Giving McDonald's Employees $1000 If They Spell My Name Right!


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    Easy Anna easy Anna

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    Hi. My. Name. Is. Katelynn

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    5:29 the lady is cheering and looking on her phone

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    U kindia cute tho

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    That very cool

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    Guess who’s my favourite Dobre Bro

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    I love u ivanita 😍😍😍❤❤❤

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    Ivanita lomeli am i correct

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    I spell it like this ivanita Lomeli

  14. davieesss 1

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    It’s funny how on the 3rd person they cut out the part when they gave her the money, no 1000

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    Ivanita lomeli

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    I think the first girl cheated

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    I like your video I love you

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    i would of one a 1000 dollars asap

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    Ivanita lomeli soy tu mayor fan

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    ok your name is Ivanita lomeli

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    if your here in the philippines we can spell it right because "i" we pronounce it in tagalog "ih" and "e" we pronounce it "eh"

  26. Artibella Marak

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    The first girl got your name correctly because she cheated on you. She is finding your name on like youtube or maybe some social media

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    I would of got it rite if she asked me her first and last name is to easy to spell 💯

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    Turn this blue if this is how u spell her name ivanita lomeli

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    lvanita lomeli

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    Ivanita Lomeli

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    hi i am a youtuber to and i am rich by

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    The first guy like you he had a crush on you ivanita

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    I loved this video i think i would of got this because im hispantic


    ALEXA ESPINOZA14 dias atrás

    How much was the small cash prize?

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    Ivanita Lomeli is easy for me

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    The second guy couldn't even think lol

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    Ivanita. Lomeli

  39. Baby Girl

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    This is so funny, just the other day my own name was spelled wrong. They spelled it like 'alyassa' instead of Alyssa. Like how do you get that wrong? I literally said it so they wouldn't be able to get it wrong. (Ah-lyss-sah)

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    Ivantia Lomeli that's how you spell it I think.

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    Ivanita looks so cute

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    Why do like making videos at Lucas and Marcus' house ?

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    What’s your middle name?

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    I think this is how you spell your name: Ivanita Lomeli

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    Ivanka Pomelo ?

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    people spelling my name wrong be like:Aleisha or Alesha Me:Ugh ❌it's actually spelled Alisha. So I'm used to it

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    Ivanita Loméi

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    Hi i know it to spell its so easy :)

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    *I v a n i t a*

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    Thats how u spell it

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    This is how I spell it ... Ivanita Lomeli. I hope I got it right 🤞

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