Get Ready With Me: Neutral Eyes & Lip Kit By Kylie Jenner Dolce K + VLOG


  1. Ronaldo Pedroza

    Ronaldo Pedroza2 anos atrás

    do you know lynette

  2. Jenni Montalvan

    Jenni Montalvan2 anos atrás

    Which Kylie lip kit color did you use?

  3. yasmin gesica

    yasmin gesica2 anos atrás

    I am so pleased that I got True Brown K from below >> Lipkit came wonderfully wraped and I am in love with the effects..

  4. alienda ferasy

    alienda ferasy2 anos atrás

    I acquired several of Posie K!

  5. nikki harding

    nikki harding2 anos atrás

    Your so pretty but your eyebrows ruin your looks

  6. katherinne elizabeth

    katherinne elizabeth2 anos atrás

    What kind of haircut do you have ?

  7. Ava_bulatovic

    Ava_bulatovic2 anos atrás

    We're is your top from I absolutely love it and I love your makeup your so pretty🌟😍

  8. Lisette Rodriguez

    Lisette Rodriguez2 anos atrás

    When she had shade her eyebrows one was more darker than the other look closely but other than that I live the tutorial

  9. Lucy Lushie

    Lucy Lushie2 anos atrás

    Your hair is gorgeous! xoxo

  10. Nagam Alghawi

    Nagam Alghawi2 anos atrás

    can you go slower in your videos please :(

  11. Fariha Haque

    Fariha Haque2 anos atrás

    Your so cute love

  12. kyraandjelena

    kyraandjelena2 anos atrás

    Wich color is your foundation? From makeup for ever?

  13. laura bacarella

    laura bacarella2 anos atrás

    My close friend informing me regarding this spot for lipkit seeker! >> It really so pigmented and have a sweet fragrance..

  14. ashley mannie

    ashley mannie2 anos atrás

    I did certainly not found any this lips left available so I am utilizing this site ## ## Lipkit appeared perfectly wraped and I am in love with the result.

  15. Jennifer Khalilullah

    Jennifer Khalilullah2 anos atrás

    whats the name of the second eye shadow palette used?

  16. Alyanna Lumagui

    Alyanna Lumagui2 anos atrás

    You missed a hair strand...NOOOOOO :( here comes my OCD

  17. Taylor Mellish

    Taylor Mellish3 anos atrás

    What shade foundation did you use

  18. Chloe Frankiee

    Chloe Frankiee3 anos atrás

    you should so do a kendal jenner tutorial !!!!

  19. anime world

    anime world3 anos atrás


  20. MaRiE GeTsBlAzEd

    MaRiE GeTsBlAzEd3 anos atrás

    the final look is VERY pretty

  21. Jessica Tellian

    Jessica Tellian3 anos atrás

    what brush was that you used for the highlight?

  22. Carina Alvarez

    Carina Alvarez3 anos atrás

    you're such breathtaking very beautiful😍😍😍

  23. Evil Rei

    Evil Rei3 anos atrás

    What is the music on here???

  24. Lashay Haney

    Lashay Haney3 anos atrás


  25. Barbara Woy

    Barbara Woy3 anos atrás

    I'm in love with U s2 you are so perfect! LOVE LOVE! s2 subscribe in here, I'm live in Brazil :) xoxo

  26. chimmy choinga

    chimmy choinga3 anos atrás

    shirt? jacket?? where are they from ???

  27. Dayra Escalante

    Dayra Escalante3 anos atrás

    Hey please check out my Instagram @d.a.y.r.a🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 have a nice day💕

  28. Alysha Rodriguez

    Alysha Rodriguez3 anos atrás

    What foundation colors do you mix? I am your skin tone and I have #40, but it's a bit too light...

  29. May Herrera

    May Herrera3 anos atrás

    im kinda upset i JUST came across your page but holy this look is gorgeous!!! you deserve so many more subscribers. 💖

  30. Aurélie ytbb

    Aurélie ytbb3 anos atrás

    You are soooo prettyy 😍

  31. Carli L

    Carli L3 anos atrás

    Ooooh look another Kardashian/Jenner wannabe 😂

  32. Rosie Cruz

    Rosie Cruz2 anos atrás

    +Carli L baby kim k never started nothing 😂 fuck up outta here with that .. & those girls that you say that dress like kim k lol no they not dressing like kim k 😂 you see it like that ? but its not .. lmaoo😂 kim k actually started following that trend so um yeah im pretty sure kim just a follower but im not aboutta start an arguement with you lol bye hunny😘

  33. Carli L

    Carli L2 anos atrás

    +Rosie Cruz kim K started it all, and I'm certainly not the only one who knows that, all those instagram girls dress the same as kim k, and they use the same techniques Mario (kim's makeup artist) uses on her, and yes, this girl in the video can do her makeup just the way she wants but there's NOTHING original in it, is just the same shit over and over, that's all, don't argue whats evident, and it's my opinion. Why don't you just put yours in other post? not as a reply to me, I don't want to talk to you girl ✌️✌✌ buh bye 😉

  34. Rosie Cruz

    Rosie Cruz2 anos atrás

    +Rosie Cruz makeup*

  35. Rosie Cruz

    Rosie Cruz2 anos atrás

    +Carli L no the kardashians didn't start this makeuo trend and no she's not a kardashian/jenner wanna be ✌ if she wants to do her makeup this way she can. lol. it doesn't mean she wants to be a kardashian nor a jenner tf ? ✌

  36. Carli L

    Carli L2 anos atrás

    +sarahxsimmer they started this type of Makeup trend, so unless you live in a cave you should know that, but I'm glad that now you do ✋😌 you're welcome

  37. Jess D

    Jess D3 anos atrás

    Oml you really looked like Kylie at the end 😱❤️

  38. Allysa Gouvia

    Allysa Gouvia3 anos atrás

    Always hear this song on faze adapts channel

  39. Megan Milmoe

    Megan Milmoe3 anos atrás

    I think the videos would be way more enjoyable if you slowed them down a little bit, watching this gave me a headache but I love your videos :/

  40. Gaby Montoya

    Gaby Montoya3 anos atrás

    What eyeshadow said you specifically use from the pallet? The video is too fast for me to see 😩

  41. Qamara Khan

    Qamara Khan3 anos atrás

    She fills in her eyebrows WAYYYY TOOO MUCH P.S do not reply saying "it's her eyebrows" " she can do whatever she wants" I KNOW but I am entitled to an opinion

  42. الشامسي

    الشامسي3 anos atrás

    It suits her tho

  43. Ev ie

    Ev ie3 anos atrás

    Beautiful! Can't wait to try this look out

  44. Jacqueline Vargas

    Jacqueline Vargas3 anos atrás

    You look beautiful but I think that's a lot of work and to much make up.

  45. gfgljlh

    gfgljlh3 anos atrás

    omg this is absolutely gorgeous, love the eye look so much!

  46. Astrid Mariam

    Astrid Mariam3 anos atrás

    damn your stunning

  47. Evangelina Del Toro

    Evangelina Del Toro3 anos atrás

    Your So Pretty 😍 !

  48. Andrea Rios

    Andrea Rios3 anos atrás

    @DianaSaldana what are the numbers of the mat velvet foundations you used? And you look Gorgeous by the way💕💕😻

  49. stevo Moore

    stevo Moore3 anos atrás

    i liked the vid it was the best💯

  50. Alcira Centeno

    Alcira Centeno3 anos atrás

    como se llama el labial?

  51. Laura Cabral

    Laura Cabral3 anos atrás

    Check out my new makeup video ! :)

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  53. Sophie Reid

    Sophie Reid3 anos atrás

    2 song please!!!

  54. DanaMarie

    DanaMarie3 anos atrás

    this is probably my all time favorite makeup look

  55. Sammie Marie

    Sammie Marie3 anos atrás

    I know these are annoying but I just stared a makeup channel so if you came on by and just watched a few seconds it would mean the world! ❤️💕xoxo

  56. Jojosmakeup

    Jojosmakeup3 anos atrás

    Love that eyeshadow look! So pretty

  57. Monique Lynn

    Monique Lynn3 anos atrás

    +Whitney Williams I would love for you to check out my BRreporter Channel💗

  58. Sabrina. x3queen

    Sabrina. x3queen3 anos atrás

    You are STUNNING 😍😍💎 you deserve more subscribers keep going💦🎊

  59. Sabrina. x3queen

    Sabrina. x3queen3 anos atrás

    does anyone think she looks kind of like kendall jenner😍😍

  60. Rosmeri Roman

    Rosmeri Roman3 anos atrás

    where are you from?

  61. Jo beautee

    Jo beautee3 anos atrás

    Your stunning with and without make up!

  62. Monique Lynn

    Monique Lynn3 anos atrás

    +Jo Tee I would love for you to check out my BRreporter Channel💗

  63. tina belcher

    tina belcher3 anos atrás

    when u put the eyeliner on before blending ur eyeshadow i was like wut lol

  64. Marisa Prado

    Marisa Prado3 anos atrás

    What color foundation do you use !!

  65. Marissa Sicilian

    Marissa Sicilian3 anos atrás

    how do you get your eye makeup soooo even 😍😍😩

  66. ObbeyMaster

    ObbeyMaster3 anos atrás

    What are the songs that are used too ? 😂

  67. Rachael Santiago

    Rachael Santiago3 anos atrás

    What is the last song?

  68. Valentina Valdez

    Valentina Valdez3 anos atrás

    This look's like Carli Bybel's room ;)"!?!

  69. Nikki V

    Nikki V3 anos atrás

    I can't believe how much you look like that woman from three's company the brunette one

  70. J P

    J P3 anos atrás

    Omg it's the kardashian games background music

  71. Khansa Sajid

    Khansa Sajid3 anos atrás

    whats the contour kit at 5:01? its not linked in the description

  72. Khansa Sajid

    Khansa Sajid3 anos atrás

    thank you!

  73. Alisha Hamad-Walsh

    Alisha Hamad-Walsh3 anos atrás

    It's the shade and light palette from Kat Von D

  74. MissKona2009

    MissKona20093 anos atrás

    hair tutorial pls

  75. Ria X

    Ria X3 anos atrás

    Thats a neutral eye look..? I would be scared to see what your dramatic eye look is 😬

  76. merrell twinies_

    merrell twinies_3 anos atrás

    u look like kendall in the thumbnail

  77. Miya

    Miya3 anos atrás

    Gorgeous look!! Could def see you w a shorter hair cut

  78. Monique Lynn

    Monique Lynn3 anos atrás

    +lindsey I would love for you to check out my BRreporter Channel💗

  79. 69 yeezus

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  80. Jenna O

    Jenna O3 anos atrás

    Super pretty :D !!

  81. Thea Frangou

    Thea Frangou3 anos atrás

    Love this look 😍😍 would appreciate it if anyone checked out my channel, I'm new!

  82. Mayela Baez

    Mayela Baez3 anos atrás

    The makeup was on point, so beautiful. I just suscribed...

  83. Alyssa Ayee

    Alyssa Ayee3 anos atrás

    How do you put on a turtleneck afterwards without your makeup rubbing off onto it? I have to put my shirt on before my makeup :(

  84. Sky cat

    Sky cat3 anos atrás

    this make up is like make it for a party because maker everyday is hard, you know? but anyway I love it!👏👏😍

  85. Beauty BabeXOXO

    Beauty BabeXOXO3 anos atrás

    beautiful makeup look very well done!! def subcribed

  86. Sahma Caroline

    Sahma Caroline3 anos atrás

    what camera do you use?? btw you are sooo prettyyy!


    VALERIA ESTRADA3 anos atrás

    so am here watching your video and my son starts dancing to the music so i had to reply your video 5 times can you please tell me whos the dj

  88. Hajraa C

    Hajraa C3 anos atrás

    My heart stopped when she started doing her winged liner I was like " IS SHE NOT GONNA BLEND THE EYESHADOW?!?" lol

  89. Jhoanna rodriguez lozano

    Jhoanna rodriguez lozano3 anos atrás


  90. Dianne Lim

    Dianne Lim3 anos atrás

    you look amazing #wc

  91. Lexi Aguila

    Lexi Aguila3 anos atrás

    it looks so good on you!!

  92. iwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwi

    iwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwi3 anos atrás

    I'm sorry but you're doing your eyebrows wrong. Check the technique where you use something to check where it should start, arch and end. Kisses !

  93. Damaris Castellanos

    Damaris Castellanos3 anos atrás

    omg ! so perfect😭

  94. Maria Yesenia Gutierrez

    Maria Yesenia Gutierrez3 anos atrás

    your so beautiful! I always love the looks you do!

  95. Amy Negri

    Amy Negri3 anos atrás

    Omg ur pretty❤️❤️

  96. Stefany Herrera

    Stefany Herrera3 anos atrás

    Where's the top from? The one in the thumbnail? Anyone know I was looking in the description but didn't see it 😓

  97. melissa diaz

    melissa diaz3 anos atrás

    too fast. could't see the eye shadow colors well and it was kind of dizzying

  98. Omayma El Himer

    Omayma El Himer3 anos atrás

    you are beautiful without makeup.When you have makeup your face looks like a mask..horrible

  99. Lula Diaz

    Lula Diaz3 anos atrás

    when you are doing your eyes you should put zoom in the camera to make easier to see :)

  100. Hana Kratochvílová

    Hana Kratochvílová3 anos atrás


  101. Melanie Thiebert

    Melanie Thiebert3 anos atrás

    You do exactly what I do when putting on makeup, when it comes to dancing to music. haha! You're beautiful!!

  102. Allyson Victoria

    Allyson Victoria3 anos atrás

    This was such an awesome tutorial! Super simple and LOVED the way it came out! I just got this palette so it makes me super excited to see you use it:) Love your channel!!!

  103. Destiney Bowman

    Destiney Bowman3 anos atrás

    Love the video... but did she NOT SEE THAT ONE PIECE OF HAIR OVER HER EYEBROW AT THE END? it was bothering me so much 😭😂

  104. Melissa Meza

    Melissa Meza3 anos atrás

    Love This Look!!

  105. KhadijahAlsagoff

    KhadijahAlsagoff3 anos atrás

    OMG this makeup look is giving me so much inspiration right now! Love it! And I forgot how beautiful you are

  106. Nicole Ciuppa

    Nicole Ciuppa3 anos atrás

    Such a nice makeup look :) I make videos on my channel as well, maybe you could check them out - Nicole.

  107. gabriela sanchez

    gabriela sanchez3 anos atrás

    so beautiful

  108. s

    s3 anos atrás

    what was the name or numbers of your mat velvet foundations you used ?! pleaseeee

  109. Alondra De Leon

    Alondra De Leon3 anos atrás

    I love this look!

  110. Beautybymichelle

    Beautybymichelle3 anos atrás

    Why is your skincare routine private ?

  111. Stefany Somoza

    Stefany Somoza3 anos atrás

    OMG! you look gorgeous!

  112. Tris Daniels

    Tris Daniels3 anos atrás

    So pretty girl!!!