Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates Key Cooking Skills


  1. gabes gabe

    gabes gabe10 horas atrás

    that lady is probably a vegan.

  2. Anele Lopez

    Anele Lopez17 horas atrás

    This feels like its world war 3 food edition

  3. LowCrazy O.

    LowCrazy O.18 horas atrás

    Hand blod puajjjj

  4. joeresio

    joeresioDia atrás

    Larry was that you bro?

  5. OprAdeN 6994

    OprAdeN 6994Dia atrás

    That Asian women looks like she ate a bag of shrooms before she came in

  6. جديد New

    جديد NewDia atrás


  7. Nicholas Chong

    Nicholas ChongDia atrás

    Let the knife do the work My knife's lazy

  8. Andrew James

    Andrew JamesDia atrás

    This guy thinks he is the best, but really he just loves publicity

  9. angelica shua

    angelica shuaDia atrás

    I love you!!!!

  10. Balexander 06

    Balexander 06Dia atrás

    Remember, it’s all the knife, not Gordon. Because he’s letting the knife do the work.

  11. SuperRockAndRoll14

    SuperRockAndRoll14Dia atrás

    Estoy realmente sorprendido

  12. Abs S

    Abs SDia atrás

    People say that he always swears and things like that, but u can see that he is really amazing and very fast at cooking

  13. DJ UnKn0Wn

    DJ UnKn0Wn2 dias atrás

    1:26 me when I see a math problem 😂

  14. 5-Minute Crafts SAO LEAP

    5-Minute Crafts SAO LEAP2 dias atrás

    i like video

  15. Hoàng Quyên

    Hoàng Quyên2 dias atrás

    Gordon Gamsay I Love You 💋💋💋💋❤️

  16. Midnightman YT

    Midnightman YT2 dias atrás

    Every video fucking satisfies me.

  17. Muzio

    Muzio2 dias atrás

    1:15 SHE A VEGAN?

  18. Rodrigo LPZ.

    Rodrigo LPZ.2 dias atrás




    Fake. The Knives are paid actors

  20. tecitus

    tecitus2 dias atrás

    These are baby skills compare to Chinese cooking. Try to extract meat from a hairy crab and put it back to its original shape.

  21. Spenser Winkelman

    Spenser Winkelman2 dias atrás

    This isn't just a genius, he's done this a lot

  22. charyce harsh

    charyce harsh2 dias atrás

    *Is a little longer than I need as my fish aren’t that big but I should’ve read the dimensions closer Awesome grip handle>>>**allabout.wiki/cz63** it makes holding onto to the knife much easier when your hands are slippery form the fish Very flexible allowing you to bend while filteing fish Nice locking sheath to prevent knife from slipping out of sheath like my leather sheath one does*

  23. abiola gbenga

    abiola gbenga2 dias atrás


  24. Tweaklurd Chukwukasi

    Tweaklurd Chukwukasi2 dias atrás

    my leather sheath one does

  25. Yusuf Ahmadiya

    Yusuf Ahmadiya3 dias atrás

    Научись нормально чистит урод

  26. karlAaron

    karlAaron3 dias atrás

    lmao big portion of salmon was wasted

  27. Christopher Moriarty

    Christopher Moriarty3 dias atrás

    Wait, when do I clean the knife?

  28. dark passenger

    dark passenger3 dias atrás

    Why wasting so much salmon that cud be used aswell

  29. dark passenger

    dark passenger3 dias atrás

    Everybody so intense lol

  30. Ronnie

    Ronnie3 dias atrás

    8:51 "beautiful nut of meat" 😂😂

  31. Baby Rayne

    Baby Rayne4 dias atrás

    1:20 WTF her face though I'm laughing in tears 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  32. John Labuu

    John Labuu4 dias atrás

    Delicious and like this crab

  33. Tony Chameleon

    Tony Chameleon4 dias atrás

    Gordon Ramsay demonstrating sex Clothes....Off Penis....In Thrust....Gently Touch of salt

  34. Hector Ibarra

    Hector Ibarra4 dias atrás

    The lady was probaly like wtf is ths lol

  35. Daniel P

    Daniel P4 dias atrás

    15:07 look at the green stains on his board haha

  36. Ricardo Pessoa

    Ricardo Pessoa4 dias atrás

    Impecável! 👏👏

  37. Callum Rourke

    Callum Rourke4 dias atrás

    Literally nobody: Gordon: Let the knife do the work!

  38. HolySmoke

    HolySmoke4 dias atrás

    1:27 Area 51 guards watching the naruto runners approaching the base

  39. Andrew Doris

    Andrew Doris4 dias atrás

    As a crab, that was absolute torture to watch

  40. Alynov Raven

    Alynov Raven4 dias atrás

    1:18 she already got away from area 51 before the raid

  41. LaZzzz

    LaZzzz5 dias atrás

    This would be fucked up if I was a lobster

  42. Omar Carlon

    Omar Carlon5 dias atrás

    1:28 when you see your dog die

  43. Billboard Braggins

    Billboard Braggins5 dias atrás

    I left my knife do the work like i'm supposed to. I've been starving for weeks, am i doing it wrong ?

  44. Jada James

    Jada James5 dias atrás

    Not once did he call someone a donkey

  45. Apolo Romero

    Apolo Romero5 dias atrás

    This dude got me thinking he John wick or something

  46. NotSoFishy

    NotSoFishy5 dias atrás

    Vegans hates this videos

  47. Mr Jones

    Mr Jones5 dias atrás

    The guy at 7:28 looks like someone punched him in the face.

  48. 9034strannik

    9034strannik5 dias atrás

    Great master.

  49. MarinaAndThe Diamonds

    MarinaAndThe Diamonds5 dias atrás

    so i guess the knife does all the work

  50. Robert Chavis

    Robert Chavis5 dias atrás

    I like music like this in the video.

  51. Munazza Talha

    Munazza Talha6 dias atrás

    Absolute amazing...lov from pakistan

  52. Venus Legkiy

    Venus Legkiy6 dias atrás

    Poor Mr Krabs...