a head, continue the video.

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    Nice job getting to #1 trending EDIT: your always my #1 trending youtuber

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    Wouldn’t they weigh more as the gravity is different in the Mario games

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    I thought this was going to be one of them 🍆vidios LOL


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    I only liked because he mentioned dunkey

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    Dude the puzzle is like cicada

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    The only reason the FBE video isn't #1 in the US is because of this. Thank you.

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    Do mass effect

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    look smart be smart *theory wear*

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    I am convinced that MatPat’ only eats and drinks Diet Coke and whatever he helped make on Nerdy Nummies.

  40. Hunteran the Peace Lord

    Hunteran the Peace Lord14 minutos atrás

    7:34 It's Wad-low, not Wade-low, WAD-LOW! As an Illinoisian I'm TRIGGERED AF!!!

  41. Professor Oak

    Professor Oak14 minutos atrás

    So... Waluigi is perfect? How is this a video we all know he's perfect and will be playable in Smash Ultimate.

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    I’d love to get a t-shirt but it’s expensive 😕 Sorry MatPat

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    What about toad?

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    *Reads the thumbnail* Tell me something I don't know.

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    I feel like this guy low key smokes a lot of weed

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    Really no one made an out of the closet joke yet?

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    What song is that in the background at 8:40

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    When he said he has a kid, I literally started crying and said MatPat is DadPat 😭❤️❤️

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    hey got a series idea for you, maybe you can make a Religion theory ( Books like Bible Quran etc. ) I guess that's pretty good I just think this is a good idea

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    Itsa meeeee, WALUIGY!!!

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    Waluigi will get nefred the next patch

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    At least he acknowledges the fact that he pissed off people for never doing Mass Effect part 2.

  55. Vulpine Deity

    Vulpine Deity21 minuto atrás

    Don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat. BMI in unhealthy ranges above the norm may not be actually unhealthy for the individual depending on if they're fat or muscular. Of course, considering the general roundness of most of these characters, this is largely irrelevant.

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  57. Cameron Crook

    Cameron Crook22 minutos atrás

    There are way too many outliers for BMI to be a valid index of obesity it's great for looking at people in obese or healthy spectrum but it shouldn't really be a measure of exact health. Wario has demonstrated extreme strength in past games as well as Mario, their bmi does not take this into account

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    Does anybody else hear the LazerBeam outro music?


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    Matpat FNaF movie confirmed

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    Song name on 5:00?

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    China #1

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    I should be in a game..

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    This is why I always pick my boi in mario kart

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    Waluigi is the best character confirmed.

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    i know Luigis baloon world. I have never heard of tjat donkey guy or ehatever

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    Hi game therey how onses the musome kidim decos prenses pech is a prises not a qwen

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    I’m the exact height of

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    T pose for dominance

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    Why did you use lazar beam song

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    The funny thing is that people think Mario and Luigi aren’t humans😂

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    murder in india must watch this video

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    :| did you factor in the fact that the princesses wear heels thus making them taller also rosalina is shown to be floating in smash 4 while not cannon also shows she could be very much floating in general standing

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    Wario must be so proud. Or jealous. You know how that yellow boi gets.

  82. bethmoth

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    Thats because waluigi is the most anatomically correct. Also, rosalina floats, so thats probably her height..

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    Who gave Rosalina wand stilts.

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    i dont even game, i just watch these videos for the amazing editing! i am learning so much that i can use myself, thank you for that! 💪

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    11:54 Lazarbeam’s outro song drop lol

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    It wasn't the first time they used M because they did in Nintendo land

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    This is exactly why they won't add our Boi Waluigi into Smash Bros, he would simply win every time because of how incredibly Fit he is! We still don't care he must be added!

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    When did this iteration of the intro first began getting used again?

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    So Wario isn’t 10 feet tall? Shame...

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    Finally, a video I can watch after 12 am without getting spooked straight!

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    Matpat, you need to come out of the closet.



    *Sips diet coke* ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, another day, another theory. ISSA BOUT WALUIGI MY BROODAHS LES GOOOOOOOO