Gordon Forces Owners To Eat Their Own Disgusting Food | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Bob rosss

    Bob rosss21 minuto atrás

    When the waiter said “shepherds pie” she was like ;))

  2. Dexter ter ter ter

    Dexter ter ter ter7 horas atrás

    What's the name of this restaurant?

  3. Li Yang

    Li Yang13 horas atrás

    The head chef for me is kinda pretty

  4. AnAmericanMan

    AnAmericanManDia atrás

    Um, I'd add that there is a distinct lack of testosterone, and thus balance. www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1168182/Catfights-handbags-tears-toilets-When-producer-launched-women-TV-company-thought-shed-kissed-goodbye-conflict-.html

  5. cartoon junkie

    cartoon junkie2 dias atrás

    How hard is it to make food from fresh potatoes!!!! potatoes people!! OMG ridiculous.

  6. Octavianus Dwi

    Octavianus Dwi2 dias atrás

    Danielle :))))

  7. HumanityIsDead

    HumanityIsDead2 dias atrás

    That sasss Brian goddamn

  8. Hah Aha

    Hah Aha2 dias atrás

    0:36 only male owners fess up.

  9. E.L Mosa

    E.L Mosa2 dias atrás

    That head chef needs to be my GF immediately

  10. daisy ahmed

    daisy ahmed2 dias atrás

    I feel bad for Clarie *family friendly*

  11. Kenneth Jansen

    Kenneth Jansen3 dias atrás

    "Im gonna go kill myself in the kitchen" As she walks next to other customers...

  12. TheSporehacker

    TheSporehacker3 dias atrás

    "We're at a loss" The potatoes have to agree with that


    BLTNBROS4 dias atrás

    Need some wifi, what was gordons password?

  14. Dani Wood cruz

    Dani Wood cruz5 dias atrás

    Poor chef Ramsay all that food in discusting food conditions

  15. Matilda

    Matilda6 dias atrás

    What’s the deal with crabcakes? Why does every resturant serve them?

  16. Denie Maxwell

    Denie Maxwell6 dias atrás

    She's cute...gorgeous even


    ZANGETSUxPR7 dias atrás

    At least the chef is hot. 🤣

  18. Hano /

    Hano /7 dias atrás

    Opening a restaurant with zero experience in food. Wow the clownery

  19. my username sucks

    my username sucks7 dias atrás

    The cheff is fuckin beautiful

  20. Hayley Long

    Hayley Long7 dias atrás

    The episode is season 3 episode 1 The Hot Potato Cafe

  21. Tomaz Apat

    Tomaz Apat9 dias atrás

    I guess owner's got ugly child 🤣

  22. Random Dude

    Random Dude9 dias atrás

    Gordon fights the forbidden Triple Karen Kombo

  23. Arathy Devi

    Arathy Devi8 dias atrás


  24. Nikola Bogdanovic

    Nikola Bogdanovic9 dias atrás

    Poor girl (head chef)... I'm felling so sorry for her...

  25. Bradigans D

    Bradigans D11 dias atrás

    “I’m gonna go kill myself in the kitchen” Honestly, Claire, Fucking same

  26. Minh Nguyễn

    Minh Nguyễn11 dias atrás

    7:10 Terminator Gordon : "I'll be back"

  27. Given Corre

    Given Corre11 dias atrás

    thats why americans are fats and ugly because of that kind of food

  28. Ryan Angelito

    Ryan Angelito12 dias atrás

    Danielle is strong AND gorgeous

  29. natiikdc

    natiikdc12 dias atrás

    i live for how petty the captions are

  30. Daniel Long

    Daniel Long14 dias atrás

    Gordon will try anything.

  31. Siddharth Biswa

    Siddharth Biswa14 dias atrás

    Which season and episode? Please anyone any idea?

  32. thompson223

    thompson22314 dias atrás

    I love it when the staff kinda open up to Gordon about how shit the place is before he orders 😂 good on him for getting it out of them

  33. BeepBoop •

    BeepBoop •14 dias atrás

    *How you not gonna make a shepherds pie in a oven*

  34. Yaboibunsen

    Yaboibunsen15 dias atrás

    2:44 That came out of nowhere lmao

  35. JH_Monty

    JH_Monty15 dias atrás

    I dont understand why owners dont at least get a fresh import when gordon comes in to eat

  36. ZADRAINIAN Vlogs

    ZADRAINIAN Vlogs15 dias atrás

    “With Gordon Ramsey her, it’s like winning the lottery “ Me: or is it🤔

  37. Karpou

    Karpou16 dias atrás

    Ohh so this was the 360 episode everyone was talking about.

  38. James Fletcher

    James Fletcher16 dias atrás

    Who else came here from watching good burger

  39. Decim

    Decim17 dias atrás

    Gordon on every vid only likes the water tbh

  40. luka2004procar

    luka2004procar17 dias atrás

    Gordon doesn't give 2 shits 😂

  41. aimee chee bieber

    aimee chee bieber17 dias atrás

    In reality though there are foods that we normal people wanna complain about but can't... Cause we are not experts, we are not sure if it's supposed to taste like this or if this is missing an ingredient or if it's supposed to be mushy..

  42. Zoee 329

    Zoee 32918 dias atrás

    Owners: Get their niece who has no formal training to cook their shit recipes Gordon: it's shit Owners: surprised pikachu face

  43. b b

    b b18 dias atrás

    Me : watches Gordon : holy mackerel Me : awww gordon watching his language. Curious Gordon : what a fucking embarrassment ahh theres gordon hahaha

  44. Vertti Nieminen

    Vertti Nieminen18 dias atrás

    If they are charging money for that shit they should know what it tastes like !

  45. TecTonic

    TecTonic18 dias atrás

    What surprises me is that the owners are putting out shit food and have no idea why their business is failing. Do they not even taste their own food before they even consider serving it to the public?!

  46. Miguel Borg

    Miguel Borg18 dias atrás

    4:17 me everyday

  47. Genuine Comments

    Genuine Comments18 dias atrás

    Bust their arse bloody

  48. Lauren B

    Lauren B19 dias atrás

    at least the owners aren't in denial like most of the other owners on the show

  49. Nathan Glenn

    Nathan Glenn19 dias atrás

    Wow, no bleeping!

  50. Cockie cat

    Cockie cat21 dia atrás

    At least they're honest and admit their own mistakes unlike most of the other owners who are selfishly in denial.

  51. Sanskar Tiwari

    Sanskar Tiwari21 dia atrás

    Anything we don't freeze here Ice

  52. Blacklabel1449

    Blacklabel144921 dia atrás

    Witch episode is this?

  53. Glanced

    Glanced21 dia atrás

    I feel bad for the head chef

  54. Glanced

    Glanced21 dia atrás

    Brian wanted to say "the shit that you serve people" so bad

  55. JPT

    JPT22 dias atrás

    Woman, your prayer doesn't work against the devil himself.

  56. Thornsie Tara

    Thornsie Tara23 dias atrás

    S p u d d y h e l l

  57. Jordan Palfenier

    Jordan Palfenier23 dias atrás

    Danielle is such a cutie.

  58. study programmingCS

    study programmingCS24 dias atrás

    Telling you that your food sucks isn't same as telling you that your child is ugly, unlike your child you can do something about your food

  59. LureThosePixels

    LureThosePixels24 dias atrás

    "I'm gonna go kill myself in the kitchen" lmaooo

  60. S-B

    S-B24 dias atrás

    Maybe a stupid question but is this show/ Gordon Ramsey popular in America?

  61. Hannah

    Hannah24 dias atrás

    Ozzy Man reviews should do a narrative on one of these episodes😂😂