1. Emma Dums

    Emma DumsMês atrás

    Hi! I know this is an older video so comments aren’t super active, but did anyone happen to catch what concealer and/or shade was used? Ya girl is p a l e and could use a new one! 😊✌️

  2. Emma Dums

    Emma DumsMês atrás

    Nevermind, he said it again when he was doing brows, it’s the kylie one, i’ll just have to find the shade. 😋

  3. Phil Land

    Phil LandMês atrás


  4. Siriusly Sam

    Siriusly Sam2 meses atrás

    I'm getting Drew Barrymore in Ever After vibes from the makeup. Looks lovely

  5. Maddie Alien Trash

    Maddie Alien Trash2 meses atrás

    she reminds me of Madonna

  6. Kaylee K

    Kaylee K2 meses atrás

    Mykie is me without makeup .. Literally 😂 white eyelashes invisible eyebrows and the whitest skin possible.

  7. coffeegirl18

    coffeegirl182 meses atrás

    Mykie looks gorgeous. I seriously need to check out Kylie concealer if it goes that light. I'm also technically a ginger that has dyed her hair for ages, it'd go icky grey blonde in summer.

  8. Jayden Alexa Rivers

    Jayden Alexa Rivers2 meses atrás

    Subscribed from Mykies channel! I loved your energy in the Zombie video! :)

  9. Madden Sport Horses

    Madden Sport Horses3 meses atrás

    I'm only watching this for Mykie

  10. Elizabeth Cross

    Elizabeth Cross3 meses atrás

    I love the look on her face when he makes a comment about makeup and hair colour! 😂

  11. In The Way 1967

    In The Way 19673 meses atrás

    the final product almost looks like Dove Cameron.

  12. Laila O'Connel

    Laila O'Connel4 meses atrás

    Mykie is so adorable! I love what you did with her makeup!

  13. Lianne E

    Lianne E4 meses atrás

    does anyone know what lip he said they used? i cant figure it out

  14. Daneeka Zlatovich

    Daneeka Zlatovich4 meses atrás

    You didn’t finish???!!?!?!?!?

  15. Adie Elizabeth

    Adie Elizabeth4 meses atrás

    Your forehead would seem smaller if you made your eyebrows a little bit higher. They just seem so close to your eyes

  16. Alexis Niquette

    Alexis Niquette4 meses atrás

    Omg I love the look you did 😍

  17. Andrea Villamor

    Andrea Villamor4 meses atrás

    Oh my god

  18. jonne van Eck

    jonne van Eck4 meses atrás

    Mykie doesnt look like mykie anymore🤯

  19. LeDainian's weird Channel

    LeDainian's weird Channel4 meses atrás

    *the giggles ahhhhh*

  20. Gabi Brantley

    Gabi Brantley4 meses atrás

    Does she use powder I just recently started watching like ALL of her videos n she NEVER USES IT???? Is she doing it off camera or am I dumb n not seeing it or does she just use liquid? I'm curious y'all lol

  21. jamie gomez

    jamie gomez4 meses atrás


  22. Angie Elliott

    Angie Elliott4 meses atrás

    She's gorgeous!

  23. ladashia meow

    ladashia meow5 meses atrás

    When she closed her eyes she looked like an actual doll

  24. Aislinn Wood

    Aislinn Wood5 meses atrás

    Mykie is so adorable in the most beautiful way 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  25. krianne

    krianne5 meses atrás

    She's fucking cute and looked better without the wig haha.

  26. Mariah Dunnett

    Mariah Dunnett5 meses atrás

    She is beautiful!!

  27. Gricel Muniz

    Gricel Muniz5 meses atrás

    Wow, Manny!! You definitely are a great makeup artist!! She is beautiful and that makeup rocks on her!! Love it!! I need you for my last son prom!! Come visit P.R on June and we can go and party and have fun too!! 😁💜

  28. Bry

    Bry5 meses atrás

    Her real name is lauren

  29. cassie cody

    cassie cody5 meses atrás

    She is absolutely captivating. I couldn't stop staring!

  30. lauren morgan

    lauren morgan5 meses atrás

    Oh my gosh I love the braws

  31. Erika Farley

    Erika Farley5 meses atrás

    What an attractive pair of people. Jealous.

  32. Diego Meneses

    Diego Meneses5 meses atrás

    Everything but that wig, jesus

  33. Kassie Miller

    Kassie Miller5 meses atrás

    Mykie is so cute wtf

  34. Sadie silva

    Sadie silva5 meses atrás

    I hate manny, like seriously hate. Wish he’d choke on a dick. Only wanna watch for Mykie!!!!! Looooove her!

  35. Anna Corbin

    Anna Corbin5 meses atrás

    She looks like an Olsen!!

  36. Shreya Goenka

    Shreya Goenka5 meses atrás

    She's alien?

  37. Lexy F

    Lexy F5 meses atrás

    She is so pretty with makeup on

  38. Juliany Izaguirre

    Juliany Izaguirre5 meses atrás

    He said corey

  39. Missy Tina

    Missy Tina6 meses atrás

    When you're lighter then Mykie... I'm Blanc in hourglass 🤣

  40. Frostycakes Makeup

    Frostycakes Makeup6 meses atrás

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate Mykie’s clear skin 😍

  41. Jenna Melman

    Jenna Melman6 meses atrás

    my favorite ginger tutorial out there and he's not even ginger, mad props

  42. hayleee toomoth

    hayleee toomoth6 meses atrás

    Wow she’s uh definitely another person without makeup

  43. Vanessa Jazek

    Vanessa Jazek6 meses atrás

    She looks so pretty 😄

  44. Kaylin Williamson

    Kaylin Williamson6 meses atrás

    10:15 watching this after I know her name is Lauren😂💕

  45. Ila Sharma

    Ila Sharma6 meses atrás

    omg .....she looks gorgeous... great work Manny .... goodness I m amazed...😍

  46. Jacob Schaefer

    Jacob Schaefer6 meses atrás

    Mike without faketan

  47. Russianwhite 37

    Russianwhite 376 meses atrás

    why does Mykie look like an MCR band member in the intro

  48. Gabbii Alexander

    Gabbii Alexander6 meses atrás


  49. Rachel Potter

    Rachel Potter6 meses atrás

    Love this video.. both my favorite BRreporterrs in one video.. Love u guys.

  50. Melody Thompson

    Melody Thompson6 meses atrás

    I just love you two together! My two most favorite youtubers! SOOO much fun!

  51. Bode Malih

    Bode Malih6 meses atrás

    Iwish ican hug u some day بحبك

  52. faustinblak

    faustinblak7 meses atrás

    You two are so cute

  53. Jenna Colgrove

    Jenna Colgrove7 meses atrás

    5:43 though

  54. NattieCattieVlogs

    NattieCattieVlogs7 meses atrás

    My sister wants to know if your gay. No offense

  55. Meredith Hagan

    Meredith Hagan7 meses atrás

    Around 8:05 Mykie looks like Cara Delavigne.

  56. KK Lovatory

    KK Lovatory7 meses atrás

    what? how tiny her face is!

  57. rayosunshineee

    rayosunshineee8 meses atrás

    What pallet did he use for the shimmer on the lid?

  58. Danika Jordan

    Danika Jordan8 meses atrás

    My favorite people in the whole world

  59. Larissa Lopez

    Larissa Lopez8 meses atrás

    One eyebrow Is longer than the other

  60. ok.

    ok.8 meses atrás

    It looks okay. The wig was horrible...

  61. Emily Mac

    Emily Mac8 meses atrás

    Mykie is actually acting so weird in this its making me cringe

  62. Maisha Rahman

    Maisha Rahman8 meses atrás


  63. Bailey Conley

    Bailey Conley8 meses atrás

    Did manny mua’s laugh in the beginning get lost in the same way of her eyebrows?

  64. oPeRa1923

    oPeRa19238 meses atrás

    Copper eyes nude lips.... 🙄

  65. MissMeMouse

    MissMeMouse8 meses atrás

    Oh god. I couldn’t make myself look anything that good

  66. descriqtion

    descriqtion8 meses atrás

    i hate you, but i LOVE mikey

  67. honey revenge

    honey revenge3 meses atrás

    then spell her name right.

  68. Emmie Churchill

    Emmie Churchill8 meses atrás

    I can't figure out if she's just wearing a jacket or if she's wearing a shirt too. Maybe a tube top? Edit: Oh never kind I saw her shirt ok

  69. L. L.

    L. L.8 meses atrás

    Gorgeous 😘 ❤️

  70. S Kenzig

    S Kenzig8 meses atrás

    Does anyone know what brush he used to do her eyeliner? I want it!

  71. Heather Combs

    Heather Combs9 meses atrás

    I liked her hair alot better than the wig.

  72. Heather Combs

    Heather Combs9 meses atrás

    I do not like the bottom eye shadow purple looks weird.

  73. DarkScarlettVixen

    DarkScarlettVixen9 meses atrás

    Wait about 30 minutes to brush your teeth after eating. Your saliva is particularly acidic after eating and if you brush your teeth too soon, you can erode your enamel. Rinsing is a good option.

  74. Gerry Soly

    Gerry Soly9 meses atrás

    So her first name is??? It looked like u said Lauren..idk trying to read from lips🤐🤣lol so bad😂

  75. ivana coxx

    ivana coxx8 meses atrás

    it is Lauren, she mentioned it in one of her Q&A videos. Mykie is a variation of her maiden name iirc

  76. Gerry Soly

    Gerry Soly8 meses atrás

    +Kya- Ken! Art I mean the real one...10:14

  77. Kya- Ken! Art

    Kya- Ken! Art8 meses atrás

    Gerry Soly It's Mykie

  78. Danelle Sissing

    Danelle Sissing9 meses atrás

    I'm a fan of both of you❤ Manny I'm hoping you see my artwork of you on Instagram, Mikey gives me Sabrina Carpenter vibes in this look

  79. Mal K

    Mal K9 meses atrás

    Is it just me or are those brows WAY too dark?

  80. Maris Just

    Maris Just9 meses atrás

    Oh my gosh Mykie at 11:23 just gave me HUGE Cara Delevingne vibes

  81. Jonah Ramones

    Jonah Ramones9 meses atrás

    Two sides of my personality collided..

  82. Nathan Getz

    Nathan Getz9 meses atrás

    6:48 I almost, in my head, thought "yes".

  83. Gabs Brown

    Gabs Brown9 meses atrás

    I want an in depth on this look its so pretty

  84. A Elle

    A Elle9 meses atrás

    Hey fuck you

  85. Rutba Mamun

    Rutba Mamun9 meses atrás

    Brienne of Tarth ? Aye aye💞👑

  86. Lily

    Lily9 meses atrás

    i dunno, she looks like every arabian girl ever

  87. Gabriela Chorbadzhiyska

    Gabriela Chorbadzhiyska9 meses atrás

    She is so beautiful without make up oh my god! Also i love her natural hair more than the wig ❤️

  88. savanna

    savanna9 meses atrás

    Omg she looks so much like dove cameron at the end

  89. Alyssa Taylor

    Alyssa Taylor9 meses atrás

    This look is soo Cara delevingne! I want a brow tutorial!!

  90. Siobhán K.

    Siobhán K.9 meses atrás

    Those brows… Why so Dark? The shape is lovely but that shade choice???? On someone so fair…. Odd!!!!

  91. Rose

    Rose9 meses atrás

    I need to know the name of the metallic/duochrome eyeshadow palette!! 😭😍 it's too gorgeous

  92. Lauren Stacey

    Lauren Stacey9 meses atrás

    I’ve watched a couple of your videos now and you are so consistently good! I love your style and your color combinations! I’ve learned so much from watching you! Stay gorgeous Manny!

  93. Gwen gann

    Gwen gann9 meses atrás

    OMG 2 of my fave youtubers

  94. TheRavyShow

    TheRavyShow9 meses atrás

    beautiful job Manny!!

  95. TheRavyShow

    TheRavyShow9 meses atrás

    Mykie has the same eyebrows and eyelashes that I have. She wears it so much more beautiful though.

  96. Nadia Wiorek

    Nadia Wiorek9 meses atrás

    She's like a 5 year old getting a make over :'D

  97. Eliza Torquido

    Eliza Torquido9 meses atrás

    She’s so pretty!

  98. Layla’s Corner

    Layla’s Corner9 meses atrás

    7:58 she looked like Cara Delevingne

  99. Erica Raths

    Erica Raths9 meses atrás

    Wow shes such a natural unique beauty!!

  100. Gray Merritt

    Gray Merritt9 meses atrás

    She looks like dove Cameron after the transformation is done

  101. Savanna Pollock

    Savanna Pollock9 meses atrás

    you guys are so fuNNYYSHSHS TOGETHER wow

  102. Hannah Mclean

    Hannah Mclean9 meses atrás

    Hi g and g you look beautiful

  103. Cheyenne Chapman

    Cheyenne Chapman9 meses atrás


  104. Jenni Ex.Fer.

    Jenni Ex.Fer.9 meses atrás

    6:16 di-ed oh my gosh she's so cute 😩😍❤

  105. faithayy

    faithayy9 meses atrás

    Her skin looks so amazing !