Giving McDonald's Employees $1000 If They Spell My Name Right!


  1. Ivanita Lomeli

    Ivanita LomeliMês atrás


  2. Claire Corbett

    Claire Corbett21 hora atrás

    Ivanita lomeli

  3. Claire Corbett

    Claire Corbett21 hora atrás

    Good try

  4. Camila Trinidad

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  5. Lerma Crow

    Lerma Crow2 dias atrás

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  6. Juan c Ortiz

    Juan c Ortiz5 dias atrás

    Ivanita Lomeli the donuts you love are my favorite donuts too 😋

  7. Brunilda Berrocales

    Brunilda Berrocales17 minutos atrás

    Ivanita lomeli i love you 😍😘😇👼👸

  8. jennifer lewis

    jennifer lewis2 horas atrás

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  9. Carmela Sanchez

    Carmela Sanchez3 horas atrás

    Ivanita Lomeli

  10. Rachel Fuston

    Rachel Fuston10 horas atrás

    imagine trying this at starbucks 😂

  11. Aaliyah Shroyer

    Aaliyah Shroyer15 horas atrás

    Ivanita Lomeli

  12. Brody Swink

    Brody Swink16 horas atrás

    Inavita lomeli

  13. Brody Swink

    Brody Swink16 horas atrás

    Is that it

  14. Claire Corbett

    Claire Corbett21 hora atrás

    Ivanita lomeli

  15. Sandy Rabadi

    Sandy Rabadi22 horas atrás

    Ivanita Lomeli

  16. Emmi _Gacha

    Emmi _Gacha23 horas atrás

    I wish I worked at the places u went to I really want to meet u

  17. Lisett Castro

    Lisett CastroDia atrás

    Ivanita lomeli it's pretty easy I think 💁‍♀️🤣

  18. Alex Cvetkovich

    Alex CvetkovichDia atrás

    You are such a giver

  19. Lyann Tobar

    Lyann TobarDia atrás

    👎You’re annoying

  20. Linda Senterfitt

    Linda SenterfittDia atrás

    Lvanita Lomeli

  21. Ravin Jones

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  22. Coral Hernandez

    Coral HernandezDia atrás

    Most of the people said e for the begging of her first name

  23. Oscar Martinez

    Oscar MartinezDia atrás

    Try to spell my name my name is

  24. Jessica Bowers

    Jessica BowersDia atrás

    Ivanita Lomeli

  25. Payton Kirkpatrick

    Payton Kirkpatrick2 dias atrás

    Ivanita Lomeli

  26. stacie burns

    stacie burns2 dias atrás

    My name autumn

  27. Abby Fritzke

    Abby Fritzke2 dias atrás

    This is how I spell it ivanita lomeil

  28. Alao Alongbija

    Alao Alongbija2 dias atrás

    Ivanita, should have ask me to spell your and give me cash.

  29. Margarita Ornelas

    Margarita Ornelas2 dias atrás

    Ivanita lomeli

  30. Allison Harling

    Allison Harling2 dias atrás

    Ivanita lomeli

  31. joshua link

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    Ivanita lomeli

  32. LoLo Lo

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  33. Alpha Mama

    Alpha Mama2 dias atrás

    U r such a nice person wow u made alot if ppl happy😮👍

  34. Hong Tran

    Hong Tran2 dias atrás

    Ivanie lmele

  35. Vonetta woods

    Vonetta woods2 dias atrás

    If I get it right can I have the money

  36. Vonetta woods

    Vonetta woods2 dias atrás

    Ivanita lomeni

  37. Kala Patel

    Kala Patel3 dias atrás

    Ivanita Lomeli I love you

  38. Jade Canadas

    Jade Canadas3 dias atrás

    Buy somone mcdonalds in back of you when you are at mcdonalds buy there order.



    Ivanita lomeli

  40. Trinity Santiago

    Trinity Santiago3 dias atrás


  41. naima williams

    naima williams3 dias atrás

    Ivanita lomeli

  42. Keshon Rhobe

    Keshon Rhobe3 dias atrás

    how far are you from beautiful

  43. Chloe Sierota

    Chloe Sierota3 dias atrás

    6:08 what if she is a fan and she knows how to spell ur name from watching ur videos I know how to spell ur name off by heart

  44. Leslie Rojas

    Leslie Rojas3 dias atrás

    i was ment to say *and

  45. Fabian Barajas

    Fabian Barajas3 dias atrás

    Lvanita lomeli

  46. Wolfie Playz

    Wolfie Playz3 dias atrás

    Ivanita Lomeli

  47. Yaleiny Ramos

    Yaleiny Ramos3 dias atrás

    I wish you did my name, It's Yaleiny Ramos

  48. Lisa Seepaul

    Lisa Seepaul3 dias atrás

    Hi l am Bill love you not as a fan so l Love you

  49. sharonthenurse

    sharonthenurse3 dias atrás

    Ivanita lomeli

  50. -Joasha!-

    -Joasha!-3 dias atrás

    SHE waring adidas and IS LARRAYS! WOOOO!

  51. Sa'mierra Macklin

    Sa'mierra Macklin3 dias atrás

    I live in Lexington NC street is 301 lram Avenue

  52. Maddy Paddy

    Maddy Paddy3 dias atrás

    Sa'mierra Macklin that’s not your real address right

  53. Sa'mierra Macklin

    Sa'mierra Macklin3 dias atrás

    I know how to spell your name lvanita lomeli

  54. Sara Roark

    Sara Roark3 dias atrás


  55. zaina mgaza

    zaina mgaza3 dias atrás

    Im sister can spell name

  56. Ronald Chetty

    Ronald Chetty4 dias atrás

    I V A N I T A

  57. Anna Banana

    Anna Banana4 dias atrás

    I can spell her name Ivanita Lomeli