Goodz Reacts to Vlad Saying Cassidy Won the 1st Round of Their Battle (Part 6)


  1. HeavyFlank Boul

    HeavyFlank Boul2 horas atrás

    U lost to hollow that's the only clear lost I can say Goodz has I agree with most of what he said thou but Hollow won clear

  2. gene bean da wash machine

    gene bean da wash machine9 horas atrás

    Vlad right! He more hip to whats going on then people think. And Cass 1rst round to me was better then all goodz rounds...but Goodz did win 2nd nd 3rd tho

  3. TheMuzikTrail

    TheMuzikTrail9 horas atrás

    nobody actually agrees with stuff Vlad says it’s just he’s THE platform. Some of these guys wouldn’t have a interview anywhere else. Dude straight over talks washed up hip hop legends. 😂😂😂

  4. Yungcty DaGod

    Yungcty DaGod10 horas atrás

    Goodz lost he won with performance but bars is rap not how u dress u come bring antics bar wise cassidy won n goodz my mans like i like himbut cass got him n it was 3-0 goodz recycled raps too

  5. Royal Blue

    Royal Blue12 horas atrás

    Nigga u lost to cass

  6. Uglyboyztv

    Uglyboyztv13 horas atrás

    Idk why everybody thinks Cassidy won. It was pretty bad

  7. Alexandru Chitu

    Alexandru Chitu15 horas atrás

    All cassidy fans on drugz thats a fact 😂😂😂

  8. Moses Contreras

    Moses Contreras15 horas atrás

    Cass2-1 bars is back

  9. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper17 horas atrás

    Goodz on Vlad?! :O

  10. The World of VladBrad

    The World of VladBrad21 hora atrás

    Cass won the battle goodz is trash

  11. Blue Moon

    Blue MoonDia atrás

    A REAL NIGGA wanna Say THANK YOU, TO Everyone That Said Cass (( my Cousin )) Won .. Yall Tell Fearless Truths

  12. #Bam_B!no #

    #Bam_B!no #Dia atrás

    Cass won 2-1

  13. Zeerøe 717

    Zeerøe 717Dia atrás

    Fuck outta here 😂😂 Cassidy won 2-1 he lost the last round but besides that goods was trash 💀💯.

  14. keema315

    keema315Dia atrás

    How did Goodz win when he talked bout the same thing for 3 rounds lol all he said was cass was a has been

  15. 80'z Babyy

    80'z BabyyDia atrás

    Go to any comment section related to this battle on BRreporter all you see is Cass2-1 Cass30. Any battlerap group on social media cass2-1 cass30. Stop it goodz your the delusional one, you & your few Fans.

  16. jrsawyers11

    jrsawyers112 dias atrás

    Goodz lost to hollow..roc..verb..what big battles does he win?

  17. Bo Joe74

    Bo Joe742 dias atrás

    Cassidy beat Goodz hands down. Cas 2-1

  18. Jerrod Garland

    Jerrod Garland2 dias atrás

    Let’s keep it a buck goodz can’t forget his shit it’s not complex & majority of it sound like he free styling he gassing his material lol

  19. Splash H2O

    Splash H2O2 dias atrás

    He wasn’t good until I started calling T.K. Kirkland

  20. Watch This

    Watch This3 dias atrás

    The gab was him waiting for the crowd to be quiet 🤐 come on goodz

  21. Hans The Heathen

    Hans The Heathen3 dias atrás

    Cassidy is too old school. Goodz is too slow/swagger. The battle was entertaining though, I'm not hating. Goodz 2-1 on crowd control

  22. C S

    C S3 dias atrás

    Fuck Allat Cass Won

  23. Karl clark

    Karl clark3 dias atrás

    All that money goodz claims to have and he talk about dressing but don’t got no undershirt on

  24. Marcus Tanner

    Marcus Tanner3 dias atrás

    “You ever lose “ Goodz: uh blah blah uh 😂😂😂😂

  25. Marcus Tanner

    Marcus Tanner3 dias atrás

    Goodz is absolutely garbage 🗑

  26. Brandon Aguirre

    Brandon Aguirre3 dias atrás

    Goodz head deadass looks like the bobblehead 😂

  27. maintenance55

    maintenance553 dias atrás

    Cassidy always comes out hard his first verse in any song then the next verses its bland

  28. John Hampton

    John Hampton4 dias atrás

    I like goodz. But keep it a bean. You clearly loss to Hollow and Rich Dollaz.

  29. Tomakze

    Tomakze4 dias atrás

    Goodz can’t even afford a house. How tf is he a house hold name? LMFAO

  30. Tomakze

    Tomakze4 dias atrás

    Cass 3-0 2-1 debatable

  31. Terry Lewis

    Terry Lewis4 dias atrás

    Cassidy won that shit pay attention Facts over friction 2-1 goodz is trash

  32. Millyon Eyedeaz

    Millyon Eyedeaz4 dias atrás

    @3:20 Goodz reminds us all why he's an idiot.. So his logic is, if you give Cassidy a round, THATS COOL, its your opinion, no problem... Followed by "but if you say he won, then we got a problem" ?????????? First he thinks Nintendo turned into playstation, he cant tell double dutch from hopscotch, then goes on Flex saying seatbelts are useless on an airplane Its no wonder his bars dont connect, his thoughts dont smh.

  33. Ochofitzbolden

    Ochofitzbolden10 horas atrás

    @Millyon Eyedeaz Goodz stan I am far from you say that's Cass weakest line watch the battle it was 1 of his biggest reaction your narrow mind only sees why a seatbelt is useful but any intelligent person can see that I gave the EXACT reason why Goodz says a seatbelt is useless hell buses and subways have handles hanging from the ceiling seems cool when it helps you keep balance but hit another bus head on your waisting energy Cassidy had better random ass raps nothing directed at Goodz was better than anything Goodz directed at Cass thats the difference in eras Cass was good when he could walk up and rap about his watch and cars and win this era is more direct and aimed at the opponent bruh you are UNKNOWN you don't do this for real you're a fan and have 1 fan opinion like the majority and I wasn't impressed by Goodz at all and was even less impressed by Cass real quick tho drop a link to your platinum shit since you're Rap

  34. Millyon Eyedeaz

    Millyon Eyedeaz14 horas atrás

    @Ochofitzbolden "only a true Cassidy fan would over analyze that seatbelt line " (Cassidy aint got shit to do with this. Goodz has a long history of saying nonsense and being lyrically weak. Only a true Goodz stan would pretend like this isnt the case. This is the point: i just proved YOU incorrect about the purpose of seatbelts on a plane and you're deflecting now.) yet you feel Cass won talking about carrying a gun that picks up large wilderness beasts (nope, quit being a jackass, putting words in my mouth. I KNOW Cassidy won because he outrapped him at every level. That line of his you referenced was one of the weakest he spit, the fact you're picking damn near the first bars he spit, says alot about your mental faculties. Go talk that stupid shit to somebody who doesnt do this rap shit for real. YOU listen to rap and rant online, I AM rap. this is my craft and profession. Sorry you're impressed by Goodx, im not) Before I stopped eating BK and McDonald's I definitely only ate breakfast from BK AND lunch from McDonald's (and this statement has NOTHING to do with the point made here. Regardless where you chose to eat those meals, BOTH are still the same behavior. I thought you was dumb before you made this comment, now i know you are for cure smh)

  35. Ochofitzbolden

    Ochofitzbolden14 horas atrás

    @Millyon Eyedeaz only a true Cassidy fan would over analyze that seatbelt line yet you feel Cass won talking about carrying a gun that picks up large wilderness beasts Before I stopped eating BK and McDonald's I definitely only ate breakfast from BK AND lunch from McDonald's

  36. Millyon Eyedeaz

    Millyon Eyedeaz15 horas atrás

    @Ochofitzbolden seatbelts are there to help protect from injury during TURBULENCE. Using your idiotic logic (is that you Goodz?) Getting a haircut is pointless because the hair grows back 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Not knowing the purpose of something doesnt mean there isnt one, just like an opinion is an opinion regardless. Otherwise, you saying it's ok for me to like McDonalds breakfast better than Burger King, but not lunch or dinner 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. Ochofitzbolden

    Ochofitzbolden15 horas atrás

    If an airplane crashes from 30,000 feet up a seatbelt would save you in what way?? He won't debate if you say Cas got 1 round he has a debate if you say Cas won 2 rounds I don't see whats idiotic about that

  38. camron giles

    camron giles4 dias atrás

    Sorry my dude but just to be clear Step DIFFERENT, rep DIFFERENT, shit look at my crew SET-DIFFERENT

  39. camron giles

    camron giles4 dias atrás

    Goodz you my guy pause! But head ice put you in a icebox my jigga, no if buts or maybe he iced you And Tay roc shitted on you ? Remember that love and hip hip bitch talk hahahahaha

  40. Mtdub Da Champ

    Mtdub Da Champ4 dias atrás

    I think the battle was good but not great. Goodz won. But not by much.

  41. Blood Sweat Tears

    Blood Sweat Tears4 dias atrás

    Goodz knows he lost and he knows Cassidy's 3rd round was fire

  42. Blood Sweat Tears

    Blood Sweat Tears4 dias atrás

    Cassidy destroyed this nigga Goodz totally, name 1 Goodz quotable bar from the battle

  43. Blood Sweat Tears

    Blood Sweat Tears4 dias atrás

    any1 who thinks Goodz won is delusional

  44. Kenny Biggs

    Kenny Biggs4 dias atrás

    Cassidy tried to use his celebrity status to battle rap and it backfired

  45. LBJ wassup

    LBJ wassup5 dias atrás

    Nigga lost to tay roc 😂😂😂

  46. Rev Do Wrong

    Rev Do Wrong5 dias atrás

    Vlad on his ass and he "GOODZ" str8 hater to Cassidy

  47. Jr Manuel

    Jr Manuel5 dias atrás

    GOODZ WON 3-0 easy easy and that wasn’t even the best GOODZ AT ALL THAT WAS THE OK GOODZ

  48. Millyon Eyedeaz

    Millyon Eyedeaz4 dias atrás

    based on WHAT? id love to hear this one. (dont start talking about Cass neither) what did GOODZ do that was enough to win?

  49. chikodusty

    chikodusty5 dias atrás

    Cassidy may have lost but goodz definitely didn't win. He was spitting garbage.

  50. Tri Force Tony

    Tri Force Tony5 dias atrás

    Cass won that shit like a mf

  51. Brandon Wheeler

    Brandon Wheeler5 dias atrás

    3-0 with Diz ? I love Cassidy but he lost that battle too

  52. K Sammy pinto

    K Sammy pinto3 dias atrás

    Ahhhh nooo.

  53. Ronny Bueller

    Ronny Bueller5 dias atrás

    Cassidy lost 🤷🏾‍♂️

  54. Bag Life Records Blop Mob

    Bag Life Records Blop Mob5 dias atrás

    🗣I haven’t seen this nigga lose a battle I watched all of them mf 💯

  55. Bag Life Records Blop Mob

    Bag Life Records Blop Mob5 dias atrás

    🗣Goodz won hands down fuck round countin on me #blopmob #bagliferecords

  56. Young Bix-0

    Young Bix-05 dias atrás

    Cass first round was phenomenal but he started talking about irrelevant bull shit and he was using that dry ass 06 flow in the next few rounds. Stop fucking being biased. He lost.

  57. Keamohetse Rampaku

    Keamohetse Rampaku5 dias atrás

    He Say He A Household Name 😂😂😂

  58. Keamohetse Rampaku

    Keamohetse Rampaku5 dias atrás

    Cass Boddied This Clown.. F Outta Hede Badz..

  59. JpAir 205

    JpAir 2055 dias atrás

    He lost 2 1 Goodz wack asf

  60. Leonard Davis p

    Leonard Davis p5 dias atrás

    Cass nigga!!

  61. Leonard Davis p

    Leonard Davis p5 dias atrás

    Another gay rapper from won nigga,Philly shit!!

  62. Craig Rand

    Craig Rand6 dias atrás

    Since when was vlad a battle rap expert. All you do is interview people about guns, drugs and murder... You can tell he doesn't watch battle rap at ALL saying that Goodz won 2-1. That battle was a complete body bagg. Goodz clearly won 3-0. 💯

  63. Danny Bz

    Danny Bz6 dias atrás

    Battle rap, Bars Cass, Goods Personal, 100% Goodz Personal, 100 % Bars Cass, Rapping Cassidy, Talking Trash About Personal Issues In Your Life Goodz, I Like Rap So I Give It To Cass, Goodz That's Just Fighting Lyrics

  64. James Franklin

    James Franklin6 dias atrás

    I feel like cassidy is way better then goodz but its goodz day and the crowd is from goodz time.Cassidy cant relate to goodz era and the audience cant relate to Cassidy.You gotta know when your time is up.Cassidy had the late 90s early 2000s that was his time.All champions and kings make the mistake of staying too long and then on their way down the ladder somebody that could never fuck with them in their prime and day destroys them because they dont know when to gracefully let go.This is the case between Cassidy and Goodz.

  65. Levi Scott

    Levi Scott7 dias atrás

    Goodz murdered that boy 3-0

  66. MAINE HB

    MAINE HB7 dias atrás

    Aye verb beat u

  67. MAINE HB

    MAINE HB7 dias atrás

    Anticipated hype