GIANT Dart vs Secret Mystery Balloons!! (DONT Pick the Wrong Balloon)


  1. Kathy Humphries

    Kathy Humphries16 horas atrás


  2. jacob pihama

    jacob pihama2 dias atrás

    Jeff loserrrrrrrrr

  3. Micah Armbruster

    Micah Armbruster3 dias atrás

    Read the one under mine

  4. Jan Bakke

    Jan Bakke4 dias atrás

    Your a care bear that means you dont care about the punishmint

  5. John Spirit 1 2 3 Brewer

    John Spirit 1 2 3 Brewer4 dias atrás

    Why you shooting people with guns and you're mean

  6. Gage Melhorn

    Gage Melhorn4 dias atrás

    Doo frozen pant balls for a panesh mentos

  7. M.essam2019 ELrashedy

    M.essam2019 ELrashedy5 dias atrás

    A snow man or a flour man with sour

  8. Joseph Horne

    Joseph Horne5 dias atrás

    🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 that trampoline did not bounce when he landed on it he should of died from that fall

  9. Dawson McInturf

    Dawson McInturf6 dias atrás

    Did Chris say Jeff it pissed ???

  10. Julie Cummings

    Julie Cummings6 dias atrás

    When you saw the warheads who got the sour feeling in their mouths?

  11. Jonny Rivera

    Jonny Rivera4 dias atrás

    Julie Cummings me

  12. Mr. Awesome Cuber

    Mr. Awesome Cuber5 dias atrás


  13. Chelsea Campbell

    Chelsea Campbell6 dias atrás

    Your right cam olwelwase wins

  14. Chelsea Campbell

    Chelsea Campbell6 dias atrás

    You should do some gaming videos

  15. william slime king

    william slime king7 dias atrás

    warheads arent sour there just pain full

  16. AwesomeCS08

    AwesomeCS087 dias atrás

    1 like = 1 pray for jeff to not get shot with paintball gun

  17. Kyleigh Ferguson

    Kyleigh Ferguson7 dias atrás

    Poor Jeffrey

  18. Yeet 666

    Yeet 6667 dias atrás


  19. Yeet 666

    Yeet 6667 dias atrás

    So many rubber bands involved

  20. The aswsome George Gillespie

    The aswsome George Gillespie7 dias atrás

    How many trampolines do you have

  21. Brady Kilgore

    Brady Kilgore8 dias atrás

    I have a wii

  22. VeryScareeDinoS -Nation

    VeryScareeDinoS -Nation9 dias atrás

    punishment:get slap by wet hell no bye

  23. Ian Elsworth

    Ian Elsworth9 dias atrás

    How do you afford all your trampolines

  24. Kevin Green

    Kevin Green9 dias atrás


  25. Grass Apple

    Grass Apple9 dias atrás

    I ate 25 warheads at once, it wasn’t good

  26. Kristen Lattin

    Kristen Lattin9 dias atrás

    Has anyone ever noticed how much a trampoline cost and how many trampolines they have and wonder how much money that costs

  27. Jack Mckenzie

    Jack Mckenzie7 dias atrás

    Kristen Lattin all the time

  28. Cade Faine

    Cade Faine10 dias atrás

    Jeffery’s pissed 😂

  29. Marisol Lopez

    Marisol Lopez10 dias atrás

    Haha Jeff got hit by a paintball gun

  30. Ellie Weiser

    Ellie Weiser13 dias atrás

    Go to Chad wild Clay's BRreporter channel

  31. Eden Hahn

    Eden Hahn13 dias atrás

    Why do they call him chris but they write it as cam?

  32. Seth Beamish

    Seth Beamish14 dias atrás

    Is anyone in 2020

  33. Eden Hahn

    Eden Hahn13 dias atrás


  34. Troy Williams

    Troy Williams14 dias atrás

    I actually love warheads so that punishment would be great

  35. Shane Rothman

    Shane Rothman16 dias atrás

    I like

  36. XmXXetro

    XmXXetro17 dias atrás

    I was like is that a real gun en I thought a sec oh it's not a real Gun

  37. XmXXetro

    XmXXetro17 dias atrás

    That's dangie

  38. SHT GANG

    SHT GANG18 dias atrás

    Caine and Robert cheaters Jeffrey

  39. Alison Sanford

    Alison Sanford18 dias atrás

    Bilda bear

  40. Jayson Green

    Jayson Green18 dias atrás

    The PAINtball gun it says it in its name...

  41. Jessica Galtman

    Jessica Galtman19 dias atrás

    wate cam said in the video when jeff was flying an airplane and shoed up later in the video if you pop it it is your punishment so cam popped jeffs balloon wont that mean it is cams punishment

  42. Amber Hendricks

    Amber Hendricks19 dias atrás


  43. Deah Constantine

    Deah Constantine20 dias atrás

    Jeff that was so funny when you got shot by that paintball gun. I laughed so hard when you said I always get shot by paintball guns always!

  44. Zackary Daniels

    Zackary Daniels19 dias atrás

    Deah Constantine you suck

  45. Aneecka Bezuidenhout

    Aneecka Bezuidenhout20 dias atrás

    I like the sour sweet

  46. Rico Thomas

    Rico Thomas20 dias atrás

    The part when cam kicked the balloon 😂

  47. Nat Gunnels

    Nat Gunnels20 dias atrás

    2:34 lol right check

  48. clinton gregory

    clinton gregory21 dia atrás

    L😍🥰😘I’ve you Jeff and Rod

  49. Reina Hanson

    Reina Hanson21 dia atrás

    That's not as sour as warheads

  50. Brett Foxtrot

    Brett Foxtrot21 dia atrás


  51. Amy Torres

    Amy Torres22 dias atrás

    I love your guys Videos I would die without them

  52. Kyleigh Ferguson

    Kyleigh Ferguson23 dias atrás

    I get it Rob your wereing a nielon and you feel nielony!!!!!!!!!! 😂

  53. Big Dog

    Big Dog23 dias atrás

    Show us your bobs

  54. K Bright

    K Bright24 dias atrás


  55. Xaiden Godsill

    Xaiden Godsill25 dias atrás

    Chris miss Christmas