1. Mitch

    Mitch3 meses atrás

    3,800 bricks in that rippn' lego bowling ball

  2. Katelyn Quinn Cunningham

    Katelyn Quinn Cunningham17 dias atrás


  3. Valt青

    Valt青21 dia atrás

    Crazy boy Cool r

  4. FBI

    FBIMês atrás

    Epic . Alex 27 you can’t just do mathematics and find how many legos are in it you would have to guess or count them

  5. Starberrymalk

    StarberrymalkMês atrás

    Epic . Alex 27 or you know just googled it

  6. Epic . Alex 27

    Epic . Alex 27Mês atrás

    He did his lil mathematics

  7. Seth Gale

    Seth Gale9 horas atrás


  8. Ella White

    Ella White10 horas atrás

    You donut crazy Lego lad


    NNOB CLAN14 horas atrás

    Ok now rebuild the big red ball and get a new trampoline then drop the trampoline on the big red ball

  10. Lily Harmon

    Lily Harmon14 horas atrás


  11. Jarrington Oliver

    Jarrington Oliver17 horas atrás


  12. Fritz Winke

    Fritz Winke18 horas atrás


  13. Katelyn Cook

    Katelyn Cook18 horas atrás


  14. Katelyn Cook

    Katelyn Cook18 horas atrás


  15. Katelyn Cook

    Katelyn Cook18 horas atrás


  16. MTB Mad

    MTB Mad19 horas atrás


  17. Arctic Fox

    Arctic Fox21 hora atrás

    157 Lego bricks

  18. Martijn

    MartijnDia atrás


  19. Ashish Gulati

    Ashish Gulati2 dias atrás

    2,100 legos r in that ball

  20. Fely Willebrands

    Fely Willebrands2 dias atrás

    44,44 Legos

  21. Dominique Harrell

    Dominique Harrell2 dias atrás


  22. Nick Hughes

    Nick Hughes2 dias atrás

    7,000 bricks

  23. Sympy

    Sympy2 dias atrás

    3567 bricks in the ripping bowling ball

  24. Bike Kids

    Bike Kids2 dias atrás

    Please pin me😘🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  25. Me Be me

    Me Be me3 dias atrás

    5334 bricks

  26. jojo !

    jojo !3 dias atrás

    Bike vs.

  27. Colin Johnstone

    Colin Johnstone3 dias atrás


  28. Matthew Sprintson

    Matthew Sprintson3 dias atrás

    How high is he at 10:58? XD

  29. C C Cush

    C C Cush3 dias atrás

    2300 bricks

  30. Maria Alejandra Morales

    Maria Alejandra Morales3 dias atrás

    3,867 bricks?

  31. Kimberly Hansen

    Kimberly Hansen3 dias atrás


  32. Keion DeJesus

    Keion DeJesus4 dias atrás

    Thats call gaint meatball

  33. Marcus REYNOLDS

    Marcus REYNOLDS4 dias atrás

    My number is 69420 pieces of lego

  34. Ely Etter

    Ely Etter4 dias atrás

    I have made 100 of those bots

  35. Peyton Chapman

    Peyton Chapman4 dias atrás

    20k lego

  36. Berksan A.

    Berksan A.5 dias atrás

    Your channel is so funny

  37. TheLuckBuck

    TheLuckBuck5 dias atrás


  38. Tyne Palmer

    Tyne Palmer5 dias atrás

    3,800 LEGO blocks ? So many

  39. André oficial

    André oficial5 dias atrás

    Sou brasileiro e amei esse canal

  40. Joana Couto

    Joana Couto5 dias atrás

    8500 Legos

  41. Oliver

    Oliver5 dias atrás

    4005 bricks

  42. ZacAttack15

    ZacAttack156 dias atrás



    AHREN RICHARDS6 dias atrás


  44. Lucasky

    Lucasky6 dias atrás

    200 LEGO’s in the blue ball

  45. ZEBRACCR Redding

    ZEBRACCR Redding6 dias atrás

    RIP trampoline :(

  46. Webb E

    Webb E6 dias atrás

    20,000 bricks is my guess

  47. Sissy and brother Forever

    Sissy and brother Forever6 dias atrás

    10 000

  48. Edvin Larsson 4

    Edvin Larsson 46 dias atrás


  49. Syler

    Syler6 dias atrás

    5732 bricks

  50. The Benha Kids

    The Benha Kids7 dias atrás


  51. Amin M

    Amin M7 dias atrás

    The basket ball didn’t enter the basket

  52. E Z W A R D Gaming

    E Z W A R D Gaming3 dias atrás

    I did

  53. yo dad

    yo dad7 dias atrás

    hits rim then gets 9 pins then misses the watermelon completely. rip

  54. Alijah Ross

    Alijah Ross7 dias atrás


  55. demolition bro's

    demolition bro's7 dias atrás


  56. Underfell Chara {Married to ds chara}

    Underfell Chara {Married to ds chara}7 dias atrás

    The big one is 20,000

  57. Underfell Chara {Married to ds chara}

    Underfell Chara {Married to ds chara}7 dias atrás

    2, 976

  58. EarlofDevon x

    EarlofDevon x7 dias atrás


  59. Chewykiller101

    Chewykiller1018 dias atrás

    u still have the legos, ill take them off ur hands

  60. ·Not Blessed·

    ·Not Blessed·8 dias atrás


  61. JB Wren

    JB Wren8 dias atrás

    You guys are making a killing dropping random shit off a tower. Gotta love the Aussies 👍🏼

  62. Joshua R

    Joshua R8 dias atrás

    Let's take a moment to appreciate moses parting the red sea joke there.

  63. Davis Crosley '23

    Davis Crosley '238 dias atrás


  64. Anthony Fleshman

    Anthony Fleshman8 dias atrás

    Moses melon if anyone else gets this pun you must like this shit

  65. Xd Ziftyz

    Xd Ziftyz9 dias atrás

    Not one peice no more

  66. Γιώργος Μπούκας

    Γιώργος Μπούκας9 dias atrás

    Can you send me all rhe Lego 😂😂.I love lego