Gordon Forces Owners To Eat Their Own Disgusting Food | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. sobe9ograff

    sobe9ograffHora atrás

    atleast the owners/workers of this restaurant could take criticism.

  2. Kaede Akamatsu

    Kaede Akamatsu7 horas atrás

    the Karens are multiplying and exploiting their younger relatives

  3. мσσηlιgнт тεαяs

    мσσηlιgнт тεαяs14 horas atrás

    I bet that waiter waited for forever to say that 😂

  4. Hi TUBERS

    Hi TUBERSDia atrás

    Spoiler alert, she didn’t kill her self and Gordon shat himself when he heard her say that.

  5. Eric Schimmer

    Eric SchimmerDia atrás

    THINK OF THAT next time you go out to eat!!! That not rare, that is the NORM. From someone who knows....

  6. M. Julius

    M. JuliusDia atrás

    There's something what I will never understand about these restaurants. They've invited Ramsey for a reason; probably because they've seen his show. So they should know that they can't serve him food out of the freezer or the microwave but for some reason they do it anyway.

  7. rowen898

    rowen898Dia atrás

    How do you fuck up a potato

  8. Edwin Fundales

    Edwin Fundales2 dias atrás

    Am i the only one who loves to eat while watching kitchen nightmares?

  9. Valencia Spain

    Valencia Spain3 dias atrás

    Why aren't they wearing a hair net?

  10. Gazbanger

    Gazbanger3 dias atrás

    Lumps of glue 😂

  11. Ali Vaqar

    Ali Vaqar3 dias atrás

    Never cook the shit when Gordon is around 😁😁😀

  12. Ashi len

    Ashi len3 dias atrás

    "It's like someone calling your kid ugly" Ma'am... have you seen a baby yet?

  13. SprKim

    SprKim3 dias atrás

    Which cinderella universe is this?

  14. RottieShep CALIBRE

    RottieShep CALIBRE4 dias atrás

    ya foods shit.. bloody dreadful.. okay see ya later 🤣😂🤣 MIC DROP

  15. Simon Dol

    Simon Dol5 dias atrás

    They freeze less thing on the North Pole!

  16. priot shee

    priot shee5 dias atrás

    That chef looks neat.

  17. yummycandy 568

    yummycandy 5685 dias atrás

    0:42 H2o music??? i miss this show

  18. jamie beer

    jamie beer5 dias atrás

    Imagine if someone called your kid ugly, hahaha fuuuuck, that bitch is a champ

  19. Nero Redivivus

    Nero Redivivus5 dias atrás

    When they are called "Potatoes" they better be more than one tato... :( ...And its just fucking skins to boot... "Oh mah gaawd"

  20. Daniel Diviak

    Daniel Diviak5 dias atrás

    How’s the fucking sound effects when the waiter chucks the potato soup out, Gordon himself should have a say on the editing on his shows because it’s an embarrassment

  21. Listus Legacy

    Listus Legacy6 dias atrás

    What season/episode is this?

  22. buteteng laot

    buteteng laot6 dias atrás

    I could eat danielle

  23. mrgutxi negri

    mrgutxi negri6 dias atrás

    Gardons favorite word is fuck

  24. Mara

    Mara6 dias atrás

    I always feel bad for someone when Gordon says something salty and they laugh, and he snaps at them for it. I’m a nervous laugher. I’d be screwed.

  25. bloz4ur

    bloz4ur6 dias atrás

    “A dissapointed chef ramsay heads to the kitchen” its like nat geo wild but chef ramsay

  26. Emily Sweet

    Emily Sweet4 dias atrás

    bloz4ur lol

  27. SniperHunter

    SniperHunter6 dias atrás

    Nobody: Claire: Im GoNnA gO kIlL mY sElF iN tHe KiTcHeN

  28. Ruponti Roy

    Ruponti Roy6 dias atrás

    21?! She hasn’t had a chance to learn yet Master chef jr- NANIIIII

  29. Jeff Killer

    Jeff Killer6 dias atrás

    I click cause the title is like a *fetish*

  30. Aaron Robinson

    Aaron Robinson6 dias atrás

    I’ve been cheffin for 3 years and I can say he is 100% right when he said she hasn’t had the chance to learn

  31. Super Grass

    Super Grass7 dias atrás

    What season is this ? Does anyone know ?

  32. The Demon

    The Demon7 dias atrás

    Every owner can't be that stupid to serve food from another day can they ?

  33. Gana Dube

    Gana Dube7 dias atrás

    Ramsay: Roast Roast Roast ... "See ya later, I'll be back".

  34. troll Kaka

    troll Kaka7 dias atrás

    They knew that Gordon looked at the restaurant and if you want to upgrade the name of the restaurant, try the food and don't do everything in the microwave or almost 4 weeks of dirty food. I also have a microwave and can use it, come on open a restaurant (3/4 of the cook America)

  35. SeemsLikeSomething

    SeemsLikeSomething7 dias atrás

    Gordon says “good to see you” but what he really means is “I doubt it’s actually good to see you, but I’ll give you a chance not to be a moron”

  36. Capital

    Capital7 dias atrás

    I liked the waiter coming and and just calling the food shit.

  37. Long Life Gamer

    Long Life Gamer7 dias atrás

    Nooo they ofenced pierogi which is polish food

  38. GD Maksy

    GD Maksy8 dias atrás

    4:24 that's so hilarious loooool

  39. aposslex

    aposslex8 dias atrás

    I like how he constantly makes jokes and when people laugh he says it’s not funny. :/

  40. Andy Wright

    Andy Wright8 dias atrás

    Not the chef's fault. She's only 21 ffs

  41. IainExe

    IainExe8 dias atrás

    “I’m gonna go kill myself in the kitchen”.

  42. FelixTandborste

    FelixTandborste8 dias atrás

    why the top of the video is shaking

  43. Old dirty bastard

    Old dirty bastard8 dias atrás

    My BRreporter watching is getting out of hand

  44. Casey Hancock

    Casey Hancock8 dias atrás

    This frame rate is really distracting

  45. Tekno Pathetic

    Tekno Pathetic9 dias atrás

    3:09 Was that cartoon sound effect really necessary? I like this show but the audio for the episodes is always a mess.

  46. Joe Antolak

    Joe Antolak9 dias atrás

    bloody dreadful taste this ice cube it’s bland I don’t think it’s been seasoned was it frozen it’s not fresh

  47. neb1006

    neb100610 dias atrás

    I’d marry Danielle

  48. Rahman Ishtiaque Joy

    Rahman Ishtiaque Joy10 dias atrás

    Whats up with the low fps on one camera?

  49. MBrace

    MBrace10 dias atrás

    Missed a great opportunity to call the video "Gordon forces owners to eat their own crap"

  50. G Dog

    G Dog10 dias atrás

    5:25 when your mom swears at your teacher so you swear at the teacher in front of the whole class , remember that from some comedy sketch

  51. Dario Petrić

    Dario Petrić11 dias atrás

    First owners that accept that they are bad👍

  52. Bionic Tem

    Bionic Tem11 dias atrás

    Wait they stopped the show? Darn when I grow up I wanted to be one of the people who adds slime sounds to the food as he eats it

  53. GeorgeymcGeorgeface

    GeorgeymcGeorgeface11 dias atrás

    NONE OF YOU SUGGESTED POTATO'S! didn't she say shepherd's pie?

  54. Naseem Noushad

    Naseem Noushad11 dias atrás

    Someone please tell me the season and episode?

  55. Mr FAN

    Mr FAN11 dias atrás

    Gordon: Is this ice-cream fresh or frozen? Waiter: ... it’s fro Gordon: Fuck me

  56. BaronBoar

    BaronBoar11 dias atrás

    So nothing they serve wasn't frozen at some point after it entered their restaurant's kitchen? That's ridiculous.

  57. sorm

    sorm11 dias atrás

    So someone called her kids ugly huh?

  58. Dan S.

    Dan S.11 dias atrás

    Gordon Forces Owner to Eat Their Own Feces!

  59. Mel Robertson

    Mel Robertson12 dias atrás

    Perogis use potatoes?

  60. J Riley Hill

    J Riley Hill12 dias atrás

    The waiters always know how bad it is

  61. Greensky02

    Greensky0212 dias atrás

    "Hey let's put our 21 year old niece in our business as the head chef!" "Can she cook?" "I dunno, who cares!?" Gordon: "What's the problem here?" "We don't know!"

  62. tigermunky

    tigermunky6 dias atrás

    And they clearly never even tried their own food! My mind is blown.