Go On a Date With In Real Life, IRL


  1. Sarah Gillett

    Sarah GillettMês atrás

    "Kiss me if I'm wrong but dinosaurs still exist right" Sergio

  2. nashya m.

    nashya m.Mês atrás

    Micheal is so cute😂😩 holy smoke

  3. Savanah Honoret

    Savanah HonoretMês atrás

    This is horrible pretty much did it way better srry

  4. Carnetha Longus

    Carnetha Longus3 meses atrás

    I like the video

  5. PRETTYMUCHbae's

    PRETTYMUCHbae's5 meses atrás

    sergio:kiss me if im wrong but dinosours still live" me: "actually, ever herd of a bird or alligator?

  6. faith anderson

    faith anderson6 meses atrás

    ♡ my heart , cuties ♡

  7. Ayesha Almario

    Ayesha Almario8 meses atrás

    IM-- dead.

  8. kilee reece

    kilee reece8 meses atrás


  9. Shaleah Amos

    Shaleah Amos9 meses atrás

    I watch this every time I'm third wheeling my sister and her boyfriend I'm in love with love and I was shaking through the whole video

  10. Nathalie Chishungu

    Nathalie ChishunguAnos atrás

    Super fun tho

  11. Nathalie Chishungu

    Nathalie ChishunguAnos atrás

    Life liner for life

  12. Pabs Santarinala

    Pabs SantarinalaAnos atrás

    Is this a Voice ASMR?!

  13. Amanda Sankiw

    Amanda SankiwAnos atrás

    This video makes me so shy and blush

  14. Ameena Khan

    Ameena KhanAnos atrás

    michael: " u r a banana because i find you a peeling"😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Ameena Khan

    Ameena KhanAnos atrás

    brady:' if u were a vegetable you would be a "cucumber" '

  16. äna M

    äna MAnos atrás


  17. Fernanda Paredes

    Fernanda ParedesAnos atrás

    Chance has my heart. 😓❤❤

  18. Kelly Backup 2

    Kelly Backup 2Anos atrás

    I had a heart attack and died because of how cut these boys are

  19. #YoursTrulyForever, Paula Serrano

    #YoursTrulyForever, Paula SerranoAnos atrás

    Sergio said all the right things, I literally died.

  20. Hailey Dixon

    Hailey DixonAnos atrás


  21. Audrey Tragler

    Audrey TraglerAnos atrás

    This is soo cute like wtf🌹

  22. mia

    miaAnos atrás

    sergio's smile gives me life

  23. mia

    miaAnos atrás

    they said, "you're beautiful" uhh i think the fuck not. i'm ugly. sjsjsjsj kill me

  24. chloea

    chloeaAnos atrás

    “kiss me if i’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist right?” OMGGG 😂

  25. Jocelyn Montes

    Jocelyn MontesAnos atrás

    Michael 0:36

  26. Destiny Lara

    Destiny LaraAnos atrás

    EW BAHAHA OMG theyre so cute tho!!😂

  27. safe and sound

    safe and soundAnos atrás

    Awww my good lord... SERGIO CALDERON 😦😦😦❤❤❤

  28. Deanita Dinda

    Deanita DindaAnos atrás


  29. Kaleigh S

    Kaleigh SAnos atrás

    Ok I didn't really realize how much of a snack Drew was until this vid

  30. Don Teh

    Don TehAnos atrás

    Awww cute I love chance

  31. Megan Grace

    Megan GraceAnos atrás

    i feel like i’ve just died and now i’m in heaven.

  32. Jessica Juarez

    Jessica JuarezAnos atrás

    Do this with WHY DON'T WE

  33. Florina Radu

    Florina RaduAnos atrás

    Chance and Drew killed it again

  34. Kianna Lofton

    Kianna LoftonAnos atrás

    We all know Serg isn’t paying

  35. tomii eames

    tomii eamesAnos atrás

    this was too cute

  36. Ada Soriano

    Ada SorianoAnos atrás

    You’re wrong Sergio.😂 I’ll kiss u now.

  37. lydia garza

    lydia garzaAnos atrás

    Chance would be the best gentleman

  38. Anna Le

    Anna LeAnos atrás

    ending chord saved me from all of the pickup lines 😂

  39. Helen G

    Helen GAnos atrás

    The cringeeee is reall

  40. Gabriella Tellez

    Gabriella TellezAnos atrás

    Did anyone else actually feel like they were on a date with them😂😂😍😍😍😘

  41. Jam and Toby

    Jam and TobyAnos atrás

    Sergio's so adorable in this

  42. Katie Aldridge

    Katie AldridgeAnos atrás

    Night Changes is QUAKING

  43. Mii S2

    Mii S2Anos atrás

    0:46 OMG Michael😂😂😂😂

  44. babiemaayyy

    babiemaayyyAnos atrás

    this was literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen omg

  45. Olivia Soria

    Olivia SoriaAnos atrás

    Chance looks so hotttttt

  46. Brianna-Rae Xo

    Brianna-Rae XoAnos atrás


  47. IRL | Philippines

    IRL | PhilippinesAnos atrás

    Let's all admit that Michael took this by a mile. Just look at his eyes and listen to his voice modulation. LOL :D

  48. leslie nguyen

    leslie nguyenAnos atrás


  49. Julissa Pescina

    Julissa PescinaAnos atrás

    Omg I'm crying could I marry all of them😭

  50. Nicholsi Elizabeth Jordyn

    Nicholsi Elizabeth JordynAnos atrás

    *dies from the cuteness overload of sergio plus chance taking off his jacket* 😩

  51. hayley lundberg

    hayley lundbergAnos atrás

    “holy smokes, i’m lucky”

  52. hayley lundberg

    hayley lundbergAnos atrás

    oh goodness..

  53. vicki adina

    vicki adinaAnos atrás

    what the fuck did i just watch

  54. Bailey Leonard

    Bailey LeonardAnos atrás

    They are so adorable

  55. Jasmin Tapia

    Jasmin TapiaAnos atrás


  56. Loren de la cruz

    Loren de la cruzAnos atrás

    0:46 "Are you banana? Cause I find you appealing"

  57. Loren de la cruz

    Loren de la cruzAnos atrás


  58. Hailey L

    Hailey LAnos atrás


  59. Fan Girl

    Fan GirlAnos atrás


  60. Abigail Isaacs

    Abigail IsaacsAnos atrás


  61. limelight itz kayla!

    limelight itz kayla!Anos atrás

    Have they made a why don't we one cuz if not they need make one

  62. Rainbow Rover

    Rainbow RoverAnos atrás

    5 cute guys. Counting on 1 of them (at least) being gay. My guess (wish) would be Sergio cause I'm a guy and I think he's adorable. I also think he and Mikey Jimenez may have had something going on which would be awesome. Two super cuties.

  63. Christine Babich

    Christine BabichAnos atrás

    i think guy a really cute

  64. Cutiewillow L

    Cutiewillow LAnos atrás

    I’ll go on a date with drew and Brady

  65. Cheyanne collins

    Cheyanne collinsAnos atrás

    the paramedic: do u know why she died friend: i think it had to do with in real life paramedic: who's that friend: a band paramedic: okay so what did the band do to make her die friend: ig they were just so hot paramedic: oh i see friend: yep friends mom: she lived a good life

  66. Roya Zaki

    Roya ZakiAnos atrás

    I was smiling like an idiot the whole time

  67. Raina Early

    Raina EarlyAnos atrás

    But oh my goodness Brady and Michael Conor.

  68. Tim Mcginnis

    Tim McginnisAnos atrás

    I would love to be on a date with any one of them

  69. jannet Irwin

    jannet IrwinAnos atrás

    There so cute

  70. Angelica Ochoa

    Angelica OchoaAnos atrás

    0:35 I just completely died

  71. meagan burke

    meagan burkeAnos atrás

    holy smokes im uncomfy

  72. neeki walkine

    neeki walkineAnos atrás

    I love these dorks so much 😂😂

  73. Mia Hutner

    Mia HutnerAnos atrás

    R.I.P Mia Hutner Cause of Death: In Real Life

  74. Angel Babyak

    Angel BabyakAnos atrás

    if i went on a real date with them i would flip exspecially sergio because sergio is my favorite oh and also drew

  75. Raina Early

    Raina EarlyAnos atrás

    Yesssss. I love you guys😘💜😍

  76. Daisy Fuentes

    Daisy FuentesAnos atrás

    Do this with PRETTYMUCH

  77. Siya likes to Rant

    Siya likes to RantAnos atrás

    Drew just snatched my edges

  78. Aijo Inenaga

    Aijo InenagaAnos atrás

    I KNOW ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!! HE DIED HIS HAIR!!!!!!!! AND IM DYING OF CUTENESS RN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE ALSO WENT TO A SCHOOL NEAR MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Aislyn Marshall

    Aislyn MarshallAnos atrás

    Omg just died the pick up lines are great they are all so cute and can sing how could that go wrong 😂😂😂💗💗😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  80. Aylin Olivas

    Aylin OlivasAnos atrás

    I lost it at when Chance said “here take my jacket” lol I want to fill out his survey