Goodz Reacts to Vlad Saying Cassidy Won the 1st Round of Their Battle (Part 6)


  1. Marquis Hankins

    Marquis Hankins11 dias atrás

    Cassidy got fucking thrashed bro. Simple as that. Battle rap has changed and Cass is ancient deal with it

  2. Sharon Cox

    Sharon Cox15 dias atrás

    You won Cassidy loss

  3. Sharon Cox

    Sharon Cox15 dias atrás

    You were fantastic

  4. Brandon Jackson

    Brandon Jackson18 dias atrás

    Vlad 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🗑

  5. Bad Bling

    Bad Bling19 dias atrás

    Cass won the first round and last round, goodz won the second round, talk pure trash in the last,

  6. Bad Bling

    Bad Bling19 dias atrás

    Cass won 2-1

  7. Tiger25NYC Brooklyn

    Tiger25NYC Brooklyn23 dias atrás

    Goodz lost Vlad is out here kissing ass.

  8. Gregory Simmons

    Gregory Simmons24 dias atrás

    hollow beat goodz back in the day

  9. Sherry Vaughn

    Sherry Vaughn26 dias atrás

    Cassidy is BORING.!!! He is too cocky, the "newer age" battle rappers (k-shine, DNA, TSU Surf, etc...) are WAY MORE ENTERTAINING

  10. DesharRae Yisrael

    DesharRae Yisrael26 dias atrás

    This Vlad bitch talks too much...gee whiz

  11. Tanyeka Barnes-Humphrey

    Tanyeka Barnes-Humphrey27 dias atrás

    everyone must be on some type of drug to honestly say Cassidy won ANYTHING. Like y’all didn’t learn ANYTHING from Whitney and Bobby. CRACK IS WACK! The battle was sooo damn sad to watch! Goodz dragged Cassidy by that big a*s fitted cap, all across that stage. Cass looking bad and his people ain’t 💩 for letting him, not once, BUT MULTIPLE times get up on that stage and embarrass himself like this. But I get it, maybe he needed the money... people do a lot of strange things when they occupation changes from the hustler to the customer.. 😏

  12. What 3ver

    What 3ver28 dias atrás

    Goodz lost

  13. Love 93-

    Love 93-28 dias atrás

    I'll be honest and I love cassidy, but that bar goods said "I really went gold in the street "bro..that was iconic

  14. Tim Mcgowan

    Tim Mcgowan29 dias atrás

    Goodz 2-1. Hard to watch Cass take a L like this...

  15. J Wright

    J Wright29 dias atrás

    What’s smaller goodz neck or the T-shirt? 🤔

  16. Brave Hearted

    Brave HeartedMês atrás

    Cass didn’t get one round. Stop it

  17. Brave Hearted

    Brave HeartedMês atrás

    Cass didn’t get one round. Stop it

  18. Tyson Marshall

    Tyson MarshallMês atrás

    Is Goodz a household name? Lol

  19. Juss Dainjrus

    Juss DainjrusMês atrás

    He said Cass is delusional than said he never lost a battle 😂🤣😂🤣

  20. ATL Mook

    ATL MookMês atrás

    Cassidy got washed erry round idek why dis is a discussion

  21. Uptown Zay

    Uptown ZayMês atrás

    Cass won the battle lol

  22. SilvLocs

    SilvLocsMês atrás

    Got Dizaster 3-0 😭 Vlad u def don’t know battle rap or watch enough beat part Cass spit was his impersonation of Diz and BEYOND that BOTH them lost that trash ass nothing don’t even count culturally battle

  23. Derijuan Wise

    Derijuan WiseMês atrás

    Wtf vlad talking about goodz thirty that nigga cass

  24. Dre townsend

    Dre townsendMês atrás

    If you don't watch urltv fr u wouldn't understand goodz really that n Cassidy ass I tried to give him a chance but u just suck n flow terrible he talk about a bunch of nothing literally he say funny shit time to time tho when it's not corny

  25. Benny Blanco 197

    Benny Blanco 197Mês atrás

    Vlad always talking over people

  26. king of kings

    king of kingsMês atrás

    Vlad reminds me of the guy on ghetto gaggers that interviews the women before the porn action starts

  27. Ace DaGawd

    Ace DaGawdMês atrás

    In reality Cass washed him, but Cass just ain’t used to how this battle rap works. Goodz worked the crowd better & that’s prolly why he thinks he won.

  28. mike jones

    mike jonesMês atrás

    Facts these new era nigga weird

  29. Ace DaGawd

    Ace DaGawdMês atrás

    Brian Vacante good thing it’s an opinion based sport. Goodz spit zero bars, he was just joking the whole time. Now that Ars battle is a different convo, but the Goodz battle was trash.

  30. Brian Vacante

    Brian VacanteMês atrás

    Cass washed nothing he got thrashed by goods then came even worse with arsonal lol if you think cass one your delusional

  31. William Harris Jr.

    William Harris Jr.Mês atrás

    Majority of you aren’t URL fans you’re just hear for the interview. Goodz is a house hold name in battle rap.

  32. Dewayne Beamon

    Dewayne BeamonMês atrás

    Hollow 3-0 you tho still like goods tho

  33. David Johnson

    David JohnsonMês atrás

    Cassidy fans say he won 3-0 .He has a core fan base i think there all on drugs!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Water Man

    Water ManMês atrás





  36. gjergj hasanaj

    gjergj hasanajMês atrás

    Vlad just said cass 3-0’d Dizaster 😭😭😭

  37. Teeko __

    Teeko __Mês atrás

    I had Cass 2-1 in that battle 🤷🏽‍♂️. Sorry Goodz, he def took the 1st round and then he edged you out in the 3rd. Ars def gave Cass some humble pie though

  38. Damond Johnson

    Damond JohnsonMês atrás

    Goodz wouldn’t wanna battle Cass again because he knows he lost. Atlanta isn’t known for lyrical rap so just battle elsewhere

  39. Rob Cop

    Rob CopMês atrás

    Cassidy 30

  40. Tyrone Primm

    Tyrone PrimmMês atrás

    Goodz you lost dawg 2-1

  41. Ricky Alvin

    Ricky AlvinMês atrás


  42. nuru hamza

    nuru hamzaMês atrás

    Hollow beat you Goodz

  43. Def Style

    Def StyleMês atrás

    Hollow put Goods in his place and that battle wasn't even debatable and he lost to taye roc

  44. kratos azar

    kratos azarMês atrás

    Cassidy fuckin trash nigga still rap the same wack wack wack!

  45. Stash Spot Buck

    Stash Spot BuckMês atrás

    Cassidy lost every battle I saw😂😂😂😂

  46. James Bond

    James BondMês atrás

    Cass Beat him easy and wasn't even great

  47. Jarret Grier

    Jarret GrierMês atrás

    Can’t spell Cass without putting ASS in it. Goodz won 2-1 Arsonal won too 3-0 & that battle was mad wack.

  48. John Lavender

    John LavenderMês atrás

    He has a cool fan base they where saying 3-0 reed I think there on drugs 😂😂😂

  49. real talk 305

    real talk 305Mês atrás

    That's my playa patna Goodie

  50. I Aint Drop Em

    I Aint Drop EmMês atrás

    Cassidy got murdered the worst in the 1st round stop playing with goodz dawg give him his credit

  51. Ruben Martinez

    Ruben MartinezMês atrás

    Goodz trash he trying to act buff but he fat!!!

  52. E*******Z L.I

    E*******Z L.IMês atrás

    I agree goodz won but let's not talk like Cassidy dont no the ins and outs of battle rap

  53. Tre G

    Tre GMês atrás

    He smacked Cassidy's ass around stop it cass fans

  54. Bad Bling

    Bad Bling19 dias atrás

    Cass won the first round and the last round, these niggaz only try to find fake dirt on cass , talking bout modern rap, that's easy,Cass spit rymes from good thinking, they can't do that has to dig up dirt the easy way, so I still rate Cass over them

  55. Shiem

    Shiem26 dias atrás


  56. GT: Walton

    GT: WaltonMês atrás

    He did destroy that nigga asshole bro

  57. Andrew Chatmon

    Andrew ChatmonMês atrás

    Big pause

  58. hazegaming100

    hazegaming100Mês atrás


  59. Rohan Mcmorris

    Rohan McmorrisMês atrás

    Cass murdered him in the first

  60. Debo Thomas

    Debo ThomasMês atrás

    The battle could have been Cassidy vs who Eva and Cassidy would have still lost period Shit I could had did it and Cassidy would have still lost but dope shit

  61. Debo Thomas

    Debo ThomasMês atrás

    Goodz nice Cass was nice in his day it's over period

  62. Debo Thomas

    Debo ThomasMês atrás

    Goodz won Cass trash now it's over move forward

  63. Debo Thomas

    Debo ThomasMês atrás

    Fuck dat goodz won all three rounds hands down and I'm just speaking from a lyrical stand point and this ain't nothing to do with favoritetism at all

  64. Victor Skywalker

    Victor SkywalkerMês atrás

    Vlad a bitch.

  65. efboss911

    efboss911Mês atrás

    3-0 y’all tripping

  66. BossGreezy Frm13

    BossGreezy Frm13Mês atrás

    Goodz won 2-1? Wtf vlad talm bout lol it was 2-1 cass and i actually like Goodz but Cass 1st round u cant come back frm that

  67. ivan103079

    ivan103079Mês atrás

    Vlad is whack Goodz is whack Cassidy first is the whole battle the battle was tainted after Goodz rap gay ATL started dick riding caused the battle to be what it was. He way lying. He forgets the crowd started hating go battle in Philly against Cass

  68. ant23ny

    ant23nyMês atrás

    He never lost ... Ight lol

  69. ant23ny

    ant23nyMês atrás

    Cause your ppl wouldn't let him ... Why you fronting!? That's crazy shit only niggas that don't know Cass BARS