1. Natalia Mitura

    Natalia Mitura11 horas atrás

    I'm watching this video while taking my first solo trip to Costa Rica, and honestly I really like traveling by myself.

  2. owen

    owen2 dias atrás

    sana all

  3. Hyun 현

    Hyun 현3 dias atrás

    Ok so, i got a ad for a movie that goes “IM YOUR GIRLFRIEND” and headbutts a asian kid.

  4. Anthony Ricci

    Anthony Ricci4 dias atrás

    God, does she ever shut the fuck up?

  5. Charlie Dupre

    Charlie Dupre7 dias atrás

    who else realized she orderd a strawberry banana and peanut butter smoothie form her bucket list video ( 15:00 )

  6. Jenny Ava

    Jenny Ava8 dias atrás

    9:09 laughs in British

  7. Silke Vlaminck

    Silke Vlaminck10 dias atrás

    Emma: its not that hot it’s 60 degrees Me: cries in belgium bcs Its cold :(

  8. Intermittent Energy

    Intermittent Energy11 dias atrás

    You are SO lucky to be in Laguna Beach! So what if it's cold? Go to the beach.

  9. Carol Morimoto

    Carol Morimoto12 dias atrás

    Did she said the shampoo is gluten-free?! I mean... K

  10. Arun Kara

    Arun Kara14 dias atrás

    her in the hot rob was soo awkward lmaoo

  11. Layla Fitzpatrick

    Layla Fitzpatrick15 dias atrás

    I love when u pack all your things your so funny and I love your channel plz like my comment or sub to my channel plz

  12. Preselected lika Mfer !!

    Preselected lika Mfer !!15 dias atrás

    Why dont you just watch BRreporter for the whole day?

  13. Leah Matias

    Leah Matias15 dias atrás

    This is how many times Emma got honked at 👇🏻


    NO IT’S PATRICK16 dias atrás

    Her fucking shirt 😂

  15. Ottó Örn Pétursson

    Ottó Örn Pétursson16 dias atrás

    Anyone se this helmet in her car!😂😂

  16. Nora Ott

    Nora Ott16 dias atrás

    If I see Emma ducking chamberlain eating alone at a restaurant I am going to go sit with her

  17. Nora Ott

    Nora Ott16 dias atrás

    I love you emma

  18. Ellie Docherty

    Ellie Docherty16 dias atrás

    As soon as it said you’ve got mercy I went to the website and the thing I wanted was sold out so I subscribed so I would get an email for when it’s back out 😝

  19. Tegan Taylor

    Tegan Taylor17 dias atrás

    She drives with her knee up 😂

  20. Nazim Nazim

    Nazim Nazim17 dias atrás

    9:03 no wonder ppl was staring at her HAHAHAH

  21. Bobbi Gray

    Bobbi Gray19 dias atrás

    emma i hope you see this, but when you’re in the hot tub did you notice the lady behind you just watching you? 😂 like wtf

  22. alyssa c

    alyssa c19 dias atrás

    emma must be a really bad driver lol. she got honked at 3 times in the seven minutes of this video for doing nothing and almost hit a parked car

  23. Erin Pinnell

    Erin Pinnell19 dias atrás

    They really put alcohol in her underaged ass room. lmao

  24. Lauren Leonard

    Lauren Leonard20 dias atrás

    omg she still seems like 15

  25. jaimie o

    jaimie o21 dia atrás

    I HATE HUMMUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS INSULTING!

  26. jaimie o

    jaimie o21 dia atrás


  27. Jess Berch

    Jess Berch21 dia atrás

    I’m sorry but emma you in the hot tub with the event going on in the background is hilarious

  28. -xMisty Mistakesx-

    -xMisty Mistakesx-22 dias atrás

    Anyone else wondering why Emma keeps driving with one knee tucked?

  29. official Björk fan club

    official Björk fan club24 dias atrás

    She hit that james Charles runway walk at 0:19 😳😳😍😍💀👌🏻👌🏻

  30. Julie Anna

    Julie Anna26 dias atrás

    its more fun not funner!!!!!!!!! Emma, I'm disappointed

  31. insane skilzzz 200

    insane skilzzz 20026 dias atrás

    No one: Literally no one: Not one soul: Emma gets honked at 4 times

  32. مدير كبير!

    مدير كبير!26 dias atrás

    First video I've ever watch for you 😍

  33. Siggy idk idc

    Siggy idk idc28 dias atrás

    you shouldn't be lonely. you should have a boyfriend. that loves you. and you could. btw. if you wanted.

  34. Alyssa Freeman

    Alyssa Freeman28 dias atrás

    I just don’t get how when she does absolutely nothing it’s still entertaining

  35. Nicole S

    Nicole S28 dias atrás

    I stayed at that hotel lmao

  36. Mary Claire Feimster

    Mary Claire Feimster29 dias atrás

    Emma getting paranoid whenever ANYONE honks is the most relatable thing I’ve ever seen

  37. olivia rose

    olivia rose29 dias atrás

    ur mom is gonna buy u a puppy like to activate ⬇️

  38. Sentoria Potato

    Sentoria Potato23 dias atrás

    *activated* time est. 4 years ago

  39. Shannon Clements

    Shannon Clements29 dias atrás

    @emmachamberlain Truthfully I prefer a Jacuzzi.

  40. Shannon Clements

    Shannon Clements29 dias atrás

    @emmachamberlain That tub is bigger than the ones I'm used to. The ines I get I cram into with my knees stitcking up out the water. To rinse off I gott turn over & go down onto my elbows with my feet dangling in the air. Then I'm like fuck it. Just stand up & shower the soap off me. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  41. Alex Heath

    Alex Heath29 dias atrás

    Oh my God I just paused and saw her shirt

  42. Kaťule

    KaťuleMês atrás

    some car in Ethiopia: honked emma: *oMg* *was* *that* *on* *me?!*

  43. Taylor Rose

    Taylor RoseMês atrás

    “Those are my sthings... my stuff that I brought” THE WAY SHE SAID THAT HAHA

  44. Valesca Cortez

    Valesca CortezMês atrás

    Go to Las Vegas with the sister squad again

  45. itz_meh _Alex

    itz_meh _AlexMês atrás

    If u said that this video is boring.......why the fuck does it have 9 million views? I mean bitch im not complaining

  46. ATOMICO Χατζηφωτιου

    ATOMICO ΧατζηφωτιουMês atrás

    Emma being sad and lonely for 19 minutes and 2 seconds straight is me every day😂😂😂

  47. Coco Content

    Coco ContentMês atrás

    Emma really loves facials

  48. jessica dot com

    jessica dot comMês atrás

    gummy bears suck love that

  49. Alyssa Leilani

    Alyssa LeilaniMês atrás

    im so sad i was there jun 27 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  50. Alyssa Leilani

    Alyssa LeilaniMês atrás


  51. Kyla Briggs

    Kyla BriggsMês atrás

    16:37 "sabra gives u all ur daily nutrients.. Like 0 grams of trans fat and OH MY GOD CHOLESTEROL

  52. VineetTheGamer555

    VineetTheGamer555Mês atrás

    Emma= Says self this many times ⬇️. Then she shares this with all of us... 🙄... Me= Huh?

  53. Isabel McNeill

    Isabel McNeillMês atrás

    at 7:20 I thought Emma was about to crash

  54. Anna Xiang Jensen

    Anna Xiang JensenMês atrás

    Emma being in a hot tub alone with a party in the background. Is a fucking mood.

  55. Lennia 2601

    Lennia 2601Mês atrás

    Woah okay that’s so weird I‘m 14 and drink alcohol (well not much) but i‘m germany it’s legal with 16 hahahah but no one cares 😂

  56. Brandon Sanders

    Brandon SandersMês atrás

    The dreaded hair bun☹️🥔

  57. Brandon Sanders

    Brandon SandersMês atrás

    The dreaded hair bun☹️🥔

  58. Emily Ruth

    Emily RuthMês atrás

    Emma’s mom is the best

  59. Michael Lopez

    Michael LopezMês atrás

    What is the tune at 6:36?

  60. Mr.Drizzleofthehizzle

    Mr.DrizzleofthehizzleMês atrás

    this video gave me depression, thank you very much

  61. Holly Fraser

    Holly FraserMês atrás

    I fucking broke my phone...😩😐😬

  62. Arafat Hossain

    Arafat HossainMês atrás

    I am 12.