Going to the WORST RATED Hospital in my City with Tana Mongeau


  1. Margaret Fowler

    Margaret Fowler7 horas atrás

    I actually love Tana in this video

  2. Erynn Kennedy

    Erynn Kennedy2 dias atrás

    I love this friendship

  3. Ava’s CRAZY life :D

    Ava’s CRAZY life :D5 dias atrás

    U know ringworm isn’t really a REAL WORM right

  4. tea slurp

    tea slurp5 dias atrás

    tana has like the flu but she's hyper as a kid on cracb

  5. tea slurp

    tea slurp5 dias atrás

    tana sounds like that friend that is super funny and outgoing but nice when things get rough


    L U N A HYEONG5 dias atrás

    Lol I’ve taken Spanish since 2nd grade all the way up to 8th grade.... DELICIOSO!🤠

  7. Anastasia Putilin

    Anastasia Putilin5 dias atrás

    When the doctor says her blood pressure is high but it was actually low the first time 🤨😂

  8. Hayley Dair

    Hayley Dair6 dias atrás

    Why is he taking her blood pressure on her elbow 😂😂

  9. bre cam

    bre cam6 dias atrás

    You seem so high at the end

  10. bre cam

    bre cam6 dias atrás

    Do you do coke or??

  11. Kirsty Louise

    Kirsty Louise9 dias atrás

    "Not a reliable source." ARE YOU CARDI B?😂

  12. Momma J

    Momma J10 dias atrás

    He gave you the right meds though for the symptoms considering both possibilities. You made out pretty good on that even as sketchy as it was. I am so glad you are better now and out of that apartment!!!

  13. Kaylee Shultz

    Kaylee Shultz11 dias atrás

    he put the blood pressure cuff in the wrong spot

  14. Ashley N

    Ashley N12 dias atrás

    am i the only one that picked up on that... TANA: Do you get a lot of people who come here on crack? ... NURSE?: Not Patients... NOT PATIENTS.... MEANING THE DOCTORS DO??? TF

  15. Samantha Marlow

    Samantha Marlow12 dias atrás

    I really enjoy tana and Morgan together. Tana wouldn’t judge Morgan for being herself and tell he she needed to change her body just to fit in with all the other clones. And she’s not afraid to be genuine and weird with Morgan. I wouldn’t mind having a friend like tana. I know a lot of people don’t like her, I don’t condone the mistakes she’s made, but she seems so different (better) around Morgan. Maybe they bring out the best in each other

  16. Samantha Marlow

    Samantha Marlow12 dias atrás

    Get a black light and see if the area you think is ringworm, glows. That’s not a definite way to diagnose it but it’s common practice. Every clinic I’ve ever worked at has done that. But again it’s not 100%. I’ve done this on patients and there have been some areas that would glow and some that wouldn’t even though it was definitely ringworm. Also, that doctor got his diploma out of a Cracker Jack box. RUN (Just in case anyone is wondering, I’m a veterinary technician and know that it’s not a literal worm, it’s a fungus. And I don’t blame people for not knowing this, it’s a misleading name. And to make people feel stupid for not knowing this isn’t the right way to educate anyone.) Edit: Doctor:” I don’t know if it’s ringworm or a fungus.” 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  17. Charlatte

    Charlatte13 dias atrás

    Get well soon.

  18. Shayla Palmer

    Shayla Palmer15 dias atrás

    Morgan: "I should start acting!" Ryland: *triggered*


    XOXOXXXOOO17 dias atrás

    I love how 3 little white girls shut up and behave the minute a big black doctor walks in and doesn’t give a shit. Bronchitis undiagnosed wow.

  20. Sheridan

    Sheridan26 dias atrás

    dude this video made me feel icky

  21. Really Though

    Really ThoughMês atrás

    That place was terrible! Morgan! I hope you went somewhere else afterwards 😭😭😭

  22. Nicole Peterson

    Nicole PetersonMês atrás

    The way he was taking her blood pressure. 😂 first it’s on her elbow so that won’t be accurate. Second why the hell would you take it 3 times in a row for a slightly elevated pressure? Come back and take it in 20 minutes. Jesus. Sincerely a person who actually has high blood pressure 😂

  23. jana smith

    jana smithMês atrás

    He said 126 not level 26🤣

  24. Kami

    KamiMês atrás

    I'm legit dying from a cold rn IT SUCKSSSSSS

  25. Kiwi J

    Kiwi JMês atrás

    I had ringworms 3 weeks ago

  26. Judy Stanford

    Judy StanfordMês atrás

    Your great Morgan, but you showed your "ringworms" in another video...you Do Not have ringworm....you need to find a legit Dr.

  27. Bailey Simms

    Bailey SimmsMês atrás

    Hi I was convinced I had ringworm once because I had this patch that looked JUST like it on my arm. Tried treating it with an anti-fungal cream at home (because it’s a fungus, not a real worm 😂♥️) and it did nothing. Saw my dermatologist and she took a sample of it and it was not fungal, it was actually a weird type of eczema. I’ve had eczema my whole life but never in a patch with a weird border around it like this. A steroid cream cleared it right up. So his concern that it might not be fungal was justified and I bet it cleared up after she used that steroid cream. 🙏🏼

  28. anna2happy23

    anna2happy23Mês atrás

    I had ring worm when I was six years old

  29. RJ

    RJMês atrás

    Morgan for christ sake............google ring worm just once PLEASE.

  30. Paula McAllister

    Paula McAllisterMês atrás

    Tana:my Microwave has the time on it Morgan: my dosent have the time Me: I don't have a microwave

  31. Sydney Kramer

    Sydney KramerMês atrás


  32. Felicity Marie

    Felicity MarieMês atrás

    I love that she can casually say ‘my friend Tana’ like wtf you go girl just causally friends with Tana Mongeau

  33. Felicity Marie

    Felicity MarieMês atrás

    Sorry Tana PAUL

  34. Ciara Lopez

    Ciara LopezMês atrás

    2:43 that's definitly ring worm lol. But it's just a fungi

  35. d

    dMês atrás

    they’r bra twins lol

  36. jazzy _btsjimin

    jazzy _btsjiminMês atrás

    I had a ringworms when I was little I thought they were actually worms

  37. Gloria Mara

    Gloria MaraMês atrás

    When Morgan starts to sing Me “she’s lost it she’s finally lost it “ lol love her Tho

  38. Ezgi Deniz TÜRKOĞLU

    Ezgi Deniz TÜRKOĞLUMês atrás

    That thing on you wasn't ringworms or any other type of fungus it is called pityriasis rosea, which is caused by a virus (probably herpes 6-7) in your lymph nodes and isn't contagious.

  39. Ezgi Deniz TÜRKOĞLU

    Ezgi Deniz TÜRKOĞLUMês atrás

    and btw i hope you didn't put steroid cream or antifungal on it :(

  40. Emma and Katie

    Emma and KatieMês atrás

    Me watching this cause I have ringworm

  41. Chantell G

    Chantell GMês atrás


  42. Zibrille Pepito

    Zibrille PepitoMês atrás

    Doctor: maybe something, like.. or something.. 😕