GETTING RID OF 100+ EYESHADOW PALETTES...Huge Makeup Declutter 2019


  1. Ally Evans

    Ally Evans12 horas atrás

    And I get stressed with the 10 eyeshadow palettes I have haha! Loved this video new sub x

  2. Kayla Von

    Kayla Von14 horas atrás

    I love declutter videos! So satisfying haha

  3. Audrey Martinez

    Audrey MartinezDia atrás

    Ohh i take makeup to Mexico i love helping out i have friends that donate to me to and love seeing other ppl get stuff i also donate toys and clothing

  4. sona r

    sona rDia atrás

    I wish to win pls some lip eye palettes wish to get..... ty

  5. lily Barr

    lily Barr2 dias atrás

    Great declutter.

  6. mariah J

    mariah J3 dias atrás

    What are those cute little donuts?!🥰🥰🍩

  7. cass stephens

    cass stephens3 dias atrás

    THANK YOU thank you for continuing to advocate for and educate us all about Project Beauty Share. You are the best!

  8. DishingUpTheDodgers

    DishingUpTheDodgers4 dias atrás

    Just curious why you don’t care for Viseart shadows?

  9. Cassie Sistrunk

    Cassie Sistrunk4 dias atrás

    I love these declutter videos!! Give us more please!

  10. Jenn Loves Halloween And Makeup

    Jenn Loves Halloween And Makeup5 dias atrás

    Did she have 2 BH cosmetics Zodiac palettes? ❤

  11. Medic Ricker

    Medic Ricker6 dias atrás

    I looked back at this to find where to send my gently used makeup - it's a lifesaver! Sharing on IG!

  12. Cas H

    Cas H7 dias atrás

    Is that a Collab palette

  13. Elvira Queen Of Makeup

    Elvira Queen Of Makeup8 dias atrás

    Very nice. I don't feel bad about my collection now =)

  14. Lucy Wisener

    Lucy Wisener10 dias atrás

    I totally need to declutter myself I have probably bought over a hundred eyeshadow palettes since Christmas and I'll probably have dupes of some anyway um which milani palettes did you have you probably mentioned it I missed it cuz I was trying to fix my son lunch I am which 1 of the 3 d u recommend I been the problem the milani palettes

  15. Bumblebee Marie

    Bumblebee Marie11 dias atrás


  16. Nollie Star

    Nollie Star12 dias atrás

    Love declutter videos! Please record more

  17. Leisa Hopkins-Brown

    Leisa Hopkins-Brown15 dias atrás

    Love it

  18. Cam

    Cam17 dias atrás

    If you wanna keep a shade/s instead of a whole palette just de-pot it :) (and make note where it came from ofc lol) People overcomplicate de-potting but it's not as time-consuming as one would think. Especially not for a few shades here and there! Might save ya lots of space☆♡

  19. Tiff Prendergast

    Tiff Prendergast19 dias atrás

    Please check out my declutter

  20. Ali S.

    Ali S.19 dias atrás

    Please make the viseart video🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I need to know your opinion🙀

  21. Abby Roggenkamp

    Abby Roggenkamp19 dias atrás

    Im just not deserving of a 100+ palette declutter. Its just too good. 🥰

  22. Colleen N

    Colleen N19 dias atrás

    Shannon pointed me to your channel literally 5 years ago. Shout out to an original colourpop lippie stix review

  23. JnaekoA

    JnaekoA20 dias atrás

    Now this is a realistic declutter 👏

  24. Mary Hermosa

    Mary Hermosa20 dias atrás

    Was i the only one so distracted by the donut?????

  25. AprilHam Lincon

    AprilHam Lincon21 dia atrás

    And I thought I owned too many palettes! Wow! Good on you for donating them 💜

  26. Laura Hercigonja

    Laura Hercigonja21 dia atrás

    loved this!

  27. Elyssae

    Elyssae21 dia atrás

    i like how decisive you are and go through them fast

  28. Brianna Grimm

    Brianna Grimm22 dias atrás

    I wish I had as many palettes as you. 😩

  29. Yasmin

    Yasmin22 dias atrás

    It’s a liittle annoying when we don’t see the inside of every palette. Still love watching declutters though.

  30. tomie 22

    tomie 2223 dias atrás

    Review juvias place foundation

  31. Robin O’Connor

    Robin O’Connor23 dias atrás

    I know everyone has different tastes and all, and that’s fine, but I’m curious as to why you dislike Viseart so much? They are one of my favorite brands.

  32. Anthonette Cousar

    Anthonette Cousar23 dias atrás

    I just want to know do you have anything makeup u not going to used it

  33. metrini

    metrini23 dias atrás

    Thank you so much for this video I absolutely loved and enjoyed seeing all those palettes!! Makes me so happy!!

  34. metrini

    metrini23 dias atrás

    ACK the Huda mini palettes just magically disappeared!!

  35. Jack Tabor Gaming

    Jack Tabor Gaming24 dias atrás

    No one cares if things aren’t sold anymore. For some reason, it’s like one person complained years ago... and then one BRreporterr said it and now all the youtubers say it but no one really cares. We know how to use other similar palettes lol

  36. CocoLeileigh

    CocoLeileigh24 dias atrás

    I'd love to see u do blush/bronzer/highlighter

  37. marypatb22

    marypatb2224 dias atrás

    awe...the bh weekend festival is my favorite.. lol.

  38. nil -

    nil -24 dias atrás

    I thought you would keep the weekend festival palette too since you said you were going to do a Bh cosmetics best palettes video

  39. Annika Heydl

    Annika Heydl25 dias atrás

    I waited the whole video to see the inside of the green palette with red flowers and she just cast it aside 😭

  40. Erin Hausmann

    Erin Hausmann25 dias atrás

    The queen hello

  41. Jana Ricker

    Jana Ricker26 dias atrás

    More de clutter!♥️

  42. TheAnimefan56009

    TheAnimefan5600926 dias atrás

    Girl that IS organized!!! After the de-clutter of course!!!!

  43. Lisa Elman

    Lisa Elman26 dias atrás

    I think ur mam likes purple

  44. Elena M

    Elena M26 dias atrás

    Rose Gold remastered is very beautiful palette

  45. Elena M

    Elena M26 dias atrás

    People spend money on cheap drugstore palettes and then de clutter them all the time. There is no point to buy them in first place.

  46. Meg Aileen

    Meg Aileen26 dias atrás

    Not sure if someone else commented on it, but yes Karity still makes both the Peach & Unicorn palettes! I'm a fan of their stuff, I have the Rosé one. Ooh, btw, have you tried their liquid lipsticks yet?!?

  47. butitssummerma

    butitssummerma26 dias atrás

    Donate them where?

  48. Kathy Costello

    Kathy Costello26 dias atrás

    White Peach is a Favorite for me, but I love the scent and you don't, I think. Also, the Flower Beauty pallets work really well, especially for travel as the brush is really good. I just wish one pallet worked for a whole eye look, rather than having so many shimmers. But they last and blend well. Loved this video! I am donating many of my items soon, based on my own decluttering goals. Thanks for all you do!

  49. Victoria Henson

    Victoria Henson26 dias atrás


  50. Let's cook Fun

    Let's cook Fun26 dias atrás

    I love this transparent drawer ... Where did you get this organizer!?

  51. Belle Clementine

    Belle Clementine26 dias atrás

    I would love to see a video on Inglot eyeshadows! That's definitely a brand that's caught my eye lately. I love that you can create custom palettes. 👍💜

  52. Katelyn Wood

    Katelyn Wood27 dias atrás

    I'll take them all

  53. MC1968

    MC196827 dias atrás

    Always love de clutter and organization videos! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  54. MC1968

    MC196827 dias atrás

    Kept hoping you would open the donuts on camera! Super cute! ♥️

  55. Isabel Vega

    Isabel Vega27 dias atrás

    I truly seriously want the MAR palette in that old white packaking, whoever wants to sell it, i'll buy it! 🙏 I hate the new blue packaging so much, but i love the colors 😭

  56. Rachel Dunn

    Rachel Dunn27 dias atrás

    Urban Decay eye products started stinging my eyes about 5 years ago. Glad I'm not the only one but it sucks because their stuff is so pretty.

  57. Laura A

    Laura A27 dias atrás

    Just a thought: I think youtubers should stop getting rid of products that were limited edition on the reason that we can’t get them anymore. Talking only of new or permanent products urges us to buy more when we could just as much find equivalents in what we already owe 😊 Think in terms of techniques and types of products. Others do it and I believe it really helps everyone

  58. Lemonade Stand

    Lemonade Stand7 dias atrás

    They can also just list the product and then maybe a similar product or a dupe to get the same or similar look.

  59. Janine Paim

    Janine Paim27 dias atrás

    I feel that organizing makeup is like playing tetris! 😂😂😂

  60. Elisa Shay

    Elisa Shay24 dias atrás


  61. Katlynn Jordan

    Katlynn Jordan27 dias atrás

    Feeling sad today after rescuing a bearded dragon & getting him to a rescue. I got attached. 😂 also had to say goodbye to my husband today! (He’s a soldier & is going away for training.) Ugh. Your videos are much needed today. ❤️

  62. lilacshine9

    lilacshine927 dias atrás

    I couldn't have over 8 palettes. That all looks so overwhelming.

  63. lilacshine9

    lilacshine927 dias atrás

    I can't believe you donated the single Colourpop eyeshadows!!

  64. Joanna Kisses

    Joanna Kisses27 dias atrás

    You should open each one and show us though.

  65. Lauren Murdoch

    Lauren Murdoch27 dias atrás

    New subscriber! How have I not watched you before?! You are BEAUTIFUL!

  66. DianeCee0

    DianeCee027 dias atrás

    So satisfying to watch

  67. tearbag

    tearbag28 dias atrás

    Got rid of my Kat von D as well

  68. April Lynn

    April Lynn11 dias atrás

    Is there something wrong with Kat von D I see a lot of people saying that.

  69. Kriste Joy

    Kriste Joy28 dias atrás

    why are you not at a million yet am genuinely confused

  70. Domonique Hager

    Domonique Hager28 dias atrás

    It would be nice if you opened all of them and showed the shadows to see the colors you want to keep/donate 😊

  71. Lisa Scuderi

    Lisa Scuderi28 dias atrás

    I'm sorry but I had to laugh when after you said you were going to do a Best of BH Cosmetics (which I would love) you then donated a bunch.

  72. nresolvedtension

    nresolvedtension28 dias atrás

    I have only 3 eyeshadows. Wow.

  73. Medio Metro

    Medio Metro28 dias atrás

    For the next time, I’d like you to explain a bit why you are decluttering or not some of your palettes. Really enjoyed the video tho ❤️

  74. Faith Sanders

    Faith Sanders29 dias atrás

    love thessssse - ill watch all the declutters lol

  75. Amy Cosgrove

    Amy Cosgrove29 dias atrás

    Love a declutter vid

  76. Ellie D74

    Ellie D7429 dias atrás

    Have you done a video on how to decide the right number of palettes to keep?? I've been watching some declutters lately and when I do start one of my own I'd like to have a ballpark number in mind. It's sooo hard to pick through them.

  77. B Wink

    B Wink29 dias atrás

    Does anyone know what the Sedona lace palette is at 7:16? I can't find it trying to look it up but it's so something I want to get 😩

  78. Melissa Faucheux

    Melissa Faucheux29 dias atrás

    When you said donating the color pop single shades I teared up and my mouth watered at the same time.... Lol like color pop pigmented!

  79. Aria Lemley

    Aria Lemley29 dias atrás

    Gosh I want the white peach and peachy matte pallets so bad lol. I was about to order the colour pop sweet talk today and it's sold out 😭 wish me luck on my peachy shadow purchases haha. Loved watching this and that you donate everything!

  80. Aria Lemley

    Aria Lemley24 dias atrás

    @e hopefully at my Podunk the max, thank youu

  81. e

    e26 dias atrás

    Aria Lemley white peach is at TJ maxx now!

  82. Lip Balm Queen

    Lip Balm Queen29 dias atrás

    Great declutter

  83. Lydia

    Lydia29 dias atrás

    I love your recommandations ❤

  84. Michelle Yarnell

    Michelle Yarnell29 dias atrás

    Decluttering videos are so satisfying haha :)

  85. Leadmare.Libertad

    Leadmare.Libertad29 dias atrás

    Aww who else has the MorphexKathleen lights palette? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I use that everyday trying to hit pan on everything before I find a replacement 😭

  86. Vanessa Hi

    Vanessa Hi29 dias atrás

    The part of you organizing everything at the end in the time lapse was sooo satisfying to watch! Great video, love declutters

  87. Smile :)

    Smile :)29 dias atrás

    You should try to do project pan💟

  88. Gandalfs Mum

    Gandalfs Mum29 dias atrás

    Am I the only person who was getting anxiety that her stack of palettes was going to topple down on top of everything for the whole video 😂

  89. Samantha Mountain

    Samantha Mountain29 dias atrás

    You mentioned Shaanxo! Yay!

  90. Mad Rian

    Mad RianMês atrás

    PLEASE show us what's in the DOUGHNUT PALLETS?!

  91. Emily Creasy

    Emily CreasyMês atrás

    What other types of makeup does the shelter disinfect?

  92. HMM Makeup

    HMM MakeupMês atrás

    So no nonsense. Nicely done. Thanks!

  93. Melanie Matthews

    Melanie MatthewsMês atrás

    That has to feel so good

  94. Pixie 1991

    Pixie 1991Mês atrás

    This video is so satisfying!!! Love it!!

  95. Stephanie Nunez

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  96. MsBrandiLion

    MsBrandiLionMês atrás

    Love declutters that show every product, and not just a speed through. Good job 👍🏻

  97. Emily Jackson

    Emily JacksonMês atrás

    Please show us your other declutters/ organizing your collection. I love watching collection videos to see what's worth keeping and what withstands the test of time.

  98. imsatindoll

    imsatindollMês atrás

    wtf you went fast showing the palette. I get its a declutter but alot of us watch the videos to look at the actual palette inside smh

  99. Lauree Klein

    Lauree KleinMês atrás

    You can donate to me anytime !!

  100. Jennie Siegel

    Jennie SiegelMês atrás

    Here for the declutters!!! 😬❤️

  101. Zhixin Zeng

    Zhixin ZengMês atrás

    will you be trying out some Natasha Denona pallettes?

  102. Diann Hazelton

    Diann HazeltonMês atrás

    You decluttered tons. I just kept thinking man ladies will be so blessed!

  103. GuidedByAngels

    GuidedByAngelsMês atrás

    If you have any palettes you recommend for mature skin, please let me know, thanks!

  104. Kathryn Cavaretti

    Kathryn CavarettiMês atrás

    Just a heads up that bad habit/shop hush went out of business.

  105. Alissa Self

    Alissa SelfMês atrás

    This decluttering video was very satisfying. I saw a few palettes I want to buy now! Great video, Taylor!