Getting Ready with Kendall & Kylie Jenner: Special Events


  1. knowlight knowright

    knowlight knowrightMês atrás

    Heard they were both born male. BAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. DorianCroatia20

    DorianCroatia203 meses atrás

    Honestly I can't decide is Kylie more beautiful with or without plastic surgery...she always looks perfect for me

  3. Teresa Phillips

    Teresa Phillips4 meses atrás

    Two young tranny

  4. Frey Xoxo

    Frey Xoxo4 meses atrás

    Lol kendall looks so fake and posh there!

  5. Sun Ivanka

    Sun Ivanka9 meses atrás

    they simply love everything, don't they?!

  6. Katherine Do

    Katherine Do11 meses atrás

    Kylie looks so pretty here ! Without lip fillers

  7. cloud y

    cloud y11 meses atrás

    Gorgeous Kylie, she is so kind and gentle.

  8. Lauren McKeown

    Lauren McKeown11 meses atrás

    I would have said both of them should wear number 2

  9. Clive Chiam

    Clive Chiam11 meses atrás

    I remember watching this like 52 million years ago

  10. 361's Life

    361's LifeAnos atrás

    I liked kyiles ouffits more

  11. Habibi 15

    Habibi 15Anos atrás

    Kylie 13 year old


    XOXOGOSSIPGIRL09Anos atrás

    kylie wass soo pretty

  13. Anisha A

    Anisha AAnos atrás

    Love love love love

  14. Lenny Legina

    Lenny LeginaAnos atrás

    nice video

  15. melissa molina

    melissa molinaAnos atrás

    Before they became plastic girls natural beauty always prevails

  16. sanjna s

    sanjna sAnos atrás

    #1 outfit - kylie #2 outfit - kendall

  17. Hadeel Hadool

    Hadeel HadoolAnos atrás

    Kylie was prettier

  18. Amalkerr H

    Amalkerr HAnos atrás

    Omg Kylie do a lot of surgeries I thought it's just a lip injection 😳

  19. Gigi Ritter

    Gigi RitterAnos atrás

    0.32 min natural beauty right there

  20. Xaneka Lewis

    Xaneka LewisAnos atrás

    the second outfit

  21. Mohamed Danniel

    Mohamed DannielAnos atrás

    I hate Kylie 😑

  22. Bryan JV

    Bryan JV2 anos atrás

    Kylie was and still is so beautiful

  23. grac e

    grac e2 anos atrás

    Kendall's is nicer in the first one, kylies in the second

  24. heavenly valè

    heavenly valè2 anos atrás

    who's watching in 2017???!!!

  25. Rita Zahara

    Rita Zahara2 anos atrás

    1.50-1.53 "my turn, my turn, ok" 😂 idk, it's little bit hard to watch

  26. Karolina Kosiorowska

    Karolina Kosiorowska2 anos atrás

    bold neutrals

  27. d prince

    d prince2 anos atrás

    im not a fan of these two but tbh kylie is prettier with or without lip filler

  28. Ales Munoz

    Ales Munoz2 anos atrás

    if I had $1 for every time they say love I would be as rich as them

  29. Trish Anne

    Trish Anne2 anos atrás

    tbh kendall seems to be an attention seeker in this video like she wants it to be about her

  30. llgrctps

    llgrctps2 anos atrás

    Kylie was so damn pretty here, what a natural beauty she was. Girls would kill just to look like her in this video.

  31. bob ross

    bob ross2 anos atrás

    Chic and colourful is definitely my favorite 💜💜💜. I love love love love love love love love love love it. Lol

  32. Priscilla Owusu Pankyee

    Priscilla Owusu Pankyee2 anos atrás

    When Kylie was a good girl

  33. Nicole Maldonado

    Nicole Maldonado2 anos atrás

    kendall 2 dress and kylie 2 dress

  34. chogihoe

    chogihoe2 anos atrás


  35. chogihoe

    chogihoe2 anos atrás

    HAHA I KNEW IT ALREADY U LILHOE AND DID I ASKED FOR YOUR OPINION HERE? like wtf why u even replied to my fucking opinion u lil shit:-)

  36. Malaika John

    Malaika John2 anos atrás

    I don't think they notices the only word they said us love

  37. Magicbeazt2004 Magicbeazt2004

    Magicbeazt2004 Magicbeazt20042 anos atrás

    Gfcuyyyyy hb up

  38. Maolen May

    Maolen May2 anos atrás

    I can't believe kylie has sweeter image in this vid than kendall. I mean she looks so polite lol

  39. Izabela Lozinski

    Izabela Lozinski2 anos atrás


  40. MoyoFroyo

    MoyoFroyo2 anos atrás

    Kendall was so self centered, still is.

  41. jinglejangle234

    jinglejangle2342 anos atrás

    Nebula Games yeah. If I had to pick, I'd chose Kylie. Even though she hardly shows any emotion wse nowadays... but Kendall comes across as self-entitled, all the time.

  42. Priscilla Owusu Pankyee

    Priscilla Owusu Pankyee2 anos atrás

    Yes!!!And Kylie was soo humble and calm a good girl

  43. Reshmi Kennedy

    Reshmi Kennedy2 anos atrás

    Its true. Even though people defend her she is rude and self centered more than her other sisters. The way she talks to her family too ugh

  44. zainab372

    zainab3722 anos atrás


  45. Demitrival

    Demitrival2 anos atrás

    Kylie is so much prettier now

  46. My Pups

    My Pups2 anos atrás

    I say color because they both look beautiful especially Kylie

  47. Edited Music Videos

    Edited Music Videos2 anos atrás

    kylie looks the same , there's a little difference on here eyebrows makeup and lips !

  48. C and C's Life

    C and C's Life2 anos atrás

    Chic colorful

  49. Frank Fattore

    Frank Fattore2 anos atrás

    First one for Kendall she looks gorgeous in that as she does everything and second for kylie

  50. raena

    raena2 anos atrás

    Kendall with thh read one and Kylie with the black one.

  51. Super woman

    Super woman2 anos atrás

    4 kylie 1 and 4 kendall2

  52. Chel Sunarto

    Chel Sunarto2 anos atrás

    Chic and colourful

  53. Nicole Maldonado

    Nicole Maldonado2 anos atrás

    2 for kendall jenner and kylie jenner

  54. Toia Reed

    Toia Reed2 anos atrás

    Chic and colorful for me all the way

  55. Catherine Do

    Catherine Do2 anos atrás

    In 2016 way too late

  56. Catherine Do

    Catherine Do2 anos atrás


  57. Luis Barajas

    Luis Barajas3 anos atrás

    both can't decide

  58. Zheena Jhie

    Zheena Jhie3 anos atrás


  59. Clarabelle Barton

    Clarabelle Barton3 anos atrás

    Bold natrual

  60. Isolde L

    Isolde L3 anos atrás

    Kendall outfit #1, Kylie #2.

  61. La Bestey

    La Bestey3 anos atrás


  62. MoonlightPetals

    MoonlightPetals3 anos atrás

    Kendall's legs are so long..

  63. anna love

    anna love2 anos atrás

    well shes like 180 cm so its normal

  64. Beau Preston

    Beau Preston3 anos atrás


  65. Ismarividal Vidal

    Ismarividal Vidal3 anos atrás

    Kendall outfit 2 Kylie outfit 1

  66. Waterful

    Waterful3 anos atrás

    Where can i get this carpet?

  67. lana berry

    lana berry3 anos atrás

    I like the dresses of kendall more

  68. Isabella Mercado

    Isabella Mercado3 anos atrás

    Chic and colorful

  69. Summer AndKendall

    Summer AndKendall3 anos atrás

    Kendall is so pretty!❤️

  70. DatGirl

    DatGirl3 anos atrás

    "They Love everything "

  71. Betzy Maya

    Betzy Maya3 anos atrás

    When Kylie was gorgeous

  72. knowlight knowright

    knowlight knowrightMês atrás

    Eww, she was a DOG.

  73. Betzy Maya

    Betzy Maya2 anos atrás

    Really?? People would say that about a 15 yr old? I always thought she was gorgeous before

  74. Frank Fattore

    Frank Fattore2 anos atrás

    +Betzy Maya your crazy they both are gorgeous girls I love them to death

  75. Tammy RollTide Rosa

    Tammy RollTide Rosa2 anos atrás


  76. Betzy Maya

    Betzy Maya2 anos atrás

    +Frank Fattore neh

  77. One fabulous Tween

    One fabulous Tween3 anos atrás

    The second on



    Chic and colorful

  79. Lana Space

    Lana Space3 anos atrás


  80. cinnamon

    cinnamon3 anos atrás

    Isnt kendall like really skinny?

  81. Priscilla Owusu Pankyee

    Priscilla Owusu Pankyee2 anos atrás


  82. cinnamon

    cinnamon2 anos atrás

    Yah i know shes a model im just saying the fact :p doesnt mean she looks ugly to me shes really pretty :3

  83. Charlotte Ballard

    Charlotte Ballard2 anos atrás

    She's tall and a model. Incase you don't know, models have to be on a strict diet and work out all of the time. I would know as one of my relatives was a model but quit due to the strict diet and everything

  84. karla trujillo

    karla trujillo3 anos atrás

    all i hear is love, love, love , Love, LOve LoVE LOVe LOVE LOVE LOVE loVE LoV

  85. mi mou

    mi mou3 anos atrás


  86. Zeliha Ozcelik

    Zeliha Ozcelik3 anos atrás

    number 2

  87. Yasmine Jorgensen

    Yasmine Jorgensen3 anos atrás

    I love I love I love haha god okay we get it you love it

  88. Viki Maslow

    Viki Maslow3 anos atrás

    i hate kylie

  89. SusannGER

    SusannGER3 anos atrás

    I did like kylie so much when she was younger..

  90. Hannan Fadillah

    Hannan Fadillah3 anos atrás

    Kylie is more beautiful before plastic surgery.😰😰😰😩😩😩

  91. amaya666

    amaya6663 anos atrás

    "I Love... I Love... Do you Love it???

  92. boka bokakawaii

    boka bokakawaii3 anos atrás

    Kylie , her voice is so pretty here.

  93. Nesreen Salem

    Nesreen Salem3 anos atrás


  94. Liyah B

    Liyah B3 anos atrás

    umm kendall won

  95. ErikaandOlaf

    ErikaandOlaf3 anos atrás

    Huh no wonder Kylie felt so insecure back then

  96. NeilBiceps

    NeilBiceps3 anos atrás

  97. Animecutie Forever

    Animecutie Forever3 anos atrás

    Kendall seemed like the more annoying one and Kylie a little jealous. Now the roles are switched where Kylie shines more than Kendall. Kendall might have been a Kylie if Kylie wasn't Kylie. You get me?

  98. vee gee

    vee gee3 anos atrás

    Yees! I understand, and I also feel bad for Ky, I think she want to be a scandal now because she felt insure about herself, and you can see it in EVERY interview, I feel lile Kylie always felt to be in the 'shadow' of Kendall, and all I wanna do when I watch those old interviews is to hug Kylie and tell her she's so beautiful and she's not less than her sister.

  99. isabella thomas

    isabella thomas3 anos atrás

    bold and neutral

  100. tessastyles

    tessastyles3 anos atrás

    I miss this Kylie:(

  101. Daris

    Daris3 anos atrás

    love them but they had no sense of fashion back then omg

  102. Rynia Zyra

    Rynia Zyra2 anos atrás

    they're just models so those outfits fits perfectly on them but tbh those color combinations are ugly it's not recommended for non model lol

  103. Liam Keepa

    Liam Keepa3 anos atrás

    Ain't that the truth 😂

  104. the8419

    the84193 anos atrás

    There acting fake af

  105. Justice Delhagen

    Justice Delhagen3 anos atrás

    Bold an neutrals

  106. Ashleigh Grace Sinclair

    Ashleigh Grace Sinclair3 anos atrás

    Kendall 2nd and Kylie 1st

  107. Rebecca Lynne

    Rebecca Lynne3 anos atrás


  108. Mauina Tumanuvao

    Mauina Tumanuvao3 anos atrás

    wait wheres kylies lips?

  109. Alexandria R

    Alexandria R3 anos atrás

    I feel like when Kylie was growing up she wore stuff that was more older than her and didn't really suit her. Im glad she kind of found her own sense of style. :)

  110. Aniya

    Aniya3 anos atrás

    Kylie's chained so much

  111. Cecillia Lagiewka

    Cecillia Lagiewka3 anos atrás

    just makeup kylie huh lmaoooo


    INSIDE OF PAG3 anos atrás

    their style was SO bad

  113. popescu denisa

    popescu denisa3 anos atrás

    The first one

  114. Alia

    Alia3 anos atrás

    Oh my god I love the lace I love the color, yeah and the pattern ! Oh yeah love the pattern. You saw the belt? Love the belt.

  115. melanie blake

    melanie blake3 anos atrás

    i like kendals 1 dress

  116. Celia Orta

    Celia Orta3 anos atrás

    I LOVE both of kendall's dresses but if i would get one it would totally be the first one, it's easier to wear with different things i think



    They look Like sim characters.... that was a compliment

  118. Michelle Castillo

    Michelle Castillo3 anos atrás

    Do they shave their arms??