Game Theory: The Kindergarten Family Secret (Kindergarten 2)


  1. ashes burning

    ashes burning9 horas atrás

    I thought nugget was bald with a chicken nugget shaped head

  2. Chaz Siegfeld

    Chaz Siegfeld19 horas atrás

    WHY CANT NUGGET BE THE ABANDONED SON he could’ve been abandoned on the side of the road and lived in a hole and that’s why he digs holes

  3. Random Person

    Random Person19 horas atrás

    is that motherfucking purple nagito on the thumbnail?

  4. Ben Gibson

    Ben GibsonDia atrás

    Monty vs janitor

  5. zoop bleep

    zoop bleepDia atrás

    The logo should be game film nugget conspiracy because that one spiderman episode

  6. Kingjam gaming

    Kingjam gamingDia atrás

    Am I the only one that only likes jacksepticeyes voices

  7. Caitlyn Tanner

    Caitlyn TannerDia atrás

    Smol brain

  8. ombre_cosplays

    ombre_cosplaysDia atrás

    Stephs nugget voice though

  9. Dia atrás

    Is that why in the first kindergarten nugget didn’t have any parents because when u help him

  10. Pepper Cat Gaming

    Pepper Cat Gaming2 dias atrás

    you should make a nugget theory intro

  11. LunaTheMoon

    LunaTheMoon2 dias atrás

    Are you sure that the janitor’s backstory is the most hidden? You said later in the video that we don’t know really anything about the hall monitors.

  12. member killmonger

    member killmonger3 dias atrás

    Can we have nugget audio book reads please

  13. pahuana family

    pahuana family3 dias atrás

    Can't wait for this to get referenced in Kindergarten 3.


    SKADOUCH3 dias atrás

    guys on tik tok got that nugget hair tho ngl

  15. Pesuyna Studios

    Pesuyna Studios3 dias atrás

    Is it just me or does bugs sound Russian?

  16. Saaya Chitra

    Saaya Chitra3 dias atrás

    I think that Bugs might be an albino, the son is someone else and maybe that the of the janitor was killed.

  17. Creeper 12

    Creeper 123 dias atrás

    You are a true fan of this channel if you don't skip the channel intro

  18. magidragon

    magidragon3 dias atrás

    What is the yellow in the gt logo?

  19. Ultra Hollywood

    Ultra Hollywood4 dias atrás

    The janitor raped someone so thats y he has a secret son

  20. Elsie Boggs

    Elsie Boggs4 dias atrás

    what about nugget?

  21. Ihateflamgonoidon’t Tart

    Ihateflamgonoidon’t Tart4 dias atrás

    Yeah Bob has killed that alien freak of nature he’s just a regular janitor

  22. awezome082

    awezome0824 dias atrás

    Do a granny game theory you can make something out of it

  23. The Harry Potter fan 19y

    The Harry Potter fan 19y4 dias atrás

    I have that springtrap funko pop at the start of the video 1:02

  24. MusicMiner Playlister

    MusicMiner Playlister5 dias atrás

    Did you see the spring trap snap it's head?

  25. anu radha

    anu radha5 dias atrás

    14:32 AHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAH I can't stop laughing

  26. Unknown User

    Unknown User5 dias atrás

    You forgot ozzy

  27. Nico_otte

    Nico_otte5 dias atrás

    Kinda SAW it coming Jeez that took me 4 months to find that out

  28. ninja 0756

    ninja 07565 dias atrás

    8 bit ryan does better voice acting for this game

  29. Brianna Misura

    Brianna Misura5 dias atrás

    I think Buggs has a buzz cut

  30. cowdeemo

    cowdeemo6 dias atrás

    But why would Buggs want his dad to come back if the janitor standing next to the door?

  31. Captain

    Captain6 dias atrás

    Why do all the good Bobs die

  32. Jacob Grady

    Jacob Grady6 dias atrás

    Now theirs a yellow part

  33. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee6 dias atrás


  34. Leafy The Cat

    Leafy The Cat6 dias atrás

    Why did nugget just disappear when mat got rid of the female characters at 7:39

  35. mardie marl

    mardie marl6 dias atrás

    Is nobody going to comment that of the janitor was his dad he would talk to him because he has "Seen him before" Aka The "Flask"

  36. Spy from Tf2

    Spy from Tf26 dias atrás

    The Janitor GAVE his son away not LEAVE his son with Buggs Mother

  37. Spy from Tf2

    Spy from Tf26 dias atrás

    Penny got attacked by "a monster"

  38. Barrett Kilgore

    Barrett Kilgore7 dias atrás

    Hey Siri 130 so I didn’t say that my microphone pretty bro I can’t even use it on my cellular all of the new labor plus

  39. TheGremlinLord

    TheGremlinLord7 dias atrás

    Jackcepticy dose the best nugget voice

  40. Sketchie Rumor

    Sketchie Rumor7 dias atrás

    and imma get some nuggets

  41. Sketchie Rumor

    Sketchie Rumor7 dias atrás

    I THINK bugs just cuts his hair very very very short

  42. Cymru Shadow

    Cymru Shadow7 dias atrás

    We have Game Theory, Film Theory and NUGGET THEORY

  43. Zlata B

    Zlata B7 dias atrás

    sure...........a few hours to play GTlive: *has like 10 parts*

  44. Emerald Dragon

    Emerald Dragon7 dias atrás

    Bugs looks like ponalriph from JoJo's bizzare adventures (sorry of I misspelled his name)

  45. Jessie Qiu

    Jessie Qiu7 dias atrás

    I thought buggs hair looked grey because it was shaved.

  46. Noob Saibot

    Noob Saibot7 dias atrás

    And also I LOVE THE SHAVE BUTTER BECAUSE ITS JUST FUN TO SAY “Hey ozzy give me more of that SHAVE BUTTER”

  47. Noob Saibot

    Noob Saibot7 dias atrás

    Can someone tell me what the yellow bar mean in the theorist logo

  48. Baconmanthecute Its my Roblox profile

    Baconmanthecute Its my Roblox profile7 dias atrás

    When are we getting Game nugget

  49. bravery's Heart

    bravery's Heart7 dias atrás

    Penny reminds me of penny from rwby

  50. Ursell64

    Ursell648 dias atrás

    We need a separate channel for fnaf

  51. Snowkeith

    Snowkeith8 dias atrás

    idk Matpat you seemed to have glossed over the fact that the janitor said “im giving it away to a random person” so i doubt abandoning your kid would be giving him away to a random person


    THUGR4TEDYT8 dias atrás

    Man matpat can you plz not elongate the video for no reason this video could totally ended in just 12 mins bro

  53. Ford Model T

    Ford Model T8 dias atrás

    JeckSepticEye’s Nugget VS. Stephanie’s Nugget. War of Titans.

  54. Bonnie the Bunny Version1

    Bonnie the Bunny Version18 dias atrás

    Seems normal for kindergarten, especially the nugget cave

  55. Mari Animation

    Mari Animation8 dias atrás

    If Kindergarten had official voice acting in the game, Steph would play Nugget.

  56. Daniela Rodrigo

    Daniela Rodrigo8 dias atrás

    Who da mom then?

  57. Evan Lavoie

    Evan Lavoie8 dias atrás

    What’s the yellow part of the opening?

  58. Johnny Demmerle

    Johnny Demmerle8 dias atrás

    But didn’t the janitor sell his son and go to get ciggorets *sorry I can’t spell*

  59. Jgaldragon

    Jgaldragon8 dias atrás

    Now that you and Steph are parents when it comes time for your child to enter school will you be giving the entire school board and future classmates the 3rd degree?

  60. Victor Talamantes

    Victor Talamantes8 dias atrás

    OK yup I’m just going to make something out with the new icon of your logo I’m pretty sure it’s going to turn into that Simon please game where it asked for colored buttons that you were supposed to press that make