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  1. Coolboy 60

    Coolboy 6013 horas atrás

    I like em

  2. The Only Gaming Channel

    The Only Gaming Channel22 horas atrás

    If he did the $1k/ month it would total the us spending over $12 billion every year on just that...

  3. Joshua Grammer

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  4. Michael Anderson

    Michael AndersonDia atrás

    Yeaaaa 1000 bucks for more heroin because of the opioid epidemic I know Yang doesnt have anything to do with that but that 1000 bucks could be the death to a lot of those people there not gonna budget 1 G for a month

  5. Ashley Sarimana

    Ashley SarimanaDia atrás

    The swearing is interesting...

  6. ninni viener

    ninni viener2 dias atrás

    Im thinking abot moving to the US just to vote for him (yes, I know i can't vote lol)

  7. Robert Covarrubias

    Robert Covarrubias2 dias atrás

    The CNN commentators are full of Crap and total Liers, this is Domestic Terrorist Corporate National Democrats Organization and support the CNN corrupt news Media.

  8. Thomas Tringali

    Thomas Tringali2 dias atrás

    Trevor Noah, you have a great show!

  9. Tay JMN

    Tay JMN3 dias atrás

    There is no way he dropped out so soon before SC. Someone must have threatened his family.

  10. Samuel Rosander

    Samuel Rosander3 dias atrás

    Stop focusing on the Presidency. They don't make the laws. That's the job of Congress. Focus on your state legislatures. Focus on your federal representatives in Congress. That's where the real problem is. Not pushing for a dictator, but cracking down on corporate influence in the laws and regulations we pass by dealing within the (admittedly broken) system we already have. For all that Lindsay Graham said that Romney would be forever associated with Brutus, Marcus Brutus betrayed and helped assassinate Julius Caesar because Caesar was turning their Republic into a dictatorship. Which is fitting, because that's what's going on here, now. So again, stop pushing for dictatorship by vesting so much blind trust and power into the presidency, and start looking to Congress to do its duty to us as representatives deciding on laws meant to benefit the sum of us (as opposed to the few).

  11. Catra Loves cartoons

    Catra Loves cartoons4 dias atrás

    Oh damn I just realized this was posted on my birthday damn

  12. Nice Guy

    Nice Guy4 dias atrás

    And now he is gone.

  13. Sela Hanany

    Sela Hanany4 dias atrás

    he left because the establishment didn't want him to share that alien info

  14. Mauro B

    Mauro B5 dias atrás

    Yang for president!!!!!!✌️✌️✌️✌️

  15. Mauro B

    Mauro B4 dias atrás

    Somebadmeme yah I know

  16. Somebadmeme

    Somebadmeme4 dias atrás

    he dropped out...

  17. Political Outsider

    Political Outsider5 dias atrás

    Yang : the Asian version of P.T. Barnum.

  18. David Anthony

    David Anthony5 dias atrás

    We're Not Broke, Just Twisted: Extreme Wealth Inequality in America via @BRreporter

  19. David Anthony

    David Anthony5 dias atrás

    The main reason I like the 1,000 dollars a month is because we made those billion dollar companies with our purchasing power, with our low wage jobs we have working at these billionaire companies. There are millions of corporations that are not paying income taxes, not $1 dollar a year. A struggling American that makes less than $10 a year pays more income tax than Sprint, KFC, Taco Bell, McDonalds do all together. I know it's hard to believe, but sad that it's true. ~ You see the tax laws are written by the super wealthy and then pay our Senators to pass these bills that help corporations not pay income taxes. ~ Watch: We are not broke! on Netflix to get the full scoop! ~ America is a sick fucken country. Greedy and corrupt, and most of us are struggling when in reality we have have enough for everyone to live well without being financially stressed but corporations are not going to let that happen. They need to have the financial advantage to economically intimidate us to bend us to their will. See the trailer to We are not broke! here;

  20. JacobLZP

    JacobLZP6 dias atrás

    His Medicare for all is not accually Medicare for all.

  21. Kaizaro123

    Kaizaro1236 dias atrás

    Wow, dude really doesn't give a f*ck, apparently. Interesting.

  22. Josef Lauber

    Josef Lauber8 dias atrás

    I am disappointed, Trevor, keep min your arms up

  23. OHM-968692

    OHM-9686928 dias atrás

    This guy might be good for the economy. He seems to know his stuff. Wish the democrats could share power, like this guy for economic stuff, Bernie for education and healthcare, AOC for environment etc. Andrew fills a lot of the gaps of other Democratic candidates - topics that are much more prominent in Republican candidates and the reason why certain votes are lost to them.

  24. Derrick Wilson

    Derrick Wilson9 dias atrás

    I'm voting for Andrew Yang 2020

  25. Akilina Scovell

    Akilina Scovell9 dias atrás

    I fucking LOVVEEE Yang!!!

  26. MDUBB Elemeye

    MDUBB Elemeye9 dias atrás

    YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: eating healthier has gotten its cost nowadays and people cant afford it or spend too much for a little. many other just buy shitter option which lead to fatter and sicker people. if you're overweight or sick, poor your options change and your I.Q. drops with time dealing with daily situations and consuming trash options. those that do work are most likely barely eating decent too or at least on lots of caffeinated products. and if youre not working its due to you being sick or not having enough experience for anything that pays well... my point is with 1000 dollars a month you change habits you deal with less stress and it takes money to make money so anything would help motivate you to make more money. people wouldnt overwork themselves unless they wanted to. homelessness would disappear and shelters would be hotels... i can see what this can do in the long run

  27. Soyolka Amgalan

    Soyolka Amgalan10 dias atrás

    Y amerika no vote 4 him eh?

  28. bobby elmi

    bobby elmi10 dias atrás

    Here after he suspended his campaign because people don’t know what’s good for them. I’m sick of this country

  29. Steven A

    Steven A10 dias atrás

    You go yang! Lets Join the yang

  30. Lillie Maite

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  31. alli malani

    alli malani11 dias atrás

    Better than the wasted trillions spent on wars, In destroying and murdering humans around the world 🌎

  32. alli malani

    alli malani11 dias atrás

    He got this idea from Kuwait Every Kuwaiti citizen gets an income from the government

  33. Mr_Zola

    Mr_Zola11 dias atrás

    Unf***ed you

  34. Markus Reynolds

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  35. Veronica Servin

    Veronica Servin11 dias atrás

    Im voting for yang!! So we can get 1000 dollars and feed the drug addicts more drugs 😂❤️

  36. 69’sLeft Hand

    69’sLeft Hand11 dias atrás

    Man dropped out

  37. James Dunbar

    James Dunbar12 dias atrás

    Is your man really riding the hype chain and just telling the people what they want to hear

  38. Bernando Silva Jr.

    Bernando Silva Jr.12 dias atrás

    If Bernie and Yang worked together, imagine what we could do.

  39. Toni Adechi

    Toni Adechi12 dias atrás

    Disgusting 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

  40. 69’sLeft Hand

    69’sLeft Hand11 dias atrás


  41. Jessica Astorga

    Jessica Astorga12 dias atrás

    Anyone watching this after Yang dropped out?😞 #yanggang🧢

  42. edwilgar

    edwilgar12 dias atrás

    Who is watching after the bad news?

  43. Thordonic

    Thordonic12 dias atrás

    I miss him already #YangGang4lyfe 🧢

  44. IDoNtKnow IDK

    IDoNtKnow IDK12 dias atrás

    I getting pay for playing game :)

  45. Venom Snake

    Venom Snake12 dias atrás

    When he started to speak in mandarin "you d think i still be working with these white people" i lost it

  46. Antonio Deleon

    Antonio Deleon12 dias atrás

    so sad he dropped

  47. L uis Cruz

    L uis Cruz12 dias atrás

    Fuck he's gone what a shame

  48. Aequitas

    Aequitas13 dias atrás

    Won't vote for someone who has a foul mouth! Seriously? A lawyer from Columbia lowers himself to this level? Besides, why free money to all? Do you know how much it is with the whole population? Why forking up tax payer's money to give away to homeless for their "drug use". If those want success they won't end up being where they are. God helps those who help themselves.

  49. Lou Lei

    Lou Lei12 dias atrás

    Won't vote for someone who has a foul mouth! Seriously? Yes, seriously. Cursing has zero bearing on competency. Andrew has demonstrated time and time again to be highly intelligent yet emotionally sensitive. He curses when he deems the situation can allow it, as certain audiences jive better with that kind of personality. A lawyer from Columbia lowers himself to this level? "Lowering" is relative. If you consider quitting his cushy, corporate law job to start businesses and a non-profit to help people and create thousands of jobs to be "lowering", than more power to ya. Besides, why free money to all? Automation/AI is projected to eliminate ~44% of jobs here by 2050. People need a financial baseline to fall back on during such prolific job displacement. Citizens also deserve to get a slice of the great wealth being generated here by the trillion dollar tech companies as a means of alleviating growing wealth inequality. History shows that when wealth inequality passes a certain threshold, civil instability and/or revolution tend to follow. Even many millionaires/billionaires want to be taxed more because they are cognizant of history's lessons. By the way, wealth taxes have a terrible track record of being ineffective, as evidenced by decades of trial and error from many European countries. Do you know how much it is with the whole population? Yes - details can be found here: To summarize, a 10% VAT, welfare cost savings, 2nd degree economic growth, etc. cover the entire cost of the UBI. Why forking up tax payer's money to give away to homeless for their "drug use"? 1) A 10% VAT paired with a UBI will provide net financial benefit to the bottom 94% of the population, so the only people paying into the system are the top 6%. 2) It's a common myth that homeless/struggling citizens will squander UBI on drugs. All existing UBI studies show that the overwhelming majority of UBI recipient expenditures go toward necessities such as food, bills, clothing, etc. If those want success they won't end up being where they are? A lot of people end up homeless or in hard times due to failings of our system, such as exorbitant healthcare costs, jobs lost to automation, lack of veteran support, natural disasters, etc. Only a small segment of homeless people are there due to their own faults and shortcomings.

  50. HUNG MIN

    HUNG MIN13 dias atrás

    US government needs to fix homeless and drugs situations first. The government needs to build restrooms in the cities so people don't pee or poop all over.

  51. EvilEyesOFMarcel

    EvilEyesOFMarcel13 dias atrás

    I love this man lmaoooooo

  52. milsa

    milsa13 dias atrás

    Andrew Yang will be missed. The race will be so white without him 💔

  53. Thome 5

    Thome 513 dias atrás

    Good bye sweet prince Bernie 2020

  54. Danny Thompson

    Danny Thompson13 dias atrás

    Eh fuck it, you got my vote buddy. Screw you trump.

  55. Immigrant's Son

    Immigrant's Son13 dias atrás

    You might want to check the latest news on Yang. Then go down the rabbit hole, join the Gang and fight with us. Yang2024

  56. Professor X

    Professor X13 dias atrás

    Can we get a Sanders/Yang ticket in 2020???

  57. guillermo marquez

    guillermo marquez13 dias atrás

    Jajaja thanks for making me laf so hard

  58. Ibrahim H.Badreddine

    Ibrahim H.Badreddine13 dias atrás

    I did some fu*#ing math

  59. jayy king

    jayy king13 dias atrás

    it's bullshit people are homeless and hungry and they are playing games this make me wonna vote Republican

  60. Venom Snake

    Venom Snake13 dias atrás

    Money & aliens.. WooOooooo !!!! VOTE for the Asian guy!!

  61. Sw33tTrini

    Sw33tTrini13 dias atrás

    Just an FYI the is already and R&B song titled unfuck you by lyrics Anderson

  62. N. Joel

    N. Joel14 dias atrás

    Andrew Yang should run with Bernie as his VP when Bernie becomes president. That would be great.

  63. Bernando Silva Jr.

    Bernando Silva Jr.12 dias atrás

    Why wouldnt you go the other way around?


    RASHAWN RAWLS14 dias atrás

    Goons in the hood would have been buying and flipping drugs like crazy lol


    PHILLIPINE t14 dias atrás

    Wow if i were American i would definitely vote for this guy😄i would genuinely like to get unf@#kd

  66. DS Purnell

    DS Purnell14 dias atrás

    Unfuck is an army thing so yeh he’s fucking Amazing

  67. Peng Sun

    Peng Sun14 dias atrás

    Let him run the States pls