1. melissa a

    melissa a20 minutos atrás

    This is the cutest video ever

  2. Aline Tesfaye

    Aline Tesfaye7 horas atrás

    I feel like I shouldn't be watching the video, it is too intimate and cute :3

  3. Luna sings loud #LulaSquad!

    Luna sings loud #LulaSquad!7 horas atrás


  4. pandapow lps

    pandapow lps18 horas atrás


  5. Noa Lenora Art

    Noa Lenora Art22 horas atrás

    I love this friendship lmao. Rich posh diva with expensive everything, multi million dollar businessman, lives in a mansion... is friends with goofy jittery grease man who shops at dollarama, lives in a tiny house and could probably use a hair trim.

  6. Noa Lenora Art

    Noa Lenora Art22 horas atrás

    This is the kind of makeup I want to see in the post-apocalypse of 2056

  7. nemmimomo

    nemmimomo23 horas atrás

    Garrett is so damn adorable. I love Jeffree too. Ugh damn.

  8. Presley Anne Holman

    Presley Anne HolmanDia atrás

    Why doesn’t Garrett have more subscribers he’s my fav he so relatable

  9. a.random. panda

    a.random. pandaDia atrás

    I need more Jeffree Star and Garrett videos

  10. emily savidge

    emily savidgeDia atrás

    garretts so fucking annoying

  11. rru

    rruDia atrás

    Awww!! I feel the akwardiness for him!! Garrett is a cute lil bean

  12. Emma Williams

    Emma WilliamsDia atrás

    1:26 that eye roll tho Jeffree

  13. Laura Owen

    Laura OwenDia atrás

    you can tell that jeffree is so tickled the whole time

  14. Heidi Medrano

    Heidi MedranoDia atrás

    "Dessert of makeup" Love it!😍😍😍

  15. Aldy Bandojo

    Aldy BandojoDia atrás

    garret is so adorable qwq

  16. Futurecyber01

    Futurecyber01Dia atrás

    Garrett too nervous in from of Jeffree Star ⭐️ Imagen myself in front of someone very important and famous like jeffree star I go super nervous and shaking lol

  17. Whinkie

    Whinkie2 dias atrás


  18. Bonny Melendez

    Bonny Melendez2 dias atrás

    This isssss tooooooooo muchhhhh ahhhhhh! 🥰😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  19. sohini sengupta

    sohini sengupta2 dias atrás

    So I'm not my period and LITERALLY cried about how cute Garrett is and how he'll never know I exist ...

  20. Grady Blount

    Grady Blount2 dias atrás

    i love garrett so nothing against him, but jenna l e t m e d o w n for not being there

  21. Jaci 2 Bears

    Jaci 2 Bears2 dias atrás

    Love these 2 together

  22. Hannah Mae Alcantara

    Hannah Mae Alcantara2 dias atrás

    Loved the forehead and the ears! He actually drew something there and I'm glad. And he's so precious it's calming.

  23. How to draw- Katlyn

    How to draw- Katlyn2 dias atrás

    Who else ships garret and jeffree?

  24. Wolfer Neko

    Wolfer Neko2 dias atrás

    This is like gunny because for me I think a £5 makeup thingy cost two much for me lol

  25. Allissa Black

    Allissa Black2 dias atrás

    Garrett brings out the best in almost everyone he meets aw

  26. Emerson Ertz

    Emerson Ertz3 dias atrás

    Jeffree: give me moreeeeeee *moans* Garrett: teheheheheh This seriously made me laugh so hard😂 Jeffree is being super sexual and Garrett is just super oblivious😂😂😂 I Ship It!!!!!!!! Ship Name: Jarrett or Gaffree

  27. Noah Rodriguez

    Noah Rodriguez3 dias atrás

    I'm so happy that Jeffrey made a new friend, this makes me so happy man

  28. nothingtoseehere

    nothingtoseehere3 dias atrás

    Jenna Marbes said no? : ( I would've loved to see that collab

  29. Holy Trinity

    Holy Trinity3 dias atrás

    This is perfection oml

  30. XxMoUndeadxX

    XxMoUndeadxX3 dias atrás

    5:30 is the face i LIVE for. I need it as a mini poster.

  31. victoria manna

    victoria manna4 dias atrás

    Why does he remind me of Shane

  32. Katie Grande

    Katie Grande4 dias atrás

    "Give me more blues" Blueblood?💙💙💙

  33. matija

    matija4 dias atrás

    those lips and eyes are some editorial shit right there

  34. Dalibor Antic

    Dalibor Antic4 dias atrás

    Garrett is such a good Soul but it's so sad when he is asking dudes if they are gay and single and everytime he becomes a "No thank's "! It breakes everytime my Heart.😥

  35. Pusheen Queen

    Pusheen Queen4 dias atrás

    I feel special, I'm like a hairless cat...ME

  36. Silvana Vizcarra

    Silvana Vizcarra4 dias atrás

    Why people hate her ? I love her since the first time i saw her LIKEEE

  37. Patricia Pazzi

    Patricia Pazzi4 dias atrás

    I love Garret so much

  38. jaelynn morris

    jaelynn morris4 dias atrás

    Garret is so adorable omg 😍🥰

  39. HH.eva_g Hotel hideaway

    HH.eva_g Hotel hideaway4 dias atrás

    Touch everything his voice sounded so cute

  40. rebecca holben

    rebecca holben5 dias atrás

    Aww a video of two of my favourite people. This is everything! Love this!😊

  41. Angel Ryder

    Angel Ryder5 dias atrás

    jeffree is actually undressing garrett with his eyes

  42. Elizabeth Worthley

    Elizabeth Worthley5 dias atrás

    I love you jeffree!!!!!

  43. ItS cRaYoLa DaDdY

    ItS cRaYoLa DaDdY5 dias atrás

    Feel like if Garret, Jeffrey And Nathan has a threesome and uploaded it onto pornhub I would watch it. Not in a weird way..just to see what would happennn

  44. Brittany H.

    Brittany H.5 dias atrás

    he sounds so innocent 😂

  45. Michaela Denhof

    Michaela Denhof5 dias atrás

    THIS is the best damn thing I've ever seen- and I love that Jeffree can have a soft spot for so many different looks even when they're not within the social norm ! It shows how much of an artist he truly is... I truly believe when it comes to art nothing can go wrong :) Garrett is actually so good for never doing this type of thing before. All around an amazing video and I just want to hug them both xxoxo

  46. TrueNathan Dreemurr

    TrueNathan Dreemurr6 dias atrás

    i love the forehead its so cool

  47. Antoinette Marlow

    Antoinette Marlow6 dias atrás

    Totally laughed my butt off!! Love the left temple!!

  48. Kamille

    Kamille6 dias atrás

    “I try to keep my shirt on”

  49. Samya Khanna

    Samya Khanna6 dias atrás

    Garret's laugh tho.... awwwww!!!!1

  50. Josie Knott

    Josie Knott6 dias atrás

    Jeffree is so funny and witty, and Garrett is the biggest sweetheart. Sending love to you both what a good friendship!!!

  51. Nah I am just normal

    Nah I am just normal6 dias atrás

    They both are so handsome

  52. Yana Shah

    Yana Shah7 dias atrás

    I shit you not, Jeffree and James taught me how to do make up with their videos

  53. Amaya Foster

    Amaya Foster7 dias atrás

    Does anybody else want to order a Garrett and love and cherish it forever

  54. Boo Flip

    Boo Flip7 dias atrás

    Rubs face....I didn't put them in my butt or anything😂😂😂😂😂

  55. Boo Flip

    Boo Flip7 dias atrás

    GARRET is my goal in life.....I have already achieved....I am ubsesed with "scary" things like the doll......I love Harry being whatever I am 😂

  56. Ranne Diaries

    Ranne Diaries7 dias atrás


  57. Marta Mesarović

    Marta Mesarović7 dias atrás

    "No, that's us... hanging out " lol 😂

  58. irwin yco

    irwin yco7 dias atrás

    Garrett: *laughs while contouring* Me:Oml ur too innocent

  59. Nikkii McKnight

    Nikkii McKnight7 dias atrás


  60. Josie Harris

    Josie Harris7 dias atrás

    Jeffery and garret are so cute together

  61. Brianna Stefansky

    Brianna Stefansky8 dias atrás

    This is the best video I've seen in a while. Their energy is amazing and entertaining. I crack up everytime Garrett doesn't acknowledge the sexual noises and comments, but goes on being nerdy!!! I love that.

  62. Laura Van de castle

    Laura Van de castle8 dias atrás

    Am I the only one who ships them

  63. Rainbow Fish18

    Rainbow Fish188 dias atrás

    Living for Garrets outfit x

  64. Jessica Smith

    Jessica Smith8 dias atrás

    ‘Give Me more blues’ Garret inspired blue blood 2k19

  65. luisa fernanda G.

    luisa fernanda G.9 dias atrás


  66. not telling

    not telling9 dias atrás

    Garret : ok so Jeffrey just gave me all these red bulls and I'm litterly shaking Jeffrey : well ya I don't really drink then that offten Jeffrey : * drinks 2 red bulls at the same time*

  67. Crazy Crayon

    Crazy Crayon9 dias atrás

    Garrett literally sound like he's in 2x speed 24/7

  68. Josh Calabio

    Josh Calabio9 dias atrás

    29 minutes of Jeffree being horny should be the title💀😂

  69. Lynzie Film

    Lynzie Film9 dias atrás

    Do girls watch this or gay guys

  70. Helena Hecimovic

    Helena Hecimovic9 dias atrás

    i hate that makeup look

  71. Jordan Kate

    Jordan Kate9 dias atrás

    Jeffrey looks like Bella Thorne

  72. colourxless

    colourxless9 dias atrás

    Garrett- “did u just say bitch?” INNOCENT BEAN! MA GAWD

  73. colourxless

    colourxless9 dias atrás

    Jeffree-“I usually wear it shirtless” Garrett- “well I tend to keep my shirt on soo..”

  74. Gabrielle Schneider

    Gabrielle Schneider9 dias atrás

    Why was the laugh at the beginning they sounded the same

  75. Katheryn Morales

    Katheryn Morales10 dias atrás

    Jeffree: Spit on me Garret: what? They are so funny omg XD

  76. The Ocelot Channel

    The Ocelot Channel10 dias atrás


  77. J D

    J D10 dias atrás

    OMG that awkward rant from Garett about his hands... 5:18... My stomach hurts from laughing so hard!

  78. Siri Stroup

    Siri Stroup10 dias atrás

    You said Addams family work well I look like Wednesday Addams from the movie

  79. SUGAis MAcity

    SUGAis MAcity10 dias atrás

    Omgggg Garrets like a cute little baby omgggg he’s so soft ehhwhwhhwbwwbwb hes such a baby

  80. Zeno San

    Zeno San10 dias atrás

    hhahaaaa look like the child playing with his mommy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  81. K Stites

    K Stites11 dias atrás

    Garrett is so precious. He needs to be protected from the world 😭😭❤

  82. Michelle Pineda

    Michelle Pineda11 dias atrás

    Yall are honestly the best when together !! 😍😍🥰

  83. L e s t e r

    L e s t e r11 dias atrás

    Ok.. 9:35

  84. L e s t e r

    L e s t e r7 dias atrás


  85. John Laurens

    John Laurens11 dias atrás

    5:19 Jeffee’s Face Omg

  86. EssieStrike

    EssieStrike11 dias atrás


  87. AlaynaBana

    AlaynaBana11 dias atrás

    I died through it all xD

  88. AllieAndPeach

    AllieAndPeach11 dias atrás

    Garrett is the cutest person

  89. Chelsie Collins

    Chelsie Collins11 dias atrás

    Garrett is so cute though 😂💕

  90. soft cotton

    soft cotton11 dias atrás

    garret is so innocent i love him so much

  91. Khrys Alaina

    Khrys Alaina11 dias atrás

    "Did you say bitch?" My precious baby 😍

  92. eryn kerner

    eryn kerner11 dias atrás

    Not everybody can handle red bull and make up at the same time 🤣

  93. Melina Marie Noles

    Melina Marie Noles12 dias atrás

    This is literally one of the cutest videos ever ❤️

  94. snow crystal

    snow crystal12 dias atrás

    oh my god you two are the best! artistic puppy garrett and ice queen jeffree XD it's the perfect mix! opposites really do attract

  95. Nadia Michelle

    Nadia Michelle12 dias atrás

    This was the cutest thing I’ve ever watched. Garrett is so sweet and Jeffree just loves him for who he is. Loving and living for this!!

  96. Brian May's wife

    Brian May's wife12 dias atrás

    😂😂😂I'm dead 😂😂😂

  97. Tzuwon HWong

    Tzuwon HWong12 dias atrás

    How these two got together? Is it bound?

  98. Lachlan Blackwell

    Lachlan Blackwell12 dias atrás

    Garrett stoned?

  99. BitterSalty

    BitterSalty12 dias atrás

    honestly I love them individually so much, and together, I stan them even harder

  100. afraditiss

    afraditiss12 dias atrás

    Garett is so cute ...he is a sweetheart

  101. comfy noodle

    comfy noodle13 dias atrás

    his "thirsty" it about him when he is with garret?